1964-03-09 - Sleeping Beauty Awakens
Summary: Lorna wakes up to realize she's trapped, at least she has Seth there?
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The last memory Lorna had was of the portal shutting before her as she had tried in vain to out race it's shutting with a snap. She had remembered Billy's cry, and then..? Blackness. She had harnessed more electricity than she had ever pulled and had planned to use it to.. to.. do what exactly?

Her thoughts were slow to awaken, and she lay spread out on the VIP's couch. Alseep. (or at least unconcious) Brown hair spilled from a ponytail. The black leather jump-suit she'd borrowed and never returned from Jean, was tinged with green and banged up from use.

But she'd lost her metal plated armor that normally clung to the suit, all the metal that had clung to her person had fallen off with her losing conciousness. Like someone flicking off a button.

Healing and fading bruises covered one side of her face, a hint of the violent circumstances she'd been in while trying to track down her friend in Spain.


Seth let her sleep. It was a mixed motivation that kept him sprawled in one of the accessory chairs to the main sofa, the ash tray at his elbow filled with ends and butts that measured how long he had waited for her to wake. When she finally did stir, her breath begin to quicken, her deep slumber fade, he stubbed out the current wrapped nicotine and waded through the haze in the room to kneel down quietly on the floor at her side. His voice was calm, even, familiar - smelling of whiskey and tobacco and that lingering sour that only folks with bad habits accrue, no matter how freshly laundered their clothing may be.

"Lorna, I need you to look at me and I need you to listen. I need you to breathe, in and out, and you're going to follow my breathing."

Seth was accustomed to folks waking up swinging; his history of acquaintances hadn't exactly come from circumstances that allowed them to feel safe and secure. However, most of them couldn't invert polarities and literally rip apart the seams that held buildings together. While he was resilient, he preferred not to test the upper limits of it.


Seth's voice brought a frown and furrow of her eyebrows to her delicate features and with a groan, Lorna turned over onto her side. A flutter of her eyebrows as she groggily, brain still foggy from whatever had knocked her out, followed the instructions that his gentle voice gave. Green eyes the color of Spring plants blinked up at him and she reached out a hand toward him. There were hints of healing scrapes on her knuckles and other bruises against her otherwise pale skin.

"Seth?" She mumbled, shifting closer toward the edge of the couch as she slowly came into a more awake state.

"Where am I? What's.. what happened? I don't remember exactly.." She wrinkled up her nose, her face pinching in thought.


As her hand extended, he quietly took it between his own fingertips, the edges dirtied but otherwise unharmed, the entirety of his person in far better shape than her. His musculature had filled in with regular meals, the ratted blonde hair tucked neatly back into carefully clipped strands, reddish dusting of his beard trimmed to appear roguishly handsome instead of ragged and untrustworthy. The clone had been perfect in appearance, but the quiet he answered her with now, the measured way he breathed as he watched her, that little smirk that played at the edges of his lips despite the dire situation she now found herself within; that was all Seth Wynn.

"I wish I could tell you. I only know that Mojo did not take what little advice I decided to give him."

Releasing her hand with a squeeze, he reached out and tweaked her nose gently with a light and laughing,

"Avoid you."


The smile had one answering appear on her lips, and though it seemed to take her a moment or two longer for her to process exactly what he meant? She at least seemed coherent and without a concussion at least. The tweak to her nose had her batting away the touch, jerking her head away in annoyance.

But, finally, finally, her memory seemed to catch up and it all hit. Then she was leaping up into a sitting position, with a sharp inhale. "Oh my gosh."

"Mojo— what the hell?!" She jumped up from the couch, her hands thrown out as she spun round in a circle, panic lancing through her. Her face flashed pale as she angled her hands up and outwards and all around as she spun on her toes. Her expression clouding. A lurch upwards and she floated, levitated an inch or so above the floor. But that was all she seemed to be able to do.

"There's no metal. Oh my god. There's no metal." No, no, no. Her senses were still there, she could still feel that part up.. but.. where ever it was that Mojo had stuck them? There wasn't a hint of metal anywhere within her range.

She sank down back to the floor, biting her lower lip.


As the hands flew out, Seth flinched and swore, bracing himself for whatever tin foil, graphite or ball point pens were lying around to come flying into a hurricane of Lona-influenced rage. And then nothing happened. And his own hands slowly lowered, his tongue clicked thoughtfully, blue eyes turning to the forlorn expression of his new companion.

