1964-01-29 - Family Planning
Summary: Tommy comes to visit Lorna and they tease one another about the future, then Wanda and Strange come to join the fun.
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With very little else to do, besides school work, which she had done. Or reading over the Polish for Beginners book. Which she had done. Lorna had little recourse for entertainment. It wasn't her fault per say. The Sanctum would've been the very utmost of entertainment for anyone with a hint of magic in their veins… But alas, Lorna did not. As amazed and intrigued by the topic as she was, it had taken the better part of six months for her to get used to using her powers that she'd been born with.

Learning new ones were not exactly on her list of things to do.

So a book about magnetism and other fundamental forces floated above her, pinched by two circular magnetics as she tried to levitate without actually floating up to the ceiling or ripping out any nails… or knocking over lamps. Or other things that had steel in them, or iron.

It was tricky, and every time she'd tried to mimic the pose that Wanda had, legs folded and back straight, she'd wobble and tilt and catch herself awkwardly.

Now was such a time. Leaving her with one leg folded neatly, the other one dangling with a toe pointed downwards and inches off the ground, her arms thrown out as if to catch herself. Brown hair tumbling into her features. "Oof!"


Don't worry Lorna, the fun has arrived!

Well. Sort've. A moment too late (Not often one can say that about the speedster) to catch Lorna from falling, Tommy walks in… and blinks at the fallen brunette. He's dressed normally; that well-loved jacket, t-shirt and jeans… although there's a backpack slung over one arm that he doesn't bring with him normally.

"No, no. It's /Winter,/ Lorna. Fall was months ago." Tommy quips, lips curved into an amused little grin as he approaches and offers a hand towards the fallen girl. "You doin' okay?" is added; there's an element of concern, but it didn't /look/ like a serious collapse, at least.


A pout crosses Lorna's lips as she catches sight of her nephew, still odd to think about, and with her hands still splayed, pushed on her powers. A shift and rather than take Tommy's hand she was floating a foot or two off the floor. With only the addition of a slight wobble. The book, pinched by two magnetics, still floated merrily at what would've been eye level for her, if she was still reading.

"I was training." She mumbled, cheeks flushing as she crossed her arms.

Then her pout and proud demeanor slipped away and she grinned sheepishly, "Yeah I'm okay. Tata.. uhmm found out I snuck out though. He wasn't happy to say the least.."


"Whoa." To say that he's surprised that Lorna might be able to fly - or at least can float? Well, that's an understatement, given that his jaw still gapes a little. Truth be told, he's got a lot to learn about how powers work, he knows little of the theory behind any of it. But that was neither here nor there.

"Well. Nothing wrong with training, I mean… some of us have complex powers, and others just run really fast." Tommy replies, amused to say the least. Of course, he knows that there's a bit more to it to his powers. He can run over water, for example; that didn't happen overnight. Hope suggested he try running along walls; a definite thought to consider working on. Then there's judging the timing of things like, y'know, leaping in front of a firing gun. A miscalculation could be deadly there. But Tommy tends to work on instinct.

To the comment about Magneto finding out? "I didn't snitch." he points out, as if being accused — defensiveness is in his nature. "But… welcome to the life of being a," counting the terms on his fingers, "Delinquent, hoodlum, hooligan, miscreant, rebel, reprobate, sinner…" Grin. "Or as I prefer, a perfectly normal teenager. What kinda sentence did he drop down on you?"


A grin pulled at her lips and Lorna lifted herself a bit higher and then stretched out her hands to direct herself to lower back down to the earth, or in this case the floor. Bare feet lightly touching the wood before she reached out and plucked the book out of the magnetic field she'd set it on. "In theory, if I have a strong enough magnetic field, I could melt metal. I could, also, in theory, repel diamagnetic materials, such as spin glass. It's all tied into the electrons of course. Glass has all of its electrons paired, and is repelled by magnetic fields. I know I can affect electronics too, because apparently, all of electricity is run off magnetics. Isn't that just groovy?" She flashed her teeth again in a grin.

Yet as Tommy continued about her getting into trouble she shook her head. "He didn't. Didn't raise his voice either." Her grin dropped and she sighed. "He was definitely cross though. And there was a bit of a lecture."


"Very shiny," Tommy agrees, following along with his eyes as Lorna let herself take skyward — he was ready to catch this time, if needed! — but it wasn't. So instead, he races over, grabs a chair from… somewhere, brings it back and plops it down. Then he sits in it. Backwards. Just because he can. "That… kinda brings up something I wanted to talk to you about, too. Get your thoughts on a couple things."

Lorna, he could tell, was definitely the kind of person who wasn't used to getting into trouble. Tommy however, was a veteran in that regard. "Let me guess…" Cue his Magneto impression, complete with shoulders arched up to present a more imposing visage; even while seated. "…young lady, how dare you leave the safety of the Sanctum while there's a brutal killer on the loose. You stay inside and let the ADULTS handle these dangerous men who want to harm you, and if you're a good girl you might even get a lollipop. Now back to your room!" …then back to normal voice and slouched posture, lazy grin on his lips. "Somethin' like that, right?"


A laugh at that and Lorna shook her head as she straightened out her button up shirt. At least she wasn't wearing a skirt this time. "No. He told me something along the lines of. 'If there are people after you, always take at least three, or one if you don't want to drag others into it and can accept the consequences. Such as death or going missing. And that there would be many out there that would be very upset if either occured to me." Her voice was soft and she looked thoughtful.

