1964-02-03 - Pie and Paranoia
Summary: Following an interrogation of some Friends of Humanity jerks Domino decides to pay Lynette an unexpected visit. Surprise!
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Two interrogations in one night; fun times. There was lots of smells to try and wash out of the girl's nostrils and mouth, and so far, five cups of coffee hadn't cut it. She had retired to her flat with the large, gruff looking figure known as Victor Creed. Where he had slunk away to rest under the heavy drapping canopy of the room's bed, she was sitting up, by a heater, with an open book, studying.

The room was spartan; it was in mutant town, after all, and it had ruined appliances here and there. It wasn't horrid, at least, not the best of places, and definately not the worst, either. The baby-mambo had lived on the streets for years, so anything with four walls and a roof was a positive in her mind. The one good thing they had, the heater, was up just enough to give her comfort in her radius of space, but not enough to sufficate the room with warmth, nor drive Creed into madness. A boxy radio crackles and plays some music, filling the room with soft, slow white noise, and the smell of coffee and apple pie lingers in the kitchenette.


Some people have all the fun. Domino only sat in on one interrogation, though it had been a doozy. Raven didn't screw around. She had also proved even further that the albino doesn't know who that shape-shifting mutant really is, and the profound and growing lack of trust which comes from such a void. Last night had been something of an eye-opener. If they didn't just happen to share the same quirk of mutated genetics…

Last night Dom didn't go much at all. She sat beside Lynette, watched, listened, and sharpened a blade until it was sorry. Then she left, having never spoken a word. Hours have passed since then, disappearing into the night like the ghost she resembles.

Until now. Reappearing without any warning, right outside of Lynette's door. Lightly rapping out a tune against the wooden barrier. It doesn't sound like knuckles against the wood, though. Heavier, more solid. More like metal.

Probably from the metal shaped like a Colt .45 which is now filling one of her hands.


Lynette rolls her eyes upward, staring at the door before glancing toward the bedding. She hears that shift, that change in position of the man hidden away, occupying it. Dog-earring her page, she sets the tome down and moves to stand, becoming silent as she pads closer. She whispers something, under her breath, but the one it's to would hear it easily enough. Few knew where she lived, lesser still were people she actively shared the knowledge with.

With a twist of her hand, the locks start to turn, and with the other, shadows swell and cover its opening, blocking out any direct lines of sight between herself and the person on the other side. Stepping away, and to the side, she then allows the door to open, at least a bit, allowing the 'tapper' to enter.


And enter the other figure does. As Domino steps inside the pistol is nowhere to be found, carefully tucked away against her side while still remaining firmly within her grasp. That customary pale-eyed stare immediately takes in the details which it can make out from the living space beyond, mapping out everything she can even before she has a chance to see who it is that opened the door.

Yep. It's Lynette, if the masking of shadows are any indication. Looks like Neena got the right place.

"Hey," she simply offers in greeting while already moving to close the door behind her as if her own shadow might suddenly try to rush forward and attack from behind.

Oh, and there's the scent of coffee in the air! This important detail will alter her trajectory in a significant way.


Sighing, the girl comes out of hiding, giving her massive collection of curls a scritching. "Hey." She replies in return, moving to close the door as well, only to see that Domino is on the job. The shadow slink away, back to their natural corners and overhangs of the dimmly lit living area. "Coffee?" She questions, moving to the floor to claim her empty cup and then head into the kitchen to serve both Domino and herself.

"Sorry 'bout dat. Don', I don' know, m'paranoid I t'ink. Maybe I get a peep-hole in de door 'r s'mt'ing, non?" Digging into the icebox for a bottle of milk, she sets it aside and then presses up on her tiptoes, reaching into a cabinet for sugar. "How y'doin', chere? T'what do I owe de hon'r of y'visit?"


"Coffee is good," the White One replies without a second's worth of thought given to the words.

Despite knowing the lady who lives in this space and having been allowed inside she doesn't start making herself at home. Initially she's still looking around, almost seeming to take a mental inventory of everything which she sees. A lot can be learned about a person by investigating their quarters.

Lynette needs a better paying job, for one.

With the apology Domino glances back with a thin and completely non-apologetic smirk, holding up her one hand enough to make it obvious that she's armed. "You're not alone." In being paranoid. It returns to her side just so she can gently tap the barrel against her leg. Three times. Then she relents and places it back into its holster.

"Just..wanted to check up on you," she says with hesitation and an aimless motion of an empty hand. Maybe she really doesn't know why she's here… "Last night was a hell of a thing. Can hit you pretty hard if you aren't prepared for it."


Lynette blinks, quirking a brow and looking Domino's way. "Checkin' on me?" The girl muses, pressing a dimple into her cheek. "Well, ain't dat sweet." Pouring a cup of joe for Neena first, she passes it over, allowing it to remain dark as pitch, just how she remembered it after the whole Beatrice/Screw You Bridge, thing. Lyn, however, dresses up her own drink with sugar and cream. Swirling it all together with a spoon, she sets it aside and in the small basin sink close to the wall.

A gruff, but comfortable growl-grunt sounds from the covered bed, causing her to glance up and then back. "'m t'ankful, really. Dat y'visitin'. Y'right. S', well, crazy s'what it is. But…we doin' what we gotta, y'know? Ma'cus, uh…VX, seen 'm shove 'is finga in s'm guy's leg, den wiggle 'round 's kneecap. Dat…dat part got me." She shudders.


Coffee, black as the soul. The offered cup is accepted without a word of thanks, kept just as it is within both of her hands to steal some of its warmth. "Yeah. That's me. All thoughtful and shit."

