1964-02-03 - A Gift From Mama
Summary: The Brotherhood (and a Lorna) gather for more F.o.H. questioning.
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((WARNING!!! More torture because we're crazy and angry people.))


The sun sets over the horizon. Dinner is laid out upon the tables of those who could afford such of a luxury, or in the dregs of society where shit-brown is considered the new black and fingerless gloves hover over the barrels of fire that flicker and cast shadows upon the cemented rise of the bridge, where people would eat canned beans or sometimes corn, only to puke it up because the heroin itself doesn't sit too right in their bellies.

Where the sky creates a few colors that were imaginable, soft oranges that bleed into a line of harsh reds and light blues; the cosmic beauty sinks upon the horizon. And if the moon decided to show herself it would be time to play.

The warehouse. Let me tell you, it was one of Raven's favorite things. Derelict from many years of uses and abuses, left boarded up even though some of them fall by the wayside. Windows were shattered due to a baseball or something thrown into, where scuff marks in the dust of many footprints of children were at play to retrieve their treasured things.

Treasured things that were possibly lost under stacks of wood, where rats had skittered and termites burrowed into and made their home. In the many rooms of said warehouse is where Raven had kept those charges, and fed them a simple diet of bologna sandwiches with different sorts of cheese, terrorized them by hanging in those rooms upside down and often times in the corner just staring. It was like a psychological warfare for the three men that were kept there. Two of them who had worn suits, littered with tears due to her laughing with insanity and cutting open their fine linen with the tip of a knife. Whilst the other remained, untouched, only to feast upon the horrors that was done to the Italians. And that was just for fun.

Orders were given weeks ago. The delivery itself was sat upon. The men were soon dragged out into the middle of the warehouse, stuck upon chairs and tied down with thick hemp rope that itches. A large table that was set up with bits and bobs and bangles, like a chemistry set for the wayward child that do not know any better.

And that's where she stood; like a Goddess who lorded over such. Multiple Man outside, patrolling the grounds to make sure that none shall enter, and if they managed to sneak inside? They would meet the same fate. Mutant or Mankind. Raven is not in a toying mood. For she wears the dress of blood red, her blondish white hair curled down her back, eyeliner curled like a devils tip with silver claws upon her fingers to match. And heels. Heels that make her look built like a brickhouse, fishnet stocking legs near parted in a stance that makes it seem as if she were to charge, leaning upon the table to mash the items within the pestle as the fire-light upon the table casts a lovely glow. "I think I'm doing this wrong." She comments to herself, her voice near like silk. "Mash mash mash, right boys?" She asks the captives, though would they answer? Raven cares not.


Cain sits in a corner, shirtless. He doesn't feel the cold. His fists are wrapped in cloth, bloodstained cloth. He is massive, a monolith, half in shadow as he wawtches Raven at her work. He has been her shadow of late, massive and looming, guarding her steps warily. It is a time of war, after all, and the general must always be protected.

"If they scream, you're doin' it right," he calls out to her declaration. "Let me know if you need any limbs ruined. That or get me a deck o' cards. I'm getting bored."


It's the sort of environment Domino knows all too well. Not the warehouse at large, more what this one happens to contain. Remove the rotting lumber and rusting construction in favor of a sterile subterranean concrete vault and she'd be right at home. A very dark and undesired home. Much like the winter air she's made herself cold and, for the most part, lifeless. Just another fixture, another machine brought in to play out its role and serve its purpose.

She also just happens to have a deck of cards in one of her coat pockets. Gambling has been serving her very well lately. Tonight it's Cain who wins the hand. Without a thought she fishes out the pack and flicks it at the big guy's chest.

Lurking behind her chilled demeanor lurks something darker still, something which a more astute observer might be able to pick up on. It isn't the implements of torture all neatly laid out which brings about the spark of concern deep within her stare. It's not due to the present captives nor company either.

What really has her on edge are the chemicals which Raven is openly playing with.

Dom's primary distraction comes from the edge of a blade slowly and rhythmically being sharpened off of a block from where she sits on a rickety old chair, ghostly pale fingers working through familiar motions while her feet stay propped upon an equally rickety old table.


Lorna had been stuck inside for weeks at her father's behest. For safety. Since the Absorbing Man had attacked her. Yet nothing had been done. A few times out with her nephews and back inside. She had behaved. Done her school work, and behaved outside of one incident.

