1964-02-16 - Shortest Drive Ever
Summary: A formerly stolen car taken into Tannenworth's Garage for repairs is about to be stolen a second time, then wrecked a second time.
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Another late night at Tannenworth's Garage. Not that Ford minded. He often stayed in after hours to work a few extra kinks out of the cars brought in, and most folks in the area knew it. While the boss, Mr. Tannenworth himself, and other two employees of little note, had gone home, Ford stuck around to either work on personal pet projects (a habit tolerated due to his skill and speed in repairs), as well as what he's doing right now - a little extra business.

This particular car was brought in close to closing time, though most folks know of Ford's habits and don't hesitate to bring in such late requests. Ford had little knowledge of what brought on the bent hood and fender of this car, but with no damage to the engine itself, it was a simple fix to bend it back into place. Turns out, super strength can save you a bundle in car repairs! Rolling out from underneath the front, Ford sat up from the dolly and dusted off his back as he stood up to examine his handiwork. Humming to the song playing quietly on the radio nearby, Ford nodded, satisfied with his work as he walked to the workbench to finish up the minor paperwork. That's another job finished… he'd let it here for the night and head home a bit early. He'd earned a rest.


Life, and business, go on. As evening sets in and the Garage (mostly) closes for the day an unusual creature draws near. Like a ghost in the shadows she's all white from skin and hair to dress, moving with a silence born from many years of training.

One of the garage doors remains partly open, letting the sounds of music spill out into the neighborhood. Behind this door is the newest vehicle to arrive, now all straightened and sorted out and, presumably, ready for pickup by the same person whom had brought it in.


Plans have changed. The white figure is paying close attention to the area, keeping tabs of anyone still wandering around or driving past at this hour. When it looks like everything is clear that garage door is going to be carefully opened a little further. Just far enough that a nice new car could easily drive beneath it without causing any damage to the paint.

The music does make it more difficult to listen for anyone inside of the shop approaching the garage proper, but it also helps to cover up the less than legal activities taking place nearby.


As it happens there's another pale figure wandering along. She's go unnoticed at the best of times, wreathed in the darkness of late evening and disappearing into ilike it is where she truly belongs. No one sees the tiny blonde coming when she's minding her own business. …But they probably hear her.

"Return to sender, address unknown.
No such number, no such zone…"

Nyx is bopping as she travels, making herself known with what is actually a rather pleasant mezzo soprano voice as she sings the recent Elvis hit. So the girl's a little offbeat and doesn't have backing music. She starts to trail off as she comes closer to the garage, arching a brow as the music washes over her.

"Well, that doesn't work…" The grumbling is pretty localized. Nyx buries her hands into her jean pockets and shakes her head, strolling past fairly casually. She might be unusual but one would have look closely to be sure. She gives the shop a long, baleful look as she's passing. As if that could shut off a record player.


Mariah is now THE SKULKER-AROUNDER (tm). Or at least she will be. She's on her way to the garage for one very simple reason: Scrap iron. There's gotta be some, rusted and free for the grabbing, in the back end of any auto mechanic shop. She'll be here soon.


If anything, Nyx is sure to be a bit annoyed by the sound of the radio being turned up once Ford speaks. "Oh, yes! Love this one!" he said with a fist pump, before singing it out loud as he moved about the garage. "Because I want! A girl! To call! My own! I wanna Dream Lover, so I don't have to dream alone o/‘" Ford sang to himself as he shuffled about, hanging the keys to the car on the rack over his workbench… and blinking at the garage door. Was that… higher than it was before? He couldn’t recall… oh well. He'd close it in a moment. Heading for the back of the garage, Ford poured a cup of coffee, continuing his moderately impressive singing as he bobbed to the song. "Dream lover, until theeeeen o/‘ I’ll got to sleep, and dream agaaaain o/`"

Ford hummed as he tapped the table. "…hehe. Wonder if she'd actually show up. Doubtful, but she has the number if she ever wants to pop in… Until theeeen o/`"



As Ford passes through the garage the White Lady ducks low within the footwell of the silent auto, quietly waiting for the man and his singing to wander somewhere else. It costs her a little time..but her cover isn't lost yet.

That'll sure change in a hurry.

Any sense of subtlety vanishes in the same instant that the ignition is fired, the shop's very concrete foundation thrumming with the thunderous idle of a massive eight cylinder engine. One nice thing about a 1960's America, the cars don't skimp on power!

With the revived vehicle the garage becomes filled with another racket coming from two squealing tires, the piercing howl of their cry easily cutting through the music with a sustained high-pitched ringing that is rarely duplicated over any radio.

It's also a symphony which is immediately recognized by every Gearhead on the planet. Likely doubly so for someone like Ford, as that isn't just ANY car peeling out into the night. That happens to be one of his customers' cars peeling out into the night. -From his garage.-

Nyx is going to be in for a big surprise real soon, too. Heads up, coming through! Barring any unforseen complications, of course.


"You sound lousy! Let Bobby Darin sing it!" Nyx is shouting, pitching her voice a little low as shedoes. It isn't like she's particularly visible and the cranking of the music has, predictably, gotten on the tiny blonde's nerves. She lifts her left hand ffrom her pocket to make a vague gesture, black fingerless glove and all.

