1964-03-11 - It Had To Be Hair Snakes Part 1
Summary: Chasing some wanted criminals across the rooftops, Silver Sable meets Delphyne.
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It's not /in/ Mutant Town, exactly, but it's close enough that it may as well be. On the rooftops of some nearby buildings, Silver Sable and a few agents have managed to chase, and then more or less corner, some ne'er-do-wells on the agency's wanted list. There's a lot of loud gunfire, and even louder cursing on the part of Silver Sable. She expected this would be over quickly. Nothing ever indicated they had the paperboy in their payroll. Had it not been for that advanced warning, everything would've gone off without a hitch!

Most people don't actually hang out on rooftops, unless they wear spandex. However, Delphyne isn't much people, as she's loitering on a nearby rooftop. Then she hears the sounds of approaching gunfire, frowning slightly to herself as she moves towards the danger, instead of away from it.

It's not like she's afraid of a few gun-toting /men/, after all…

Good thing all the buildings are closely packed together, right? The three men give up and start leaping from rooftop to rooftop, heading in Delphyne's direction. Silver is the first to pop up from the cover she was using and give chase, two agents following quickly behind her. She doesn't have much time to lift her weapon and fire. It's from the hip, really. But she does it anyhow, and the shot wings one of the men, sending him careening into the rooftop doorway to the building below. She bellows orders to have the man restrained and keeps on going.

Delphyne frowns, as she sees the two gunmen closing in on her. Glancing around, she sees a long piece of rebar on the roof, and smiles to herself. Picking it up, she twirls it like a staff experimentally… and then looks over at the men approaching, "What's going on here?"

Normally she'd just whack them, but Diana and the Queen stressed repeatedly to play nice. So they get a warning.

The men smirk at the sight of Delphyne. Oh sure she's weird-lookin'. Must be one of those mutants that live nearby! One of them raises her gun, and the other, a bit prematurely, turns to face the onr ushing Silver Sable. "Hey, you better back off, Princess! We've got a hostage now!"

Okay, they've ID'd her. Not great. But at least they don't know she's SHIELD, right. "You do, do you?" Silver takes one look at Delphyne, already arming herself. "I'd take a second look, there."

Delphyne slips off her hairband, and suddenly her hair comes to life, the thick strands in the dark revealing themselves to be… /snakes/?!? The mook holding her gun on Delphyne can't help but lower it slightly, "What the f…"

Sadly, she doesn't get a chance to finish the sentence, as Delphyne leaps nimbly towards her, smacking her in the jaw with the rebar as if it were a quarterstaff. Sending that mook down, she glares at the other man that spoke to Silver, her voice thick with an accent that sounds vaguely Greek… but not, "I, am no damsel, cretin. Defend yourself." She then twirls the rebar-staff around, the snakes that she has for hair hissing in agitation.

"…what the hell!" The 'cretin' in question turns and runs, his gaze still on Delphyne. When he actually remembers that Silver was on the other side of the roof, he turns his head… only to be greeted with Silver's fist. WHAM! He crumples and hits the ground with a weak thud. Silver just sort of looks down to make sure the man is, indeed, out for the count, though she keeps one of her firearms out. "I apprecate the hand."

Delphyne smiles wryly, "Don't worry, I won't petrify you, that's Medusa's bloodline, not my own." With that, she sets the rebar down, "I'm guessing those were criminals, or something." Her eyes flicker towards the downed ruffians, her snakes seeming to calm down now that the fight is over.

Whatever Silver was going to say next is briefly lost. "…Medusa." Medusa's real? It takes her a moment to process this before she shakes her head. Okay. She's not going to turn to stone. Perfect. Her men eventually catch up, clamping handcuffs on the downed duo before dragging them off. "Something like that. Wanted for some bombings in Europe," she explains.

Delphyne hmms and leaves her 'hair' loose for the time being, but she looks at Silver, "So, you are not normal police, if they did bombings in Europe and you're chasing them." She tilts her head, looking curiously at Silver as she looks… well, honestly, she looks a little bored.

"Who sad I was police?" Deciding that Delphyne is not a threat, she holsters the weapon in her hand. "They tried bombing a train station in my hometown, but got away after we got to the bomb first." Her own accent is on the Slavic side of things, though that hardly pins it down. "I've been looking for them for a long time."

Delphyne shrugs, "Normally handcuffs indicate that here, but… well, I am new in town." She smiles a bit at the mention of the long pursuit, "Ah, would be murderers. Good riddance to them then." She nods slightly, looking suddenly satisfied that they are facing justice.

"I know many people who will sleep better knowing they are caught." Silver turns, watching her men drag the group off, satisfied with their day's work, even if things went a little south. She turns back to Delphyne, nodding to the discarded rebar. "That was an impressive display."

Delphyne chuckles a bit, "I am not… how you say, without skills. Don't normally get a chance to exercise them that much. And still getting used to things like guns. Not /too/ much different than a bow, though, in general principle."

"Good," Silver says, looking thoughtful for a moment. "We all need skills. Especially to defend ourselves, in this sort of world." She looks over Delphyne, unconcerned with her appearance. The snakes in particular. "Walk with me," she insists, gesturing with a hand. "My name is Silver Sable, and I have an offer…"

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