1964-03-12 - Attack of the Disease Monsters
Summary: Some ancient Norse monsters show up looking to kill someone.
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The man calling himself Serrure, and Doug, are having coffee at the restaurant after a day of work for both of them. Probably…Serrure could have kept the store open a little longer, but he couldn't pass up the opportunity for putting an excessive amount of cream in his coffee.

To those that know Loki, he does still LOOK like Loki, physically, though he is wearing a dorky sweater and his mannerisms don't exactly line up with the trickster's usual.

Lurking in the trees of Central Park, one can find a raccoon hanging out on one of the branches. This is hardly new for Central Park, but this raccoon is a bit different. He's wearing orange and blue armor, and sporting a pair of curious pistols on his waist, as well as two heavy duty looking weapons that may very well weight more than he does, a rapid fire and an explosives launcher, judging from the barrel sizes. Looking at the datapad in his hand and trying to keep out of sight, he was tracking spores through the trees. The place was green… if that big idiot was anywhere, it'd be here.

Doug Ramsey is sitting with Serrure, his cup also steaming. "If you go to the supermarket, there are coffee lighteners that have different interesting flavors? They're not all made with real cream, but it might be a change of pace for you." he explains to the other man. It's after work, but he's still dressed for the office - a dark charcoal single-breasted suit with darker pinstripes, the typical white shirt and a silvery-grey tie. He grins at the not-Loki. "Where did you get that sweater?" he asks.

At the edge of Central Park, Alexandra Luthor stepped out of a finely appointed Roles Royce town car. She's flanked by a pair of guards. Large men, they're wearing fine suits that hide the semi-automatic pistols in their shoulder holsters. Its just below freezing in New York City this time of year, and so she's dressed appropriately in a fur coat. Likely some highly endangered or rare animal, knowing Lex. Anything to show her power. "I'm going for a walk." she states to her bodyguards. "Don't get in my way."

Insomnia is a strange thing. A thing Brunnhilde has had for all of her mortal years, but it just seems to be worse lately. Touching on going back home, the changes with Thor, her lacking lover? Who knew why. Either way, the woman worked an entire overnight shift for the medic squad and is now just wandering the sidewalks of central park, smoking, trying to wear herself out. Of course, smoking and coffee probably isn't helping, but she doesn't much care. She's still in her EMT uniform from the night before, blood on her boots and all across her left thigh. It could be something more disgusting, she's lucky it's only blood. She takes another drag on her cigarette, bloodshot ice eyes scanning the area.

The cold does not bother Aerik. Asgardian physiology, and whatnot. His garb is much more in line with the midgardian fashions of the day, at least in America, and though he continues to carry his staff, he is otherwise indistinguishable from any other very tall, muscular man who might wander through Central Park. Since being abandoned, he feels, by not only the Thunderer, the lady Sif, and the betrayal of Prince Loki, Aerik Halgrimson has been somewhat lost here on Earth. He has not sought the others of his kind, still reeling from the events that led to the fall of the Bifrost and his inability to return to his home. Despite his common dress, Aerik is a man who stands out at the best of times for his size and bearing, and the fact that he just looks as though he doesn't belong.

Julie is cruising along Central Park's thru-road in a little old Studebaker pickup, fitted out for light towing and carrying various tools, pulling up where she sees a late-model Chevy with the hood open, giving a wave to a slightly-chilled looking customer, and hopping out. "Left your lights on?" she says, accent clearly Italian-American and local, "Hey, don't worry, they trust me with jumper cables, really," she jokes.

Loki presses his hand against his sweater and looks down at it. "I do not believe I remember. Why? Do I need a new one?" There's a sly look about him for a second, a spark in his verdant eyes. He squints them some. "I can add that to the list of the things I'm not so sure of. But I /am/ certain that I will have a look at those sweateners at the grocery store."