It is unfortunate that Nyx is so animated that she doesn't immediately move. First the revving of a massive engine block. She pauses for a split second, but… It isn't like a an auto shop has a lack of cars, right? She glances at the garge door, slowly shaking her head. "It's after dark, you-" Tires are screaming as the vehicle rockets out of the garge and diectly toward the tiny blonde. She stares for a split second before throwing herself off of her feet and toward the left… As the vehicle is about to press through her.

Nyx is pretty likely to end up on the hood of the car instead of prone on the road, still covering her head with both arms. She's also screaming at the top of her lungs, not to mention the crunch of a dented hood as human weight hits it.


Ford blinked, looking up at the sound of the squealing tires, but almost not wanting to turn around and see what was happening… even though he already -knew- what was happening. The car was being stolen right out from his garage. Setting his coffe down, Ford turned around and looked just in time to see the car speeding off… and hearing the young lady who'd been berating him for singing over the radio now singing a tune herself. A one note tune. Very loudly.

"What in the hell-?!" Ford cussed, before immediately sprinting off after the car… and outpacing it easily! Racing out through the garage into the street, Ford dashed around to the front of the car to cut it off in the road. Skidding to a halt in front of it, Ford lifted a foor and braced it into the front fender to stop the escape. While not sure who was driving, he was confident he could bring it to a halt. "WHAT IN THE NAME OF UNCLE SAM'S LONGJOHNS IS GOING ON HERE!?"


Quick and easy, just how Domino had expected—



The dented, mended, and dented anew car sliiiides out across the street with that wonderful Wintery loss of traction, now with an unexpected passenger screaming out just about as loud as the tires had a moment earlier. This is waaay more than the white-washed thief had bargained for.

Of course, the right and proper thing to do would be to stop and see if the pale lady on the hood is okay. Neena..is not one of those people. As soon as the back wheels catch up with the rest of the aggressive performance she drops the proverbial hammer, bringing forth such an incredible racket which, somehow, still cannot overpower the notes that poor Nyx is orchestrating.

"What the hell are you doing?!" the albino behind the wheel yells to the diminutive hood-dweller. Like what Dom's doing is perfectly normal! She can't stop -now,- she has to get some serious distance away from the garage first! Which means that Nyx gets to scream for a while longer. She likes to sing, right?

(Don't look at the driver don't look at the driver…)

Nyx is also a really great distraction. By the time Domino realizes that someone else is standing directly in the car's path it's way too late to give it any proper thought.


Following the roar of the engine and the howling of tires comes the sound of broken glass and metal raining down upon the street for quite some distance. The engine speaks no more. The tires only have a little more to add in their dying breaths. Though one more voice now takes their place. That would be the driver swearing long and loud while going through the windshield on her ejection from the car!


"What are YOU doing?!" Nyx is screaming back at Domino. Her voice is quite a bit higher than she likes to pretend, in keeping with her rather slight size. "Oh my God. Stop this thing! I mean-" Then the car hits Ford. What happens next comes in the barest instant.

When the car hits Ford Nyx is immediately catapulted from the hood of the vehicle with the same force as a one ton object being dropped from the second floor of a building. She slams into Ford, flailing, twisting as she contorts from the blow and raw terror. They're good reflexes, those. Impressive, in fact. But at this distance there's no time dodge. She hits him with her shoulder, at least.

Next Domino slams into Nyx, the two of them tangling together as they are forced by sheer velocity to roll up together and then nearly 10,000 Newtons of force attempts to put them through Ford himself. The car is screaming as metal is torn apart and the engine block gutters in response to being shattered against the mechanic's impossibly tough body. Shards of steel fly through the air all around the two women, obscuring things from view.

There's blood, of course. Nyx has been crushed, lacerated, and then flattened in a short span. One might have expected more, really.


Ford blinked, raising his arms up just in time to catch the young lady on the hood of the car in his arms, trying to hold onto her as she flailed in his grip. His attention diverted, he didn't even realize that the albino lady had flown right through the window of the car and crashed into him and the young girl as well! Fumbling to keep his balance, Ford fell back with a heavy *THUD!*, feeling the trickle of blood as he slowly regained his senses.

Perhaps that wasn't the best idea.

While he would normally not complain about having two women on top of him, Ford had to make an exception in this case. Giving a heave, Ford sat up and tried to get an assessment of the two other contributions to this accident. He saw blood… first aid. He had one in the garage. "For the love of Captain America's Star Spangled Shorts! I just fixed this damn thing! YOU!" He shouted, grabing Domino's wrist tightly as he stood up, trying to cradle Nyx in his other arm. "You have a whole helluva lot of explaining to do! But first things first! Come with me!" Ford tried to hoist Nyx into his arm while dragging Domino back to the garage. He wanted some answers right flipping now.


The response is a fairly long time coming, some time after one pale lady wearily rolls and falls off of another pale lady: "I -was- driving…" And in Domino's case she also played the odds and won. ..In a manner of speaking. The twisted chunk of metal which is pried from the back of her shoulder with a shaking hand proves that cause and effect still largely plays by the rules around her, though that she escaped without a single broken bone comes down to sheer luck and the two figures ahead of her to help with the deceleration process.