"And that he was looking for the Absorbing Man, but if I was sneaking out with you, then he'd be constantly looking out for me instead." She shrugged, and moved to one of the plush chairs in the room to plop down into with a sigh.

"He didn't do the typical lecture per say.."


"Told you that you should've gone and found Hope." Tommy points out — no, he didn't forget that neglecting of his advice either. Especially because it makes it sounds like he was /right,/ which the platinum-haired speedster loves to be. Positively adores it, in fact.

"But… damn. That's cold. Actually kinda good advice, but cold, still." Erik earns some points in Tommy's book with that. He wasn't the typical, 'oh gosh, kids are helpless' kind of adult. Which means he might be the kind that the rebel could respect. With that taken care of, he takes off the backpack and starts digging through it… pulling out an official-looking folder, and three chocolate bars; Hershey's, from the label. Likely from the source, given the presenter. The bars are set atop the folder, and all are offered in her direction.

"I brought food from the outside world, and, uh, something for you to look through, if you've got the stomach for it." Pause. "I'd eat first, though."


A blink, and Lorna leans forward to accept the 'presents'. "Yeah well, tata is sort of new to the whole being a 'dad' thing. But I think he's doing pretty well. I mean he made me armor and has been helping me to train. He cares." She remembered how tightly he'd held her when he had seen her crying and hurt, how he'd kissed the top of her head and cradled her in his arms.

All in all she thought he was doing a pretty good job.

"Also I think he was pretty focused on getting the guy too. Miss Frost laid on the guilt pretty thick, but I think she and tata are working together now. Or at least that's what I could gather. He made me sit in the car and wait for him." She grumbled, and opened up a candy bar, flashing Tommy a grin.

"Thanks, Tommy. You dunno what this means. Seriously. Wanda ate all the snacks apparently and well, the Doctor is a Doctor. Not exactly big on sweets." She nibbled on a corner and glanced at the folder. "What is this?"


"Talk about 'instant family', huh?" Tommy laughs, now that the presents have been taken he leans forward on the chair. Getting a bit more comfortable because frankly, comfort is king. "First he thought he had no family, then a daughter, now… two daughters, a son, a dude bangin' one of the daughters and two grandchildren. I'd freak out if it was me." A crinkle of his nose. "Seriously. Can you imagine me with kids? I wouldn't know which end was up."

The adults were working together? This gets a slight wrinkle of his nose. "Guess it's gonna be a race to see who finds the guy first, then. Him and Frostie," Tommy's a first name kinda person; lacking one for Emma, nickname will suffice. "Or me, Hope and Billy. Either way I'm sure the big guy's screwed." There's a confident grin to that.

"/Wanda/ did?" That causes a blink. Well. He knew she had an appetite, but… "I figured Pietro might have come by and raided the place — and yeah, that Steve's too stuffy to carry candy on hand." As for what the folder is? Into the backpack he goes again; out comes a camera; a fancy Polaroid! "Smile!" he announces, framing her up in a moment and pressing, then holding the button. After a couple seconds of 'wrrr'ing there's a flash, and it spits out a photo. Which is collected and shaken. Normal speed. "Since you've been kinda, well, trapped in here. I went down to the morgue. Took pictures of all the bodies they brought in from Mutant Town. Figured you'd either get relief or closure, depending."


"Erm… yeah instant family.. I dunno how I'd react to.. Wait, well, I mean. I went from having a family to not, to suddenly having a father and yeah.. I guess it's similar. Though I haven't seen any kids from the future." A pause, "Not that I particularly care to know if I have kids in the future." Another pause in which Lorna took another bite of the chocolate bar.

"Definitely wouldn't want to skip to the teenaged years. Little kids are cute." She smiled and then at the mention of Wanda she nods. "Yep, she came in really tired and ate bunch of snacks. She asked me if my powers work like that.. I really don't think so? But I haven't exactly stretched myself to that point and been hungry. I just get tired. Or my powers go wonky because I pulled too much." A shrug. It would be terrifying to think, that Lorna hadn't reached that tipping point yet in which she'd stretched herself too far. She'd been overwhelmed by too much power, but never had she been lacking for more..

As Tommy flashed the camera up and commanded she smile, a confused sort of smile pulled at her lips reflexively. His words took a little longer to process. "Wait, what?" She glanced down at the folder and her stomach twisted. "Uhhh.. um.. uh.." Her smile dropped as she stared down at the closed folder.

"Maybe not right now.."


The talk about family just gets laughter from Tommy; unashamed and utter laughter from him. "Yeah. Well. From the sounds of it our family's pretty screwed up that way, and prone to time travel… so don't be too surprised if a green-haired kid shows up and calls you 'mama'." Payback for suggesting he call her Auntie Lorna, clearly; although it's all in good fun. He may have… difficult relations with family, but this family? This family was growing on him, and fast. Of course, most things happened fast with Tommy. "Just watch, though. I've probably jinxed myself."

The story about Wanda brings an arch of eyebrows; curious, to be sure. Letting it process in his head. "Well. I guess I know where I get it from." Tommy admits, stretching out a little. "I eat… way more than any normal person should on a daily basis. More if I've been crazy about using my speed. I figured it was just exercise taking effect, but…" he trails off and lets himself wonder about /that/ for a few moments.

Then once the photo's developed, he shows it off in Lorna's direction, and pulls out a second folder in his backpack to tuck it into; there's a couple of other photos and a piece of paper inside it, but it's not easy to make out what any of the rest are just from his hiding the freshly-taken picture. "On your own time." he suggests, nodding once. "Figured it might help some, since you couldn't get out and look for your buddy personally without running into some kinda trouble. And here I thought /I/ was the magnet." he teases, clearly amused. After a couple moments, he decides to change the subject.