Which is a perfectly normal sort of conversation to be having…when, surrounding the cafe', three black dots appear in the air, about 15 feet up. There is one to the east, one to the west, and one to the south of the restaurant. Its definitely weird. Those nearest the restaurant and not daydreaming about sweets, like Serrure is, would notice these first. But, this seems to be only the beginning of things. Dots are only dangerous if you didn't intend to end a sentence. The dots grow in pulses, until they are hula hoop sized, and then from them some branch-like apendanges, so ROCKET may well get excited for a moment! Only to get let down in the next moment as the holes continue to widen ever further. Horns appear. Feet covered with bark. They are all three different. One appears to be a boar about the size of a bus, but covered with sticks instead of bristles. It has a noxious gas effect around it. The other is a deer-like creature, but its black, and emanated a cloud around it that is heavy and falls to thr ground like black dry ice would. And the third is a very large ram, that appears to be alive, but at its thinnest possible, emaciated and disgusting in appearance, where every bone can be seen. It has distorted bones, and it is surrounded by fog. All are bus-sized. Maybe…they want a coffee?

Rocket drooped his ears as his sensors started to fade out… the spore signals were lost. However, something else started spiking! A strange trans-dimensional flux was being detected… and nearby! Such energies only appeared if there was a wormhole opening up… as far as he knew, anyways. Looking up, he spied the sight of wood growing, and for a brief second, he perked up!

But something was wrong… there was too many signatures. Too many Groots. So it couldn't be him… either way, it warranted investigation! Hopping off the tree, Rocket grunted and started to scurry, not bothering to hide himself anymore. If nothing else, they could be connected to Groot somehow… it was his best lead, and he wasn't going to let it get away!

It'd be a minute, though… he had a pretty small stride.

"Oh, it's nothing. Don't be angry if people laugh behind your back, though." Doug says amiably. "It's not the height of fashion. Why anyone would care anyway is beyond me but…" he stops, looking out the window. "Do you see that? People are acting odd out there. Afraid or perplexed or both. Odd." he says, suddenly concerned. He quickly has another gulp of his drink… one never knows when an emergency will strike, may as well get caffinated.

"Ms. Luthor!" Calls one of Lex's bodyguards, "Get behind us!" the two large men call as their guns come out and they level the pistols at the monsters who are appearing seemingly out of no where. "Hold. Your. Fire. There are civilians all over the place, you morons!" she shouts, sounding angry that the men would even move without her express permission. Luthor takes a moment, "Anyways. You're going to need something heavier than a 1911 to do any damage to something the size of a bus, you idiot."

Lex points. "Get those kids out of here." she says to the bodyguard on her left, "And you, start helping on the other side of the street. Move the civilians out of here, just get them far away." The bodyguard frowns, "What about you, Ms. Luthor?" She looks at the man, "I can take care of myself. Just do what I say!" With that, Lex began to stalk towards her car, and towards the trunk, just grumbling to herself. "I get an hour without appointments, work, or anything else- I wrest it away from my impossibly busy life, and this happens." She looks over as she opens her trunk- and notices Rocket.

Lex looks into her trunk- inside? A prototype infantry held anti-tank rocket system. What kind of crazy person drives around with an anti-tank rocket in the trunk of their car? Lex Luthor, that's who.

With Rocket approaching, this was the perfect time to get a sense of how he did business. She closed her trunk and stood back as her bodyguards go into action.

The moment those dots appear, there is something that stirs inside Hilde's chest. Some old memory, not of her mortal self. Memories long before that. Her pale gaze goes wide and she looks up, watching the things transform. Abruptly, she curses very, very loudly, "We need to evacuate this area NOW." She yells across the street, a surprising amount of power and command coming from her slip of a body and appearance of a drugged out street woman. Hilde didn't give much of an imposing physical presence these days, but the Valkyrie in her stepped up when it mattered. And right now it was going to matter. While she keeps screaming at civilians to get away, she's running *towards* the things. What she'd give for her sword right now.

The circles in the sky don't escape Aerik's notice. How could they? Was he blind? The emergence of the creatures is certainly not something anyone could ignore. They were rather large, after all, and certainly not of this world. Aerik had never encountered them first hand, but that didn't mean he didn't know what they were. While Valkyrie might be concerned with getting the hapless Midgardians out of danger, at least in some capacity, the Berserker takes hold his staff, and runs toward the creatures as well, though without bothering to shout at the tiny humans to seek safety. It has been some time since he had a truly fair fight on this world, and some part of him actually looks forward to the experience.

Julie has just gotten the keys from the customer, key in ignition, makes sure the thing's in 'park,' and rolled a jumpstarter battery up, looking things over under the hood with a right-angle military-style flashlight, when something about the extradimensional commotion has her peeking out from behind there. "Mammamia," Dizzy declaims, one eye going wide, as she realizes there's at least one, well, monster, coming out of nowhere and looking unfriendly.

