1964-02-07 - Date With A Devil
Summary: Aolani ventures out of her home in Great Britain to explore America, meeting Julian Keller by chance. Which of them is the devil is up for debate.
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"Mom is going to kill you."

Off the beaten path, beyond the sheep lawn, halfway into the woods, two figures are speaking: One, barely around five and a half feet tall, is wrapped in a long coat and wearing a wide-brimmed hat that shades facial features. The long white hair down the back and the skirt beneath the coat are a pretty good indicator of femaleness. The other is well over six feet tall with large membraned wings folded against his back; his visible body is covered in glistening golden scales, his jacket and pants specially tailored to let his wings and behind him, tail, free. His face is otherwise humanoid, with short, messy golden hair.

"Mom won't even notice I'm gone, she's busy in Tokyo with Caroline," the female replies to the male. He snorts, but breaks into a smile. "Yeah, I know. Look, all you have to do is phone me up when you want to go home. Are you sure you want go this alone? The Yanks could get violent with you. You stand out, you know."

"I'll be fine," she insists. "You're the one they're going to spot first." There's a pause. "But thank you, Erik. This means the world to me."

Erik stretches his wings and rolls his shoulders. "Wouldn't have done it otherwise," he gently agrees. "All right then. Go have fun. I'm going to find a perch where I can get some sun. I'll be watching until sunset." Looking upwards, he crouches low, and then launches himself like a rocket skyward, draconic wings opening, grabbing wingfuls of atmosphere with rapid beats as he climbs into the sky and out of sight.

The woman with him watches him go, and then, taking a deep breath for courage, steps out of the woods and on to one of the main cobblestone paths, pulling her hat down low.

It's rather cold at the moment, leaving the park not as populated as it might be otherwise. There's still some people lingering around, of course. Dressed as warm as they can; families laughing out near the grass. Others going for an afternoon jog. The majority look towards Aolani; those that realize something is off have strange looks, ranging from suspicion to contempt. Overall, it is probably an uncomfortable introduction to the public world in a city where not too recently racist terrorists killed dozens of Mutants.

A group of five younger males pops into view, a few in their late teens. They are laughing at something, a few shoulder punches thrown in for good measure, heading straight for Aolani. When she comes into focus, expressions gradually begin to fade while assessing eyes taker her in top to bottom.

She keeps walking, saying nothing and not making eye contact. One gloved hand reaches up to keep her hat from lifting in a sudden chill gust of wind. She's aware of the stares; she was cautioned against this sort of thing by her parents and servants for most of her life. Now the training can go into action. Make yourself as small and natural as possible, and keep moving.

Things seem to be working. She's heading straight towards the group of males; dressed rather loud, one seeming to have an anti-Mutant shirt beneath his open down-filled jacket. A cartoonish picture of a visible manifestation with X's in the eyes being stomped, and text reading 'THE ONLY GOOD MUTANT IS A DEAD MUTANT'. They grudgingly part off either side the woman on the path, moving slow, eyes like burning daggers. Yet then one shoots out his hand abruptly, trying to smack the back of Aolani's hat and knock it clean off her head.

She thinks she's going to get by without too much incident as the men part and seemingly let her pass - right up until the moment when her hat is knocked off her head. She stops abruptly, and from under her skirt, a long white barbed tail snakes up and catches the hat, tailtip thrust into the bowl and balancing it. She quickly turns to stare at the man that made the first move; pointed ears are visible among the long white flow of her hair, and slitted pupils narrow to mere lines. Her gaze is questioning, and her voice is low and soft, "Is there something wrong, gentlemen?"

Immediately the group of boys leaps back at the appearance of the tail. Horror and disgust paint their faces. "Jesus.""Freak." An initial chorus of displeasure at the girl. The one who initially hit the hat, definitely the oldest — and the one wearing that delightful shirt — sneers in Aolani's direction. "You're in the wrong part of the city. The Zoo is over there." He points in a direction, causing the others to laugh. "Look at her, she's like some kinda freaking white demon!""You sure it's a she? Can't ever tell with their sorts…"

Aolani sighs softly, closing her eyes for a moment, before folding her hands together in front of her. She stands up straight and tall, her tail bringing her hat back up to her head, placing it lightly there, brim up, before slithering back up under her tail. "I understand that you don't like how I look, but this is not something I can do anything about, any more than you can change the color of your skin, or hair, or eyes. Do you have nothing better in your own lives than to look to do harm to others? I think you're better than that," she states firmly, smiling a little.

A couple of the younger boys fans out further away, looking around on the grass. "Yeah? You can't do anything about it, huh? Well, humans can. And trust us, we're gonna FIX it." A chorus of agreement, the air growing tense with potential trouble. In the distance a number of other people are watching, trying to gauge what's going on. Suddenly a rock is flung through the air, moderately hard, where one of the distant boys managed to pluck one from here. "Go back to Mutant Town, and wait for the rest of you all to get purged!!"

Amidst the confusion, it might not be immediately apparent a new figure has arrived. Black hair impeccably groomed, wearing a fine trenchcoat over tres chic clothing tailored for a winter climate. He's making no effort to disguise the slightly rapid transit. "There a problem?" he calls out, voice far from happy.

While she might not have had the killer instinct her parents were looking for, Aolani still took to basic self-defense very well. Heightened awareness and circumspection serve her well; while attempting to appeal to better natures, she was nonetheless aware of what the boys were looking for, and the potential for hostility. She decides in an instant that she will have to defend herself - if she calls for help, her brother wouldn't just make a scene. He'd create a bloodbath.

Opening her mouth and tossing her head slightly forward, a gout of blue fire a few feet long shoots from Aolani's face, small and directed, striking the rock before it can hit her. The push of air and energy knock it off-course; it tumbles to the ground and rolls, glowing red-orange and smoking, melting the snow in a line from impact to resting point. At the same time, the ground around Aolani, as well as her clothing, suddenly crackles and snaps loudly, ice forming in jagged blue crystals on the ground and the lower edges of her apparel; the snow and crystal are so deeply cold they're tinted blue.

A hint of smoke curls from her pale pink-hued lips as she speaks. "Go back to your homes and stop being fools," she commands the young men, her tone soft but inflection firm, silk hiding steel. She glances up to the newcomer, pausing for a moment to see what his intentions are, before cheerfully replying, "I think we're fine now!" she glances at the boys to confirm that things will be very fine from here on out.

Well, that certainly caused a scene of it's own. There's a shout of alarm from the boys, throwing up their arms and staggering further away. One slips and falls upon the chilled grass. "SHE'S A MONSTER!" In short order they gather themselves up and begin to bolt away. "You'll get what's coming to you!" Those distant spectators also rather quickly move to vanish. Despite her being a victim, the rumor mill is going to be all about how a white demon terrorized a group of human boys, of course. Julian, though, barely seems to react. "Wow!" he exclaims, leaning forward with hands still in his pocket. "Fire? You can breathe FIRE?" He earnestly sounds impressed. "I thought you just—I dunno. Had the tail and stuff!"

Aolani looks down at her clothing. She's frozen herself to the ground. "Well, it's sort of what I can do, and it was the safest thing I could do around them," she explains as they turn tail and flee, while Julian remains. She wiggles a little bit; mist starts to rise around her and the temperature fluctuates wildly in the surrounding are, winds both warm and cold blowing this way and that as she works on melting her frozen shoes, socks and skirt.