"So, uh. Hope and I moved in together. We've got a place of our own down in the Village."


The comment about a green haired kid calling her mama has her flushing again and she shit up to smack lightly at Tommy's arm. "Hey, you're the one from the future. I bet you've got half a dozen kids running around on super speed wondering where the 'Old Man' has run off to." She teased right back.

At the mention of his powers she tilts her head, taking another bite of chocolate. "I think it's tied to your metabolism. You and Wanda's powers are likely tied to something on that level I bet. Mine..? They're tied to the Earth. I feel the magnetic fields there when tata and I shift powers. It's like.. They're always there naturally. So it's not tied to how much I eat. It's just like.. I dunno how to exactly explain it. Like a little magnet is always the same. It has the same forces and you can cut it in half but it's still got North and South.."

Another bite. "So I guess the difference is that I'm a magnet that knows how to draw on other ones that are just always there. It's kinda like someone has a tv on in the room and it's always making noise but I tune it out till I need it."

A glance was spared for the photo he'd taken and she wrinkled her nose. But doesn't comment. At the news that he'd moved in with Hope though? Oh she grins.

"Should I listen to wedding bells soon?"


Lorna's teasing strikes home, causing Tommy to cringe for a moment. "Oh God, any kids of /mine/ would probably be grateful that I vanished." Tommy points out, waving a finger. "Besides. I was pulled out of time at /this/ age. I'm… at least sixty-percent sure that I don't have any kids running around in /my/ future yet." There's a brief cough there; the speedster considers Lorna an innocent, afterall.

"That's kinda what I figured. I mean, I don't bother wrapping my head around the science-y stuff for the most part, just kinda… when I get fast, I want food. When I want food, I eat food. End of story." Tommy admits, grinning. This is why he wasn't the best of students, clearly. No desire to /apply/ himself. "That's pretty interesting, though. Being connected to the /planet/ like that. I wonder how it'd work in space, or, like, on Mars." Food for thought, there.

Then wedding bells? Well. Mark it down on the calendar, folks. There's actually a /smidge/ of redness in Tommy's cheeks. The king of shamelessness has blushed ever-slightly. It fades quickly, though, before hands wave in front of him. "Gah! No. I mean. I like her." He hasn't committed to the other 'L' word yet. "I like her a lot. But it's more, y'know. She's like Billy and me. Except she doesn't have anyone here she can count on like I do — /except/ for me." There's a mixture of pride and sorrow in his words; after what happened with Nathan? Yeah, he feels the weight of that responsibility. At least it's worn like a priviledge. "…and, y'know, there's other things, too." Like the fact that there's people from the future that will probably show up coming after her, and how he doesn't want her to be alone — or want to drag his family into this if he doesn't have to. Tommy Shepherd doesn't ask for help; it's not in his nature.


"Actually, I tested it in Limbo. Illyana is apparently Queen there and it's another dimension entirely. It depends so far, from what I've seen on the magnetic fields inherent to any given place. The Earth has a pretty strong one. So I have a hard time counter balancing to it. Limbo is easier though, and I can use my own magnetic fields to a lighter extent because there's not the same set up with the iron core that Earth has. I guess, if I went to a planet that didn't have a lot of iron, it would be difficult. In space? Not sure.. But I imagine without another field to draw on it would make me more tired. I dunno what I'd anchor myself to.." She mused.

Clearly, she'd spent a LOT of time reading up on it.

Then back to teasing Tommy and she pokes him. "I'll take her wedding dress shopping. Of course, I will have to be the maid of honor. And Billy will be the best man. I think she'd look nice with white roses, or maybe pink ones. Red would clash with her hair." There was a glitter of amusement there in those green eyes of her's and she giggled.

"Oh! I wonder what kind of powers your kids will have!"


"Illyana… your roommate Illyana?" Tommy echoes, starting to sort out the story thoughtfully. "She's… the Queen of… /Limbo./" As someone who was raised Catholic, Limbo takes on a very specific meaning to him. Which gives Illyana a very specific weirdness in the male teen's mind. "Ooookay then." That warrents a talk with Hope later. Moving on! "Man. Someone's done her homework, though."

And the teasing doesn't stop! Tommy's laughing even as he's poked, though. Eyes closed, head leaning forward on the chair. "Oh God… you're just lucky Hope's not here to hear all this," …though a part of him suspects that she'll get a dose of it the next time brunette meets redhead. Then she's talking about the two of them having /kids/ and there's a little choked sound from him. Another thought he'd never considered, to be sure.


"Illyana yeah, she used to train with the Doctor, apparently? He was rather displeased when he found out she'd joined the Frost Institute." A grin, "So now I know a Queen, and a Princess, with Miss Crystal going steady with tata."

A snort and laughter follows Tommy's expression and Lorna looks devilishly amused. "Should warn her that twins run in the family though. Wanda and Pietro, you and Billy! Oh, poor girl." A flash of teeth and Lorna grinned at her nephew's choked sound.

"So how are you gonna pay for an apartment and all of this fancy new stuff? Hmm? You'll have to get a job." She folds her arms as she eyed him, arching a brow.

"Cause just taking what you want isn't gonna fly forever." She added, knowing Tommy's behavior now better than many others in her life.