Diz says, then, mind racing a moment, and ducking back in there. She reaches out with a mutant power: click click turns that ignition cylinder, and then she reaches out again for the engine's flywheel, …a VRRR sound emanates from somewhere, as the engine starts turning, turning, then coughs and roars to life as if it were a push-started manual… "Hey, mister!" she calls to the customer, who's staring quite aghast at the rather terrifying sight of 'creatures from planet Asgard,' or wherever… "You better get outta here!" She ends up having to go over and shake the fellow. "Err, ground lead was just disconnected, *drive!* We'll send youse a bill or something!"

The creatures are very near to where Loki and Doug are, and they start making sounds. Its horrifying. Like fox screams and wind howling, in one. The BOAR is the first to advance on the cafe. The moment its aura comes into contact with people there, fleeing the outskirts, their joints all flare up. Its paintful, red, swelling in the hands and feet, in particular. So, now joins the screams of people trying to get away from the boar.

Loki looks to Doug, then the commotion, which clarifies itself as a terrifying monster heading for them. Green eyes go wide and he leaps up, knocking his chair over and tries to grab for Doug's forearm so they can run away from this. However, Doug CAN tell what the creatures are saying. (will PM)

The goat was headed that direction as well, but Aerik's engagement has changed its mind. Instead, the monster turns its emaciated head towards the man and lowers its horns, in a quick charge. The moment that the goat gets within range of its fog, Aerik is affected by twitching and mild paranoia, to start.

As Hilde engages the DEER, it seems more keen on attacking her with its front hooves rahter than its horns, however, she will develop sudden pain in her stomach, enough to make a normal sort cry.

Depending on which one that Luthor's men engage, will determine what affects them. The people though are fleeing with the efforts of Julie and Luthor's men. Rocket can have his pick of which one to piss off, but the boar is not engaged and seems to be ready to destroy the cafe.
You paged Doug with 'They are speaking…you don't even KNOW what language. Like…norse monster language. Its based on wind in some way. Regardless, they say to each other, "That's the one, the black haired one, destroy him and we will be free, brothers!" From the boar. The goat says, "What is he wearing? I will kill him just for that." And the Deer, "It has been so long! Waste not the opportunity!"'

Rocket panted as he cleared a line of bushes and looked about. Three BIG creatures! All of which seemed to be emitting some kind of strange bio-gas fog. A deer, a ram, and a boar… familiar creatures from his home, though nothing like these things. Given their size… he made a few taps on the datapad. They were going to need some heavy ordinance. Hopefully, his gunship would have the firepower needed. It was going to take a bit to get here, though…

In the meantime, he needed to draw some attention… well, he didn't /need/ to, but it seemed like the right thing to do. Stardust knows, Groot would be jumping headfirst into this nonsense. His mind was already whirling with tactical possibilities… he could spy Ms. Luthor not too far from here! Not good… she was a good source of pay and resources. Sticking close to a large tree, Rocket pulled off one of the heavy weapons on his back, hefting it as a circle of barrels emerged from the device. "Alright! Eat this!"

A hail of white hot energy charges started spraying from the barrels at the giant boar, evidently a minigun of some kind. If it wouldn't be enough to damage the big boar, perhaps it'd be enough to get it's attention.

Luthor's men are concerned only with the civilians- hardened mercenaries in their own rights they're quick to get people away from the danger as their employer has demanded. "Move! move!" the various bodyguards say- hurrying to push their charges onward. They work through any pain- these are, after all, the kind of men who'd kill without question.

Luthor, for her part, stays behind her car. The thing is armored and exceedingly heavy. Its an urban tank that can't take certain bridges for fear of them collapsing. Lex continues to watch, although she does pull a pearl-handled .45 out of her jacket as she begins to back up away from her vehicle. Trying to keep some distance between herself and badguys, but clearly prepared to defend herself if need be.

This is going to go quite poorly. The one thing Hilde forgets, almost too often since rejoining with the other side of her soul, is that she's still just a mortal. Her Asgardian body is back in Asgard, and while she can call on power and command, while she can help usher the dead where they need to be, she still was simply human at the moment. She gives a raging, loud Valkyrie SCREAM, however, at the *deer* which is attacking her, something ancient and resounding behind that sound. And then she grabs her kit across her shoulder and uses it like some sort of violent blunt object, striking the deer brutually across the head with the heavy duffle she always carries. SHe coughs around the pain in her stomach, trying to push it aside as she distracts the thing.

