1964-03-08 - Date Night
Summary: Tony asks Raven out for a date…
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It's after dinner…and Tony and Charles fchatted a bit about scientific, geeky stuff for a little before Charles begged off to sleep. Tony, however, wasn't yet tired. After all, he was young, the night was young, and they were in England! Who wouldn't want to celebrate that! The only problem was that he needed a beautiful woman on his arm. It just so happened that Charles' sister happened to fit that prerequisite.

He's already dressed to go out when he knocks lightly at Raven's door. "Pssst. Raven? Are you up?"


Work was -such- a drag! After being hooted at, hollered at, beer spilled upon and hit on, Raven just wanted a chance to decompress with a nice hot shower and possibly the greasiest thing she's ever eaten.

But fresh from the shower, her red hair still wet, she hears the knock upon the door, her eyes cutting towards it as she lets out a slight scoff, her blue skin rippling into the familiarness that Charles and Tony would know, blonde hair crinkled yet still retaining it's water. "Yess.. I'm up.." She calls out, moving towards the door to lean against. "What do you want Tony? Did Charles send you?"


"What? If Charles knew I was here, he'd probably shoot me," Tony admits. But that doesn't seem to have stopped him. "I'm bored. Let's go out somewhere. You know this place better than me, so take me to where all the fun is." Their upbringings couldn't be more different. Tony doesn't ask…he demands, or in this case, whines. Most still think it's endearing, especially when they don't have to foot the bill.


There was a slight moment of hesitation, Raven takes a step back to look into the mirror to make sure that her entire visage was on the up and up. It takes a few more wardrobe changes for her to seem.. well.. a slight bit normal before she relents and opens the door.

High waisted pants, a nice blouse, something to fit the times of course! "He's going to kill us both, Anthony." Raven mutters. "Come in while I finish getting ready."


"Tony, otherwise it makes me sound all snooty." Even though that's sort of what he is. That said, when he's invited, Tony easily slips into the room and sits in a chair to watch the ritual. "Well, at least we'll have had some fun before our deaths, hmm?" He seems to appreciate her outfit of choice with the pants.

"Or we could keep the party here, but it's not as much fun if we have to be so quiet." Maybe the after-party will be back here.


"Tony it is.." Raven disappears into the bathroom, creating a slight racket as if she were searching for something, but in reality, she was going through different shades of makeup, one befitting of a night out with the rich and possibly would be famous Tony Stark.

"You don't know how deep Charles sleeps.." She calls out. "I could cover him in whipped cream and he'd still dream of sheep." Once she finds the perfect shade, she begins to brush out her hair, soon tucking and tying it into something a little more modest.

"What do you fancy tonight? Drinks? Dinner? Both?"


Tony is none the wiser for whatever Raven's doing in the bathroom. "Is that so? Well, maybe we'll have to try that too…" the whole 'covering Charles in whipped cream'. Because why not? "Both? All? Take me to the places that Charles doesn't want you to go to." He grins at the cleverness of that suggestion. Oh, he's so smart!

"Because I don't see you as a baby sister." Not in the least, if his ogling of her is any indication.


Once she's out of the bathroom, a little smile plays upon her lips at the thought. Perhaps when they're drunk enough, they could draw on Charles' face! That would be revenge enough from him constantly lording over her.

"You got a deal. On all accounts.."

But to places that Charles didn't want her to go? Well, it could be everywhere.. but she flops down upon the couch, her eyes near vacant as she looks towards him with a touch of surprise. "Really?" She shifts a little shyly. "Wha.. what do you see me as, then?"


"Great!" is offered as Tony seems about ready to get to his feet and head out. When Raven emerges from the bathroom, she gets a low whistle, "Looking good, buttercup," but then she flops down on the couch. Well, they can stay in too…he's flexible like that. Booze may still be required, however.

Eyebrows lift at the sudden shyness, "Oh, come on. You know you're a stunner."


"You really think so?" Raven asks, "I mean.. it's like I'm a deterrent or something. I try to go out on dates or even meet someone who's -half way- nice and boom.." Her fingers dazzle the air. "Blows right up in my face.."

There is a thought that it all is Charles' doing, but.. she quickly pushes it out of her mind. "There's this bar.. like really scrummy and slimey place. We should go there.." She leaps up to her feet, immediately marching around the room to look for her shoes. "Charles would hate it if he knew we were there!"


"Well, Charles is a bit stuffy, so maybe that does it? Maybe they're just too stunned by your beauty?" Because Tony isn't aware of his friend's capabilities yet. "Maybe you should try to meet someone who is all-the-way nice and he won't run away, scared?" is suggested.

Standing when she does, he offers, "But until you meet this guy, I'm happy to take up those responsibilites. That bar sounds just perfect, although please tell me it's not -actually- slimy. Because…that's kind of disgusting."

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