"…huh. It's like we're all just one big happy family." remarks Tommy; sounding somewhat surprised that everyone seems to know one another. But, sensing the opportunity for payback, a finger darts out to poke Lorna. "Next thing you know, it'll be /Kings/ and /Princes/. How long until you end up royalty yourself then?" the speedster teases, flashing a grin.

…but only for a moment as the twins comment makes him cover his face. With both hands. "Oh God. She'll kill me. She will literally kill me for that." He's joking. … he's pretty sure he's joking. "…on the plus side, that means /I/ wouldn't have to deal with double diaper duty, so…" There's a bright side for everything!

"Taking what we have to," Tommy admits; he's not ashamed of his theft; not really. With Hope around, they've been more selective about targets, too. "…but I've been looking for a job," Tommy admits. "Was gonna try and work for Stark, but the person I figured I might be able to talk into hiring me got fired…" he trails off for a moment, considering. "My friend Ava works delivery, that seems like a pretty decent fit for me. Hell. Maybe I'll even go work for the paper. …I'd really have to try hard not to re-write all the stories to replace actual pictures with anatomically correct drawings of Bigfoot, though." There's a snicker to that.

"The place is pretty empty right now though. We're… we're working on getting our hands on proper furniture and stuff." Pause. "But it's nice to have a place to call home that you don't have to rely on someone /else/ for, for a change."


Lorna laughed at the mention of Kings and Princes, and then made a face. "Ew. The only 'King' I've met I helped knock out of said kingship. He's also a creepy stalkerish guy. Seriously. He sent a fur shawl after meeting me once and then kept showing up where ever I was till Miss Crystal told him to back off. He also is like tata's age." She wrinkled her nose. "Besides, I'd rather be like Queen Elizabeth. Never getting married and always being able to do what I want."

"Also do you really think that Hope won't hold you to diaper duty? Especially with super speed?" She smirked and leaned back in her chair, arms crossing.

The mention of Tony Stark has her sitting up though. "I can help! Ooh! I know him! I mean, I met him. At the Xavier Institute! The Professor is friends with him!" She grinned as she leaned forward. "I betcha we can get you a job that way no problem." She practically bounced in her seat.


"Ew indeed." Tommy replies, crinkling his nose at the description that Lorna gives of Maximus. "I mean. Don't get me wrong; if I were ancient and single I'd probably hit on pretty young things too." he admits, laughing. "But at least it's taken care of, right? If not, I can help with that, too. I'm not afraid of breaking an old man's hip." A grin to that. "Well. Then you'll have to wait for your pops to marry Crystal, and wait to inherit the throne. Or stage a coup or something."

"Not unless she finds some way to bring me back to life after she kills me for knocking her up with twins!" Tommy points out. Little does he know… that's in the realm of possibility if Hope meets Josh.

Then that infinitely connecting web connects continually, and Tommy blinks. Once. Twice. And then stares at Lorna. "Wait. Seriously? THE Tony Stark." who Tommy probably idolized growing up, thanks to the tabloid appearances. "…I thought you went to the /Frost/ Institute?" Pause. "Did I step into an alternate dimension? Tell me I didn't. I've had enough fish out of water events for a lifetime…"


Another string of laughter and Lorna smothers it behind a hand. "I spend the weekends at the Xavier Institute to spend time with my tata. It's what we worked out so that I'm can train and not miss class. I was there a few weekends ago, and talking to the Professor when Mister Stark .. uhm.. he crash landed on the door step. And the Professor had me help him up." She wiggled her fingers and grinned toothily.

"So I bet if we talk to the Professor we can talk to Mister Stark and get you a job for sure!" She winked.

"How's that for my connections? Princesses, Queens, and Iron Man, national hero."


Tommy blinks again, trying to comprehend exactly what she's trying to describe here. Putting the pieces together as best he can without /all/ the information. "So… your dad… is a teacher at this Xavier Institute, and there's another Professor who knows Tony Stark… and you /met/ Stark when he… crashed on the doorstep. Like, /literally/ crashed, or…?" he trails off for a moment, blinking a little more. Of course, the finger wiggle suggests, "Oh man. He was in the /armor?/ Must've been one helluva party after that."

"Hey, you won't hear me complaining about those connections," it's one topic that, honestly, he's more inclined to accept help on. Because accepting help helps him help Hope. So it's not directly /taking/ help, and thus his pride remains intact. "And I thought it was impressive when my friend's cousin saw Elvis in a downtown diner. Shows how little /I/ know."


Another giggle. "No, my tata doesn't teach. But he lives there. Though some of the students call him Professor." She shrugged, "He's not on the payroll though that I know of. Actually, not sure what he does for a living." She tapped her chin, leaning forward, settling the folder off to the side. Untouched for the moment.

"Well, Mister Stark was uhm.. into his cups I guess. He kind of literally crashed. A bit. Professor Xavier is the one that knows Mister Stark. Apparently they're old friends. Much like he and my tata I guess? I dunno. It makes no sense to me either." She grinned.

"But then the suit, ohmygosh, he pressed this button and it retracted off him in chunks. It was so totally far out. I left after that though, he seemed to want to drink and chat with the Professor. And I don't drink."


The front door to the Sanctum closes with a quiet thud, announcing the movements of the master of the mansion moreso than the traveling steps before and after, muffled as they are by indoor-boots. Black, of course, to match the usual daywear of dress shirt and pants, though this shirt is deep maroon, the color of a good claret. Bill…bill…thank you note from a recent customer at the store, what's this?