Coming to a stop a couple meters away, Julian glances down at the apparent side-effect of her abrupt gout of fire. The sensible reaction to what she's done is an abrupt egress, but whether Aolani is savvy enough to determine this to be somewhat unusual remains to be seen. "Yeah? You were a lot nicer to them than I was gonna be. You kinda ruined my 'Knight in Shining Armor' gamble, y'know? …And it wouldn't have involved you ruining your shoes." He does scan the surrounding area, firming his lower jaw. "Guarantee you the cops are gonna get called, and they won't be on your side. I suggest splitting. You on foot?"

"Yes. It's my first time in the states," Aolani explains. "You're right, the bobbies will probably be around very quickly." There's now just a puddle in the cold, muddy grass; she shakes off her coat and shoes. Wet, but still usable. She looks up at Julian now to see exactly who is talking to her, studying him quickly. His commentary makes her laugh softly. "Well I'm very sorry to have foiled your gallantry, sir. If you know a place we can duck into, I'm at your disposal."

A thumb is jerked in the direction Julian was coming from. "Follow me. I'm pretty good at dodging the law these days." His expression is a bit more wicked, and tone less joking, than might be expected. It's not a long walk outside the park proper, and the young man seems to be approaching a sleek crimson Jaguar. It looks extremely new. Because it is, he kind of broke the other one. The top remains up due to the forecast, but he does pop open the driver's side door and hold it for Aolani. "Ladies' first?"

That's as good an idea as any, and she's not questioning Julian at all. Which she probably should be, all things considered - but when you've just been attacked, and you're patently naive, you accept the first helping hand that comes along. She hurries to the vehicle along with Julian; when he opens the door, Aolani looks down at her wet shoes. "Just a moment, I don't want to soil your car." She has a seat, and quickly takes off her shoes, shaking them off outside and then putting them on her lap; the raincoat can handle the moisture. She tucks her mostly dry socked feet delicately onto the passenger side floorboard.

"Don't worry about it!" Julian states, waving a hand dismissively. He can't really stop the attempt overwise, but he did have decent floormats. And people who clean the car for him daily, which is more useful. Carefully pressing the door shut, he walks around to the other side, slipping into the driver's seat and then turning on the vehicle. The thrum is much less hearty than his custom vehicle, expression somewhat disappointed. Turning the heat up, he quickly swerves into traffic, quite the aggressive driver. "Whew. First time in the states, and you wander out in public alone…? Uh…" He looks politely confused. "You a—recent Mutant, then?"

"Born," she replies. She's pressing her feet against the floorboard to brace herself into the seat. She's definitely not used to aggressive driving. Especially on the wrong side of the road! "I've just -!" She pauses as Julian slides around the other vehicles. "-never been outside of my family's lands before," she explains.

Julian keeps up the pressure of his unconventional driving style. "Born?" He looks over, which probably only heightens anxiety. "Like that? And you don't know enough to not walk around in public?" Almost immediately his face sours, screeching to a stop before a red light. "You shouldn't have to. Especially if you've got what you got. People in this world gotta learn…" His expression is dark for long moments after that. "But hey. Hidden away by family? I know that! Got my successful non-Mutant brother, and I'm just the wild card who got the social faux pas of being a Mutant!"

She's really trying to be calm about Julian's driving but she's beginning to form the impression that this is just how Americans drive. They're so impulsive and loud! And violent! Even their movies, good heavens, just look at John Wayne and all those terrible shoot-em-up westerns! No, no, keep calm, Aolani, stiff upper lip. You wanted to see the world. Don't disappoint your brother by calling for help.

"I knew I might get stared at but that was kind of the point of coming here. I'm tired of having to stay inside all the time, only experiencing the world through radio and books and the telly. I know how to defend myself." Suuure she does.

It dawns on her that Julian said he was a mutant. "Oh, you're one too? You look so human!" she states, sounding delighted. "I can't imagine why your parents would be upset. All my brothers and sister don't look human at all, but mum and dad are happy about it." Which probably sounds suspicious.

"Defending yourself is fine, but you'll just get caught, jailed up, your family bails you out, and you are right back in the house with a much closer eye. Is that what you want?" He turns with his brows lifted, obviously having done something like that before once or twice. Once the light turns green he floors it, causing a shout of alarm from someone slower on finishing going past the crosswalk. "Happy, huh? That must be nice. Yeah, I'm one of the lucky ones. I look human, and I'm strong. Most aren't lucky. But even the worst of them I've seen are better than a fleshy pink human, pound for pound…" He realizes he's not really sure where he's going. Just angry driving. "…You wanted dropped off somewhere, or…?"

"I… don't really know, I hadn't planned out where I was going to go." She feels pretty foolish at the moment. "If you have any suggestions I'm open to them, otherwise, a pay phone will do." She's thinking about what he said, but she refuses to accept it. "My family doesn't even know I'm gone, other than my brother. They're always off doing something else." She glances over at him. "You're not the only family disappointment."

"Heck if I know. I'm just sick of being cooped up. Haha, guess we got that in common." He seems to have a place in mind given his sudden deceleration and turn, slowing to a more moderate speed. Not interested in getting pulled over, all things considered. "So your family expects you to hide out of the public eye, huh? And you say they are HAPPY? Doesn't sound like it. Maybe they're good parents. Tell you all kinds of stuff in your safe little estate. But they don't want you going outside. Since it'll TROUBLE them. EMBARRASS them. If they're human, then they'll never fully understand."

"It's not that they're worried about them, they're worried about me. They know that not everyone is going to see me for who I am," Aolani says. "They were disappointed because I didn't take to combat training the way the rest of my siblings did. I just … I don't have it in me to hurt others. I can't do it," she sighs.

"Sounds like you're getting fed a lot of bullcrap. Although it's true people won't see past your…" He looks over, making a motion in the air. "Whiteness? Hah. You'd think that'd be a good thing." He shakes his head, before double-taking. "Combat training? The hell you talking about? Like… self-defense if someone's messing with you? That what you mean by defending yourself?"

"I guess there's such a thing as *too* white," Aolani chuckles. "It certainly seemed that way for the boys in that park." She looks down at her shoes, and focuses on them, heating them up just a little, to help dry out the moisture. "Self-defense is basic for all of us, but no, by combat training, I mean military exercises and soldiering. Learning how to fight in a war, if needs be."

For long moments Julian is quiet, drumming his fingers on the wheel of his car. "A war." he repeats, glancing to get his bearings and make sure he's still heading the direction he intends. "So your family's got… a bunch of people like you… hidden away. And are teaching them to fight. For a war?"

"We've been through several in the last two decades. Tensions are still high. Someone will have to step up defend Britain if it happens again," Aolani explains calmly.
Julian continues to play it somewhat casual, rolling his shoulders. "So the Britain government knows about it?" he wonders, tone entirely conversational.

It hasn't dawned on Aolani that she's saying far more than she should. Yes, there's a reason why she was kept home. She's entirely too trusting. "Yes," she answers. "And before you think ill of my parents, they would have done it themselves if the serum had taken." She pauses. Yep, it's beginning to come to mind that she's saying too much.

"Huh." Julian offers, matter-of-factly. For a long time, he wonders what to do with this kind of information. Ultimately, he decides he doesn't really care. Maybe if there's some kind of Mutant versus Human war. Can always give a ring to Aolani's family in that case, right? "Anyway." He turns then, pulling into a small parking lot. It seems to be a bar; somewhat run down. On the front it reads 'MUTANTS WELCOME' in a sign, although there's lots of evidence that the normal population is not in approval, from badly covered tags and a large piece of cardboard duct-taped where a window was broken. "Welcome to New York." He then slips out, moving to walk around and hold open the door for Aolani.