Quietly he crossed the room, kneeling down to join her on the floor. His arms reached out to quietly bring her against his chest, lowering his lips to nuzzle against the ridge of her ear, breathing into the curvature of her neck. It was a practiced affection, scripted, body angling perfectly in the event a camera was trained on him. And utilizing the expected moment of their reunion, he whispered with an urgency,

"Lorna, you have to pretend. You have to fake it. Mojo likes to keep pets, not prisoners, and if you play into that, then he leaves doors open, leashes off, opportunities. Do you understand? If you do, if you want to get out of here, if you don't want to become a useless puppet, I need you to kiss me for whatever cameras he's hidden in here and we're going to act out the star struck lovers reunited because it will make for good television."


Tears had gathered in her eyes as she drew on the electrical fields and.. found nothing to do with it. The magnetic fields around her swelled and popped, the lights above flickering with the intensity of her despair and fear. She'd never been without the comforting buzz of metal around her. Never been without the magnetic fields of the Earth above and the resolute comfort of the molten core of iron below.

As Seth bent, gathering her up in his arms the way she twisted to cling to him was anything but acting. She wanted comfort, for anyone to tell her that it'd be okay and that they'd get through this. Even as she trembled and tears trickled down her cheeks.

His words, however had her freezing up, tensing in his grip. Mojo. Cameras.

The revenge plot. Domino had mentioned it.

Doesn't everyone love a revenge story?

A shuddering breath pulled from her lungs, inhaled, exhaled, and her eyes screwed shut as she tried to jerk back from him.

"No! How do I even know you're really Seth? I saw you melt before! You died in front of me! I saw it! I nearly pulled apart a stadium full of people over it! If Tommy hadn't.." Her voice died, Tommy. Oh Tommy. Had he even been saved or was he locked up somewhere still? Her breath seemed to gust out of her and she made a choked noise at the back of her throat. So much for acting? Or possibly this new drama would be better yet.


Seth released her as soon as she retracted, something akin to relief tracing his features as quickly as it was replaced by a bemused expression. A more ideal versioning of the man would have protested loudly, thrown himself at the mercy of trials to prove his worth, announced some unrequited affection. Seth was rarely ideal though, and so he simply leaned back on his elbows, lounging almost like a cat on the thick rug with a little shrug of his shoulders and an honest.

"You don't. Just like I don't know that you're the real Lorna."



Lorna gaped at him, settling backwards in her crouch, blinking repeatedly. "Wait what?" Then her eyebrows climbed upwards and she made a noise at the back of her throat, pressing a hand over her lips.

"Oh. My. Gosh. But I am. I know I am. And the other guy? He smoked in front of me. And he was .. he was just off." She added, crossing her arms as she settled backwards and folded her legs, glowering at him.

Then her expression broke and she looked down at her lap. "He had your knife." Her voice was soft and trembled faintly. That had clearly bothered her.


Seth watches as her mind leaps and turns over the same things he could have said, a toss of his shoulders up once more in dismissal before her final words tightened his lips, jawline tensing before he exhaled in petulant grumble.

"Yes, well, it was the only thing I wished to keep from my previous life. I think it was ultimately concluded that if it had value to me, it would make the copy more convincing."

For a long moment, he let the silence settle, a comfortable familiarity in the quiet despite how chaotic their current circumstances were. When he spoke once more, his words were quiet,

"You should have left it alone, Lorna."

There was a sadness in the sentiment, a genuine discomfort that she had sacrificed so much to be here, suffering with him.


More tears, and she hung her head, pressing her the heels of her hands against her eyes. A sniffle. "I couldn't, you.. we fought last time. I-I.." Her lower lip trembled.

"Raven said that there were people kidnapping mutants and putting them on drugs and I assumed the worst and I-I.." She broke off, and rubbed her nose on the back of her sleeve, blinking back tears that were very much real. It seemed Lorna was struggling with that whole acting bit.

"I was scared you'd been kidnapped and were being experimented on or something." She rubbed at her eyes again, her shoulders rising and falling as she struggled with her emotions.


Seth nods slowly as he looked at his hands to avoid her eyes, beginning to fill with moisture that was now tracing her cheeks, dropping against the lapels of her dark clothing and disappearing into the black. He leaned forward quietly; surprisingly lithe even in the tight jeans he had been attired in, and reached out as if to touch her before hesitating and lowering his hand. She had pulled away from him once. He wouldn't press the issue even if he suspected she could use a hug at the moment.

"Kidnapped, yes. Experimented upon? In a manner of speaking. Mojo has enjoyed stretching my powers to the limits of their capabilities for the purposes of entertainment. In return, he keeps me as a pampered pet."

For a long moment, he said nothing further before finally concluding,

"I wish you hadn't come looking for me though. This is a fucking mess."


The hug would have been welcomed and as she sat there sniffling, face damp with tears and tinged pink. A blink, red rimmed green eyes catch the sight of him reaching out toward her before it lowered between her fingers.