Something else happened during the collision. An injury on her forehead brings forth the blood. When she discovers this and goes to wipe it away it takes some of the solid white compound off of her face, revealing just enough of that black eye patch lurking underneath for the others to see that she's hiding something about her appearance.

Then her arm is caught. "HEY! Get offa me, I'm not doing shACK! Okay, time-out, what the hell, let me go!" she blurts out while the heels of her boots kick and slide uselessly against the pavement. "Foul play! This is me calling foul here! You super-strength jerks can all die in a fire, you know that?!"


Nyx is bleeding as well. Innumerable cuts on her arms and legs, shoulders… Face. She's just as pale as hse looks but the flecks of steel manage to add some color to her skin- dep red, of course, rather than the usual hues of skin. Domino's luck means Nyx's misfortune in this case. It's hard to tell how injured the blonde is but it's obvious she got the worst of it.

"Nng…" That's a bleary response but one which at least means the girl is alive. She stirs a bit dazedly but doesn't really move anywhere significant. A less resilient person would be quite dead in Ford's arms. This one is riding there with aconfused expression as she comes to and starts to look around.

"… Woah! O-ow…" Nyx twists and manages to fall off of Ford's arm to the ground. The thump is quickly followed by a low groan. "Wait a second. Did that… Did she just run me over a -car-?"


Ford sighed, grumbling as Domino 'cried foul' on his super strength. "I wouldn't have had to use my super strength if you didn't go careening out of the garage with the CAR I JUST FIXED UP!" Ford blinked as Nyx started to squirm her way free of his grip, falling to the ground. He shook his head. "Yeah, I believe so. Try not to move, you look pretty cut up. Both of you. Hell, I think you got one heck of a black eye from that crash." He said, nodding at Domino's smeared make up. It was dark. He could't quite tell.

"I've got a first aid kit in the garage, and if you can't walk, I can carry you. And as for YOU! What in sam hill were you stealing that car for!?"


Yeeeeah..a bad black eye..that's it… Hearing this does cause Domino to pause for a second, a flash of deeper frustration crossing over her face. That isn't going to help her out any.

Of course all of the squirming about isn't helping with her injuries. You might think that she would notice that it hurts more and stop doing it. You would be incorrect.

"I didn't -run over you,- you stepped out in front of me," she counters with an annoyed growl of a voice. "Just like Thick McRunFast here. As for -you,- I wasn't -stealing- it, I was -reclaiming- it, and now thanks to you it's going to need one hell of a facelift before it'll ever move under its own power again. Now quit draggin' me around before I really go apeshit."

Then for Nyx's benefit, "Girl, you look like you just saw a ghost." Because she's one to talk about being pale.


"So do you. Nice tattoo by the way," Nyx snaps back, grimacing as she slowly pushes herself to a position where she is on her hands and knees, looking down. You might think she would notice it hurting more and stop doing it. You would be incorrect.

"You don't need to carry me, but… Thanks, I guess," Nyx responds to Ford in a vaguely grousing tone. "First off, you sure as fuck did run me over. Screaming out of a garage and hitting me as I was walking in front. And… YOU." Now Alex is rounding on Ford, coming to her feet even if the movements involved are rather shaky. Broken bones? Possibly. Willingness to let it stop her? Minimal.

"You moron. You could've killed me! You superhero types are the worst. Stopping a car like that? I nearly went through the side of a brick- buil- ding…" Nyx's arms are near her stomach now. She sways slightly. There's sweat on her very pale face… The girl staggers and nearly falls back to the pavement.

Maybe the injuries are internal then.


Ford seemed to take more offense at being called a "superhero type" than a "moron". Ford let go of Domino's arm, looking down at her. "If you were reclaiming it… why wouldn't you just come in and say 'Hey, Mr. Benett, thanks so much for staying late to fix my car, mind if I take it back now?' No! You had to sneak in and reel off like a banshee on rubber! You think I LIKE having to re-do all that work on this old wreck?"

Ford turned and pointed at Nyx, scowling. "And for the record, I am NOT a superhero type. I don't like doing heroics for this very reason! People get hurt! The most responsible thing I CAN do is not use my powers. But when someone is stealing a car behind my back, I am going to get the thing back!" Ford looked between the two injured ladies, sighing. He can't stay mad at a lady for long. "One second… don't go running, alright?"

A whip of wind and Ford was gone back to his garage. Grabbing the first aid kit and a couple of clean rags, Ford sprinted back in just as much time, handing each lady a cloth to clean up and kneeling down to open up the kit. "First thing's first… let's clean you both up."


Fraaaack. There goes her being all incognito. Althoooough… Seeing the smallest of the three getting all up in arms with Mister Strongarm can only work to Domino's advantage. Right? -Right.- If this means that she did indeed run over Nyx then whatever, Dom can bite that bullet. "Yeah, I take all the ladies for a ride," she quietly teases in a flat tone. Then she tries to egg the other gal on.