Aolani is equally quiet for awhile, feeling guilt gnawing heavily at her. She should have kept her mouth shut. She should not have acted on impulse and come all the way across the Atlantic just to see the world on a whim. If this young man spills the beans, her siblings will find him and kill him. She didn't want to harm anyone, and yet she feels as if she's just put a death sentence on Julian by conversation alone.

Her shoes, warmed thoroughly, are dry. Silently she places them on the floor and slips her stockinged feet into them; the warmth against her toes is delicious on a cold day.

She exits the car, brushing her raincoat off onto the ground, and fixes her hat, hiding herself a little more. "Thank you. For everything," she replies.
"What're you talking about? Your trip's just getting started." Julian states with a grin, moving to push the door closed. The hat he attempts to take off, gesturing towards the sign on the front of the bar. "Get a taste of local color. If there's a riot you don't want to be here, but outside that the worst that'll happen is some angry yelling from drunk people driving by."

"All right," she agrees, somewhat hesitantly, letting him take off her hat. "Oh, I'm sorry, I never asked your name, and never gave mine. That's terribly rude of me. My name is Aolani Kensington." She very politely curtseys towards Julian. At least she has manners, even if they're rather blue blood.

The hat is held at Julian's side, slipping backwards a touch. When she does a cultured etiquette, he smirks slightly. But then bows back; making to grasp the winter-skinned girl's hand and brush his lips against it. "Ms. Kensington. A pleasure. I'm Julian Keller." His etiquette was quite good, if rusty, although intended for the upper courts of America as opposed to Britain. Heading to the front of the bar, he pushes open the door, holding it. The inside smells of smoke; there's a couple old pool tables and a number of chairs. About three people are present, all with mild physical deformations. The bartender himself appears to be human, however. Naked bulbs keep it lit, and from the temperature, the heating isn't the best. "After you!"

Aolani is charmed by Julian's response. Just a little. Just a bit. She smiles warmly, and in doing so, exposes the very tips of her lengthened canines. Her pupils are rounder, less slitted. It's only half due to the dim lighting.

Walking inside, she looks up and around, giving herself away as a tourist. "Oh this is definitely nothing like home. I like it. It's -real-."

The door is shut behind Aolani, before he makes to take off her coat. Probably not proper for the environment, given it'd make a normal person colder, but. "It's uh…" He glances around a moment. "Rustic." The bartender gives a nod, and the other mutants seem accepting of Aolani's presence. Some of them could probably hide it. Perhaps they do — and they just came here to not have to for awhile. Julian, instead, is given something of a stinkeye. He is attractive, he looks normal. Maybe in some ways the racism goes both ways, these days. Pulling out a stool, Julian settles himself at the bar.

Aolani lets Julian take her coat, and beneath she's wearing a navy blue Chelsea jacket with white-trimmed bow, over a long pleated skirt. She lets her tail free, and it curls from under the hem of her skirt, a little silver ribbon tied around it at the end. She has a seat next to Julian at the bar. "I am curious to know the situation for mutants here in the states. I'm afraid back home it's probably the same thing, but we have hope that America will get it right and lead the way for others."

"Huh! A tail, too?" Julian remarks, leaning back to look at it. The ribbon appears to amuse him, and he takes a playful swat at it, mostly curious about the texture. A fist thumps on the countertop. He orders two long island ice teas, slipping over a generous bill and indicating to keep the change. "Bad." he finally offers. "Mutants have been killed. Mutants have killed back. It's getting worse. Legislation is beginning to segregate further. It's not a good time to visit." He doesn't sound personally concerned, for whatever reason.

"All I need is a pair of horns and I'm the whole package," she laughs, swishing her tail at the tip to encourage Julian's playfulness. The news, however, does dampen the mood. "Is there anything I could do to help? Obviously this affects you. It affects the others here." She wishes she'd been a better soldier, like her parents wanted. "There has to be something I can do that will make some kind of difference."

"Hey, I could get some fake ones, glue them on." He reaches out to poke two parted fingers against Aolani's forehead, grin still present. The drinks are set before them then, as the billionaire heir pulls it over to take a long sip. "Nope." he settles. "Not anything I think'd work. I dunno. Walk around Mutant Town. Maybe there's some organizations who do talks or something to prove they're just normal people. I don't believe that'll work, but. Who knows. Let's not talk about politics, though… right? You're here to visit!"

"You have a point," she agrees. "It's nice to know what's going on because that's important to me, but for now, I should be a good guest. Or is that date?" she playfully suggests.

"Well, look into it. I care a lot about the mutant crisis brewing, believe you me." And then she states that, causing another grin from Julian as he leans over, winking. "Do you WANT it to be a date?" A finger taps the side of her untouched Long Island iced tea. "If so, you should start drinking!"

"Can you believe I've never been on a date?" Aolani asks, as she picks up the glass. "Well, no, strike that, you probably can. They aren't lining up to date Lucifer's daughter in Bristol." She seems pleased with the drink. "Ooo! Tea. I didn't know you even drank it over here, I thought you were more coffee people." She has no clue what a Long Island Ice tea is — until she takes a sip.

"Yes, I can believe that." Julian answers, immediately. His expression is serious as he looks Aolani right in the eyes. "Because you've been cooped up for so long." The alcohol's rather well-hidden for how much of it there is, but it's probably not going to get by her senses. He's almost a third done with his already, seeming a bit… eager to have it working it's magic on him.

Aolani pauses after a sip. She then giggles a bit. "Oh I'm feeling terribly naughty now. Guess I am a devil," she murmurs over the glass, thoroughly amused, before taking a bigger drink. Sneaking out, alcoholic drinks, violence and a date? Oh yes. Mother will be pissed. She glances over at Julian. "Thank you again. I haven't had this much fun in a very long time."

Julian rests his elbows upon the counter, looking sidelong at Aolani. "Good." He's then quiet for long moments, looking at the other mutants in the room. None of them have a smile. Working at drinks. Perhaps loitering here, for a safe haven that isn't their homes. "You know." he begins, attention focusing back on the devil. "This is wrong. That… you being so sweet seems weird to me at your age. Most… most people would be broken down. Taught how wrong it is to stand out. Become… bitter and defensive. Maybe—maybe your parents did you a favor, in some kinda twisted, fucked up way." He shakes his head, and drinks more quickly. "I don't know… just that… I've never seen a smile like that on a mutant your age in America… Not one who wasn't human, and hiding what they really are." Ashamed, he likes to think.

"When I was little, bombs were falling on Britain. One of my earliest memories was the ground shaking and the sound of whistling as the bombs fell. My mother would hold me tight and tell me to be brave, and to remember that no matter what the enemy would do, that they were still like me, inside - still capable of love, still capable of reason, and doing what they thought was right."

"It made an impression. I've always kept that in mind, even when those boys were trying to get rowdy earlier. If I turn bitter and sad and vengeful, then they've broken with me. And I won't broken."

"She said that?" Julian wonders, pursing his lips. He can't imagine that kind of a situation. A real war, the fear it causes. He was born in the lap of luxury, far from anything unpleasant. Yet he was also raised by nannies and butlers, quickly proving himself redundant. It's not that he is unloved. Perhaps if it were that simple, he'd deal with it better. But that he'll never measure up to the brother who came before him. "Hey, hey." A hand reaches out to slowly begin rubbing Aolani's back. "Don't worry about them. Or… this city. Or this fucking world. Have some drinks with me, and laugh, and we can forget it all for tonight. Sound good?"

"It sounds very good." Aolani raises her glass. "Cheers, Mr. Keller."