Strange smiles bemusedly as he thumbs open the small missive and pulls out a standard card. Inside, a quick note about how the little book on the history of magic in the western European isles saved the purchaser from a failing grade and effusive praise. With a flash of a grin, he tucks the notecard-sized bit of paper back into its envelope before he hears voices. Hmm…sounds like Lorna and…oh, Tommy. Very good, he's been meaning to touch base with the flaxen-haired speedster.

The Sorcerer appears in the doorway to the living room to hear the name of a certain billionaire bandied about in terms of a suit and drinking and his eyebrows nearly disappear into his hairline. "If we're talking about Tony Stark, as in //the/ Tony Stark, it sounds like he hasn't changed much. Tony always tinkering about with electronics. He could drink me under the table while doing it too," Strange adds with a wry laugh as he leans on the doorframe. "Lorna, good work on your powers and thank you for not dismantling any metal in the room." Steel-blue eyes land on the young man now. "And Tommy, good to see you. How's…" A pause and a squint as he rifles through his memories. "Ah, Hope. She's well then?"


Okay, now this mystery's spiralling deeper and deeper. "So your dad lives… at a school… but he's not a teacher… and some people call him Professor…" Tommy's voice trails off for a moment, and a hand reaches up to his forehead. Rubbing slightly. Then shaking his head. "Y'know, maybe it's better if I don't try to figure it out and just focus on the fact that, whoa, you know Tony Stark." And everyone seems to know this Professor guy.

Then there's another voice that comes up and Tommy practically spins in his chair; but doesn't because he's sitting it it the wrong way. So legs are prevented from twisting properly — perhaps for the best, as combined with the headache he's starting to get he might've fallen /out/ of the chair. Clearly, precognitive awesome senses were in full effect, there.

"Hey Doc." offers Tommy, waving a hand — Lorna might notice the change. To her, he refers to the Doctor as 'Steve'. To him, notsomuch. Strange is one of the few people that Tommy /doesn't/ call by their first name. Not at this point, at least! "Glad to see you're in. Hope's…" he considers just how much he wants to say. "…she's settling in, 'cause we found a place to rent together. It's not far from here, actually." Pause. "It's been a rough couple of days for her, though."


Lorna grinned as she bounced forward in her seat at the arrival of the Doctor. "Hiya!" She waved, wiggling her fingers. "You know Mister Stark too? I was telling Tommy how he could get a job. Since he's moved in with Hope. It sounds serious. I told him he'd better warn the girl about how twins seems to run in the family. In a round about manner and all. And Tommy said that she'd kill him. So I think he should wait 'till after the wedding." She leaned forward to pat Tommy on the shoulder.

"I won't say a word till then, promise." She grinned, and was clearly intent on tormenting Tommy more. Especially now that Strange was there.


The Sanctum doesn't simply keep itself in tiptop shape. Occasionally the effort comes from elsewhere. Those boughs of greenery, spruce and fir largely, do not manifest at Christmas time because the wards have a sense of humour. A vase of deep purple crocuses and stark white snowdrops do not appear on a table out of their own volition, nor do stark red poppies — not Stark red, a colour no doubt copyrighted and trademarked by a young Tony — happen to appear because flowers love the house. The one responsible for conveying them also selects and trims them, as she does with a bouquet of wood sorrel, ferns, and arching trilliums. That particular squared off vase intends to go among the others.

Her lyrical aura is in evidence thanks to some pervasive spell and aquamarine tendrils chase after Wanda, along with the scent of a tropical sea, heavy on brine and coconut oil. Wherever she went to obtain those flowers, very clearly the destination involved holidaying and summer. Only Strange is likely to recognize the difference in her attire off the bat, the smart heels rather than leather boots serving a purpose. Saucy, serviceable pumps in leather? Dancing?

And for Lorna's sake, the girl is armed with no less than four daggers, one gun, a thin length of chain and powdered glass that probably serves as a garotte, and possibly… medals? She's a war hero dancer!


Waves returned, the good Doctor notes the hesitation on Tommy's part and the lines of his goatee curve ever-so-slightly; it's alright, there's time still to earn the young man's trust. No need to press him on — wait, hold on. Lorna chimes in with her usual effusive flair of sharing as much information possible in the shortest span of time. It leaves him to nod in thoughtful silence, his gaze somewhere beyond the young mutant's shoulder.

Saved a dozen times over by the sudden appearance of the Witch, one Wanda Maximoff, dressed in…are those heels? Not boots and…ooh. The general ambience he can sense brings him to straighten in honest momentarily-mesmerized curiosity: sea-salt and sweet tropical coconut, colors in the sunlit hues of shallow waters, and what on Earth was she up to? That is…quite frankly, an absurd amount of weaponry. The young adults might as well have become invisible on the wake of her arrival to him.

"«Beloved — flowers and shoes for dancing something more than a simple box? You intrigue me.»" Tibetan, the shared language between them, likely to go over all heads but those who claim time spent in the heights of the Himalayan mountains, and a charming twinkle in his eyes, all bundled up in the light brush of his own aura along her cheek like a kiss of spring.