Still, with her friend Seth missing, time was of the essence. The young mutant had sought out Raven again, in hopes of finding a clue to Seth's where abouts. Armed in the armor her father had crafted for her, with her own colorful adjustments, over a black jump suit.

With her hair tied back away from her face, it was clear just how young and very clean she was compared to the warehouse. She kept to the side, arms folded as she watched in silence, her lower lip bit between her teeth as she kept herself levitated over the rot and debris.


Victor had arrived, adding to the 'large looming gruff guy' tally that Cain begins. Still dressed in his coat, the scruffy bearded man enters the warehouse with another in tow. There might even still be a little blood still on the cuff of one sleeve from a recent interrogation of another. This? It was more like a fact check or cross reference. "Let them do this one," he instructs Vx over his shoulder. "You can bring your toys to the table if they run out of options, but no sense giving others no chance to try." A glance towards Lorna, a new face Victor had never seen before, and the man gives a little 'sniff' while moving over to his own space.


VX is still fresh from interrogating his own captive, his own methods were very persuasive even if he had laster a little bit longer then it was first thought. VX hasn't even changed his outfit since his torture session, he didn't get to bloody. He has other ways. So he is still dressed in bike leathers and heavy boots. He nods to Victor as he is led inside, looking around at the surrounding building. It is really not too different to his own makeshift interrogation room. "Sure I will only offer my services if i feel they will kill him before we get what we want."

He hasn't seen most of the other people in here before, and so he is curious. He looks at each of them carefully and studies them doing his best to keep the look casual, which is a little difficult at the moment given the setting. He moves to stand against a wall that creaks slightly under his weight, not that his weight is anything compared to some of the larger people around.


Finally, the last of the little troupe joins the lingering Brothers and Sisters of the Brotherhood. Striding in behind Victor and VX is the petite mambo-in-training, hugging a stained jacket around herself, her curls wrapped up and away under scarlet fabric, even though a few kinks are spring out defiantly. She notes those present, offering them up nods in turn, but it's Lorna that grabs her attention. "De hell y'doin' here?" She questions the girl, having only met her once before, but Lyn never forgot a face.

Watching Victor, then on to Cain, Domino and Raven, the girl reaches over, giving VX a soft pat on his arm. "Welcome t' de club, chere." Moving toward Raven, she leans up to the woman, whispering against her ear and standing in stark contrast of her pale, radiant skin for the evening. She motions toward VX and then steps back, allowing the work to begin. Her own waiting space is beside the albino and her blade.

A trio of men sit in their chairs, moving their arms and tugging now and then. The itch could drive people mad, and their struggles have done nothing but bite rope burn around their wrists and lower arms, along with the residue of initial stains from broken, irritated flesh. Two men were guards, still suffering from broken bones (thanks, Marko), and left to suffer, as the other man, dressed in a suit with auburn hair and sickly eyes, stares out at the collection of mutants. "Well," he begins snidely. "Don't you fucks just multiple like rabbits…"


"They haven't screamed in days." Raven remarks, her cut eyes looking up towards Cain. One slender shoulder lifts as her blood-red lips purse ever so tightly, continuing to mash the chemicals into the bowl, which were soon divided into three parts and set upon the low burning flame. The wayward few slowly begins to filter in, Raven finally standing from the table to tug down her red dress where it had ribbed, a slight lean in gone towards Lynette as she gives a quiet nod towards her whispered words. "Quite the sight.." She says quietly, glancing around those mingling, the new face studied and a glance gone towards Domino.

That glance means a few things. Someone was going to go digging for intel of this new face. The Brotherhood was -always- busy.

Silencer had his own deals to follow, Beatrice may or may not still be enjoying a life of freedom. Gambit, who knows, but this stuff.. this sort of work? It did not fit his bill. He was the thieving sort.

"Interesting choice of words." Raven finally says towards the one who speaks, a little smile curling her lips yet fades, her silver clawed fingers snipping towards Cain as she draws her hand out in a lazy flourish to the one who spoke first. "Break a finger."