Julian clinks his glass back, and then drinks heavily. The first Long Island is gone in short order, and he lets out a sigh. "Bartender! Why're you Mutant-friendly?" he asks. The middle-aged man looks warily at the young boy. "My nephew turned a few months back… not much, but enough. Still the same sweet kid I knew all my life. S'bullshit, what he has to go through." A nod of agreement follows. "You're one of the good ones… two more Long Islands. And we'll split some, ah. Fries? Fries and chicken strips?"

"Fries?" Aolani asks. "Fried what?" Now here comes the fun part - the division of speaking a common language. She takes another drink. "I'll have to be careful on the liquor, I'm not really sure what my limits are, and I do *not* want to get snookered and end up setting something on fire."

"Get snookered all you want, baby. Lemme see you without inhibitions!" He's a terrible person in that regard, Julian quite charismatic when it comes to getting someone to drink beyond what they are comfortable. More money hits the table, and in short order a very greasy order of french fries with darkened chicken is set, complete with coleslaw, ketchup and ranch. He digs in almost immediately. "Mmmm! Your first unhealthy American food, too!"

"Trust me, it would be bad if I got drunk." Aolani looks at the basket in front of her. "Oh! Chips!" she announces. "And fried chicken. You know, I'll have to take you home with me some time, get you some fish and chips with a bit of malt vinegar, I bet you'd love it." She looks up to the bartender with a warm smile. "Thank you very much, sir. Thank you for all of this."

"No, I don't trust you, since I don't think you've ever GOTTEN drunk." Julian retorts, tapping his finger against the two glasses. "It's very rude in America to order something and not finish it." The bartender's mouth begins to open, but another five and shaked head causes him to clamp shut and just do an awkward nod of agreement. "And stop thanking everyone!"

"Well you're right, I haven't." She eats some chips, and takes another drink. "I will thank people if I want to thank people. I -do- know that there's freedom of speech in this country, and I'm not going to be rude to the server." She laughs softly. "I'll finish the second drink, but that's all I can accept. I'm serious, it would be dangerous to get intoxicated."

There's another laugh when Aolani opts to get a touch sassy about her good manners. "Well, you got me there." He's nursing at his own drink rather slowly, though. Chances are that the devil isn't remotely familiar with how heavy the Long Islands at this bar are… getting through the second will get her well into the realm of tipsy. Heck, Julian's already nursing that himself, near the bottom of his first. "I'm dangerous when intoxicated, too." he whispers. "Let's be dangerous together." After a few moments, he yawns deeply, both arms stretched overhead. When they drop, one aims for Aolani's opposite shoulder. "So… any other American firsts you interested in?" he whispers, brows wriggling playfully.

Aolani is at the old enough to know better stage… maybe with a little bit of 'young enough to do it anyways'. She's flattered that Julian is trying, but she's not so drunk she can't keep her wits about her. Not yet anyways. "Well if we're both dangerous, I suggest we keep our heads," she whispers. "You're sweet, but if I don't come home, well, how do I put this? - Intact? My brothers will hunt you down, and I would not put it past at least two of them to try you with carrots and pudding."

"Listen." Julian whispers back, glancing around. "I know a thing or two about siblings being very angry at me. I can take care of myself. How about… ah. Finish the drinks and food. I'll take us somewhere private, and show you what I can do. Maybe afterwards, you show me back." Oh yes, that's an additional brow-waggle, as he tries to eat a chicken strip in the most enticing manner possible while beginning to get tipsy. …It fails, unless chewing can be considered salacious.

"All right. But don't say you weren't properly warned. Panda lights and everything." Aolani nibbles daintily at her food, like a well-bred English lady should, napkin dabbing and quiet eating, though her eyes don't stray far from Julian. She'll just have to keep her head on her shoulders and be alert, she thinks to herself, despite the pink flush on her cheeks as the liquor warms her inside and out.

The second Ice Tea eventually gets down, and Julian is all sorts of happy and loud. "Woo!" He smacks the bartop loudly, grinning. The food's gone, and a second plate he ordered in the midst. Hands cleaned with a bunch of napkins, he then tries to grasp Aolani's tail and pull it upwards. "So,so what can this thing do? Wait—no! Don't tell me! I said you,you gotta show me after!!"

Ao's eyes go wide as her tail is lifted up. "Mr. Keller, please!" she gasps, reaching back to pull her skirt down, blushing furiously. The tail is underneath the skirt, and when it's lifted up, well, the skirt goes with it.

Julian doesn't seem to notice that. His goal was to just pet along the tail, poke at the ribbon, feel how much the spade gives. He grudgingly lets go, before trying to spin and get off his stool in a single motion that causes a slight stumble. "L,let's go, m'lady… the evening's still young!"

Still blushing, and making very sure that skirt is down, Ao slides off her chair, going to the coat rack to get her things. "You know, I don't think you're in any condition to drive, Mr. Keller. Perhaps we'd better hail a cab, or call someone to pick you up?" she suggests, concerned for Julian's well being. A man that's stumbling off his chair is not fit behind the wheel. Especially given the driving he did earlier.

Marching quicker ahead of Aolani, the jacket is retrieved and he makes to allow the other girl to get in it. "You-you drank them both, right?" he murmurs, wondering why she seems so much better off than he is. Not a lightweight, that Keller. "But I'm fine… fine! You trust me, right?" He phrases the last sentence in a lower voice, eyes wide. The charisma is strong.

She drank all of one and most of the second, and is flushed. It's hitting her more slowly and she feels more drowsy than tipsy. "Dear heart, you nearly gave me a heart-attack driving before. I might end up in a pine box if you speed and wobble at the same time." Aolani gets her jacket on, buttoning it. No, she doesn't trust you Julian, she barely knows you. But she does care for your well being.

Slipping out into the main street, eyes squint up at the darkening sky. "Alright, fine." He hands the hat back over. "But this could be unpleasant." Heading to the street, he easily pulls over a taxi. Leaning forward, once he gestures to Aolani, enough time is spent looking at her for a yell and middle finger and he takes off. Hands go back to his pockets. "O,oops. Hmm. …I swear if I drive it'll be fine. I do it all the time."

"Have you ever been told 'no' before?" Aolani asks, crossing her arms over her chest and smirking. "I tell you what: You can drive yourself. You tell me where to meet you, and I'll see you there. If you get there in one piece, that is."

"I hear it a lot, yes…" Julian states, with a bit of a firming to his lips. With an annoyed sound, the next taxi that comes he gets in front of, smacking the hood with his hands. This is causing quite the confused state, and he snaps fingers for Aolani to get in during it all. Can't drive off if it'd run him over, after all. Although he's working on the presumption the guy would have /anyway./

Despite Julian's attitude, Aolani does get into the cab; she wants to see where this is going, and she wants him to get home safely. "I don't normally act so bold, but I want you to be safe. I like you, and I don't want you to take an unnecessary risk. After all, the night is young, as you say, no need to ruin it with a trip to the hospital," she offers gently.

The issue with the upset driver is settled by a handful of money thrown at him, giving a location before slipping in beside Aolani. He definitely looks a touch uppity and unstable right now. "It's fine!" he snaps a bit, looking out the window. "I get it. I'm a little tipsy. Why trust me in my car?"

"Well, there's the fact that I've known you for all of a few hours, and that driving drunk is dangerous," Aolani softly replies. "And you didn't trust me, after all. Said so yourself." She's smiling sweetly, and she reaches over to place a hand on Julian's shoulder. "Don't be so upset. I like you enough to want you to be safe. How about we talk a little? Find out more about each other?"

"I—I was joking about not trusting you!" Julian tries to interject. Her other points are valid, though. The drive continues on a few moments, leaning forward with forearms on his thighs. "Alright. Uhh. Ask me anything."