Doug spies the boar outside and he stands too. He doesn't pull away from Loki's grasp but doesn't run yet. "Wait, I should make a call… but his brows furrow as the monsters talk to one another on the wind. "Wha'?" he asks noone in particular, though he looks to his coffee companion. "I think they're talking about you. Why would they be talking about destroying you and being free?" But at the moment that doesn't seem so important as balls of plasma death start flying. "Shots fired!"

It takes a lot to phase the Berserker, particularly while he's holding that staff. For now, the paranoia and queasy feeling are effects he can deal with, but the mere fact that they affect him doesn't body well. As the ram starts to charge him, he steels his body, planting himself in the ground to hold against it. And when it gets close enough? All the formidable strength the Asgardian can muster is brought to bear against the creature, an expert strike with the end of the staff against the great beast. He's hardly immovable, but can such a creature stand against a blow of such magnitude, from an Uru-forged weapon?

Julie is looking on there a moment as the customer drives off, finally, reaches into the cab of the truck, flipping to channel 9: "Ten two-hundred, ten-two hundred, I need police dispatch, we got monsters Central park east, say again, monsters… " Then Hilde *screams.* "Someone repeat that, send whoever does monsters!" Then she's dashing to the back of the truck and hauling out a tow-chain, two big axle-hooks on a length of perhaps eight feet of heavy chain, she whirling one end over her head as she starts heading closer, chiding herself in Italian with some aphorism about hoping someone looks after fools, …somehow that hook's moving at pretty prodigious speed by the time she looses it toward the monstrous deer's legs, somehow the things seeming to pick up rotational speed with more of that Vrrr sound as they fly toward their target…

Boar. Boar is getting shot at. With a plasma gun. From a Raccoon. Luuvalo did NOT see this coming! It rakes through the cafe chairs and tables, with swolen joints as a present for anyone within 30 feet, which will affect LOKI and DOUG, right when the plasma projectile fire in. It DOES NOT like it. But, Rocket DOES save Loki and Doug from being boar-snack when it turns, snuffing. Again there's a weird, wind-like scream sound from it, and then its relatively stubby legs propel it into a charge at Rocket. Places on its bristle-stick back are on fire. Its definitely felt the shots in a significant way. A metal chair is caught on its tusk and dangles and sways while it runs.

Loki looks down at his hands and then clasps them together. "DOUG. We have to go now! I don't know why they'd be after me. I just sell books!" He tries to get the government agent to run with him again.

Meanwhile, DEER, has taken a pretty hard whack to the face with a medical bag. WUT?! It also didn't see that coming. Because its a bag. Full of stuff. And not a sword. Its steel eyes look at Hilde and it almost seems like its smiling? Its creepy, coming from a deer-monster face. It plants its hooves and lowers its head. Another live-saving event occurs, because Anky sweeps his head forwards to try to gore Hilde on all the spikey bits, and then it gets its legs swept out, and then it falls over.

And finally Aerik is in a locked battle with the ram, and yes, it is absolutely affected by Uru. But it seems to be doing really well at blocking with its ram-horns.

The innocents are largely saved, by Luthor's men, scattered to where it is safer, except for some people hiding in the cafe, and Loki and Doug.

"Oh, skin me!" Rocket cussed as he dropped his minigun to shed some weight and clamber up the nearest tree. He needed to keep off the ground. That's where the bio-gas was it's strongest, and he /could not/ afford to get caught in it! Scampering up, Rocket found a brief respite in the tree branches, but didn't stay long. He immediately made for the next closest branch, trying to put as many trees between him at the boar as possible.

His ears flicked as his earpiece piped up. "<Gunship en route. ETA: 12 seconds>" Rocket nodded, trying to continue his mad dash through the trees. He needed to keep out of range just long enough… then he could end this!

Doug winces as the boar screams. "Those are bad words." he mutters. He nods, though. "Head through there." and he points out the back way. "I… ow…" his joints are suddenly swelling. "…I should make that call." and he heads for the cafe's payphone. If it's still functioning he drops a coin in and dials a call. He cups the speaking-end with a hand and speaks a few franic words. He hangs up the phone and intends to follow Loki, moving in a ducking crouch.

