1964-02-29 - Dog Park
Summary: A meeting in Central PArk
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The grounds of Central Park had become a regular, meandering loop for Skali during the middle of the day. While the University students lingered on park benches, lovers meeting for a late lunch or simply passing the time with a good book, the deity strolled amid the small contagion of dogs that paid her rent. Their leather leashes spanned from collar to the palm of her hand in perfect, half-circle loops that never grew taunt, an almost robotic obedience to the whole cadre that was unsettling when examined closely. Fortunately, there was nothing remarkable about a dog walker in Central Park, and thus the woman rarely raised more than an eyebrow here and there in her regular working hours.

Arriving at the small area that allowed for unfettered canid enjoyment, she unclipped each of the pack before the freeing of her hands allowed for a cigarette to be pulled out and lit. The acrid scent of tobacco filled her nose, and she drew deeply to wash out the overwhelming senses that midday in New York City offered. With a hip popped against the fence that divided the park from the bustle of the main streets, she leaned a head back against the bars and glared up at the grey clouds overhead threatening rain.


Namor Couldn't bother with the dogs. Seals with legs. And everyone hates seals. The Sub-mariner wached from a bench across from the park, having kicked his legs up to recline along the length of the seat. A police officer walking by, nearly gave trouble to the man sporting shorts, laying back on a parkbench in the overcast, but a glimpse of steely biceps and he figured it wasn't worth the trouble.

Namor smiled as he looked up at the promise of rain. He loved it, all the fun of the upper world with none of the goddamn people. Pop in a bar for a drink, collect the scaught-without-an-umbrella sympathies of a cutie downtown against her daddy's wishes, and then back into the wonderful water for more of a walk. That wolf walking the dogs might not enjoy it as much but hey, she was the one that insisted on coming out here with that pack.

Sighing, he slips off the bench, crossing the hundred yards or so to the park. He might as well join the girl as long as she was in danger of getting wet.


Skali sensed his approach before the distance fully closed, the nearest of the brood that milled about her mirroring her refocusing of attentions. The Alsatian had earned a special place in her home and scant belongings, having proven much too difficult for the former owners, though they refused to admit defeat just yet. Thus the large brute with radar ears regarded the approach of briny suitor with a huff that caught his mistress' attentions, his unimpressed consideration mirrored in her own bemused expression. Fingertips traced the curve of a heavily furred ear and she made no move to stand to greet the sea's dark prince. There was still algae in her hair, salt on her skin, and the smell of him resettled on the back of her tongue while ash was kicked off the edge of the cigarette and she smiled. Hungry; she always looked so hungry.

"Look at you, rubbing elbows with us common-folk."

A different woman may have insinuated something with those words, but the godling only intoned such observations in amusement. She caught his calf with an ankle, pulling him to stand between her legs as she looked up at him with a muted, expectant affection.

"What could the Prince hope to accomplish by stooping so low?"


Namor let himself be pulled in as his face broke a smile, fingertips going to her elbow just gently enough to urge that hand upward as his head turned to take a drag on that cigarette still between her fingers. His hips rolled far too closely to hers for such a public venue, but it wasn't as if the Prince would mind. They already stared at his bulky frame, and all-too-often bare legs. "Just gracing these people with my presence. I hear foriegn dignitaries are supposed to tour the neighboring kingdoms from time to time as a courtesy. And besides…" He adds with a smirk, "I've always enjoyed adoration from the common folk, and today? Today I wanted to feel adored."


Skali tolerates the puppetry with a shake of her head, tossing the thick dark hair that had plastered against his skin last night in a hackling of curls that must have been a trick of the light. The low growl that echoed his ponderings did not ink from her throat, instead coaxed from the deep chest of the black and tan creature sprawled at her feet. She didn't bother quieting him, seeming to find his lack of adoration for her mate endearing. Skali always enjoyed what was contrary and difficult.

"It seems you came to the wrong place for that."

A slight tilt of her head, those golden eyes holding his own before blinking and distracting to the sidewalk with a petulant huff as she admitted suddenly.

"Today my skin itches and my teeth ache. I hurt."

And the way she whimpered the word 'hurt' implied anything but physical pain, stretching the syllable as if she languished even in admitting it. A flirtatious mischief was in the corners of her gaze when she flicked it back to him with a succinct request of-

"Distract me before I murder someone."


