1964-02-12 - Blood Samples
Summary: Bobbi finally get Pepper's blood samples for testing
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So, a few days to juggle around some much needed work and ensure that Pepper had a full day free for whatever Bobbi needs to do, but the redhead does actually keep her promise to the sharp blonde. Now, however, she is having second thoughts. Like any whispering behind an addict's ear, the part of her psyche which is addicted to the drug as much as her body physically is is screaming at her to stop. Don't go. SHIELD already had this information. Bobbi couldn't help. Of course, Pepper knows that the thoughts int he back of her head are only so insistent because Bobbi MIGHT be able to succeed, so she has to go, but it's taken a good bit to actually get the courage to take the elevator to where Bobbi said to meet her.

Pepper is slightly shaking already, as she comes off the elevator. But, normally, she's taken her morning dose almost an hour before this. That means the vigor has been out of her body for almost 10 hours now and her dependence is just screaming at her. The early stages of withdrawal symptoms are already setting in, the drug is so damn addictive. She looks a bit like paper beneath her loose green, bell sleeved dress. The nausea made not eating breakfast easy, at least. She steps up to the door Bobbi indicated and knocks shakily. She made it. No turning back now.


The door opens without much preamble, to reveal the blonde haired blue eyed spy in jeans and a T-shirt. As she peered through the half opened door for a beat, before opening it the rest of the way, a smile flickered to life on her lips. "Hello Miss Potts. Come on in. The sooner I get a sample of blood, the sooner we can get you settled. I'm sure you've been less than comfortable since I asked you to hold off on things.." She murmured, and stepped back.

A gesture followed to the couch behind her. Several little vials and various other medical supplies were laid out on the coffee table in neat order. "It will be quick. Promise. I have some tea and some crackers set aside for you as well. So if you're feeling nausea at all after we take the samples you have that available."


"…J-just…just a bit. I always take it every morning. 8 am. So… I…I'm better for the day, you know. Like medicine. But I waited… like you said. I was good." Pepper slightly stammers out, a shy bit of smile across her ashen features. She always tries to be SO good. She was one of those brown nosing, goodie two shoes girls growing up, no doubt, and not much has changed in life as of late. She is smiling, though, and the look in her pale eyes is thankful. She clearly trusts Bobbi. She's here, after all.

Then the red head steps the rest of the way into the room, delicately setting down her tan leather purse and letting her eyes drop towards the little vials and things on the table. She looks… nervous. That's the best word for it. But she takes a deep breath and tries to swallow her heart down her throat. "You.. are too kind, already. You really don't have to do this, you know?"


A nod, "Of course, please come on in and have a seat. You look like you need a chance to breathe. I'm not going to give you anything until I can get through your blood work, but I would like to observe you after you take the drug. I have some samples here from Shield." She had read the reports on how Coulson had managed that particular feat some time ago. Who knew it would be a boon now?

Another smile at that 'you don't have to do this' and she held back a laugh. "Don't worry about it. I'm between missions at the moment. There's not much use for me until new orders are made. Call this pro-bono, like a lawyer. I dunno." She shoved her hair back into a ponytail, tying it back with an elastic that had been around her wrist.

Then she was moving to couch to follow Pepper after having shut the door and checking the locks. She worked at prepping the needle, and set it aside. Then grabbed up a cotton ball and a bottle of iodine, she nodded toward Pepper. "Go ahead and get comfortable, and hold out the arm you want me to take the first sample from."


The redhead neatly folds herself down into the offered couch, her knees tucked together as tightly as the heels of her spike heeled shoes are as well. Neat as a pin, so well put together. The worst Pepper feels, the MORE she tries to be on top of things. The fact she looks like paper even with make up says just how hard the damn withdrawal hits, at least this deep into the addiction. She tucks nervous hands around her knees, trying to give the pretty blonde a lingering, courage filled smile.

"I…I'm comfortable. And you really are very nice. BReathing is… debatable." Pepper admits with a nervous little laugh, "Stopping to breathe and thinking about it makes it worse. I like to keep busy." But she does start rolling up her left sleeve, to bare her skinny, boney arm. At least veins will probably be easy to find!