Turning back towards the table to adjust the fire, her hazel eyes nearly gone vacant. The solution within comes to a slow boil, as she begins to assemble the items necessary. "Let me tell you a little story." She says to the man, finally turning with an orbitoclast within her grasp. "I would like to believe it was thirty years ago. Possibly a little bit more.." She takes those few steps towards the three, her silver claws tapping against the tool. "A man and a woman meet. A man and a woman produce a child. Little did they know, that the child would be unlike them, but he would be human." She smacks her lips. "I had intended to go the route of most grand story tellers, but I'm afraid we're out of time." Her hand reaches out, tugging one of the quiet ones out into the open, so that the one who speaks could see. "But.. I'm impatient. My children are hungry for blood. And you will talk. Or won't. Because you are nothing."

She huffs a little. "Did you know that Graydon Creed was that child? A child of two mutants? Two mutants who are in this very room, right here, right now?" She makes a slight tsks, then gestures towards Lorna. "Come. Hold his head back."


Cain catches the cards when they bounce off his chest, "Salud, whitey," he says to Domino, shoving up off the wall and stretching to his full height. Well over seven feet, his massive torso doesn't seem like it should shift, muscle carved almost out of stone.

He casually approaches the mouthy prisoner and yawns, reaching out and grasping at a rope bound hand, "This little piggy," he says, grasping his middle finger and bending it all the way back to touch the man's wrist, the grisly sound of his bones snapping popping in the air. "Hey, if it were up to me, man, I'd just kill you. Don't bitch."


The young woman glanced toward Lynette, a slight wince pulling at her expression as she lowered herself to the ground. Her boots clicking softly with the sound of metal that encased them. "Raven brought me." She mumbled, nodding in the woman's direction as she glanced at the bound men. Her lips thinned and she swallowed a hard lump that formed in her throat. Clearly uncomfortable at being there, but there was a stubborn glint to her eyes that argued that she had a right to be there.

So when Raven called her over she moved, her steps quick and short. Until she was moving toward the man in question, gloved hands making to seize him and tilt his head back. She didn't argue, she didn't fuss, even if she glanced away when Cain broke a man's fingers. A slight grimace pulling at her lips.

A few pieces of metal floated up around her, scraps, nails and bent screws idly spun around her head.


Victor himself actually chuckles grimly. Starting with the outright facts? Nothing like shocking your captive to get them on the back foot. "You can skip the part where you pretend to be him too," he speaks up from his position on the wall. "We know how to tell the difference between the real deal and a 'dupe' with a bullseye on his back." It's a small chiming in and he seems to have no more to add immediately, but his gaze does go over to Lorna once more as the metal starts floating and she's called over to assist. This could be interesting.


"I could say the same about people that look exactly like you my friend." VX smirks as he looks at the auburn haired captive "One of your little clones started out talking tough too. Took me less than five minutes to change his tune." VX stays quiet for a moment as he watches someone elses technique that appears to be a little different to his own, although no less intimidating to start off with. He reaches into the pocket of his leather coat and pulls out a single bullet idly twirling it in his fingers as he watches the show.

He raises on eyebrow as Cain stands and stretches, he does not look like he would be particularly fun to fight. At least not in a fair fight. His cheek twitches at the sound of a bone breaking, despite the fact he has heard it many times before. It is a little more…unrefined than his own technique, although oddly enough probably less painful.

He looks between Lynette and Lorna curiously, but without speaking. Having no real clue just what the hell is happening, or really who both of them are. He only just really met Lynette after all. He is somehat suprised when the young looking girl moves to assist however, at first pegging her for being squeamish. He nods to Victor as he speaks up, at first almost forgetting his enhanced senses. That really will be useful in finding the real one, probably better than his own idea of just killing everybody wearing that face.


ROLL: Lynette +rolls 1d10 for a result of: 5


Lynette is quiet now. As before, she sits, she watches, she remembers and records with her eyes and mind. Her lips thin and roll back out to their natural fullness, and once that muffling 'crack-pop' comes from Cain's assistance, she can't help a small twitch in her seat.

The man tenses, making the bend back of his finger all the worse for himself. He stiffles a cry, at first, huffing and puffing as his chest barrels, but finally he whines out, struggling behind gritting teeth. The comment from Raven has the man staring, leering at her before spitting to the ground. "You lyin' bitch! That's impossible! Creed is the best god damn thing we have against the likes of you and your /kind/." Another struggle, another wiggle, the chair makes a soft 'thunk-thunk-ththunk' as it rattles on the ground. Head back, he struggles against Lorna's grip, twisting his head from side to side, forward and back. "Let me go, freak! Don't fucking touch me!"