Luthor continues to watch- smiling quietly as her guards manage to get most of the civilians out of the way before they return to her side. "Okay, Ms. Luthor! Job's done, its time to get you out of here!" one of the guards says loudly. Luthor nods quietly. "Yes. I do believe its time to take our leave." she agrees, as she holsters her gun somewhere in her fur coat. "You made sure they saw LexCorp badges, yes?" she wonders of her bodyguards- both nod. "Yes, Ma'am!" they reply.

"Good." Luthor says with a quiet smile as she steps into her armored car. The bodyguards join her- both riding up front. The armored beast speeds away.

Was this how she died? Hilde really hoped not, but there's definitely a moment where she's considering it might be the end, her eyes too wide, staring up at the Deer as it angrily smiles at her and moves to try and gore her on those spikey horns. Only for Hilde to be saved at the very last second by Julie's car. She yelps in surprise, stumbling back herself and breathing hard. She still hurts, but she's not anywhere near dying now. She keeps her pack in hand in case she needs to batter at the thing once more, but she's not yet running as any sane woman would. She looks in the direction of Julie's car and flashes a thumbs up in thanks.

Julie stands there, hand out in what might be an extended follow-through as the chain and hooks break Monster-Deer's stride, at which point she exclaims, "Ha! Welcome to New York, buster!" and there's a stream of something apparently better said in Italian… at which point the question of 'well, what now,' crosses her face, and she's running back to the little tow-truck, throwing something and pulling out an X-shaped lug wrench with rather long arms to it: a girl mechanic needs leverage, after all. She seems to recognize the haggard lady, and yells out to Hilde, "Not today for the fatas, either, how bout, medic!" She cocks back the crosswrench, this time looking like she intends to zero in on the deer's head if need arises.

Aerik continues to engage the Ram in staff-to-horn combat. He has some experience in such matters, fighting creatures much larger than him, relying on his Asgardian strength, and the power of the Berserker staff to hold up against their size and power. For such a large man, he's very quick and manages to deftly avoid being gored, though the impending feeling of sickness, paranoia, and otherwise ill-feeling are slowly but surely taking their toll. He's slowing down as the effects the beast carries with it works into his very being. If he can't find a way to finish this quickly, there might be a need for a more.. direct solution, though he's reluctant to engage it. Seeing an opportunity, he draws the staff back, and with a powerful swing of the weapon, drives it up under the ram's jaw, hoping to break the thing's face with the power of the strike.

Bio-gas. Mystical embodiment of diseases in the dark ages. Either way, the boar totally heads for Rocket's tree, and starts goring the living hell out of it. Rocket is jostled all around while the creature destroys the tree. Rocket may feel like his joints are swelling and painful. But, it absolutely cannot get him. It is crazy how terrible its aim is. The tree totally is gonna go down though.

And Loki and Doug are left with what effects they had, but it does not progress. Serrure moves into the cafe and ducks down, looking out a window. "What are you doing? Calling the government? What sort of government job do you have? I thought it was a translator!" Serrure is distressed!!

DEER is apparently just MADE of fail, today, with another (1). It flails around there on the ground trying to get out of its binding and digging up the nice grass with its horns as it does that weird wind-scream language that only Doug can understand. Note to Doug- its an impressive stream of cursing, but not with the usual words these days. The meanings are akin to 'rotten sphincter' and 'testical-munching, roach-fucker'. Its all very bizarre. And terrible. But, lucky Doug, he gets to hear all of it. The Deer is pretty well a sitting duck at the moment.

The ram is definitely doing the best, and it looks like it'd be the weakest of the bunch. But its a wirey strength, and his disease is slowly debilitating, attacking bones, corrupting the nervous system to cause pins and needles. Thankfully, Aerik is swinging a bigass weapon around. The ram goes to butt, when Aerik swings up, and it results in the large creature skidding to the left, into one of the rock outcroppings by a large reflecting pond. It is knocked sideways and has to try to get back up. And Aerik gets a moment respite from its disease effects.

Luthor is free to escape, and, Julie is free to fire on the helpless adorable Bambi-mom.

And away Lex goes, speeding off into the evening. "You know, the Big Apple is a shit city. This sort of insanity happens all the time." she speaks mostly to herself. "This used to be such a peaceful city. There has to be a way to make it that way again…" She pauses again. "Take me to get a gelato." she speaks up to her driver.