"Is there anything you'd like to do with your life? A job, a dream, a goal?" Aolani asks. Not exactly a light question, but she wants to know him better.

A foot starts bobbing readily. "No. Not really." he states, attention focused on the window flying past. However, the flippant dismissal seems to reveal a strange truth to it. A boy who already has everything and no concern about money… "Uhh… my turn. Do you, like… got custom underwear? Or do you just… cut a hole in it for the tail?"

That question refreshes the blush. "Well, you can learn the answer to that question if I become Mrs. Julian Keller," she counters.

"Whaaat?" Julian states, looking over towards Aolani. "That's a bit far for a simple question! No fair. I answered yours. And it was JUST as intrusive."

Aolani laughs softly. "Asking you what you want to do with your life is no where near as invasive as asking about a lady's undergarments!" She sighs softly, still smiling, looking Julian in the eye. "I have to make alterations. We had clothing rations for many years across the pond, so the whole family got very good with tailoring our clothing. Especially my brother, his tail is bigger than mine."

It seems that Julian is content with the answer, although from the look in his eye he might be imagining certain things. "See. Now I know you better." he teases, obviously having calmed down from his little incident in the parking lot. "So… your turn to ask a question."

"How old are you?" Aolani asks.

Julian snorts slightly. "What a softball. 19. Almost 20. …how long's your tail?"

"Five feet," Aolani answers. "Almost twenty, mmmn? You're the same age as my younger brother."

Julian squints, leaning to check on the tail again. "Liar. Only guys can lie about that kinda thing." He does give another dismissive shrug, though. "Oh? So you're older, huh?" The taxi seems to be heading into one of the worse parts of town.

"Twenty four," Aolani says. "And I'm not lying, I just have to keep it kind of coiled up under the skirt so it doesn't get noticed. She relaxes and lets the tail completely uncurl, sliding it out from beneath her skirt, and letting it curl back upwards onto the seat between them. "There you go. Get your ruler out if you want."

"Fine." Julian challenges, looking around himself for something that might work. He ends up taking off his shoelace and dangling it from his finger. "One foot." He carefully places the tip on the tail, then stretches it taut along. "One…" It takes some work, but he repeats it. "Two…" Again. "Three…" The fourth brings him to the hem of skirt, and likely slightly under. "…four…"

"Wait!" Quickly, Ao does a little magic with her skirt, tucking it around her legs and between, wrapping it up and under her tail. She turns over slightly, curled up against the door so that the measuring can continue unimpeded. "Okay there! Now nothing inappropriate is showing." Inappropriate - she's lying on her hip. So much for decorum.

Julian pauses, trying to hold the marker where it was, but in the end there was too much maneuvering. "Great. I gotta start over." He again places the end of the shoelace upon the underside of Aolani's tail. "One… two… three…" This time, the touch lingers more, brushing across, leaning more near the alabaster girl. "Four…" He does offer there,
"What's wrong with me seeing anything, anyway… didn't know you were such a prude!"

"I barely know you, it would be kind of silly to drop my knickers. You're getting farther than anyone other than my parents or family servants," Aolani says over her shoulder.

The tail is soft to the touch, but beneath the velvety smooth skin are powerful muscles, rock solid. "There you go," she says proudly. She hasn't noticed where they're going just yet.

Julian thumps his fingers against Aolani's tailbase. That probably involves finding out the texture of her underwear, which might have been his ultimate gambit. "Yep. Fine tail." he agrees, not immediately retrieving his skirt-buried hand, just nodding with lips puckered in approval.

The tail is an extension of the spine, beginning at the base of the lower back. As Julian thumps about and 'gets some tail', his fingers will come into contact with the satiny contours of a pantslip under the skirt. A little bit of lace edging rounds the tail snugly, with eyelet and clasp above. Anything else is well hidden under the extra layers of material. She moves to sit back up, pulling her hair around front so as not to catch it underneath her rump and yank her head back. "So you're almost twenty and have no plans for your life," she iterates, going over the previous answers. "Do you have any favorite authors, then?"

Julian seems surprised by the lack of reaction. But he does slowly pull his hand free, balling up the shoelace and stuffing it into a pocket for now. "Uh." He takes the released tail and moves to draw it into his lap, so questing fingers can play about with it. Checking how flexible it might be. "I dunno. My family's plans are kinda already occupied. …books?" He scrunches up his nose, thinking hard. "Mmmm…!! I,I checked out that book about murdering Mockingbirds? Didn't get too far, though… Kinda confused me."

Blame the drinks for the lack of reaction, she's pretty relaxed. Ao's tail end is flexible and soft with cartilaginous support, similar to the tip of one's nose. The inner rounds of either side of the barb seem to blush when she does, indicating a good vascular system beneath. Faint musculature runs through symmetrical ridges that fan out through the barb, like the veins in a round leaf. It's likely prehensile.

"You might try to find that new novelist, Ian Flemming. He writes about a bold, daring secret agent in adventures all around the world. Or if you like something more fanciful, you could read Mister Tolkien's book." She laughs a little. "I wonder if he saw me. His elves look just a little bit like me."

Julian mostly plays with that spade. Pressing both thumbs down upon it, stroking to either side. He's enjoying the texture in his drunken state, apparently. "Cuz… of the ears?" is offered, glancing sidelong towards the obviously peculiar mutant. "Naw. Those elves aren't nearly pretty enough!" Suddenly the taxi stops, to Julian's alarm. "Yeesh!" It's at the train tracks, beside a number of warehouses and business storage. A hearty tip comes before he slips out, moving to open the door once more for Aolani. Almost losing his untied shoe in the exchange…

Aolani steps out and seems ready to catch Julian if he falls. "Thank you, sir," she says to the driver. Nope, she's still going to say thanks to everyone. You won't be able to break her of that.

"Now this seems like an interesting part of town," she muses, knowing a seedier location when she sees it. She's watched television, you know! "What do you want to do next?"
The driver makes some unhappy noises before driving off, leaving the pair in a seemingly bad neighborhood in the middle of night. From the looks of the streets, there's not going to be a lot of taxis coming this way again. "I toldja." he mumbles, standing upright as he struggles to get his foot into his shoe. "You would be fine with some alcohol… you'd have even more fun if you had a bit more." He then heads towards the trainyard, barely lit beyond the ambient glow of a live city, swathed in shadows.

"I'm already feeling half ready for bed because of what I had!" Aolani laughs. She rests an arm on his shoulder, following him towards wherever he's going. She may be drowsy, but she's keeping her wits about her for the time being. "Besides, how do you know I'd have more fun? What if drinking too much just gave me an awful headache instead? That wouldn't be fun at all."

"Then you didn't have enough." Julian mutters. He's still feeling tipsy, but there's not a lot in the way of inhibitions to lose. His own arm slips about Aolani to rest on her opposite hip. "Siiigh. Whatever! Anyway. I'm here to impress you! You ready to be impressed?!" He stops himself before an empty boxcar. It's been shuffled away from the main lines, likely to be attached to a different train in the days to come. And no sightlines to the rest of the city, that a quick glance can detect…

"You've impressed me already, but do go on," Aolani replies. She makes a mental guess that, as he's claimed to be a mutant, he's going to give al ittle demonstration of that voodoo that he do so well.

A hand shifts to press against Aolani's front and then move her backwards. "Alright. I'm gonna LIFT this boxcar RIGHT into the air." He cracks his knuckles, letting his vision stop swimming Then suddenly his eyes burst into green light. Arcs of telekinetic energy dance between his fingers. Stance spreading, he thrusts out both of his hands. The entire boxcar suddenly crackles and glows, lighting up the surroundings for a good five meters in a strange unsteady green glow. A deep 'vrrrrrrrm' begins to thrum out from it. Then he gestures upwards with a grunt. A visible wobble and mild squeak, but the boxcar remains where it is. "Ngh…!" Crap. He's never tried this before. His telekinetics always worked on things, so he figured this would be simple if he threw out all the stops…!!