The sound from the other room causes a sudden snapping around of her head, staring toward the location of the audial disturbance. "I -knew- there was someone else here," she hisses between her teeth. Someone which Lynette is aware of, and okay with being here, judging by her own reaction to the noise.

Paranoia. Definitely running wild and free these days.

It takes her a moment to settle back down before admitting "I didn't know about him before. Seems he's no stranger to misery. Real charmer, it's no wonder why Raven put him to work."

Any further thoughts on the subject are promptly drowned out by coffee, even if it does happen to burn her tongue.


"Hey, hey…s'ok. S'jus' Vict'r." The girl explains, resting a hand up to try and calm the sudden rile of the albino. "Don' t'ink dat man sleeps nearly 'nough." She then comments idly. Offering a smile, she moves her head, motioning toward the heater. Even if Domino doesn't follow, she soon rests back down on the floor and soaks up her warm spot.

"I don' know much 'bout Ma'cus. Jus' met'm yest'day m'self. S'friendly 'nough wit Vict'r, n'he's on our side, so…all good t'ings in my book, I t'ink." Cradling her mug, she blows across its top and sips cautiously. "Why was dat girl dere, dough? Lorna?"


'Just Victor.' "Don't know the guy," Domino states in a voice which has gone quite low. It's followed with another cold stare being cast Victor's way as she drifts along behind Lynette toward the heater. Hearing that this guy gets along fine with VX tells her that she has a good reason to be wary. Seeing what that one mutant did with the chemicals in those syringes… Lynette had been standing close enough, if she had glanced Dom's way during any of that exchange she might have seen something lurking much deeper within the albino's stare last night.

"Maybe Raven was trying to open her eyes. Toughen her up. Not much of a spine on that girl yet. She's not cut out for what we do but that's not my decision to make. Raven doesn't seem to mind breaking her toys."

She pauses, considers her own words, then suddenly adds "Be careful who you trust."


"Well, get t'know 'm." She suggests, following her gaze toward the bedding and then back once more. "S'good man. He's de big one wit de furs n'dat…wild look 'n 's eyes." The girl grins, both serious, and clearly smitten. Another blow, another sip, she licks her lips of residue and starts to adjust herself on the floor, pulling her blanket back around herself.

"I don' know Lorna much. Seen 'r, oh…once b'fore? She a mouse, I t'ink." She shrugs, she didn't have much to say about being new or young; Lyn wasn't that much older herself, or at all, from the daught of Magnus. The warning, however, regains her attentions on the woman with pale eyes. "Yeah? T'anks." A pause, she then swallows. "Y'trust 'nybody, Neena?"


"Yeah," Domino automatically says as if dismissing Lynette's entire suggestion about getting to know the guy better. It's coupled with yet another darkened glance toward the other room before she looks back to Lynette, catching that smitten expression. One of her blackened brows hooks upward a notch, her expression perfectly asking what her thoughts are thinking: 'Really?'

Back to the matter of Lorna, "I've seen her once or twice. Has a fondness for metal." Like that time last week when Lorna had levitated Dom's gun in the air, and her by proxy. Talk about not being a fair player… "Think she's got the sweets for another of us, guy that can move as fast as you can blink."

The next question brings her attention squarely back upon Lynette, at first just sitting there and staring at the girl with the yet steaming cup held captive within a weave of white fingers. Her expression is not a friendly one.

Once again her response is direct and leaving much to be desired: "No."


Lynette didn't miss that look from Domino. Both brows rest up, her expression placid as if saying 'Yes. Really.' The more info about Lorna has her nodding her head, but the comment about speed has her shaking it shortly after. "Dey few 'f dos runnin' 'round. Uh, no pun intended dere." Then that lock of eyes starts up.

Staring back, she waits for the answer, only to get a solid single syllable. It's only after that does she drink a bit more of her beverage and moves to stand. "Fair 'nough." Then, she pads into the kitchen. "Y'wan' s'm pie? S'apple, n'I jus' made it yest'day."


Credit for Lynette, she does something which Domino isn't expecting. She doesn't push the matter. No further questions, no requests for more details. Done and dropped. It's the right play, too. Pressing the matter probably would have led to the newer mercenary showing herself the door in short order.

Then there's the matter of food. She had really tried to ignore the smell of that pie when she showed up at the door. Now that it's being openly discussed she can't ignore it any longer. It's been a long time since she had anything to eat. There's worse ways to break one's fast than home-made pie. Still, she can't just up and say 'yes, please.' "I wouldn't turn down some of that."

Seconds later her thoughts change course once again. "You ever been to Brooklyn?"


"Don' r'memba. Maybe? Passin' by?" She shrugs, pulling the dish out of the oven, that was still a bit warm from reheating the flakey, crumbly treat. Cutting up a slice, she sips it onto a plate and then sets it down before Domino. Following suit, she gets herself a helping and moves back to her spot on the floor.

She knew what was in Brooklyn, though, at least now, and it was something of interest. "Why?" She questions, digging prongs of her fork into a soft, but still crisp enough slice of apple. "Y'wanna go visit?"


"Sort of," Domino replies, still way guarded with her words. "Now that we know where to look for our Friends of Humanity pals I forsee spending a fair amount of time scouting out the area. Could use another set of eyes. If you're interested. Expect a lot of being bored potentially followed by short bouts of ass-kickery then more being bored."

It's a good thing she didn't pursue a career of selling life insurance. 'Hey, you're gonna die. Why not pay something now so that someone else can cash in on it when you're six feet under?'

"Think it over. I'm heading out this afternoon."

In the meantime: Pie.

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