"Diz! Be… be careful! These things are…disease beasts. I don't want you getting consumption all over your ride!" Hilde's generally raspy voice calls out, but there is still the power of the Valkyrie behind her words, carrying them more loud and clear than the shy medic might normally seem. She's taking the Deer's apparent shock and confusion as a chance to reach into her back and actually grab out one fo the massive syringes she has. It's way too high a dose to tranq a normal person, but this isn't a normal creature. She pulls out the familiar, highest level tranqualizer she has and draws out of the top of the bottle. If that Deer comes at her again? SHe's going to drug it to high heaven. She's already had contact with the thing, if she's going to be diseased, she might as well make it worth while.

Rocket huffed as his tree shook, his joints starting to ache and swell. Keep up… keep up! Unfortunately, he'd reached as high up as he could get! His tree about to topple over, Rocket squinted as he heard a familiar roar of engines. Turning, he saw his swept-wing gunship approaching his location, a small mallable metal "rope" ladder dangling below. "About bloody time! The hell have you been!" he shouted, reaching up and catching the first few rungs of the ladder before it carried him up and away from the angry boar!

Now he had some firepower! Time to strike back! "Gonna make a mountain of mulch out of you!" he shouted down at the boar, before drawing his pistol and firing a single shot. Instead of damage though, it seered a bright green light. The gunship immediately swung around and hovered, facing the boar, it's engines no doubt pushing a considerable amount of debris around. "AIR STRIKE, SUCKER!" Rocket yelled over the engines as a large pair of twin cannons lowered. They aimed a pair of red laser sights at the boar's already damaged back, before unleashing a rain of heavy weapons fire on the boar. All the while, Rocket laughed triumphantly… but promptly stocked as it started to really make his aches hurt. Perhaps he'd better get inside…

Julie is holding back her throw before a bit of a contorted look of what might be disgust crosses her face. She hefts it in hand to catch the hubcap-removing end, a part like a big screwdriver head, really and says, "Lookout, then!" She flings the thing then, this time less a high-speed whirl, than a looping tomahawk-throw, the thing turning precisely once, twice, three, four times, spin-stabilized and directed at the neck, right at the base of the deer-beast's skull.

Julie has been rather unaware of the source of the raccoon's fire, preoccupied as she was, but …now there's some kind of spaceship roaring in, and searingly-bright lights and plasma discharges and possible barbecue pork as a result. "Mammamia, I hope that's one of ours, with the astro-blasters."

Getting some distance from the beast bouys Aerik's spirits, and his health, just enough to get a breather. Maybe the short break he takes will help, but no doubt he's also giving the ram time to recuperate from the fight as well. Grasping the staff in both hands, the runes over its surface illuminate brightly, and he feels the rage start to build, blocking out most sense of rationality. Maybe it's a bit of an extreme solution, but Aerik knows he couldn't outlast the beast; not with that plague-cloud sapping his strength. The power of the staff doubles his strength, but it also blinds him to everything but the rage as it builds. The world goes red, metaphorically at least. Let's just hope that when this is over, someone is able to subdue him. Letting out a very loud, primal roar, Aerik, rejuvenated by the power of the Berserker staff, charges the creature, delivering a series of powerful blows at it's head. His only goal? In fact, the only thought in his head now? Destroy it. Indiscriminately.

The boar is amazing. He's on fire. He's angry. He's tore the HELL out of that tree. It topples over and crashes to the ground to the melody of breaking branches and terrified squirrel-chittering. Squirrels with gout, now. They'll be /fine/. But. Boar cannot fly. Not even being the size of the bus, he can't jump. His legs are proportionally…not big. Jumping is not his forte. And what also isn't his forte are guns. BACK IN THE DAY, ROCKET, he didn't have to worry about guns, just shitty little arrows and spears. This whole gun thing…totally not cool to him. He's blasted and blasted, squealing and wind-screaming, and it looks as though…it disintegrates. Though, it definitely wasn't DEAD. But then…is any disease truly defeated? Or does it merely incubate in monkeys until the time is right? Boar is off to dreamland, and taking the GOUT with him. Those affected will need to eat some oranges.