The natural shifting movement of another living being in his peripheral brings his focus back to the young adults, albeit grudgingly, and he lets out a regretful sigh of sorts. "Fraternal twins are more likely to show due to the mother's side of the family, so unless Hope has a history of it as well, you'll likely avoid another set in the future. I don't see an engagement ring on your hand, Tommy, so clearly you haven't asked yet, likely because of the rough days she's had. Do you need any assistance?" Build the trust, build the trust…


Oh God. Lorna went there. He thought she was done with the subject. But she went, and she brought it back, and Tommy's face just /pales./ Oh heavens above, that was not what he needed to have happen right now…

…and Wanda shows up too, now? Is the universe conspiring against it's fastest (sort've. Not really. He likes to think so.) occupant? No, not quite. The same hand that waved to Strange waves to the Witch as well, and the cornered rebel takes great interest in the floor. Oh, what an interesting floor it is!

Then the Doctor's talking in words that… well… he doesn't even come /close/ to understanding, and that draws his attention up in order to let his jaw slacken more than a little. What? Not much time to dwell on this, though, as English returns and… it's a talk of twins again.

Of /evading/ them. "Phew." There's visible relief. "I mean. Not that she's… I mean, I don't /think/…" he trails off for a couple moemnts. That other language. Was he casting some kind of spell to find out if Hope was having twins? Does /he know something that Tommy doesn't?/ Cue another shade of pale.

"We're. Uh. Not that far along yet." He hopes. Of course, the /last/ bit does come up and that was something /he'd/ been meaning to ask about. Even if it wasn't easy to bring it up. But now the door was open, and all he had to do was walk through. Free hand moves to rub at the back of his neck now, an uneasy expression crossing his features. Asking for help? Still not easy. "Well, uh… now that you mention it… there's something we could use a little… direction on. I don't know if you'll know what to do, either, but…" But there's a chance.


A wave and a grin was offered toward Wanda as she entered. "Heya Wanda! How are you?" A furrow of her brow follows as the magically dyed brunette eyed her half sorta sister. "Do you always carry that much metal on you?"

Then her attention shifted back as Tommy pales, Lorna sighs, and pats his shoulder as she leans forward in her chair. "I was only teasing, Tommy." She murmured softly, her grin gentling into a softer look of concern at how the young man wiggles under the gaze of Wanda and Strange alike.

A glance was spared between Wanda and Strange as the foreign language was spoken and she wrinkled up her nose as they made eyes. "Okay. Still getting used to the fact that Wanda is my older sister here. But that's just awkward to watch you two make eyes at each other."


The universe conspires against everyone in the room, particularly where matters near and dear to its nexus' heart are involved. This might be a fine moment to observe the clatter-click of heels against the polished floor devolving to a pause in front of a decorative table. Here Wanda installs the arrangement of flowers and greenery, pinching out the leaves of the wood sorrel until plausibly satisfied by the overall appearance. Those extra seconds permit her freedom to compose her expression into a responsible mask rather than one askew with unasked questions, speculation, and the most dreaded power short of a father's wrath: a mother's intuition.

Couple this to her array of reality-warping powers and witchcraft, and said intuition may be the most horrific thing ever. Potential suspicions may come to pass simply because she thought so. (Just as Father's will happens because he said so with big Words.)

"Hello, Miss Dane. You welcome the company?" First, the niceties. Her hands smooth down her claret leather coat, adjusting the fall. Smooth lines betray little evidence of weaponry, part of the loveliness of its sartorial achievements in design. "Tommy, mi «Cerhan»." The latter twists against the current of English and buries her accent somewhere in the Mediterranean. "You are not too far along to know if they will be twins? Anyone who could know, he would." A gesture indicates Strange, and the grave lift of her amber eyes locks onto steel blue. "No one is more discreet. Or maybe someone you know at the hospital?" Do not ask her to say Presbyterian when she still has trouble with 'circumstance' or 'apparition.'

Few people jump to classical Tibetan gratefully; she is one. "«One must always seek to keep you upon your toes. Without the assistance of a tripwire or a rope, at that. I ought to venture out again. Bring some climbing gear and a machete. We can hack through the jungle to flush out the cultists from their temple bunker.»" And just like that, history collides with a smile. "«Does she know we made Tommy? Poor girl. She will look like she sat on a thorn if I say it.»"


There's some sympathy in the glance Strange gives the young man. It's a delicate thing to dance around, the possibility of children, and the weight on a father's shoulders can be heavy at times. Tommy does look a bit clammy. "We can talk about it and I'll offer what wisdom I can," he replies to him with a quiet, reassuring smile. "Over tea between us? That way we'll be uninterrupted?"

As he awaits an answer, leaving Tommy some time to mull over options, he gives Lorna and Wanda a knowing look with an edge of a squint. "I would be able to tell easily enough. No need to go to the hospital unless confirmed. I'm happy enough to do so as needed." Er, maybe 'happy' isn't quite the right word. Perhaps 'taken aback' in the moment, yes, more that. 'Needing confirmation'. 'Not accepting grandfather-hood'.

Quick flip to Tibetan and a curling smirk. "«If she hasn't come to the conclusion herself, you have the right to enlighten her. After all, you are his mother. Though do behave, Beloved, in front of the children — and your sister. No need for them to suffer uncomfortably while we entertain such thoughts of adventures.»" His tone is full of teasing.


Tommy is in effect, a cornered animal right now. Green eyes are darting towards the door on more than one occasion. Even the windows are given speculative looks. Leaving would be so easy, could happen so quickly…

First Lorna soothes. And he tries to relax a little. Breathe in, breathe out. "You're tellin' me." is offered in her direction; at least an older sister who's only a few years older is normal. But as it stands? Lorna only has a month or two of age on Tommy. That makes it all the more awkward-er!