All of them bring up valid points. From Cain, to Victor, to VX. But mostly Victor. "You think a mother forgets the face of her oldest son?" She asks quietly, "No matter how much you change your appearance, your mother would still know you by scent and touch alone." As Lorna moves to grip the head of the man who struggles, Raven circles around the chair to approach the table yet again, retrieving a slender hammer, made in the same manner as the orbitoclast within her hands.

"I enjoy lobotomies. I never knew that I would have the magic touch with these tools until I tried it out on the police officer a few months ago. Surely the Friends of Humanity have heard about it. Where are they, by the way? Address, would be kind." Raven approaches the struggling man that Lorna keeps within her grasp, her eyes lifting towards the little bits of metal that hang within the air. For a moment, she looks to say something, but she doesn't.

"You see, we're in the business of changing minds, dear friend." She stops, tapping her heel against the concrete three times, then continues on the path. "Others take the approach of the spirit. They speak out in public, show unity with a joining of hands. Others have telepaths. You know, those freaks who could change your mind but what a thought.."

She stops, tapping her foot three times again. Then continues. "But the Brotherhood takes a more, hard approach. We beat our feet to the ground. Smack our hands against our chests because we're mutant and proud and are not afraid to show it."

EDITORS NOTE: Cept for Raven.

The tools were joined with one hand as she hikes up her red dress just enough to throw her leg over the squirming man, her head tilting left and right as she examines him, lifting the tools within her fingers to twirl like a baton as she tsktsktsks the man in his movements. "Stay still." The metal was clanged against each other three times before she presses the sharpened edge against the lower eyelid of the man, her gaze flitting up towards Lorna as quiet words were muttered to the girl.. and then.. she begins to press. It was agonizingly slow, a shove of the blade against the eye of the man.. the metal hammer brought to the edge and..



Cain doesn't seem particularly horrified by any of the methods being applied or their gruesome results. It might be blamed on the ancient raging chaos god inside him but, in truth, the man was fairly dead to such horrors long before he became so possessed.

"Lemme know if you need any heads squished. I'm playing Solitaire," he says, heading back over towards his corner.


As the man approached, Lorna strained to hold onto him. Her eyes narrowed as she glared at him, her lips pursed together into a thin white line. She shifted her grip, fingers sinking into the man's hair as he cursed her. She didn't speak, even as she exhaled a sharp breath and the metal trembled around her in a threatening manner. Sharpened ends of nails twisting around toward him.

Yet nothing flew further.

Raven's words earned green eyes flickering toward the woman, and she swallowed a hard lump in her throat, nodding jerkily.


Victor remains silent. He still intended to ask Raven if leaving the 'kid' with his surname had been some sort of morbid joke after she thought she'd killed him, but another time. Instead the scruffy mutant still remains silent, observing Raven's technique and Lorna's own squeemishness. His thoughts shift to the idea of a telepath and he smirks a little. Now that? It wouldn't be half as much fun.


The sort of torture doesn't seem to bother VX much now that he has honed in on the style of interrogation it is going to be, although it is different to how he does things he has seen plenty of gruesome things throughout his career. This is not going to turn his stomach. He sits back and continues to watch on, not getting involved unless he has to instead just getting ready to compare notes when he spills the beans. The .45 round continues to flick around his fingers before dissapearing back into his grap and reappearing again.


ROLL: Lynette +rolls 1d6 for a result of: 2


"You're crazy! You're just trying to get me angry." The man hisses, still moving and struggling within Lorna's grip. He notices the metal and even scoffs her way. "Do it, cunt. Be the fucking monster you are!" But then, pressure changes when Raven moves closer, and a cloak of ruby brushes over his slacks and lower half of his body. "W-what are you doing? Get off me!" He demands as the first prick of sharp metal starts to settle under the swell of his eye. "Stop…STOP!" He demands, feeling his twitching break sensative skin within its socket and then scream-Scream-SCREAM!

After the metal echos through the room, his cries follow after it, causing the men at either side of him to jerk and rouse to alarm. The sight they take in is enough to make one turn his head, bile rushing up from his stomach as it shoots out of his throat and splatters along the floor, dribbling down his lower lip. The other struggles in his chair, so much so that he crashes down on his side, eyes darting around to the others in the room. "Help me! Please! I'm sorry! HELP ME!" He begs.