Blue eyes gaze and study Pepper with a critical analysis. They note the pallor of her skin, the shrunk shank, the drawn look beneath the make up. She moves to dab over the skin where she'll likely draw the blood, tossing the cotton ball to the side. Then she pauses, reaching out to get a pulse on the woman for a minute. A small 'hmm' follows and she turns to scribble down a note on a nearby pad of paper.

"Okay, you're not scared of needles are you? I personally hate them." She smiled, even as she reached for one to draw blood. She continued to chat to Pepper as she continued with the process.

"Always have since I was a little girl. They give me the creeps. Of course it's different when you're in the lab and the one behind the lab coat. Then it's science." Her voice was even and calm as she drew blood, a small sample and then quickly made to press another cotton ball and tape over it. Directing the redhead to fold her arm up.

"Alright, there we go. You can go ahead and have a drink, and then take what you need for your daily dose."


The beat of Pepper's pulse against Bobbi's fingertips isn't the most reassuring feel, rather too fast and thready, but steady at least. And it's probably not exactly surprising either. She tries not to look in Bobbi's eyes, the shame a bit deeper for just having come face to face with this issue. But the blonde's words are enough to actually make her smile. Almost chuckle.

"I…remember the way you fought. You might be one of the strongest people I know, Bobbi. I… can't imagine you afraid of much of anything, much less needles." Pepper does breathe out a little laugh then, keeping her eyes away from the process, just letting Bobbi do her thing as Pepper tries to calm that bird-beat of her heart. "But no…I'm not scared of needles. This…isn't so bad. You're…you're way better at this than most, you know that?" Pepper offers, that commentary a high compliment from a woman who so highly values competency. She breathes out as the cotton ball is put in place and nods, almost too quickly grabbing for her purse and the little blue pill in a tiny vial within. She doesn't even bother grabbing a drink. She knocks it back, dry swallowing.


Bobbi sits down then after tucking the blood sample away, a glance spared in Pepper's direction as she grabbed up a notepad and pencil. Making a few more notes as she watched the redhead. "I'm still only human Miss Potts. I'm nothing like Rogers for instance. You could learn to do what I can do, if you desired." She smiled again, though it didn't reach her eyes, which were busy noting everything that happened to the young Miss Potts.

"And thank you for the compliment. I've had my share of terrible doctors to know what not to do." She shrugged, sitting back a bit as she crossed her legs. When Pepper downed the pill she arched a brow upwards, and then dug out a pocket watch, noting the time and scribbling that down too.

"So, tell me, typically, how long does it take to kick in? How do you feel when you take another dose? What side effects do you notice?"


That comment actually makes Pepper full out laugh, shaking her head, eyes a bit wider, "W-what? I… god, no, Bobbi, I could NEVER be like you. I…don't know how to fight, or how to even start. I'm not… strong like that. I'm just good at paperwork. You might not have some serum in you but… you really are something special. More women need to see women like you." While Pepper is nervous, it seems important to her that Bobbi get just how much she means what she's saying, so the words are steadier and a bit louder than her other statements.

And then it's back to talking about the drug. Pepper is already breathing just a bit easier, but that is probably more the knowledge she TOOK it and a placebo effect that she took it, not that it's really kicked in yet. "…Fifteen…twenty minutes, depending if i've eaten something… It's subtle at first, but then within an hour if… if I'm not ever so careful with the way I speak, people will blindly follow even my most off hand suggestion. I feel… euphoric, in a way. Like I could do anything and everything. But also like… like the whole world is watching. They all know. That I'm bad for taking it…" Paranoia, even if she doesn't use that term.


The smile turned warmer as Pepper complimented her. "Anyone can do some simple self-defense tactics. It's useful. When you're feeling better, I'd be happy to show you a few tricks, if you want." She scribbled a few more notes down. Glancing at her watch again. "There's nothing wrong with doing paperwork. I write up all of my own lab reports and field reports. It's all about balance though." She mused.

"Don't let anyone tell you that you're any less because you do desk work too, Miss Potts." She glanced over her notebook, taking another note of Pepper's personage.