DEER, meanwhile, sucks only slightly less than he was before. Maybe its because he represents a condition that still affects half of all parents. Colic. Have a nice bout of gas, everyone, severe enough to cramp up your insides and keep you up allllll night. Deer gets free of the chains and is about to try to gore Hilde /again/, when suddenly there's axe? OW MAN…Weird, misty blood goes everywhere, and it seems like its coming out as a blackish mist. And then? Hilde gets brave enough to tranq it. She still might take a little damage from those horns, but she can manage to get it in. Its body, also, does not stick around to be dissected, fading into a black mist. But, it does go out a lot calmer than the Boar. The colic will subside.

And last, but not least, Ram, aka, the Rickets Goat. That's right, Aerik, how about a severe lack of vitamin D? He's going to have to suntan for a week! But that's the least of the berserker's problems as the ram gets up and starts charging back at him. And meets Berserker Aerik. Berserker Aerik gives no care at all to paranoia, tremors and the onset of rickets, and meets the charge of the ram with an assault of his own. The ram shakes, met with the Asgardian heavy, and fights for its life, trying to headbutt the man, but all he gets are blows to the head, enough to addle, and finally put him down. The ram, also, disappears, taking rickets with him.

And then! ZOOm! Right past Julie zooms a black vehicle. It drives right up to the cafe and one man gets out, "Ramsey?" calling. Another vehicle comes up to the scene from a different angle. Now that the purposeful enemies are gone…what is everyone going to do about /Aerik/?

DOug had reaches Loki, then. "I think we'll be alright now." though there's chaos going on outside the cafe. He pats Loki's shoulder soothingly. "Thouse were some interesting curse words. I'll have to remember some of them. Might be useful." A vehicle pulls up and a man calls his name, so he stands straight. "I'm here. I think most of the civilians are safe." he reports. "Wherever the shooting is coming from, it saved us."
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Dizzy urghs, looking a bit queasy as the monsters dissolve into noxious mists, eyes darting from the ex-monsters to speeding black cars, to the *freaking spaceship,* to Hilde. Then back to the spaceship again, then to Hilde, "Maybe I shoulda just trown a mess of Alka-Seltzer or something. You all right, lady?" She does wait for the sickening mist to dissipate before approaching, though, grabbing up a few shop rags from the back of the truck, in various stages of griminess, really. "I guess if my roomate ever comes back, now there's a lug-wrench of mickle doughty deeds or howsever you'd say that all literary," she winks, trying to hide general nausea as she comes over.

Hilde might have actually gotten out of this ENTIRE mess without a scratch if she hadn't actually been slightly distracted but a FRIGGIN RACOON SHOUTING AT A SPACE SHIP. "…Is that a f*cking RACOON?!" She calls out, half to Julie, half to the universe at large. And then the Deer has actually collected itself enough to half charge, but Julie's motions are pretty effective and then there's an Axe. The deer's rack just manages to gore into Hilde's lower ribs when she's shoving that tranqulizer into it and all the other damage done to it seem to finally win. The thing poofs away and, still half doubled over in pain (not JUST from farting, but damn those are some farts), Hilde sinks down to the ground. She reaches to her side, blinking slowly…"…Uh… I… am not dead…" But there's blood. A fair amount of blood. And it keeps coming.

Rocket clambered up the ladder into his ship, as the metallic rope retracted inside. Grabbing a small canister of some unidentifiable liquid from a rack near the entrance, he downed it, immediately feeling the rejuvenating effects as his cybernetics kicked into overtime, dulling the pain. It was still there… but at least he could move without wincing now. "<Hostile presence removed. Threat still detected. Action?>" The onboard computer chirped up.

Heading for the cockpit, Rocket looked out to still see one of the folks that had been fighting the beats still in a rage. "… no action. He should be fine… I'm sure. Activate retrieval magnet." The twin cannons retracted into the belly of the ship, before a disk shaped disk poked out and aimed for the gun Rocket had dropped earlier. The weapon began to shake, before flying for the dish and sticking to it. Must be a directed magnet.

Julie's face falls a bit as she gets closer and realizes Hilde's bleeding, "Oh, foo," she says, a bit shocked at that: inferring or hoping the duffle Hilde came with has some of her EMT kit, it's that she goes for instead of errant tools: and she yells out with Brooklyn volume, "Ay! Somebody call a freaking ambulance, would ya!" Turning back to Hilde, she says "Awright, you better tell me what to do with this stuff."