The main figure, still in his dapper attire, grips at the ends of his arm rests, one hand having a harder time due to the lack of a working digit, thus putting more strain on the rest of his hold. "BROOKLYN!" He bellows out, his entire form trembling as a cold sweat flushes over his body. "BROOKLYN! CHRIST, THEIR MAIN STATION IS IN BROOKLYN!"


Screams. That sound causes hazel eyes to roll into the back of her head, her ruby red lip bitten as she slowly withdraws the orbitoclast from the eye of the man. She was careful this time around. The little hole bloodied itself upon the screaming mans cheek, the lobotomy done without the proper numbing tools will hurt. But the after effects are possibly lasting.

No matter if the men beg, scream or cry, Raven continues her lesson. "One out of five people experience a sudden change after a lobotomy. They're able to return to civilization, effective members of society. The others, not too much. Some experience emotional stuntedness, most lack mobility to care for themselves and others are further remanded into psychiatric care due to the insanity and trauma of the procedure."

She leans up, turning to cut her eye towards the man who falls upon the floor, her mouth quirking to issue little clicks towards VX. Time to put him to work.

She then turns to smile towards Lorna, her hand reaching out to lightly pat along the girls fingers before she moves away. They were done with this one, the other one was next.

"Tell me. Do you two know of mutants that were also kidnapped after dosed with vigor?" She asks, joining the tools together as she walks towards the table. "Stop me if you heard this one." And she stops, tapping her foot three times against the floor, then moves towards the table to place her tools upon the towel that was laid out. She would need to clean them later.

"The Lincoln tunnels. Mass evacuation after the giants came were to be held at that very spot. Water was distributed, and in it contained the drug Vigor. Waiting at an opposite egress point were three vans. Vans that took the infected mutants and drove away in broad daylight. I'll give you a name. Seth. And do not lie. We will know."

She taps her foot three times again as she begins to assemble the solution into three vials, her foot randomly tapping out threes as she works, a little hum given. "Oh. Brooklyn? I need an address." She pauses, then lifts her gaze towards the sky. "And the next place of attack."


Lorna looked sick as the blood spilled under Raven's instruments. Her features paling as she squeezed her eyes shut and tried to maintain a grip on the struggling man. Her lips twisted, her stomach turned and she swallowed back the bile that rose at the back of her throat. A mental mantra recited over and over against the man's screams, even as there was a short break as one of his fellows confessed.

The light pat on her arm startled her back into focus, and she released her deathly tight grip on the man she'd held. Her skin looking vaguely green, as much as her natural hair color should've been.

Mechanically she rubbed her gloved hands against her pants, trailing after Raven as the woman turned her attention to another man. The questions that she asked this one had her gaze snapping back into focus. Her hands curled into fists and she suddenly didn't look at all sickly or queasy at the need for answers.

This was personal.

Screws and nails spun in the air around her, threatening. Even as the magnetic fields around her thickened, a light pressure mounting in the air around her.


Brooklyn was just the answer that Victor wanted to hear. It matched up, it ment they were on the right track with their previous questioning and it also worked as justification for his intended next moves. Although he doubted the others would need much convincing. Still waiting on the sidelines, he does watch Lorna's struggle and glance around. Maybe he should find the girl a bucket or something when this was all over. Instead the man watches as Vx is called into play. This could get interesting.


VX shakes his head sadly "Guess it still matters who they were before they got their new face. The tenacity or lack thereof carries on even when you give them a new face." He scratches idly at his chin as he stands up, sliding the bullet back into his pocket. He ignores the man screaming for help. He looks towards Victor with a small smirk "Once again their hate buys them nothing. Not even loyalty from their 'brothers'.

He raises an eyebrow as he steps foward "You sure you want me to work? You seemed to have it under control." But he shrugs anyway and moves foward towards the fallen man. He removes two empty syringes from his coat and concentrates on his hands liquid quickly forms that he draws into the syringe. "It would be easier if you just told me everything you knew now, it would save you a lot of pain and embarassment. One of these syringes is not full of what some people call truth serum. The other is full of an incredibly painful venom that also heightens the bodies sense of pain." He stands after showing the man the syringes and grabs a piece of metal scrap off the floor. "And trust me when i say you really do not want this to be your balls." The metal in his hand smokes before falling to the floor with a loud clang in several different pieces as the acid coating his hand melts through it. "But that is probably not where I would start. I could melt through your eyeballs. Make you watch as your entire body starts to get eaten from the tips by acid, until there is only your torso left. I have all the time in the world."


