1964-03-12 - The Better Question
Summary: Lorna wakes up to Mojo's minions and her position is discussed
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Lorna had woken at some point, she had no idea if it was 'day' or 'night' seeing as there were no windows in the room that she'd been kept in with Seth. At some point though, she had gotten up and started to pace. There was no metal within her abilities to sense, much less control, and she had never known how much the magnetic fields of the Earth simply were to her senses. It itched, to be more than half blind to the world around her. While there was electricity at least, and she could sense that, sense the electromagnetic fields that buzzed in the lights over head, it was of little comfort.

So when the assistants, those that Seth had told her of, finally came inside. Lorna turned to face them without panic or lunging at their throats. She simply stood, arms folded in her borrowed clothes and waited for them to say something or do something.

Even while Seth slept onwards without budging, which would've worried her in any other circumstance.


The first question was… how did they get /in?/ That answer was simple; while there wasn't any door to speak of, those who were coming to visit had other means that they could traverse: teleportation, thanks to the magic wielded by Mojo and… well, mainly just Mojo, with a certain other practitioner MIA since her arrival on Earth.

There's that familiar flash of lights, and… there stands Major Domo, dressed in the normal attire he wears in the Mojoverse rather than the clothes he wore as 'Mr. Domo'. Behind him, a four-armed, red-skinned creature holding a pad of unbound paper and a pencil stands at the ready.

"Miss Dane, darling. I trust you're doing well?" he starts, with that voice sounding like it was borrowed directly from Ben Stein without winning his money.


Lorna exhaled, trying to keep from jerking her hands from their folded positions defensively. It was hard. A lump formed in her throat and she swallowed hard. Be polite, Seth had said. Play the game, Seth had said. Don't be a prisoner. But instinct was hard to tramp down, months training with her father, Raven, and even Miss Frost had put into play several instincts that had otherwise been absent in the young mutant's life before this.

Still, there was no metal.

She seemed to struggle for a long time on what to say before she finally broke her silence. "Well enough." She mumbled, biting her lower lip.


The lack of metal was definitely planned; that's why not even the pad of paper has those little metal rings to keep it held together; two extra hands handle that job instead. Either way, Major Domo doesn't look too worried about anything.

Then again, in Lorna's experience with him? He never /has./ Even when held captive by Billy.

"This is good to hear. You, Miss Dane, have a bright future ahead of you if you want it; your… abilities ensure that. Of course, the other option is cancellation, since you and your friends keep showing up to interfere with Mr. Wynn's shoots." There's a slow shake of his head, "A pity, really."


Cancellation. Ah. So, it would seem that Seth's warnings hadn't even scratched the tip of the iceburg. "I was worried, as Seth.. went missing. Understandably, I was upset that I didn't hear from him." She reached up, dragging a hand through her hair to pull it back from her face. Her heart thumping painfully in her chest. Lie, lie, lie.

"We're close.. and.." She swallowed that hard lump. A glance over her shoulder was spared toward Seth's direction and she figured that her stumbling over her concern for him played well enough into the romance angle.

Fear however ensured that a blush certainly didn't spring to life on her cheeks.

"I would like some clean clothes and a chance to wash up.. please."


"I see. Very interesting; well, you seem to have gotten your wish, no? Now you can be together until the end… and your other friends will surely be joining you soon. Mojo's got plenty of interest in them… especially in your nephews and the Summers girl. The three of them? They do /fascinating/ things, and being some of the few to understand /real/ technology in your… backwards universe, they have a lot of potential, too."

Lorna's requests are nodded to, a gesture being given to the creature behind Major Domo. "Magruf, kindly see to it that her requests are met. Arrange for someone from costuming to come by to provide new clothes, yes?"

"Got it, boss." the four-armed creature, 'Magruf' replies.


A sharp inhale follows at the mention of her nephews and Hope, her throat tightening as she struggled to tramp down her fear in how much they knew about Tommy, Billy and Hope. She hadn't said anything, so how did these things know? Had they been spying on them? She closed her eyes briefly, her hands clenching tightly enough that her knuckles went white.

The lights over head flickered briefly with the slice of fear that tumbled through her gut and she released her grip on the eletro-magnetic field only with a slow exhale, her hands unclenching slightly. "Yes." She murmured slowly, her jaw tight and hard to move to speak.

"I suppose." She bit her lower lip. Her gaze lifting toward 'Magruf' briefly and back.

"Thank you." Her words were clipped and hesitant, green eyes flickering back toward Domo.

"What exactly does all of.. all of this entail?"


Curiouser and curiouser, little Alice finds her trip down the rabbit hole. No questions asked about how they knew things, no questions answered, either. If Lorna's watching closely, there's a brief glance from Major Domo up to the lights that flicker with the burst of fear — more so than Mojo, he's observant. He's the one who keeps the place running, in many respects.

"It entails whatever the audience desires, Miss Dane. What they respond to, they will have more of. What they do not? We retire. They have proven fond of mutants in the past; but the ones we typically choose…" There's a shake of his head. He's not going to spill that detail. "Thrill the audience, follow instructions, and you'll live like kings and queens among the rabble. Fail to do either of these things? …and we will provide /other/ incentives to ensure your cooperation, as long as you remain viable stars."


Another flicker of the lights above, but it was softer this time. Lorna's breathing the shallow rise and fall of one trying to hide exactly what she could do and flailing. She noticed the glance spared for the lights, if only just. With her heart lodged in her throat, she shifted her weight on her toes.

"And if I asked to just go home with Seth?" Her voice was soft, hesitant and she hooked an eyebrow upwards. She had a feeling, he'd say cancellation, but it was the only thing she could think to ask, to say. It was all that she really wanted anyways.


"Visits might be arranged." Major Domo replies, glancing over towards the alien behind him. "But such perks of your new career have to be earned through performance and loyalty." Pause. "If you're asking about retiring, though…" he shakes his head slowly, "That's simply not an option. You serve at Mojo's pleasure, for as many lifetimes," Plural. "As he wishes you to."


Green eyes widened, and she stared, gaped was more appropriate. "Lifetimes?" Her brows climbed higher, a shiver working it's way up her spine. Her chest ached as her breath caught and she glanced back toward Seth minutely.

"But how is that even possible? I don't understand." She bit her lower lip again, looking back at Domo again. Hoping she'd heard him wrong.


"There is more to be found across dimensions than your little mind can comprehend. Over time, you'll come to realize these things if you survive long enough, or you won't." There's a light shrug to this, "So then. New clothing, and a place to clean up." Pause. "You will likely enjoy the next location we'll be shooting at… have you ever been to Disneyland, Miss Dane?"


Less said on what Lorna knew in regards to other dimensions the better. She was, decidedly, not going to bring up Illyana and her rulership of Limbo. She had a feeling that the blonde would have few qualms with ripping dimensional holes all over in a rage. Here's hoping her roommate didn't find out she'd been kidnapped. Never mind that she knew her sister was going to be pissed. It was a comforting thought, and she was able to loosen her posture to drop her hands. "No, I haven't been.." A pause.

"If you've access to the dimensions at large, why Earth as I know it? Why our corner of reality?" She asked, brows furrowed.


"Perhaps the better question is…" Major Domo trails off, and for a moment she might even think she sees the hint of a smile. "…why not?" And with that, there's another flash of light and the pair disappear as quickly as they arrived.

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