A shaky breath and her own hands lowered to her lap. His words earning a wince at the language and she shifted, scooting forward to settle beside him. Her head tilting to rest against his shoulder, and she sniffled again. A hand reaching out to press against his arm. "I'm sorry." She whispered.

The leather suit she wore creaked and she glanced around the room, brows furrowed. "There's no doors in here." She bit her lower lip, noting the foam coach, with no springs. The lights, all flitered through glass above.

"At least my nephews know what happened?" She offered, her brows pinched. "Did I tell you about them? I've got two nephews…"


Seth welcomes her approach, shifting backwards until their mutual backs were pressed against the edge of the couch for support while the shoulder she leaned against rolled backwards and his arms pulled her against his chest. If she so desired, she could clamor into the splayed legs of his lap, his clothing smelling like smoke and gunpowder under the acrid smell of cigarettes.

"Aye, it's a very nice prison though. And the decor is quite modern, or so I've been told. I waved off the last three meals they brought round because you were out but I can order up anything that suits your fancy when your appetite returns."

The information about the rest of her family potentially coming chased away his humor, a low grumble echoing against her ear from the depths of his chest,

"Lorna, if they come here, they'll be in danger too. Keep your wits about you. There are ways to exploit Mojo's need for entertainment, manipulate things around. Come on, you're smart, we'll figure it out. Hopefully before your whole family gets caught up in this."


A puff of air escaped her as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and she pressed close, not quite climbing into the lee of his lap. She closed her eyes briefly, her hands curling and the lights flickered above her. Electricity was still magnetism, after all at its core. She could do a whole lot more than play with toy cars or ball bearings.

"I'm not hungry." She mumbled, her lips twisting. Anger and panic and tears did not make for a large appetite. His words about her family being caught up had her lips pursed.

"Mojo already took Tommy. It's why I was.. was there. I dunno if you saw it." She added, her brows pinched as she glanced around the room and did in fact see a darkened wall that might've been where an image could be projected. It was strange, decidedly not the same as the thick, bulky TVs she knew.

"And if you think I'm trouble.." She shrugged and heaved a sigh.


Seth follows her gaze to the space on the wall, currently not illuminated by anything but plaster and paint. A shake of his head spilled a few strands of blonde across his eyes as he looked back down at her with an admitted,

"No. I believe the surprise was supposed to lend itself to the drama of our reunion."

His lips twitch and he sighs, the motion heaving their mirrored bodies up and then down with the exasperation in it.

"As I assume attracting the entirety of your family tree would be purposeful as well. Which is why I don't like it. Mojo makes plans and those plans usually revolve around the predictable. What's more predictable than that?"


A laugh, faint, escaped her as her full weight leaned against him, eyes fluttering shut briefly. "I doubt anyone can predict my sister." A smile played on her lips and she shook her head. What she knew of Wanda? Much less Wanda's seemingly all powerful boy-friend, man-friend, husband? She didn't know. She knew if she truly needed help and Billy, Tommy, Teddy and Hope couldn't handle it that Wanda and the Doctor would handle it.

And she somehow doubted Mojo could predict that.

Still she kept those thoughts to herself, along with the pull of the electro-magnetic forces around her and glanced around. "Any chance I can get out of this leather jump suit? It doesn't breathe at all. I bet I stink actually.." She grimaced and looked around again.

How does one shower without metal pipes or anything?


Seth laughs at the question, wrinkling his nose as he shakes his head and nods slowly,

"Yeah, just a bit."

His tone was teasing as he shoved at her to free himself, the motion gentle but playful instead of overly cautious. Peeling himself up off the ground, he sauntered over to the armoire, pulling loose draw cord linen pants and a loose t-shirt. Tossing them on the couch, he slouched into the cushions and dutifully rolled over to press his features into the crease between seat and back while elaborating,

"Mojo should send in one of the assistants soon and they will get you all sorted out. I suggest you ask for anything and everything you may want, but nothing obviously rebellious. Be needy. He likes to feel needed."


Lorna turned pink as he tossed her the loose, draw string pants and shirt. The lack of privacy and the possibility of being on a camera made her more self concious than usual and she looked down at the gathered clothes as she picked them up off the couch. Another glance around, and at least Seth turned his gaze away without asking. Small favors.

A sigh fell from her lips as she tried to puzzle out how to get out of the skin tight leather and into the clothes. At least the zipper was metal. That was a comforting thing to use as she tugged the shirt on over her head and played the complicated game of wiggling out of her jump suit.

His words were distractedly considered. "So, asking for iron supplements might be too rebellious huh?" Her nose wrinkled up as she tugged on the loose pants and tugged the string tight.