Lynette shifts in her seat, her eyes skipping about as the figures their work and get the info they request. She glances Domino's way, then back again, and even catching a hint of Cain as he flips cards, making stacks as he starts to build suits.

"Wh-what? The hell is Vigor?" The man with a now messed up eye socket questions. "We don't kidnap you people! We just make examples!" He explains freely, openly.

The F.o.H. seems to have zero connection to Vigor, or disappearing mutants.

The one on the floor wiggles and squirms. When VX speaks his way, and watches as acid hisses and eats through metal, he jumps when it connects with the ground. "Ok! Ok! Don't hurt me, man. Just…don't. Please! I'll talk!" He promises, looking at VX's hands, the needles, his face, to Raven, and back again, all in frantic, jerky motions. Addresses are given, the main building's location now has a street name and number, and to those in the know, it sounds like a residential area; possibly a house? "Th-the next attack is…"

"Shut your trap, Peterson!" The solo-orbed one bellows.

"Fuck you, Steve! Look at us, man! Look at them!" He exclaims, trembling on the floor. "Queens. There's a soup kitchen in Queens, Our Lady Grace or some shit like that. F-Friday. D-during lunch, after morning mass."


Raven watches Vx as he takes on the fallen man, his powers in full display which makes Raven's brow raise inquiringly, then with a glance towards Victor and a slight wrinkle of her nose. No, she wasn't judging him at all, but what the bloody hell have the Gods cooked up with -that- one. He was like an anti-Josh! Cute! Though, formal meet and greets would have to work later, they've gotten the answers that they've needed, and yet there was a slight problem within the ranks.

Her silver hand lifts as she snaps three times towards Lorna, a quiet glare upon her face as she points her fingers down to the ground. "Drop it." If she was going to start affecting metal? That would mess up -everything-.

Raven soon gestures towards Lorna and Lynette then soon turns with her own syringes, filled with blue glittering liquid, a clear 100 CC's filled to the brim. A step close towards the newcomer and the syringe itself was wriggled at his hands. "Use this."

As soon as it would be handed off, she'd speak: "You see, Steve.. is it? That's one thing we can agree on." Now it was his turn, but there would be no lobotomies here. "Yes, we beat our feet against the ground and our fists against our chest, we aren't above making 'you people', or as my lovely would like to call 'flat-scans' part of the example as a whole. And while I'm wholly tempted to let them kill you three here, right now.." She wiggles the syringe. "..I won't let them. You see, I'm going to give you a gift."

And now she was in front of the ring leader, her hand carefully reaching out to pluck the broken finger to lay it flat against the wood, quite possibly upsetting his injury. "You see, whomever made this lovely compound has the ingenious idea to allow it to awaken a certain.. genesis as it were. An awakening of a mutant gene in normal people just like yourselves." She looks to the three men, each in turn, tapping her foot three times. A quiet mental conditioning of sorts.

"And that gave me an idea." She smiles. "You hate us. You loathe us. You make examples of us and kill us. How about we turn the tables, yes?" The needle-tip was pointing against the mans arm, and soon shoved into his flesh, not pushing the plunger down just yet. "Though, there is no real guarantee that this will work, but I'm a scientist at heart. A test and see if you will. You know, all of that good and fun loving shit that most people like to hypothesize about." And then she begins the injection, a slow and deliberate push while staring into the mans eyes.

"And down the rabbit hole you go.. one of us.. for a time or three.."


The bits and pieces of metal dropped to the floor with tinks and clatters of steel nuts and bolts. She scowled, her expression twisting to the sickened look once more as the conversation shifts away from the reason she'd come. She stood, watching for a long time, listening to Raven and the man's struggles and cries. The gore, the filth, the reek and stink of the place tore at her stomach.

With a shudder, a sharp inhale and a hand clapping against her lips she turned and fled the warehouse. A creek of the door the only sound following until the sounds of her being ill outside followed.


Victor had expected a few methods…but this wasn't it. The prospect of making non-mutants into mutants with a little experimentation and a chemical? Well…it's a little close to some particular memories of a certain government iniative. Even so he stays silent, sniffing the air a little and quietly giving a 'huff' while he observes. Lorna's departure is enough to have the man speak however as he glances out the door towards her departure. "Away from the door Darlin', some of us have sensitive noses."


