1964-03-02 - Fire Support
Summary: Lorna runs into Domino and the two chat about Mojo and make plans.
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Lorna looked like she had seen the wrong side of the pavement, and she had. Most would just assume she'd fallen off a bike or some such. Flying bulls? Definitely beyond what most would think of. Scabs and scrapes and bruises marred her face down one side and up the other. Brown hair, dyed and magically made so, was carefully swept over her features to try to hide some of the damage.

Her walk was the slow, careful step of someone that was aching. Her gaze snapped over icy patch to icy patch, finding clear ways to walk that would absolutely not lead to her falling or crashing into someone.

A purple, woolen coat and pink scarf wrapped around her neck in a great puff against the still chilly air. A plastic bag from the drug store hung from her wrist, swinging with each step she took. A grimace pulled at her lips as a car horn honked on the nearby street and she stepped back further onto the side walk and paused to lean against a brick building.

A few muttered words followed as she rubbed her forehead and squinted against the afternoon sun.


The cold weather can be a blessing in disguise, no one thinks twice when someone happens to be walking around with a full hood drawn up and much of their face masked over. Thick fur lines the hood and wrists of Domino's long coat while large sunglasses hide a fair portion of the black spot upon her face. It might seem that she's gone into deeper hiding lately, as well. At least she doesn't also happen to have a limp, though not all is well in the pale lady's world.

Neena's bumped into Lorna a few times before, though she does the incognito role well. If not for the other mutant's limping she may have slipped right under the radar. When Lorna's leaning against the wall it gives Dom a chance to move closer, deliberately sliding the last two feet across a small patch of ice toward the other gal.

"Girl, you look like you've just crawled out of a roll-over. Winter's not bein' too kind to ya, huh."

Those sunglasses don't hide everything, such as a nasty looking cut across the bridge of her nose only a few days into healing and the ugly discoloration of a wicked bruise across the center of her forehead. Something clocked her a good one!


Lorna practically jumped as the pale woman spoke to her, the address earning a startled look and push off the brick wall. In the time it took Lorna to remember where she'd seen the other woman before, nearly everything metallic in the area had started to vibrate under her powers. A short breath, an exhale and Lorna calmed herself enough to smooth a hand over her hair and glance around them once, then twice.

"Flying bull in Spain actually.." She mumbled, biting her lower lip as she considered the other woman.

"Looks like you got into a fight with a door knob and lost."


Dom's hands quickly come out of their coat pockets, held out to either side. "Whoa, hey! Easy there, rabbit. Just a social call, honest." The shifting of metal sure got her attention, she's wearing plenty of it!

Oddly enough, mention of the flying bull brings a look of recognition from the albino. Before she can comment on the subject she goes right back to smirking, gently pulling the shades away from her face. "That obvious, huh. You're not too far off. Some guy was going ballistic at a pizza joint a few days ago. He didn't much appreciate being disarmed."

She turns to lean back against the wall beside Lorna, ducking her head low and fitting the glasses back into place. Gently. "Funny you should mention a flying bull. I caught up to your pal with the white hair and Little Red the other day, they filled me in on a lot of the incredibly strange details. Seems like they're gearing up to do something about 'El Sluggo.' Are you a part of that fight or are you laying low?"


Lorna resettled against the wall, shifting her grip on the plastic bag to her other hand with a sigh. "Not obvious, well, I mean." She exhaled a breath that sent her hair tickling over her cheeks. "I was actually trying to pay attention, s'all." She shrugged.

"And white… oh you mean Tommy? He's my nephew. Been staying at his an' Hope's place while my concussion lightens up some." Any hints that her powers were just as jumpy as she'd been faded to nothing as she seemed to calm the more she spoke.

"And yeah, I'm kind of the one that dragged them all into it. The freaky guy in charge took my friend, Seth. He's .. well, he was a homeless mutant from Hell's Kitchen. It's why when Raven was talking about others taking mutants, I thought maybe he'd been picked up.." She wiggled her fingers as she spoke in a vague sort of gesture at the street before her.

"But then he was on TV previews for WILD thing.. and yeah.. I sorta dragged everyone I could find that would help out into it. Now this Mojo guy has been messin' with us all as a result."


"I'm just givin' you a hard time," Neena says with a good-natured smile. "I look like hell. It's okay."

-Nephew?!- Upon hearing this she slowly rolls her eyes, it would seem that Tommy had been messing with her for a while now… "Yeah. Tommy and Hope. Sounds like you kids had one heck of a bizarre encounter."

Oho, plot thickens. More info on Seth and how everything happened to be linked together. It should come as no surprise to hear that Raven's somehow connected as well.