Aolani steps back when nudged, observing the energy and glow, and Julian's herculean efforts. She isn't sure if she should say anything and break his concentration, so there's an awkward silence for a few moments. At last, it dawns on her: Maybe some encouragement?

"Ooo! Oh, are you going to lift that? Fantastic! You can do it!"

Great. Julian was about to stop and admit it was beyond him, then Aolani just had to say that. He strains, trembling head to toe. Another groan and wobble. There's a sudden CRACK, as small portions of the car begin to dent inwards, snapping off one of the sliding doors and making it clatter to the ground. He collapses to his knees, grasping the side of his head in pain. "Son of a BITCH." Panting, he scrambles back up, neck cracking. "I got this… I got this…" Once more he roars with green energy, this time covering him head to toe. Hands thrust and clench, grasping the railcar more tightly. It slightly dents inwards with another wail of noises. But try as he might, he can only make it wobble, and he staggers backwards as the energies dissipate a second time. "…!!"

Well, that wasn't what she wanted to have happen; Julian seems to be pushing himself far too hard, and Ao feels guilty over it. She rushes over to him and attempts to put her arms around him from behind to support him if he falls, remembering similar experiences at home with family and siblings to support her when she pushed her own abilities too far. "Easy, easy, don't hurt yourself. What you've done is amazing," she soothes.

Well, that wasn't what she wanted to have happen; Julian seems to be pushing himself far too hard, and Ao feels guilty over it. She rushes over to him and attempts to put her arms around him from behind to support him if he falls, remembering similar experiences at home with family and siblings to support her when she pushed her own abilities too far. "Easy, easy, don't hurt yourself. What you've done is amazing," she soothes. (re)

There's an uncomfortable static around Julian right now; touching him is painful, like the little pops of oil from a too-hot stove. "Get back!" he states through grit teeth, breathing slowly. "I'm not… this… this isn't my limit!! I HAVE no limit!!" The only gift he feels he has at this point is his mutant powers. If it can't do something as simple as lift this boxcar, then… A third time he roars, straining, entire body seeming to shudder. It actually moves more than ever, the weight partially hefting up off the wheels in a great creak. One entire corner dents inwards with a crack, bolts popping off and flying like bullets in all directions. And then Julian collapses yet again. "Damnit… DAMNIT!!"

Aolani is startled by the pain from contact, but she does not immediately let go - it's not until Julian fairly demands it of her that she releases him. This situation stirs compassion and pity for the other mutant within her breast; she steps back and watches him in his supreme effort to lift the box car, hands brought up to her chest.

It's a pitiable sight, what she sees, but she doesn't say it. Offering him pity seems the wrong course of action. He strikes her as proud, even arrogant; headstrong and impulsive, he is the essence of a young man struggling to find his way.

A fist impacts the ground. "Damnit…" The air begins to crackle around him. "Damnit…!" And then a final time. This time there's a great explosion of telekinetic force; if Aolani was too close, she might be struck dead on by it. "DAMNIT!!" He's mad now. Angry. Every emotion bubbling to the surface that's been squirming like parasites beneath his skin. He gets up then, trembling. Eyes glow almost blindingly green, as he then thrusts out his arms. The boxcar glows brightly. Begins to tremble. The VRRRRRRRM noise is deafeningly loud; parts of the metal car begin to break off and literally atomize. With a loud roar, he brings his arms up higher. A final creak, and the boxcar lifts. Slowly, slowly it goes up. One meter… two… And then it implodes. Crumpling into a ball, sending a spray of shrapnel in all directions like a bomb. Immediately the telekinesis shuts off, but there's a sudden twist and thump to the ground by Julian, followed by blood. "…ugh!!"

Aolani's arms go up to her face, the telekinetic burst pushing her backward; she remains upright, but she's left a small furrow of pebbles and muddy snow in the ground at her feet. She reacts as if she's under attack, and with the noise and shrapnel from the boxcar as the remains *THUD* into the ground, she might as well be.


Light streams out from behind Julian as the air roars, an immediate thunderclap brought on by the sudden heating and cooling of air, wind spiralling as hot and cold chase each other in circles. Fragments of metal, sheared bolts and shrapnel are being caught and deflected by spinning wheels of fire and ice with Aolani in their center, metal being tossed aside cherry and soft, bolts caught in hunks of ice and falling like scraped snow, scattered in all directions.

As fast as it comes, it's gone. There's only the sound of footfalls towards Julian's direction as the white mutant runs towards him, worried.

Panting heavily, blood dripping upon the snow and dirt from his face, Julian begins to push himself up. "I… I did it." He sounds happy, moreso than she's ever heard him in the hours they've been associated. "Did you see?! I did it!! I crushed it like a bug!!" Looking up at her, he's got a light gash in his cheek. It's bleeding badly, but is minor… one of the pieces got past, although things would have been rather worse had she not done damage control. "Are—Are you impressed?!"

Aolani kneels into the dirt near Julian, reaching into an internal pocket in her coat, bringing out a pristine handkerchief, monogrammed in silver threads, and reaches to wipe the blood from Julian's cheek. She smiling broadly. "I saw it, and yes, Julian. I'm impressed. I'm very impressed."

A lean backwards is done upon glancing at the handkerchief. "Naw! Naw, don't ruin it. I'm fine." Julian wipes off a smear of blood on his hand, then flicks it away. A few moments later he wipes off another. "…ouch. Deeper than it feels." Yeah, it's going pretty well right now. His shirt's already ruined, and much of it is down his neck.

"It's my choice to ruin it if I want. We need to stop the bleeding or you'll be a mess. It's deep enough you might get an infection," she says, still smiling. "And with the noise we made, we're going to attract attention. I think it's time we get you home."

An attempt to press it again will be successful, despite Julian leaning away. "Fuck home." he states, matter of factly. "I need fucking stitches first." He manages to get upright, looking fairly tired and pained but otherwise good. Making to take the hankerchief, he then starts walking in the direction of the buildings. "Then… something… then we'll figure out something."

Aolani lets him have the handkerchief. His refusal to go home sticks with her, though it's not exactly hard to pick up on. He's fairly broadcasting issues. "I can take care of the stitches if we find some shelter. You're in luck, you picked up field medic."

"I doubt you have everything on you…" Julian mumbles, continuing along. Good thing he didn't drink enough to get actually drunk, and just pleasantly tipsy. Although most of the pleasant part is lost to him. He constantly pulls away the hankerchief and reveals it's still bleeding a ton, but in short order he leans against an alley wall, huffing out a breath.

"I'm the daughter of a Royal Engineer, I would not leave the house unless I cam properly prepared." Ao opens her coat; inside are two deep pockets. She reaches into one, and pulls out what looks like a flat clasp purse in blue; once she opens it, however, it's revealed as her own personal first aid kit. Inside are gauze, ointments, and sterile hook-shaped needles and string appropriate for sutures, sealed in little metal tins. "I have everything I'd need to take care of myself and others, including basic medical supplies."

"Aren't you Ms. Prepared-Tail." mumbles Julian, turning his head to reveal his cheek. He brings up a hand and makes it glow, casting somewhat useable light over it all, although the hybrid Mutant might not even need it in the first place. "Well, get it over with then…" He's pretty stoic. Maybe some mild grunts and curses, but other than that the procedure could be done without issues. It's nicked something deeper in, but not enough to kill him.