Or..at least that's the plan until ol' Benett straight-up announces that he isn't a hero. "That's right, because he's a -mechanic.- And it isn't my car, Dingus. Did you know it was already stolen? I can't just waltz on in and try to legitimately relcaim someone else's boosted car. That's not how these things work. You—uh..you aren't lookin' so hot there, Blondie."

Just like that..she's free. In a manner of speaking. 'Don't go running.' Dom actually snorts and starts to say 'Yeah, right' when the guy is -suddenly right there again,- prompting a sharp recoil and a tiny "Eep—!" from Spot.

Is this really happening right now..? Did she seriously luck out with neither of these people talking about pressing charges after what just happened?



Nyx isn't pressing charges currently. It might be because she's too distracted from having her internal organs pulverized. Maybe it's because she's too busy yelling at the mechanic. "Figures I'd get the defective superhero…" That's a mutter but Nyx sounds too exhausted to have any real venom in her voice right now. So she takes a deep breath and thenslowly gives her head a shake.

It appears the blonde wasn't really watching whenford took off. Rther than comment on his speed she akes the offered cloth and uses it to wipe blood and sweat away from her eyes. "No, really? I don't look too good, huh. Don't think I've forgotten you either."

Nyx manages to slowly, unsteadily work her way back to her feetagain. She takes a careful, deep breath- and winces. Still, it seems the smaller of the two pale women is not inclined to collapse again. "If you have something for pain in therethat'd be awesome. Or a bottle of moonshine or something."

Now Domino has all of the blonde's attention. Her blue eyes appear briefly to be amethyst in the poor light. She doesn't blink. "Is this how you always boost cars or wwere you trying out something new?"


Domino takes all the ladies for a ride? "So do I, but I typically don't leave them in such a bloody state. Pulverized, yes. Blood? Depends on the girl." He paused a moment, as if realizing what he just said and clearing his throat. "Sorry. Force of habit." As Ford unboxed his medical equipment (or what passed for it), he pulled out a bottle of pills, twisting to read them while patting gently at Nyx's arm. "Sit. Don't want you falling over again. About the worst thing you can do is stand or lay down. Sitting up will help compress the swelling. Make it a lot easier on you later." Evidently, this isn't his first time dealing with a car crash victim.

As he handed Nyx two large white pills, Ford dug back into the case and pulled out some guaze and alcohol. "No… I didn't know it was stolen. Someone comes in with a busted car, I fix it. Someone says they're worried about the price, I try to reduce the cost." He looked up briefly at Domino, grimacing before turning back to tend to Nyx's injuries. "…someone comes to me for help, I do what I can. But I'm guessing up and asking someone for a hand isn't something you're used to, is it?"


"Feel free to start forgetting any time here," Domino asides to Nyx with a scowl set deep within her features. Point in her favor, though… Calling out for moonshine. Gees, it's kinda like having a smaller twin. Similar skin tones. Similar temper. Fingerless gloves. Both probably drink like a fish.

With her own rag in hand she slooooowly mops up the blood running down her face, revealing a whole lot more of the Great Black Spot. "Hey. If you're gonna do something crazy you might as well make it fun, right?" she replies with a thin smirk. "Next time I might try the whole thing in reverse."

Three guesses whether -that- would be new for her or not.

To Ford, she presses "Well where's the fun in that?" Then, -right- after he says the worst thing you can do is stand..Neena's standing. There's another muttered curse followed by a muted grunt as she rips another chunk of metal out of her lower leg.

"So you repair vehicles, no questions asked, at discount prices," she repeats. "Hell, you just might be seein' more of me. Right now what'd really help is getting that damn car repaired again. It doesn't pay so well if I have to drop it off on the back of a trailer."


Nyx reaches for the pill bottle slowly. She's still staring at Domino as the spot is being revealed. She blinks a couple times and slowly shakes her head but doesn't lose her focus. Not this time. Recognition is obvious in her eyes but rather than comment on it she responds drily with, "Forget that? You'll have to try a lot higher to distract me." Her voice has softened slightly, for whatever reason.

Unlike Neena Elizabeth seems to have a limit to how thoroughly she can resist the aftermath of a car crash. She was shielded from having steel fragments lodged in her by the larger woman at least, so there's relatively little blood to wipe away. "I can probably get the thing running if no one else can," she mumbles. "Long enough to drop it off and have them never realize it was your fault the thing is busted."

Shifting her weight slightly Nyx turns her gaze back to Ford himself, the pills now in the palm of her left glove. These are tossed back and swallowed dry. "Otherwise I doubt that they have all the parts you need to get this working proper. Only catch is you have to bring me with and split part of the take."


"You two really are a glutton for punishment, aren't you?" Ford asked, shaking his head and pouring some alcohol onto more gauze, turning his attentions to Domino. "Oh, I agree. Crazy and fun are fantastic. But I keep business and pleasure seperate. If I wanted a joyride, I'd take my F-300 to the street races and show them all up on the tracks." On her summary of his work, he shook his head. "No, I do my job, get paid, and if someone is in dire straights, I lend them a hand with the cost. Nice try though. You're still more than welcome to come by more often. I never turn down a lovely lady at my door~" He smirked as he pressed a bit of the guaze into the wound she just made by ripping metal out of her leg.

