1964-02-07 - Recon in Brooklyn: Part I
Summary: Domino and Lynette begin their recon activities in Brooklyn.
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It's a cold afternoon out in Brooklyn. Not a very pleasant day to be out for a stroll. Fortunately, not everyone here has to be on the sidewalk. There's a black and blue '62 Dodge Polara which virtually disappears amongst the rest of traffic, a smaller and generally uninspiring car that had been created due to a misunderstanding of the competitors more than any demand from the market at large. Frankly, sales have been quite awful.

Like this one, for instance. Domino got it for a song. And by 'song' it's really more of a 'fire extinguisher upside the head.'

Also it has a really decent heater. That's a big engine for a smaller-sized car.

As promised she's out for a tour of the area, complete with a Lynette-sized passenger and some takeout food. After getting some more concrete intel from a Friends of Humanity jerk it's now time to go back out into the world and look for some new friends. She's already got the trunk all cleared out and ready to go!

She also hasn't said a whole lot since they hit the road. Echoes of their earlier conversation, perhaps. Or reminiscing about how awesome that pie had been. It might come as a surprise when she does finally break the silence.

"We should just burn this whole damn city down. Solve more problems than it'd make."


"Mmm, jus' keep Ha'lem outta it, non?" The girl questions gently, keeping herself sunk down into her jacket, eyes shut and vents open, directly feeding her face with delicious warmth. "Y'got a plan? Or we jus' gonna sit n'watch all creepy like?" Comes her follow up as she digs into her box of noodles, fumbling a bit with her chopsticks and muttering French curses under her breath now and then.

The intel was easy to follow. All men that had been previously captured (now dead), had spilled their guts in one way or another. Names were provided, one in particular, Graydon Creed, had slipped from their lips as the man with a plan. Addresses were provided, along with intel that different dupes were being produced to help protect numero uno.


"What's got you sweet on Harlem?" Domino asks then immediately remembers something about the area, herself. Free clinic, with very helpful staff… She gently nods a few times, smirks, and adds "Excluding Harlem."

Just as quickly her expression shifts back to imitating an empty void, glancing at the girl beside her. "We have addresses but we don't have a full team. Right now we are driving around to keep an eye on these addresses. If we stop or focus on one place for too long we'll draw suspicion, so we're driving a circuit around the area to keep an eye on all of them. It's not the most efficient option but I'm working with what I have. There is one way to make up for some of the shortcomings, though."

After saying this she reaches over to tap Lyn twice right on the forehead with a fingertip. She's not as gentle as she could be about it.

"An extra pair of eyes. Recon only works when you're paying attention."


"What y'mean? M'people dere, too, Neena. 'Course m'sweet on dat place." The girl explains simply enough, with a hint of question in her voice, trying to figure out why the albino didn't know the answer in the first place.

She nods as the plan rolls out, digging away and in her box of Chinese goodness. "If y'wanna stop n'park, I c'n cast a shadow on us." She offers, but that tapping has her flailing lightly, slapping the other woman's hand away. "Merde, watch what y'doin' wit dat t'ing. M'payin' att'ntion. When I see t'ings I neva f'get dem. Dey all like pictures in m'brain." A pause, "Don' go pokin' me 'gain, or I poke back, non?"


"Eyes need to be open in order to see anything new. I don't care how long you can remember things for. ..Although that is kinda handy," Domino admits in a softer tone. Jumping back to her normal volume, she continues "And if I ever do slack off or do something stupid then you go right ahead. Jab me in the ribs or some shit. We're in a bad situation here, we need to be vigilant. Otherwise we'll make Raven cry and no one wants to see that."

Lyn's offer didn't fall upon deaf ears. Even now Dom's scouting out a place to park. If they could get a much closer look at one of these addresses without being seen, well..that'd just be awesome. A much more productive use of their time.

"With a power like yours I could really come to appreciate winter. Little sun, lots of shadows. Lucky us."

Doubly so. She finds a fantastic parking space on the curb! Caught the last traffic light at just the right moment. On the other hand there's a very annoyed cab driver that goes zooming off past them, but hey! It's New York City. Every cab driver is very annoyed.

The engine cuts out and with it their wonderful life support, the air vents going still. The brush of cold air can be felt almost immediately. Before she opens her door to step out she turns to better regard Lynette, frowning slightly in thought. "The other part of your ability, being able to cut on people by cutting on yourself… Think that might work in a non-offensive manner? Field surgery. That sort of thing."


"Noted." Lynette mutters, just enjoying the ride until it stops. Frowning, that brush of chill causes her body to quiver. Setting the box down, she tugs at her jacket, trying to make sure it was hugging around herself as snuggly as humanly possible. After reaching for her door handle, she faces Domino directly, listening to her inquiry, and quirking a brow after the fact. "I don' know. Maybe? Don' gotta be cuttin' at all, t'be honest. I just…need s'mt'ing of dere's first. I need dat link."

Finally stepping out, she mutters to herself, probably something about the cold or what have you, but none of it in English. Head hunkering down and hands shoved in her pockets, she watches Domino carefully as Lynette was the ride-along for this set up.

"Hey," she questions Neena then. "Why'd y'invite me?"


The explanation is eventually given a nod without any further discussion on the matter. It's yet one more thing to think about.

After getting out of the car it doesn't take long for Dom to be right at Lynette's side, though it isn't anything to do with being protective. She's getting her head in the game, they have work to do. This is somewhat unusual for a couple of reasons, one of them being that the albino prefers to work alone. The timing of Lynette's question couldn't possibly have been any better; Dom's just now starting to wonder about it, herself.

It doesn't have a simple answer.

"Because you have potential," she replies. It isn't a lie. It's also just one small piece of the overall puzzle. Her hesitation before speaking up would prove as much, though there isn't any hesitation when she asks "Does it matter?" Deflection, as usual.

Something which matters to her is "Side door or fire escape. I don't know how well you can keep us covered without resulting in an obvious floating black cloud."


Lynette smirks and glances toward the options provided to her. "Non', it don'." She answers, finally, before adding a gentle. "I t'ink y' like me." Leaving it there, she upnods toward the fire escape, and pulls a tie from her pocket. Pulling that floof back, as best she can, she ends up creating a ball of a 'tail' on the back of her head, but at least the errant kinks are out of the way of her face. "It got a rad'us to it, de shadows. Dey c'n just be thick, don' gotta move much. Y'soft footed, we be 'lright."

Heading for the escape, the girl hooks up her fingers, and one foot before looking back down to Domino. "Tell y'what. Remy ain't de only t'ief y'got on y'team." Winking, she then starts to climb, her movements silent and almost non-existant.


"Birds of a feather," Domino mutters with a gentle sigh before quickly glancing around them. Just in case she missed something. Or someone. Then something happens which completely changes the mood.

Poofy. Hair. Tail.

There's an abrupt snort from the pale lady as she tries to contain a sudden burst of laughter, then she just starts snickering like a fiend! It goes so far that she reaches out to prod at the barely contained hair entity, as if it might bounce like a superball. "Lynette..?! What the hell!"

Then, if she doesn't completely piss off her fellow mutant ally, she'll follow up the ladder. Still grinning like an idiot. "You've already proven that you have more balls than he does." Unlike Remy, Lyn doesn't refuse to take another's life.

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