"I'll check your pulse again here. Then again in a few more minutes. I've read that the drug can give people powers not unlike mutants. I wonder if it's triggering something that is latent in each person, or if it's based on what's inside the pills. You say the results are consistent each time?" She tilted her head, pausing to gently reach out and take Pepper's pulse again.


A slightly warmer smirk crosses Pepper's lips as Bobbi mentions doing all her own paperwork. Just the knowledge that the drug is getting into her system definitely has put her in a slightly better mood. The shakes are gone, her skittishness seems to have calmed as well. "You should get some handsome eye-candy of a young man to be your secretary and do all your paperwork. Revenge is fair play after all, right?" The thought of that really does amuse Pepper.

But more casual conversation can't remain a constant. They were here to do a thing. So, she takes another breath, letting her wrist be taken for Bobbi to get another set of readings. Still thready, but not nearly so fast, the panic and withdrawal of not getting what she needs already helping calm her down. And the drug did have opioid-like effects, at least on the nervous system. "…It might be latent? I… spend a lot of time bossing people around. It… was awful useful a few times, honestly. To get the board to listen. It also seemed to make mutants powers even stronger, but not give them new ones."


A hmm follows, and Bobbi releases her grip on Pepper's wrist to scribble down notes on her pulse rate again. "I'll take another blood sample when it's in full effect then." She murmured, and continued to jot down notes to herself on Pepper's behavior and change in general.

"Ha, well, I had my eyes on a few agents when I first got back, but they quit it would seem. Less eye candy for me now these days. Which is just as well, I've been stuck in the lab. I'd be concerned if there was sudden eye candy there." She teased, then rose, setting her note pad down.

"Want some water? I need more caffeine. I run on coffee these days. Which is not very healthy.." She shrugged, glancing back toward Pepper as she offered.


That small sound and the scribbling of notes is enough to gain a slightly worried glance from Pepper's eyes. "…Everything… alright? I mean other than what is clearly not alright… damn drug." Pepper sighs, but it's obvious she's already thinking more clearly for having it in her system. Steadier, calmer, her skin slightly more normal looking as it actually starts taking some physical effect.

"…and yes, coffee would be fantastic, please. I run on it most days also. Act-F never stops… but then there isn't much of a reason to leave the office these days. My roommate, Betty… she's missing too. You might know her. She used to work for SHIELD… I'm… worried stupid about her, but no one would give me information on the phone…"


"Sure, two cups then." She smiled and there was the sound of mugs and the pouring of said beverage. "Sugar or cream?" She called, then was returning with whatever it was that Pepper told her. One mug held out in offer.

"I'm just taking notes for comparison. Standard lab practice. I need to know what happens when you take the drug just as much as know how it impacts you to not." A smile and Bobbi settled back down beside Pepper, sipping from her own mug.

"Mmm, I've heard of her. I can't say I know her though, I'm sorry to hear that she went missing. I know what happened, but I'm afraid I can't say any details. It's all classified. But I can tell you that there are people working on it. We'll find her sure enough."


The redhead wrinkles her nose a bit as Bobbi comments on it all being classified. "..WEll…if I can help… I'd like to try and get her back. I didn't work out all that badly on the first try to get Bucky back. I'd be willing to help here too…" Pepper offers warmly, even if she actually was a bit of a disaster where that mission was concerned. Pepper sits a bit straighter, "Both, please, thank you…" And then there is coffee in her hand and she relaxes just a bit more. SHe takes a good sip of it and nods in approval.


Bobbi waits for the drug to take full effect, watching as she sipped at her drink. Even as she kept the conversation going, a glance at her watch and she scribbled something else down on the note pad beside her. "I'll see what develops on that. I'm not exactly on it, I'm more of what you'd typically consider spy work. Under cover missions in different countries and what not. Search and rescue isn't much of my expertise." She shrugged, no promises or acceptance made on allowing Miss Potts on that mission.

Bobbi had seen Pepper on the last mission and her opinion was not particularly glowing.

"How are you feeling? You seem more relaxed. But that's a typical enough reaction. Do you feel any warmer? Cooler?"