"What you both really need to do is head back in that garage while I move the car in. Before the traffic dicks show up. You think that little wheeling and squealing session went unnoticed by the folks around here?" As the two women seemed unwilling to follow his advice for reducing pain, he might as well herd them out of the street. "I'll get the car fixed by morning… but YOU aren't taking it. Neither of you are." He pointed at Nyx. "You are now my little sister who was sitting on the hood of the car. And you…" he turned to Dom. "…are my daredevil of a cousin who decided it'd be fun to pop behind the wheel and make the car spin out. If anyone comes knocking… and odds are, they will. That spot on your face…" He pointed at the strange spot on Dom's eye. "One hell of a black eye."


Any smart response to Ford disappears in a stifled hiss once Dom's new leg injury is further antagonized. "I ain't no lady," she all but growls back at the guy.

He is right about one thing, though. They do need to get out of here. Between the three of them (four with the car!) there was no shortage of crazy noise which is bound to get a whole lot of locals pretty rattled up. "Of -course- it was noticed," she shoots back with a rolling of ice-hued eyes. And a scoff. "You really think I'm going to stick around long enough for anyone to ask me about this?"

There is still some business to attend to, as it would seem that a challenge has just been issued. Nyx stating that it would take a much bigger effort to distract her leaves one of Domino's brows hooked upward slightly as she stares the other girl down. It's soon followed by a light shrug, which is in turn immediately followed by her drawing a semiautomatic pistol out from under her jacket, moving to level it right at Nyx's head. Challenge accepted!

"Forget that you saw me," she demands in a tone as steady as her aim.

..She's getting blood all over the grips…

"Though do feel free to fix the car first."


"Your little sister. You think they'll buy it? I don't mind if it means getting us the fuck out of here right now, I just-" Nyx trails off when Domino reaches beneath her jacket. She's seated on the ground with her legs sprawled out in front of her, staring up at the mercenary above her.

The gun is leveled at Elizabeth and the tension is obvious. She isn't completely unafraid of guns, clearly. There's tension around those wide blue eyes as she stares up, a sort of innocence that is hard to feign. It only lasts for a split second. The seated girl doesn't turn her gaze away from Domino, however, nor does she respond immediately. Her eyes shift from blue to a deep, nearly fluorescent amethyst. "No."

Faster than any injured girl has a right to Nyx surges to her feet. As she does she lifts her left hand, a long knife appearing in her palm as she does. It's not an ordinary blade. Black as night, absorbing light that bounces against it, and long enough that she is quickly able to parry the gun aside almost before it's obvious she intends to. That leaves Nyx matched against Domino, strength to strength to keep the gun out of line. Thetiny blonde is stronger than she looks.

Nyx's free hand is placed against her side, helping to keep the girl steady given the level of injury she'd just sustained. "That's… Not a fucking distraction. You can feel free to drop the gun now…"


Ford seemed almost lost as both women pulled weapons. One was surprising, but standard. A semi-auto pistol. The other… a… knife? That absorbed light? Either way, weapons were out, and being leveled at other people. At least… they were, untill Ford swung an arm up between the pair and moved to step between them, hands up at both women. He was not having that anymore.

"Put it away. Both of you. Now." Ford ordered. "Now look… my momma taught me quite well not to hit a lady… but I'm not gonna have any of this weapon waving garbage on my street, in my neighborhood, or on my shift, after hours or not. You want place to hide? My flat is down the street. Single bedroom, but it'll do ya. You want to hobble off into the darkness? Be my guest. I genuinely hope to see you back here. But you go pulling weapons, and I -will- stop it."

Ford glowered at both women, before turning to address the car still wrecked on the street. "Because I'll tell you, I may have been raised not to hit a lady… but let me ask you something: you ever seen a dog bearing his teeth, and were sure he wasn't gonna bite you?" As he asked, Ford knelt down and grasped hold of the crushed car, swiftly lifting it up and over his head, turning to Nyx and Dom.

"…because I sure as hell haven't." At that, he started walking back to the garage, car over his head like it was made of cardboard.


There's all sorts of fun little tricks one can do in order to learn more about someone else. Getting them drunk is always fun but it takes time and money and Domino really doesn't have that sort of patience. Here, with an absolutely minimal amount of effort, she's learned quite a lot about the smaller, slightly less pale girl.

Fellow -mutant- girl.

Neena never did plan on pulling the trigger. It wasn't a strategically sound option. Plus Ford's right here and he's both crazy fast and crazy strong. She'd bet a Benny that he's also bullet-resistant. He would have moved in to halt the conflict. Fortunately for Dom, Nyx handled the situation herself.

Now the two are locked into a dangerous ballet, and she's rocking a dark smirk. "Seemed pretty distracting to me." This is punctuated by an exaggerated flick of her thumb, the only part of her to move at all, and an almost polite *Tik* of the safety being engaged.

"Also you're not injured nearly as badly as you were playing at."

As for Ford, she knew he would intervene in some fashion or another. She could throw out some sarcastic reply or four about this being 'his' street (gosh, where has she heard -that- claim made before… Powered people can be so possessive!) Actions, however, continue to speak louder than words. As he hefts the car right off of the street and starts walking it back to the garage she just sort of -stares- at him, otherwise not moving at all. Not even to put her sidearm away.