…then Wanda pushes the buttons again. Tommy's eyes go wide and he just… stares. Maybe the spell in question was cast before he'd even come in, and the Doctor was confirming the news to the Witch? Panic is an emotion quite clearly visible on the platinum-haired one's face; emotion isn't something he hides, to be certain. "I… I… I…" words are hard, people!

There are two ways that this could go. He /could/ flee. He could also break down into his usual self-defense mechanism. Strange's words will be the decider..

When he decides to press on the issue further? Tommy holds up his index finger, letting it hang in the air for a whole second before he vanishes.

He's back in a little over a minute. Walking through the door, a couple pieces of paper in his hand. Observant eyes might notice a distinct lack of writing visible through the sheet, but whether or not that's the truth would probably require seeing the front, if the paper is thick enough. "Well. You know. I took Hope out to Vegas so that she could have a little fun after the days she's had…" he trails for a moment, considering. "…and, y'know, we got to talking, and figured if we got /hitched,/ then she'd be able to get papers saying that she's a real person. But, uh," Cue rubbing at the back of his neck for a moment. "Turns out we need a parent or guardian's signature to make it official," …and then eyes turn to Lorna. "…and she's got /no one/ to ask, so, I picked up these forms, and if you fill them out, /Aunt/ Lorna, you'll be able to legally adopt Hope, then she and I can tie the knot, and we'll all be /legally/ related. Wouldn't that be great?"

So it comes full circle, with the spotlight back on the magnetic mutant. He's managing to keep a straight face on thusfar, although he does pause to nods towards Strange, adding, "Sounds like a plan, Doc." In regards to talking over tea. Other than the joke, there /are/ things to be discussed.


A blink as Lorna glanced between the Witch and the Doctor and back to Tommy, a slight wince following as the teasing continues with the dry intensity that remains the delight of the older pair in the room. Then a blink and as Tommy seems to short circuit before returning, papers in hand, Lorna gapes.

Her lips part, eyes go wide and her cheeks turn a deep red as Tommy fires back his own calvacade of teasing words.

The teenager huffs, crosses her arms and glowers at Tommy minutely before promptly rising from her seat with a creak of the chair. Her bare feet tapping on the floor as she approached the speedster and held out her hand. A pen rising from her studying materials behind her and clicking once.

"Sure why not."


Sorcerers and their byproduct, the miniature photocopy of Pietro, ought to be hung for the emotional rollercoaster they put poor Lorna through. Wanda drifts inwards to Strange's side and, in respect for his chiding, avoids any actual contact. It makes no difference, for their auras intertwine unseen, a cat weaving around available legs. Shades of heliotrope blossom invisibly behind the barriers separating mundane perception from the mystic, but their interconnectedness begins and ends in the same infinity loops.

"It is too bad you are too young for wine," admits the brunette witch, shaking her head slightly. Wanda thumbs one of the medals in her coat pocket, every impression stamped on its surface learned by tactile means. "A nice burgundy right now might be the very thing, something to smooth out the edges. Perhaps I had a little too much of a taste for it earlier."

Tommy's spiel does not, it seems, afflict her with any sense of decorum or dismay, for her expression remains unchanged. Adoption is, apparently, a very American thing. "I have behaved. I did not suggest anything about the south, yes?"


In a blink, the pale-haired young man is there and back again (A Speedster's Tale by Tommy Shepherd), and now holding…papers?

Oh gods below, he cannot — and Strange rolls his lips inwards on an exasperated sigh. Nay, laugh. Groan? Some sort of stifled sound. This is all so irregular, but, then again, what is 'normal' around the Sanctum Sanctorum and its wily band of inter-relations? The clever apple doesn't fall far from the tree in this one.

With Lorna's focus on Tommy and said adoption papers, he can spare the Witch a speculative climb of his eyes from toes to nape of the neck — though do note the time it takes for him to reach above the hemline of her leather coat. At his side and unmistakeably present with how her aura slips so comfortably about his neck like a summer-warmed mink stole redolent of black roses, he murmurs at a volume only heard by her ears, "When you wear shoes like that, you suggest ideas of Argentine Tango, nevermind humid nights." To her eyes, likely utilizing the Sight, his aura paints a line down the curvature of her calf so delightfully accented by the height of those heels. He's no innocent in this unseen exchange.

"Whiskey would be better, I think," he does mutter louder though, up for anyone's grab of attention.


A mild interruption, thus, from the witch: "Si, bailo… baile la rumba en Buenos Aires." Wanda falters only once through the languid procession of Spanish, and the correction rather than falling brings a slight wisp of a smile to her lips.


The gape, blush and glower were expected. The agreement? Well… not so much.

So what does Tommy do? He doubles down. As he always does, because he is Tommy Shepherd, and it is what he does. "Alrighty. I'll be right back, I've got to go tell Magneto that he's about to be a great-grandfather thanks to his youngest daughter…" he hands over the papers in question; if she looks? One /is/ blank. The other not; and has a crudely drawn picture of Billy, with the word 'woosh' and little crayon'd in doritoes dotted all over the page.

And once she takes the papers involved? Off he goes! …or at least appears to. In truth, he just ran to the other side of the room fast enough to make it looks like he disappeared. Waiting juuust long enough to get that reaction… and… "I can drink," is offered towards the Witch, arms crossed over his chest. "It's not like I'm, y'know, /twelve/ or anything." Whether or not it's a good idea to give a speedster a sangria or a teenager a tequila, however…

…and now they're talking Spanish. Well. One's /talking/ about Spanish things and the other actually speaks it. "…great. /GREAT./ Now I want Taco Bell. Thanks so much."