Then she paused, her humor fading. "Do you really think they made a copy of me too, Seth?"


Seth continues to speak into the couch cushions, seemingly a gentleman in at least one respect.

"Not if you explain that you need them because of your mutation. I mean, without metal in your environment, you become anemic. The assistant will take your medical needs down and source any medications you need. Just add it to the list."

There was something in his voice, a warning edge, a suggestion that would be difficult to read. But considering he was rarely so verbose or helpful, it was likely she would catch the instruction without him having to spell out L-I-E for her.

Silence met her other question though, listening to the struggle out of the clothing, ignoring her grunts and the little creaks of inflexible attire. Unless she asked for help, he wouldn't offer to pull clothes off a girl.

"If it fits the season pilot needs, then yes. I'm sorry."


At least Lorna seemed to pick up on his warning edge. She certainly wasn't anemic, but if it got her iron pills? Who knows, she might be able to use them.

A grimace pulled at her lips as she glanced down at herself in the oversized clothes. "I'm decent." She offered up softly, her gaze lifting to linger on him as she picked up the leather suit. Holding it with both hands she made to sit down beside him on the couch after poking him to get up if he hadn't already. A tug of her powers beneath the jumpsuit and the zipper came free, sticking to her skin beneath the baggy shirt.

"I guess I know how my father felt somewhat, learning that parts of you might be.. out there without your knowledge or consent.. is.. well it's creepy." She fidgeted, her lips pursing together and she threw the zipperless jumpsuit off to the side.

"No idea how long I was out and who knows what happened till I ended up here."

She leaned back, closing her eyes as she let her head fall to rest against the wall.


Seth rolls over at her invitation to do so, watching her approach in the clothes that hugged her hips and bust. Both their frames were slight, and while the cotton and linen breathed better than leather, it didn't provide more fabric. At the nudge, he grunted and lifted his legs, settling them back over her lap as she sank down beside him.

"I would suspect not long. Their goal was a tear-streaked and dramatic reunion. Preferably with a notion of romance. That's the payout. There would be no reason to delay it. Sleeping Beauty motif would have been hard to pull off otherwise."

As they had settled onto the couch, the lights had dimmed ever so slightly, the thermostat that had been angling downwards since she awoke now chilled enough to encourage the physical intimacy they both comfortably fell into without spilling into lust.

They were such a disappointment. How boring.


Lorna was quick to shift on the couch, even as he angled his legs to stretch out over her lap she wiggled until she was in the crook of the couch and him. Another scoot and she was stretched out beside him, settling her head against his arm unless otherwise refused. The chill in temperature had her snuggling closer to him, but little else as she pillowed her cheek against him.

"Oh. Well. They got tears I guess." She turned pink at that, and squirmed slightly.

"Hope no one at home is watching."


If the casual way she found the spot between his body and the couch was noticed, it didn't evidence itself. Seth's chest continued to rise and fall in even cadence, his muscles relax with a percolating slowness, his eyes half closed as the nicotine ran low in his blood and he realized how tired he was from waiting, worrying, watching her and hoping she would wake and be the real Lorna.


The bemused question was offered lazily, his body shifting so that she fell underneath an arm and against his chest instead of a shoulder. Pressed together this close, she could hear his metronomic heartbeat, even, constant, steady.

"You're my friend, Lorna. I don't need you to be anything more than that."


A smile and she sighed, her eyes fluttering shut as she yawned when he allowed her head to be pillowed against his chest and she snuggled in close. The warmth of being next to him in a otherwise chilly room seemed to do more to lull her than anything else.

"Cause Tommy won't let me hear the end of it. I teased him endlessly over getting an apartment with his girl. Even if there's nothing, he's the type that just teases to get me to turn red." She mumbled, green eyes fluttering open to glance side long at him.

"You'd get along well with him, I think. Billy, not so much. Billy is more like me. Good grades and doesn't cuss." She shrugged and those eyes of her's slipped shut again with a flutter of her eyelashes.


If the cameras couldn't get their kiss, they would certainly insinuate it happened. Side pans to their bodies close together, his hand rubbing gently against her back between the shoulder blades, the soft little noise of content she made amplified and then repeated when they would cut the lights. It was a production of the worst and most dishonest sort, but Seth was human, and the honest comfort of a friend was too difficult to peel himself away from.

So he listened. He nodded. He smiled down at her when she looked up at him and opined quietly,

"I get along with everyone."

It was sarcastically offered up with a low chuckle, muttering a leading question about the rest of her family, letting her talk about every last one of them until she felt safe again, and could drift off into a truly restful sleep.

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