"..Usually I just shoot them…" she replies at length in a quiet voice to his remark about a dog with bared teeth. Ahem. A glance is passed back to Nyx then the pistol is put away. See, she's gone and learned something more about this 'Benett' guy, too! All while pushing her luck.

"I'll be seeing more of you two, no doubt," she mutters before looking back at the retreating Ford. Voice rising, she calls out "And I'll be back for that car later!" One more glance to Nyx, complete with an entirely sarcastic wink, then she starts walking elsewhere.

With a slight limp.


"Pretty sure I have cracked ribs actually," Nyx admits rather drily. "But that's… Irrelevant if someone's threatening to blow off your head." The light absorbing knife disappears, seemingly into thegirl's belt. One paying close attention might realize it simply vanished. First she looks back toward where Ford is heading and next she looks she is taking a slow, deep breath. This elicits a wince. "Just fucking perfect."

That's when the sirens cut in.They're loud enough already that the street is starting to echo, the roar of approaching Plymouth Furies enough to anounce their presence to anyone nearby. Nyx… Has to make a judgment call. SHe looks back toward Ford's garge and slowly shakes her head.

So instead? Nyx swipes the remaining pain pills and heads after Domino, of all people. It helps that there's a rapidly closing noose of police cars. Only so many ways out, here. She quickly disappears into the shade of a tree and continues to make her way, largely hidden from view. She's staggering a bit. Staying for medical attention would have been a fantastic idea.


Damn sirens… Dom should have been loooong gone by now. Heck, she SHOULD have been long gone with a CAR that someone was going to PAY her to retrieve. Instead she completely lost out on that deal and instead wound up with something else which she did not ask for.

A shadow.

She must be really good at pain management or that whole mind over matter thing, she soon 'walks it off' and gets around on foot like nothing is amiss, minus one hand staying close to the hole in her shoulder. A few inner city blocks come and go before she diverts into an alley, gets about halfway in, then stops short right in the middle.

"You're following me. Why are you following me?" she calls out, not bothering to look behind her. She already knows who's tailing her.


"For the first block or so it was because you chose the only viable exit for people who don't have wings," Nyx responds in that dry, slightly caustic tone of hers. She isn't doing as good of a job resisting her wounds as Dom- if nothing else the tiny blonde has an arm against her abdomen.

"I guess I'm curious. Besides, we made a big show out of whether or not I was going to forget you, so…?" The pale girl gives a slight shrug. She's still basically invisible at this point, standing in the shadows by one of the buildings, so looking would have been pointless either way. Her boots, however, still betray her presence when they hit the pavement. Nevermind the breathing.

"Besides, if you shoot me here we'll have a dozen cops on us in a minute. And you did run me over. Under? Whatever."


"Like I said before, you got in my way," remains Domino's excuse for driving into the other mutant. When she turns around she's not expecting to see much. She isn't disappointed, though when she looks onward she does so with the knowledge that she isn't alone. The girl is around here..somewhere. Because it's an alley and the mercenary knows which side Nyx is on the shadow-bender's hiding options are now severely limited.

"You haven't given me a reason to kill you yet, either. But, you know what they say about curiosity and the cat. Keep following me and we'll see how far your luck goes tonight."

"In the meantime, how's about you stop hiding and tell me what it is that you want from me. A name would be handy, too."


"Sure… Why not?" Nyx steps out of the shadows now. They retreat slightly as she is emerging, perhaps a trick of illumination as her body shifts, interacting with the light differently. She reaches up to draw her fingers through her spiky blonde hair, aking a deep breath.

"People usually call me Nyx," the girl states seriously, tilting her head slightly to the left as she does so. She is looking Domino over from head to toe now, slowly. "What's your name then…?" She asks quietly, hands buried into her pockets.

"You… Might want to fix your makeup if you're trying to hide it though."


This time Neena gets to watch the power in action. To sum it up in as few words as possible: Fucking Creepy. It's not anything unfamiliar to her, either! Someone else she knows has a very similar ability, one which has come in handy a time or four already.

"'Nyx,' huh," she repeats in her usual flat tone. Before she can offer a name in return the comment about the makeup has her ever so slightly off-guard. It's like she suddenly doesn't know whether to completely abandon the act or do what Nyx says and try to touch it up. Right now she's hovering in the middle, which is very not good. Cover only works when everyone else doesn't realize who it is under the layers!

Touching up the mask wins out. Path of least resistance, and all. A compact comes out of a pocket and hands work on complete autopilot to cover up the 'damage.'

"I suppose it doesn't matter anymore since you've seen my tell," she thinks aloud. "Domino. Just another merc out for work. Between you and Beef von Slabside back there tonight's a complete wash. We'll call it even for me running you over, it's the best deal you're going to get from me."


"Like I need a deal from you," Nyx points out, rolling her eyes. "You weren't going to give me anything for it anyway and you don't have anything to give me in the first place." She shakes her head then, taking a deep breath as she does so. "We're fine. You didn't run me over on purpose, so…"

Nyx watches as the makeup is applied, gesturing vaguely with two fingers. "Missed a spot… Ah, good. Domino. That's a good name anyway." She shifts her weight from left to right. "Even if you're really terrible at swiping cars." Nyx approaches Domino with both handslifted, no weapons in sight, at a nonthreatening speed.