VX takes a step back and nods towards Raven "That matches up pretty well with what i gathered from our other friend. I didn't hear anything about this next attack. But they wouldn't tell everybody about things like that, operational security and all that afterall." He looks towards Lorna carefully, flying metal objects are still very dangerous to him. He shrugs his shoulders as he looks down at the three men again. His eyes carefully roaming over all of them. "I actually think that is all they can give us right now. Do you want them taken care of? Or do you want to see if they information actually pays out first?"

But then he takes a step back and watches on curiously as she chooses a third route that he didn't even know was possible. He has no idea what that chemical is, but now he really wants to know the composition of it. "Are you sure that is a good idea? Becoming us will most likely not rid them of their hatred. But it could give them the powers to kill us. Or at least me." He looks around the others "Why give people so pathetic and filled with hatred for us a gift like this?"


Raven cuts her eyes towards the backside of Lorna, a slight tsk playing upon her lips, a grin following soon after Victor's words were spoken aloud. "You Creed men are such bastards." Hey, it was the truth.

Though as she finishes dumping the blue stuff into the mans veins, Raven takes a slight step away to take up the other syringe that was offered, soon leaning down to jab the pointy end right into the mans buttocks, and ripped away as if it were nothing at all. It was all procedure, even as she speaks to Vx as if they were discussing plans for dinner.

"This is good. You and Victor take care of the after effects. See if you can put a beat on their living spaces. I want to know who these men are and if there are any outside connections we need to worry about." As in, the police. If they die and disappear, someone will come looking. All bases need to be covered.

"Place yourselves in Brooklyn there after. I have business to attend to so I may or may not join you. If you need, tap Cain and Domino there.." She tilts her chin towards the quiet two, "And give Beatrice a ring. It's time for her to go to work."

Though as Vx questions her, she lets out with a little grin. "Becoming one of us is the most shame that anyone could bring upon them. They'll live as one of us for a time if the drug works, and they'll see the hardships that we ourselves have to go through. And then they will die knowing that they did not do so as human, but as mutants for a time." The syringe was dropped upon the floor, and smashed as she turns towards the tables, gathering up her tools and tipping the burners so that the surface itself begins to burn.

Erase the chemicals. Erase the vigor. "I don't need to tell you all not to touch the stuff."

With that said, she gestures around, preparing to take her leave. "Dinner is in three hours. I'm in a culinary mood." And by the click-clackity-click of her heels, she was out.


Lynette looks at the syringe offered to her, and then after Lorna as she beats her feet and runs away. Shaking her head, the baby mambo eyes Raven as if questioning why the girl was even here. She doesn't comment, not yet, allowing Raven to speak before she comments. "Don' worry 'bout it, chere. Dey won' last long. Dis stuff?" She pauses, showing the liquid. "Ain't fun."

Two down, one to go. Lyn had seen first hand what this stuff did to kids with actual powers, but people? Shuddering, she moves up toward her target, caressing his jaw and turning his head upward so that he could look into her face. With a blink, those serpent eyes comes to the front, and smirking, the girl winks and slips the needle into his throat, pressing down on its plunger. Slipping the needle free, she drops the casing and cracks it, too. "I s'ggest y'stand bad, dough." She offers before looking after Raven, giving her a two fingered salute from her brow.

Not long after, the trio of bodies start to shake and convulse. That drug in their systems starts to eat away them, ripping apart their genetic make up and twisting it, perverting it, into something else. One starts to hop in his seat, twitching and flexing uncontrolably as inch by inch, his form turns to stone. The solid flack creeps over his body, ripping and tearing, cracking into sharp shards, inside and out, as he forms a solid mass of obsidian. The other, on the floor by VX, coughs over, and over again. Soon, a vibrant heat hisses and sizzles, boiling him from the inside out. His nostrils flare smoke and the two spheres of his eyes 'pop', blasting free from their sockets as the jelly simply becomes too hot. Molten magma then rolls out of his mouth, nose, eyes and ears. His skin pulls tight and snaps as he continues to cook.

Finally, the figure head slumps in his space, seeming to be the worse for wear from the drug. His finger resets and mends itself, and his eye starts to heal. The bleeding stops, his sweating ceases, but then he begins to become…invisible. Like glass, those left behind can see in him, through him, and directly to the space behind him.

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