"I snuck out of my house and crossed the Atlantic on my brother's back. Not being prepared would be tantamount to suicide," Aolani gently chides. "You don't need to expend your energy with lighting. I could do this in total darkness, because I can see heat. Just relax, I'll be as careful as possible. I don't want to scar you."

Slipping on medical gloves, she first rinses the wound, pouring a weak antiobiotic solution through it, off to the side, catching the excess with a cloth. The needle is threaded and with quick strokes, she sews the wound shut, snipping off the ends of the thread after tying them. It's going to sting for sure, but she has a gentle hand.

"That should do it. You'll need to watch it for infection but it was a pretty clean cut," she surmises.

"Your brother must fly awful fast. Can't imagine that was comfortable. What if you had to go to the bathroom in the middle?" He does dismiss his glowing hand all the same, apparently trusting enough when it comes to that. There was some debris that had to get flushed out, mostly some rust, but other than that it seems fine. "Alright." he allows, touching gingerly the scar. "So, it's getting late. Wanna crash at my place?"

"He does fly pretty fast." As for going to the bathroom, she hadn't really thought about it, but there was always mom's advice: go before you leave. Which helps on long trips.

"Are you sure your family will approve of bringing home strange devil women late at night?" she asks playfully.

"They won't know." Julian states matter of factly, starting to march towards more populated streets where a taxi might be out and about this time of night. "Gonna hide this scar from them as long as I can…"

"All right," she agrees. No need to protest. Julian's family situation seems to be difficult. Aolani follows alongside where Julian leads.

It takes a bit of doing. Waving down a taxi and convincing the person within to transport. A flash of money does the job, and they are thrumming along through the city once more. "Bit of a drive." he mumbles, rubbing gingerly below his cheekwound. "So… your turn for a question…"

Ao does her best to keep nondescript, for Julian's sake, re-tucking her tail, hiding ears in hair, looking down and away from others. Once inside the car, he makes his suggestion, and she is quiet as she thinks about it. Street lamps slowly roll light and shadow over the both of them as the taxi rides smoothly along. She's wide awake now - any trace of the alcohol in her system is long gone, burned up by the use of her abilities. "You have no desires for your future, no hopes or goals, and you don't seem to get along with your family."

"Then, my question has two parts. I don't expect you to have a ready answer any time soon, but… think on them. For me."

"Who are you?"

"What do you want?"

She goes quiet.

"Hmm. What do I get if I answer?" he wonders, turning to stick out his tongue. "Such a deep and probing response outta be worth something good!" His head then turns back to the passing street, forehead pressed against the cool window as he glances at the reflection of his self-inflicted wound.

"Peace, if you're lucky," Aolani answers softly. Probably not the sort of response Julian was hoping for.

"Doubt it." Julian responds, going silent for long moments. "Gimme a different one, then."

"Do you ever see yourself having a family?" she asks. Okay, this one probably isn't easy either.

Julian seems to think long and hard on this one. "You mean… having someone, like. You're with forever?" That seems to be the more important part of the question, to him.

"Or as long as possible, yes," she answers, looking over at him. "I hope to find someone like that someday, myself."

Julian softens somewhat, huffing out moist breath that clouds the window spattered with outside rain. "That could be nice." he allows, in a low voice. After long moments, "What kinda guy you looking for? Someone with a nice tail, pair of horns, breathes frost?"

"I'd be happy to find someone who has strength and purpose, who is gentled, like a stallion. A stallion could crush anything around it with its hooves, yet, when its gentled, its can control its strength, and you can trust it even with a small child on its back," Aolani explains. "I want to be someone's -partner-. Not to lead them, not to be drug along, but to give all my strength and mind and spirit to help them achieve their dreams, just as I would hope they would do the same for me. It's the way my parents are. They've always been a team. I'd be lucky to find a marriage like that."

"You mean like neutered." Julian comments, still looking out the window as the taxi drives. Things are becoming nicer now, gradually. "Dreams, huh… sounds like dreams are important to you." A little quieter at that. After some moments, "Aight. Your turn."

"You have a funny definition of neutered," Ao chuckles. "Sounds like you just want to be free spirit. I don't blame you." She folds her hands in her lap. "Dreams aren't so much important to me - I know what I want. I have direction and purpose in my life. I just think that everyone should have something they want to strive for. People perish for a lack of vision."

Julian nods his head, thumping the window each time. "That wasn't a question, though." he states, with just a hint of playfulness.

"Okay, what's your favorite color?" Ao looks over at him and grins. "I'll try some lighter fare this time."

An immediate reply. "Green." Then, "What color is your bra?" Well, least he still manages to be flirtatious even after all that. Trying to hide the beginning of a smirk.

"The color the textile company dyed it," is Aolani's answer, with a very cheeky, almost smug grin.

Julian smacks his forehead with his palm. "You're cruel." he offer.

"If I give everything away on the first date, there's nothing for you to be excited about later," she answers.
Julian glances over from the window. "So… after a few dates, I might find out?" he questions, brow waggling but good. The taxi is now heading up an incline, beginning to pass large and impressive houses and gated communities.

"Maybe," is Aolani's solid but not solid answer.

She looks out the window and is beginning to notice the increase of housing size and quality. "You know, I was almost certain that America didn't have a noble class, but from the look of the grounds here, I could be convinced otherwise."

"Not noble like you think of them. The rich. The cultured. Those in control." He calls for the taxi to stop, giving him some additional money to forget everything before walking along for a distance. "That's where I'm from. New money, not got the past and reputation of some, but. I'd be a noble, yeah."

Aolani nods, understanding. "My family's from a long line of knights, who then became Royal Engineers during the Great War. Dad fought in World War Two when I was still just a toddler. Mum supported him all the way, and earned a place in the Royal Society when it finally accepted female members. Still, money's money - it's the ruling force when everything else fails."

"I got lots of that." Julian mumbles in agreement. "Billions. In the Hellfire Club and everything. …probably shouldn't have said that name, but whatever." He stops in front of a tall wall. At the very top are a number of needle sharp barbs straight up. "You need help?" He laces his hands together, crouching down.

"Well, I probably shouldn't have told you about my mom's serum, so I guess we're going to have to keep each other's secrets."

She looks up at the spiked fence and wall. "… Are we going to … jump that?" is the timid question that follows next. She is not entirely sure she is on board with not going in through the front gate. Those barbs look rather pointy, and her flesh is very pierce-able.

Julian sighs suddenly. "Damn. I was hoping you had super-acrobatic powers so I could look up your skirt." Suddenly he flares out his hands, and a large disk of green energy crackles to life beneath him. He motions for Aolani to get on it. He made it rather smaller than he had to, of course.

"… Well I -could- just jump the wall, but since you so helpfully pointed out that you'd be looking up my skirt, we'll do it your way." It's not that she's incapable, she's just concerned about manners and how all this would look! She walks over to Julian and stands atop the floating green energy frisbee.

Julian curses once more. His plan would have worked! At least she has to press up against him in the disc. It goes up, slowly so he can focus. Rather easier than literally picking people up, as he doesn't have to worry about crushing anything. The wall is passed over, then he dissipates it a couple meters up, to land in a crouch. "Whoops!" Eyes locked on her waist. Anything?!

Ao holds on tight, and does indeed press up against him. The two purse-cases in her coat pockets get in the way to some degree, but not enough to make anyone uncomfortable. With the sudden drop her skirt does flutter up, and she thrusts her hands down to keep anything too far above the knee visible. She does have very nice looking legs, sheathed in knee-high stockings, which disappear into a satiny white pantslip.