"…Is it, though? A complete wash. Any way you could cut a deal? Boost a different car or- something. But- wait. You said this one means something to your client or whatever?"


"Think whatever you want," Neena challenges. "It's not changing a thing." Nor does it need to, the situation resolves itself in the end.

When Nyx 'helps' by pointing out a missed spot Dom gives her -such- a glare. She's an independent sort, to a fault, and makes no effort to conceal that detail about herself. "It serves its purpose," she cryptically replies. Another pause immediately follows when her car-swiping prowess comes under fire.

A flick of her hand snaps the compact closed with a *tik*. "Now we're discussing the details of my personal life? Nuh uh. That stops here, kiddo. Instead, we're going to talk about -you- for a while. Subjects like 'how you got to be so damn cocky' and 'what's up with that weird-ass power of yours.' Creating blades out of thin air and making shadows your bitch aren't the skill sets of a whitehat wannabe hero. So," she trails off while placing hands upon her hips and slowly stepping forward with measured, meaningful strides.

"What's -your- game."


"Maybe it could be," Nyx responds quietly. "If people didn't figure you were some kind of monster just becasue things get darker when you're scared." She has her head canted to the left again, blue eyes intent on Domino's face. The girl licks her lips lightly and gently adjusts her black gloves.

"You brought up making you unable to finish the job. If you didn't bring it up I couldn't ask. So who was discussing details again?" The girl shrugs a little bit, swaying very slightly from left to right. She's planted herself a short way off, too far to be readily threatening if the best she can do is a shadow knife or two.

"What's up with that weird ass power of mine? Fuck if I know. Why am I so cocky? Because it beats being scared and being everybody's bitch. What kind of a game am I playing…?" Nyx blinks once and then gives her head a shake. "Well, you did say you'd take me for a ride earlier." She finally manages to crack a grin. Nice, white teeth.


As Nyx starts talking the remaining distance between the two continues to disappear, little by little. Before long they're right in each other's faces, thanks to Domino completely ignoring the boundaries of personal space and comfort zones.

"I mentioned it only because you're partly at fault for fucking over my evening, and I want to make this ab..solutely..clear..so that you know what the score is."

It also serves double-duty. She's still trying to figure out what to do about this girl. Again..no reason to jump straight to the final solution. Ditching her might be a slight complication..on a good day when she doesn't look like a strong wind would knock her over. But there's something more here, something that she just..can't…

Oh, who the hell is she kidding. It's almost like looking in a mirror that's dated ten years back. Make blonde hair black and it touches close enough to home that Dom's actually feeling uncomfortable with the idea.

Now this chronologically displaced 'twin' is egging her on for a ride. "Sure you're up for another?" Neena challenges with a thin lopsided grin. "That last one nearly killed you."

She gives the comment a few seconds to take root before continuing. "There's a free clinic in Harlem that doesn't discriminate against us freaks. If you can keep up for the next five blocks you'll get a ride there, no strings."

Here's the offer, and here's the albino turning around and walking anew.


Nyx is staring into Domino's eyes, refusing to back down when the taller woman is nearly on top of her. She stares back intensely, something which might be more effective were she larger or less injured. So instead she watches, waiting for Domino to make her decisions.

It isn't quite with bated breath that Elizabeth greets the lopsided grin. She nodes once, slowly."Nothing worth doing that's completely safe," she responds in a quiet voice before giving a nod.

Nyx doesn't bother continue to speak. She follows in Domino's footsteps like a younger version of herself.


Five blocks disappear without another word spoken from the mercenary. The end result is a black with blue trim '62 Dodge Polara, a smaller (relatively speaking) two-door coupe which still retains the full sized engine of its kin. It isn't a popular car, either. This market demands the full sized body, resulting in this often overlooked automotive oddity. Despite Nyx's injuries Dom unlocks the driver's door first, drops herself into the seat, closes the door, then gives herself a quick examination in the rearview with a disapproving frown. She's lucky that head injury wasn't accompanied by a concussion.

-Then- she reaches over to unlock the passenger door.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that she's still not any good at making small talk. What's left to say? She made an offer, the requirement was met, now she's following through.


"Damn big city. Hate and oppression at every corner. What do you do with yourself when you aren't busy hiding?"

With the question voiced she starts up the massive V8 then proves that she is capable of sane, rational degrees of vehicle operation.


To her credit Nyx doesn't try to make smalltalk either. She's content to watch the city go by, a brooding expression on features which are arguably too young for it. The girl walks in slightly longer strides than might be comfortable. Then again, she doesn't seem to be in any hurry and yet always manages to keep up. Their path takes them through a lot of shadows, especially given the current time of night.

When the Polara comes into view Nyx takes a second to look it over before moving to the passenger side door. She glances at the lock, raises an eyebrow… Shrugs and waits patiently to be let in.

"Usually? Look for work and then find somewhere better to hide," Nyx responds rather earnestly to the tune of a roaring engine. "Thought I'd change up the gameplan tonight, but…" There's a slow shrug from the smaller girl as she leans back into the too large sea.