As she can feel the familiar, softer edges of euphoria sinking in as the drug takes effect, Pepper is ever-more careful with her words. She wouldn't wish to accidentally order Bobbi to do anything the woman didn't want to do. She nods gently at the comment about her work, not pressing that issue. They had work to do here instead.

"Feeling? Fine… better. The nausea is mostly gone. I feel like I could go to work now, if I wanted. The withdrawal just gets… worst from there. That was only 10 hours without. I try to take it every 8. It's…. the only way to stay sane. I feel… more steady? Warmer…I guess? Or just more… relaxed. Not as clammy. But not exactly… hot." Similar to the effects of a strong opioid, all of her nervous system is probably slightly more depressed now, relaxed, opened up… so she'd be losing heat, but feel warmer and more comfortable for the moment.


Another side scribble and Bobbi nods, "Interesting, how are you sleeping at night? Do you take another dose before you sleep? Does it impact your ability to sleep?" She sipped at her coffee, finishing it off in a large gulp before she moved to pick up another needle, prepping it and then setting it aside.

"When you're finished with your drink I'd like to take another sample. Before the caffeine gets too far into your system. Granted that at least is an easy enough factor to look at and ignore."

A pause as she considered Pepper, arching a brow. "Do your newly minted powers last the entire time? Or do they wax and wane?"


"THey…wax and wane. Last about twenty minutes to an hour, totally gone after that hour, but it's that middle twenty which are so strong." Pepper admits honestly, still ever so careful with hose she speaks. Just answering questions, not giving any orders. "And yes, I sleep fine… but I take a dose right before I sleep, so that helps. It's relaxing… as long as I double check all the doors are shut and locked. And you can take the sample now."

There it is. That slip of words. Just as Pepper sets down her coffee, though she meant it to be permission, the way the words were phrased was close to an order, and save some very strong mental shield, Bobbi will find herself VERY MOTIVATED to do exactly as Pepper has said, right this moment.


If Bobbi hadn't been aware of what Pepper could do, she wouldn't have given a single second thought to moving and repeating the same process to get the blood sample again.

This time there was decidedly less cheerful banter to distract Pepper as Bobbi took the second sample from the woman's other arm. "Interesting." She murmured, "Very interesting. I wonder.. hmm," She trailed off and shook her head. "I'll compare the samples when I get back to the lab. I'll likely have something to take the edge off that eight hour interval if I can help it." She smiled, and put the needle with the sample away.

"I'll have to see if there's a way to block the receptors.. hmm, maybe some steroids to give you back some muscle retention."


Something in Pepper realizes just how quickly Bobbi reacts, and the lack of conversation this time, and then her eyes go wide. She looks suddenly guilty, gaze flickering down, "Oh, Bobbi…I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to… to say it that way. I have to be so careful with this. I… I hate it." While others might revel in being able to boss someone around, it does genuinely seem to bother her. She lets the woman get the next sample in peace.

Then Pepper is smoothly standing. Guilty. Wanting out of the woman's hair. She nods in understanding to the comment about comparing samples, "…That…that's fine. And good. I'd appreciate it, really, but… I'm sure you are busy. I should probably go. THank you…again. I…I won't keep you longer…" With that, Pepper moves for the door.


A glance was spared for the woman and Bobbi grumbled lightly as she cleaned up her supplies. "Miss Potts, it's fine. Actually, thank you. For that. I can use it for my notes. I was going to ask you to command me to do something anyways. It's important for me to know what you can do and what your abilities are. That way I can work on trying to see how tied they are to the drug." She smiled.

"Now I want you to get some rest and not over do it, okay? I'll be back within a day or two with something for you to test out."


Get some rest. That makes Pepper half laugh, doubtful, but she doesn't say no. She just gives a small nod and a faint smile towards the blonde. "I will try, at least. You know how to find me. I'm not far. And… thank you again. Just the thought that… that this nightmare could be over soon… It means the world to me. Thank you." SHe gives Bobbi one last, nervous little smile, a slight tilt of her head and then she's heading out the door once more. Maybe she'd go to work today after all.

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