Julian curses lightly under his breath. "Nice recovery." he murmurs, although his grin remains utterly terrible. He creeps along through the mansion estate. There's… a lot of guards around. Suspiciously so. Perhaps a dozen migrating here or there, but he knows how to get past them without a lot of trouble. At the far end he points up to a second story window. Gesturing, a little flick of green slides it a bit open, and he struggles to climb up to it unaided.

Aolani nods. "Open the window more when you get up, I'll join you. If you fall, I'll catch you," she suggests in a whisper before Julian starts his climb. In any case, she tucks herself up and/or behind any plantings or bushes, trying to stay out of sight for the moment.

Julian manages to get in. The entire ordeal is somewhat comical to behold, but he literally collapses inwards with a grunt. The window is slid the rest of the way open, before he leans forward to look around. And then makes a 'hurry' gesture upwards! Coast must not be clear for long.

Aolani moves to an open space on the lawn, and, crouching a little, leaps straight up to the second window. Julian will need to move quickly unless he wants to get tackled, because she appears to be on course to simply dive and tumble straight in.

Julian did not move quickly. He was looking straight down, expecting a climb and not a jump. He's impacted hard, crashing down on the floor with a squeak, tangling up with the hapless Mutant. His room's dark, but large; the only light what ambient reflection comes down from the distant sky.

"Eee! I'm sorry I'm sorry!" Aolani gasps, right on top of Julian. She sits up on him and checks to make sure she hasn't opened the sutures or caused him any further harm.
Julian seems to be okay, if dazed. Although he winces. "Ow, ow, ow… don't move, I… I think I twisted my arm…"

"Well this isn't turning out very well at all!" Aolani harshly whispers, concerned. She remains where she is, seated atop him, more concerned about his injury than what could potentially be just another flirtatious ploy. "I can cool the injury and keep the swelling down, but I'll need to get off of you."

Julian whispers up, "N,no… you're making… the swelling worse…" And then he moves both arms, completely unburdened by injury, to swat Aolani on her rump. Given her ability to see heat, he's got the biggest grin ever.

Well that elicits a loud, surprised yelp. 'Swelling' indeed. Let's hope that shout doesn't get unwanted attention. She tries to scowl at Julian, eyes narrowed, but it only comes out as a cute pout. Ao's not very good at being threatening. "Oh you little—!" she gasps, flustered. "Oh I should ice you down but good!"

Julian doesn't move if Aolani doesn't. She's going to have to clamber off him; he'll enjoy every mostly-blind second afforded to him. "Maybe it'd help the swelling!" he comments, trying with moderate success to keep his voice down. Luckily it's a big house… and he's usually noisy.

Aolani's tail slips forward and gives Julian a light slap across his face with the flat of the barb. "Fresh," she chides. Good thing it's dark, Julian won't see the smirk on her lips.

Julian yelps. At least she slapped the side that wasn't cut. So he just tries to smack Aolani in the rump again! "You shouldn't hit me, I'm injured!"

"Stop smacking me in the bum and I won't!" she protests. Having had enough of being man handled, Ao tries to get up and not stumble further over Julian, so long as he doesn't move around too much. "You are something else, Mister Keller."

Julian reaches out to grasp Aolani's tail, but otherwise doesn't move, allowing it to slide down to the spade before gripping proper. "I hear that a lot…"

Aolani pauses, standing over Julian; he has her tail, so she can't go any further in moving out of the way. Oh he's pushing it - but she'll be patient a little longer. She reaches a hand back and rubs her backside. "From whom, I wonder?" she asks, still in good humor, despite the edge in her voice.

Julian gives a full five feet of room to maneuver. They just measured it earlier! But he eventually lets go, only after licking the spade. "…everyone." he mumbles, getting back up and moving to shut the window.

Aolani watches him go and sighs softly. "How is it you can be so infuriating one moment and endearing the next?"

Julian carefully migrates through the darkness. "I dunno." he offers truthfully, before flipping on the light. It's a massive room, with a huge bed covered in comforters. Bands are all over the walls, the trappings more of a high schooler than someone nineteen. A desk is against one wall, and a bookshelf beside the window. A couch lounge takes up most of the rest. "I think that's why I've never had a relationship last longer than… one night."

"The candle that burns twice as hot burns half as long," Aolani muses. "You seem like a normal young man to me, if a bit impulsive and cocksure." She chuckles. "I might suggest slowing down and taking time to figure yourself out a little more. Yes, I've kind of hinted at that all through the evening, but that's because I like you, Julian, and I'd like to see you reach your full potential someday, no matter what that is." She walks over to the couch lounge and has a seat, crossing her legs and arranging her skirt neatly. As if he's going to see anything in the dark.

"I'd suggest you get some sleep, let yourself heal up, and not push things any further. I've had a wonderful time with you tonight, and you've made me feel very welcome in your country."

"I'd rather burn hot and end up in ashes, then burn low and end up burnt out." Julian states, very seriously. The lights are on now at least, although rather than head to bed he meanders to the chair to settle beside, perhaps a touch too cozily near. "Jesus, if you really think that, your standards are AWFUL low. The only thing I did nice for you was… did I do anything? You ran off those racists easy. Damn."

"You bought me dinner and drinks, you put on a show at personal risk to yourself, you showed me around, and you paid for a cab twice. I'd say that you were more than generous tonight," she points out. When he sits down, her tail tip twitches back and forth. "But I should probably get going and let you sleep. You'll need it."
There's a look of near horror. "No, don't leave." He reaches out to grasp a hand. His normal vibe of flirtacious creep seems to be missing for the moment. "I… we might not meet again. Just—just crash here. It's fine. I can show you around more tomorrow. Second date."

Aolani lets him take her hand. She reaches around to the back of his head with her free hand, and if he doesn't fight, leans in to press a kiss to his forehead. "It's all right," she soothes. "I'll be around and we'll definitely meet again, but it wouldn't be right to sleep with you in your room. Not yet anyways. My brother is going to expect me to call him in a few hours to check in, and if I don't, he'll tear through half the city looking for me." She leans back and smiles sweetly, warmly, pushing a loose strand of silvery white hair out of her face and tucking it behind her ear. "It's only for a few hours while you rest, all right?"

There's a headhang, Julian not doing anything salacious when he gets his forehead kissed. Just a sigh. "Fine." he mumbles. "I just… I just got one question before you go…"

She gives his hand a little squeeze. "Ask away."

Julian leans close, opening his mouth and then catching his voice. "I.." He then whiskers into a pointed ear. "Still want to know what color your bra is."

Aolani leans in close, breath warm against Julian's ear, and in the most seductive voice she can manage, murmurs, "It's one of the colors of the rainbow."

Julian is frozen in anticipation, then bursts out laughing. "Well, I want you to remember this." He pats at Aolani's tail, and then stands up. "I touched them. Yep. I'm the first person to ever touch your panties. So we'll use that to build our future relationship."

Aolani stands up as well, and starts to walk to the window. "Actually," she says, crossing the floor, "you didn't touch my panties at all."

Turning to face Julian, framed by moonlight through the glass, she lifts the edges of her skirt, higher - higher —

Something like a pair of bloomers is underneath, edged just above the knee with lace. It's the pantslip. "You touched these. Panties are underneath, dear. Ladies layer."

With a devilish chuckle, she leaps out of the window, quick as a spirit on the wind.

Julian watches with wide eyes, only to deflate when he sees those. "What… hey! I—" He rushes to the window to look down. "MY BED FITS TWO!!" he shouts. "What?" calls up a nearby guard, flashing the light on him. "…nothing." he murmurs, slamming the window shut and faceplanting into bed. What a strange, strange day.

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