"You? You're a merc. And on the run, at least part of the time. What do you do…?" She bites her bottom lip as she asks, worrying it gently. "Does it get any easier, when you fight more and hide less?"


"Depends on which is easier for you," Dom replies without giving the question a whole lot of consideration. "Are you a fighter, or are you a hider? Seems to me you're more of the former with skills of the latter. Tricks like that aren't going to serve you well in the typical job market, but it sounds like you're already familiar with the issue."

This may be the city that never sleeps but at this time of night and with the roads that she's taking it may as well be down for the count. Not a lot of other cars to fight with for lane space. Nyx isn't going to get off so easily. Now that the girl has nowhere to go some proper grilling can commence.

"It also sounds like you could benefit from some form of stability. You did well back there, didn't flinch once. Question is, what if I really was going for blood. Could you have gone through with your threat?" she inquires with a sidelong glance. "Putting up a strong show without the defense to back it is gonna get you killed."


"I'm sick of hiding. I just…" Nyx looks frustrated for a second, scowling as she slowly shakes her head. She breathes a quick, heavy sigh and leans back harder into her seat, blue eyes turning up toward the ceiling overhead. She doesn't look surprised by the questions,r eally. She's even giving the courtesy of actually contemplating her answers before running her mouth.

"I have before," Nyx admits tersely, having taken a second to evaluate the situation. Her voice is a bit brittle, taking on the higher mezzo soprano she seems to make an effort at hiding. "I've had people pointing weapons at me before. Or threatening my mom. So… Yeah. I could've gone through with it. No problem."

"Just that I was pretty sure you weren't really planning on pulling the trigger and I just wanted the gun out of my face so you'd be less tempted. So…" The girl's voice continues to get quieter until it's almost a whisper, hinting at the reality of her state of mind. Her whole frame is tense but she's not taken a position that would allow her to readily defend herself.

"Stability, hmm. People talk about it a olot, but I'm not sure I believe 'em."


This is the moment when Domino really starts to pay attention to the way Nyx reacts. Words, expressions, body language, the whole works. While driving. Multi-tasking is go. She's seen the girl with her claws out. Now she's getting a chance to see what's lurking beneath the thorny demeanor.

Frankly, it's exactly the sort of truth she had been expecting to find. Nothing against Nyx, Dom's just getting better at reading people. Now that she's actually able to be around legitimate people.

"Hiding because you don't look normal. Because maybe strange things start to happen when your emotions get the better of you. Stability is relative. Life is never going to be nice and smooth. Tonight's one of very many reminders that will eagerly sucker-punch you just to remind you that they still exist to kick your unsuspecting ass. The trick is figuring out what can be controlled, then building a foundation from there."

Life-counseling with Neena Thurman! 'If life gives you lemons, throw them back into life's face then shoot out both of its knees, because fuck that.'

"It helps to know what you're made of, which you have some grasp of already. Then you have to figure out what to do with it. Pick your fights, build your foundation. Figure out what drives you. The merc gig is a side job, my 'public face.' On the flip..I look out for our kind."

Which is why Nyx is now getting a free ride to the clinic.


"Being a merc actually doesn't sound so bad. I'm way past worrying if I could hurt people or not," Nyx muses, though mostly to herself. After a second she adds, "You look out for… People like us?"

There's a hint of incredulity there but that might just be warranted given the night's events but then Nyx shrugs and gives a slow nod. "Guess I'm doing the right thing, just about. Haven't find my niche yet, right?" That turns into a soft laugh and then the blonde closes her eyes for a second.

"So if I said I'm going to hide less, and if I have to fight more then so be it. Like- well, you, I guess. In a way. What would you tell me then?"


"It has its moments," Neena admits without any sign of emotion. "It also has moments like tonight where even the most simple op in the world can go completely sideways before you can go from zero to sixty. There's more to it than suppressing the pain and soldiering on. You have to know how to swallow your pride. Don't let others get under your skin. It's not a good gig for having any sort of humanity. But..yes. Not all mutants can stand up for themselves. I'm one of the guys that tags in and does the fighting for them. When necessary."

The next question goes unanswered. She considers it more a matter of personal reflection than an actual question. Besides, she's already talking way too damn much.

Leave it to -Raven- of all people to start giving Dom a conscience. Things have to be pretty far off the deep end to learn something like that from one of the biggest terrorists of the species.

"Always have a backup plan. -Always- have an exit. When you get in over your head, and you will, understand that getting the crap beat out of you is par for the course. Either you live through it or you don't. Just make sure to give it as good as you get it, or better. And..seriously," she adds while pulling up alongside a grimy Harlem curb, "leave your ego at the door."


"It's good advice," Nyx agrees quietly. She is studying Domino, sitting in an idling car outside a free clinic in Harlem. "Thanks." That's really just a whisper. Then the girl opens the vehicle, swinging her legs around carefully as her movements finally start to acknowledge those injuries once more. Moderate, but they could certainly be worse. Nyx puts boots to ground and walks toward the building with slow strides. A few steps further and she simply disappears into the night.

You get used to it when Nyx is around. She has to concentrate to make herself -visible- a lot of the time.

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