Namor glances over his shoulder at the source of the growl. Returning the gesture with his own, subsonics rumbling his chest. Goddamn seals. The patter of some small drops across his shoulders brightens the mood, turning the atlantean's attenntion away from the beasts that didn't matter, bringing him back to the one that did. Catching a golden glint, he grins at the fire behind those eyes, a hand falling to her hip as the other opens upward in a shrug.

"Well if murdering someone is off the list, that does limit the distractions available to us." Musing, he glances to the tall Manhattan skyline over the trees. "We could get somthing to eat? I happen to know a butcher that owes me a favor for only killing his cousin when I found them hawking shark fins." Fingers tap at her midsection while he pauses and adds with a smile, "Though I don't think your symptoms match that kind of hunger…"


Skali grumbles in key with everyone else's growling, the mood dimming towards the petulant with the sudden appearance of rain though precipitation brightened at least one mood out of those assembled.

"You only killed one of them? That's a missed opportunity we could rectify sometime."

The musing trailed off, hips angling down to grind against him with a laugh that was rich with mirth, belonging to a packed tavern with mead on the tongue and blood from battle still spattered against flushed cheeks. At the sound of it, the dogs in the park stilled, canting their attentions towards the couple with a rapt focus while tails slowly waved in tentative appraisal of the circumstances. The sudden focus of so many compatriots as well as their owners upon the she-wolf subdued her briefly and she paused in teasing his black hair into tussled misconfiguration of its usual perfection.

"But not now. No. I'm to be on my best behavior. The Sorcerer Supreme would be most displeased if I strayed from the path of humanity, dull as it were. He's suggested I stop cutting large swaths of destruction into major Midgardian populations."


The police officer prowling around the dog park scowled at the much-too-public display of affection, approaching the pair to tell them off, regardless of the man's size. As every canine eye in the park turned to them, and then to the officer however, the uni made the wise decision and meandered off to find another couple to harass before he got within earshot. At least these kids didn't look like they would start too much trouble.

The Prince of the Sea nearly sighed as those hips slowed against his, uncaring of his hair and ignorant to the wagging stares at his back. He hadn't had a girl quite so… warm in his arms for too long, and it was much too easy for him to get distracted. And yet, there was still apparently conversation to be had. "Sorcerer Supreme hmm? You didn't go out and find someone more important than me when I went underwater did you? If he has the sway to turn you off of minor genocides, he must be quite the man."


Skali obviously finds the thought of forsaking her loyalty to him deeply amusing, though she managed to smother the humor before it attracted more untoward attentions from the public. Without another trill of excited humor to draw the pack in, the beasts went back to their prowling and sniffing while Skali's own nose turned to bury in the lee of his neck, just where the collar met with breastbone, breathing in his scent while the cigarette burned away forgotten in her other hand.

"He is very convincing. Has all sorts of toys at his disposal that can quell even my temper."

Against the soft skin over his jugular she exhaled, the warmth of her breath wet with the rain hitting his shoulders, painting every breath in steam.

"I miss you when you're gone. It can put me in quite a state."

That state was the size of a mid-sized Sedan and had a bloodlust that could obliterate a small continent of any sentient life, but it was hard to remember such things when she was this close, this warm, this soft and this unapologetically affectionate.


Namor slipped powerful arms around the woman, pulling her closer than he would normally trust, letting down his guard and briefly forsaking his princely airs to crane his neck and breath in the smell of her hair, rich with warmth and life. He knew that force that he left her with, but as long as the wolf didn't learn to breath water, it was a consequence he could live with.

"Quite the state… Obviously." Pondering briefly about just what kind of tools a man would need to quell such a state, he adds with that impish smirk returning, "You're getting wet."


"I have to get back to work."

The words were whispered in that husky tone that usually reserved for more intimate sentiments, an apologetic batting of lashes as she looked up at him and smiled in a way that was more wolfish than woman.

"Dinner though. Two hours. That place uptown a bit with the beef they import from Japan, please."

With the request made, she signed the missive with a kiss pressed to his lips before untangling their limbs to reclaim her feet. There was no sound, and yet the collection of different hounds, scruffed to shaggy, peeled away cleanly from their separate affairs and fell into place at her heels. On every footstep she claimed, her hips swayed, and if there was any question for who she applied so much swagger to every step for, she flashed him a wink over a shoulder to dispel the uncertainty.


Namor drew air quick through his teeth, the Atlantean's blood pumping hot as the rain soaks into him. Shaking his head, he was reminded why he bothered with the girls up here. Muttering to himself, he peels eyes away from that swinging behind, turning the other way. "Kobe beef… Damn, I'm going to need my wallet…"


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