Loki stands up to head out with Doug, looking at the agents as they approach their fellow agent. "Are you alright, Ramsey? I don't see any monsters?" Considering what Doug said earlier, Serrure's keeping a low profile, and says nothing, besides, "They were killed." And disappeared, which is super convenient for anyone to not believe this story later!

The shield agents converge on poor berserker-Aerik, and its like a pew pew pew of tranq darts from the men in black. "What do we do about the raccoon in the spaceship?" Asks one. "I'm aggressively trying to pretend that's not happening." answers the other one. They seem to agree. He's friendly. No sense in picking a fight with a space ship.

"…this body is… so fragile…" Hilde states in a slightly shocked, confused tone. It's a weird thing for anyone to say about their body but then Hilde tended to be a weird duck about a lot of things. "I…I'll be fine… I do not hear Valhalla calling tonight… do not worry, Lady Dizzy…" The skinny, shaken medic explains, even if she's having issues keeping her own blood in, instinctively putting pressure on her side. Julie is asking her a question and that makes her blink a few moments. Instructions. SHe is to give instructions. "…JUst some… bandages. And pressure. Help it clot. I will be fine."

"<No significant hostiles detected. Area is secure. Weapons retrieved. Action?>" Rocket huffed as things seemed to be calming down. "Head for designated home base coordinates. Need to lay low for a while…" A few beeps in compliance and the ship lifts off and revs its engines, heading out over the city as quickly as he could. He needed to fall back… odds were, this would be all over their news networks. Great… needed to postpose his search a bit more…

"Can someone take that lady to the hospital?" Doug asks an agent. "thanks for dropping in to save the day." He nods to Loki. "I'm fine." he says, crossing back from the SHIELD folk. "Are you alright?" he doesn't ask awkward questions, not yet anyway.

"Can someone take that lady to the hospital?" Doug asks an agent. "thanks for dropping in to save the day." He nods to Loki. "I'm fine." he says, crossing back from the SHIELD folk. "Are you alright?" he asks Loki. No awkward questions, not yet anyway.

"We're on it!" Says the field agent, and he heads over to where Hilde and Julie are to see about getting her on her way. And other agents are hauling off poor Aerik, and not messing with his stick, because it seems scary, and weird, and probably not to be touched. It rides along, lonely in the back in a bag.

Serrure waits until the agent has left to tend to Hilde before he cuts his eyes over to Doug. "Did you…say that you understood those creatures?"

Julie peels off work-gloves and rummages through Hilde's bag, pretty urgently for bandages, maybe anything labeled 'sulfa powder,' something her Uncle Angelo might have mentioned, but she unpacks the biggest such thing she can find and gets clothing clear, before pressing the thing into place and leaning on it moderately, "Arright, just you stay awake and talking. Listen up, right?" She's about to holler again when there's suddenly a SHIELD guy in the way of such a yell. "Hey, mister, we need an ambulance, she's got a puncture wound from one of those things."

Doug smiles at Serrure. "There wasn't much to understand… shouting and cursing. They did say something interesting at the beginning, but no matter." He looks the other man over. "You're sure you don't need to go to the hospital? I only know a bit of first aid."

There is some sulfa powder. The fact that Hilde forgot to mention it probably means she's more in shock than she'd care to admit, or she's too much in Asgardian frame of mind instead of mortal medic. Either way, she gives Julie a weak, respectful smile, "You fought well. You are truly a warrior…" BUt then Hilde is swaying. It'll be fairly quick work that the SHIELD people get her loaded up into one of THEIR vans and it's lights all the way to the hospital. The man in black thanks Julie, though, and gives her a mysterious card should she ever need help. It simply says SHIELD and has a number on it. No name.

Julie dumps some of *that* on, especially considering what Hilde'd said before about disease, and says, "That's funny, I thought I was like one of them 'acolytes of the mechanics,'" she winks. You hang in there and…" Things are taken out of her hands, then, and she is handed mysterious card. Mysteriously. She ahs, equivocally. "Ah, thanks, mister. You look out for her, right?" Then, she's left looking around, and says, to no one in particular. "Jimminy Cricket, what a town." Then it's time to pack up tools."

Loki rubs his hands together, "They ache…but not so much as they did. If its still this way tomorrow, perhaps I will." He seems a little confused for a second, then whispers, "I feel like you were right, but I do not know why. Does this mean…no more coffee?"

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