Lorna smirked as she looked down at the papers, calling Tommy on his teasing bluff just as she had assumed. No way the speedester had actual adoption papers. Still, she couldn't hold her silence for more than the breath it took for Tommy to run over to the far side of the room and speak. Then she was doubling over in giggles and clapping her hands over her lips.

"Haha. Oh my gosh." She trailed into snickers.

"Okay. Okay. Sorry Tommy, that was hilarious." She shook her head, moving toward her chair again. A side eyed glance offered toward the Doctor and her half sister.

"And I thought tata and Miss Crystal were bad." She stuck her tongue out toward Tommy.


"When, Miss Dane, you find someone who like, we will see what we say about your behaviour." There could be a ghost of warning behind the words. Wanda speaks in a soft tone of voice devoid of any threat, though that seal over a deep wellspring of pride threatens any who dares venture too near. No easy escape awaits them, steep-sided judgment assuring a long, long fall in her judgment. Heavy-lidded eyes sweep askance from the other brunette, marking the relative trajectory taken by Tommy. Once again, the disadvantage of having a speedster twin may manifest itself. She braces for something, though who, exactly, knows what?

Oh, the Sorcerer Supreme, no doubt recognizing the subtle signs of casting that shapes a bubble of probabilities using arcane, rather than reality warping, means. A blessing bundled under the auspices of distracted commentary to him, she pinches off the weave, and waits for the perfect moment to will it to pass. Rose petal motes dance across her widened pupils, painting a faint ethereal sheen that absolutely has no business marking her vision.

"You cannot drink, Tommy," she adds at his return, "but Miss Dane cannot. There is a limit in this country. Now, in mine? Another matter. Angering her father and the mother to your new …" A glance for Strange will follow, a wordless plea for translation. "Wife who will be is not the way to bring harmony to the family."


Spanish means little to him, though he does recognize the words pertaining to dancing and the Rhumba — of course the city of Buenos Aires. It all gets catalogued away under "Daytrips and Possibly Nighttrips and Who Knows Possibly More Than One Day, But Don't Kid Yourself". It gains her a wry smirk that doesn't lessen an iota as it lands on Lorna. Wanda takes the comment from his mouth, no need to chime in. His sense of humor is a tad too cutting in the moment to be of use in regards to complaints about PDA.

So sorry, oh youthful Speedster, but the wards tell their master of no departure beyond their purvue. It's a cute trick that might fool those of non-Mystical ilk; too bad that brand of Arts reigns Supreme here in all its Witchy wiles. The curse of having those two as parents. That Lorna gets to laughing rather than signing indicates a prank successfully pulled and the relief is shown in the relaxation of his shoulders, even as he remains leaning on the doorframe, arms tightly crossed. Oy.

"Wanda is correct. No drinking, not now." Note the time frame, younglings. "Erik wouldn't appreciate it." Thus the Dad Foot is put down beside the Mom Foot. Still, speaking of PDA… With a sigh and shift, he regains a neutral stance and adds, "If no one needs me further, I have to file away bills. I'll be in the library if you need me."

And in a mirroring of every film noir's most saccharine moment, Wanda is swept up into his arms in a half-dip and kissed — thoroughly — as she always deserves to be. If she is breathless when set aright, his job is done. With that and a pleased smirk, he leaves the rest of the family to their shenanigans.


Of course, Lorna was the one that Tommy was fishing for a reaction for — otherwise he would've actually properly /left/ the Sanctum rather than just find a position out of Lorna's immediate eyesight. Besides. This way he could /see/ the reaction given to said prank. And. Well.

"It's an ACCURATE PICTURE. You look at him next time we're hanging out and just SEE if you don't see him wooshing doritos all over the place." Tommy shoots back with faux-outrage and… wait for it… 'magic fingers'. If Billy's magic fingers were bad…

Tommy's have a special layer of Hades dedicated to them and their practitioners.

The words from the parental units are then taken, interpreted through the teenager filter… the Witch opposes Lorna drinking, the Doctor only for the moment. Note to self: Drinks /later./ Preferably if he can get Billy and Lorna drunk /simultaniously./ Wouldn't that be hilarious? Yes. Yes it would.

"Seeya later, doc — I'll be back for that tea, later." he calls after the departing Sorcerer, before making his way back to the chair he'd originally filched, and flopping back down into it. Mischief managed, for the moment.

….and then he notices the… ahem…. /goodbye/ reserved specifically for Wanda. Cue the moment of looking away. Old people smoochin'. Ewwwwwww.


Another giggle was offered toward Tommy, a glitter of amusement in those green eyes that they shared. "Okay, yes, sure. He does. I still don't know what a 'doritos' is but yeah. He does that." She laughed again, before the giggles subsided in the face of not only Wanda but the Doctor's words.

A flush of color spread over her cheeks and she crossed her arms with a sniff. "I don't drink anyways, thank you very much. There's no reason to tell my tata because he already knows I don't." Lips curl into a thin line as Strange dips her sister and then she's glancing toward Tommy and making a gagging motion.



Lorna and Tommy may be subjected to the whims of fate. In this respect, their presence blesses other people, as Wanda forks and releases the spell hovering throughout her aura. Let them make horrified faces at the delicate tip back that presages Strange's benedictions upon the witch, a gentle kiss no doubt worthy of the silver screen — and not because they're that old, they aren't, but for all those halcyon moments commemorated by Hollywood.

Her gift to them, parasitic good fortune for everyone but Tommy Shepherd and Lorna Dane.

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