"'Mojo,'" she repeats in a lower tone which does not sound at all impressed. "The more I hear about that guy the more I want to take a salt shaker into battle against him. For curiosity's sake. Salt loads real easy into a shotgun shell," she remarks as if it's a subject which should interest everyone and not just her.

"Here's my problem," she starts in with what seems like a serious tone. "Tommy gave me this really awesome lunch, so now I'm on the hook. I don't think anyone knows what the next play is going to be though I did have a couple of ideas. Regardless, if you need an extra hand you can tag me in. Mojo is messing with mutants and we just can't let that continue."


A slow nod followed Domino's words as Lorna puzzled over a few things, "Yeah, it was weird. I got knocked out, but they told me there was someone that messed with powers. At least they all have a vague idea of what magnetism does." She scratched her head, "Though I don't think they noticed the fact that I can sense.. well, okay, never mind. That was only a fluke I think. I was in a bad place for a moment over there…"

She rubbed the bridge of her nose, one of the few places not banged up looking. "The guy in charge sent .. I thought it was my friend. It was trying to get me to .. to do some show for Mojo. It looked like my friend and had this knife that I'd made him. see, I put this bit of cobalt inside it so I could ping off it and find him easier.. but I guess I dunno.." She shook her head.

"Anyways when I said I didn't do shows he melted.. I nearly lost it when I thought.. I hope it's not really my friend. 'Cause if it is.." She exhaled a breath, closing her eyes as she squared her jaw.

"I'd be happy to add to that salt idea. I guess.." She muttered, and crossed her arms.

"I guess what I'm saying is, yeah.. okay. S'cool if you want in. I won't say no to more help."


A curious look is soon passed Lorna's way when she mentions having 'sensed' something. Hope had said something very similar… Dom's going to have to keep her eyes and ears open on this one. Especially if the opposing team can duplicate people with that level of detail. Assuming it had been a duplicate. Otherwise, eww.

"Melted," she again repeats in a flat tone. "This guy with the knife, you're talking about Seth?" she tries to clarify. "Don't think about what might have happened. Focus on what you're going to do next. Everyone loves a good revenge story, right?" she teases with a thin smile.

"Yeah. I'm in. You kids have point for now but if you guys get in too far over your heads don't be surprised if I jump from 'fire support' to 'commander in chief.' Now do you have any idea what our next move is? Do we have anything at all to work with? Because I've been hearing a lot about what he did to you guys but not a lot on how to get back at him."


A shrug, "So long as you're not yelling at me to go home, I don't care. Seth is my friend and I was and am willing, to do a lot to see him back safe." A pause as she considered Domino and pushed off the wall.

"Also if I get upset.. uhm.. ahead of time, sorry. But I promise I can fix whatever damage I do to your guns, if I lose control." She stretched her hands out before her and grimaced. "My powers get easier to use and harder to control the more emotional I get. Apparently it runs in the family, at least, my father said so." Another pause as she glanced over the woman.

"And I dunno, I was thinking about going back to the studio I nearly brought down, where they were having try outs I guess? There has to be something there that allowed them to move between dimensions right? A hint? A clue? I can manipulate most things that are based on eletricity, it's all magnetism anyways.." She bit her lower lip.

"Failing that, do something showy. This guy wants entertainment. He wants a show for some reason. He seemed, or at least his minions have seemed interested in me and my powers. Likely something to do with how popular my father was when he was fighting off the giants on TV a few months ago." Another shrug and then a grimace and she rubbed at her temples.

"So I gotta get back and lie down I think, my head is pounding. That sunlight is just killing my eyes." She gestured down the street.


"I'm an adult, not a parent," Domino promises. "Your locations and hours of operation are your own business. All I'm aiming for is not losing anyone else on our side of the fence."

'Lose control' and 'damage to guns' aren't things that she wants to hear, if the sour expression is any indication. "Noted..but let's try to avoid that as much as possible, okay? Losing my gear in the middle of a fight isn't going to make matters any easier for me."

Here we go, some direction! "Can't hurt to check the place out," she seconds. Lorna's next suggestion brings a gradual return to the monochromed mercenary's grin, however. In another moment Dom's pointing right back at Lorna. "My thought exactly. Hope had the same feeling, that Mojo wanted her for this show of his. If we can't find these guys then we have them find us, and we give them some proper incentive to want to take us all back with them."

The last comment has her dipping her head forward then nodding once. "Hope knows how to get hold of me. Try to get yourself back up to one hundred percent, everyone's gonna need to be at their best."

Including Neena.

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