1964-03-13 - Supposedly Relaxing
Summary: Bobbi swings by and finds out that Pepper had been attacked. So much for relaxing
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Monday Night. Really, the first night that Pepper has taken 'off' since she got the job from Bruce. She was working at Wayne Enterprises most evenings while she finished out her day shifts at the Department of Defense. Then she worked most of the weekend and spent last night at the PD after someone tried to kill her. So, tonight, she's determined to just take some time off. She called that number Bobbi left her and left a message: "Uh… I'm ordering food and have a bottle of gin. And beer. Come on over, if you are free." The most girlie, girlfriend invite that Pepper could give. HOpefully she didn't sound lonely or desperate. Even if she sometimes felt a bit of both.

So, she's in the apartment now, way too many cartons of chinese take out on the coffee table, a ledger from Wayne Enterprises in her lap, and a martini glass. Even taking a night off, she's working. It's a bad habit. She's changed out of her dress into a pair of silk lounge pants and a silk tank top with a lounge kimono overtop. Oh, and a ridiculous pair of slippers with feathered fronts.


Bobbi tried the door as she arrived at Pepper's apartment, an arch of her eyebrow following as she discovered it locked for once. It would be easy for her to get around it, but the spy had better methods that involved knocking like a normal person. As Pepper opened the door, she found the blonde as she usually did. Black slacks, white button down shirt and a leather jacket slung over her person with a helmet tucked under her arm.

"Glad to see you started locking your door, like I told you." She drawled, and entered, shutting the door behind her and setting the deadbolt.

A glance was spared over the redhead with a medical, critical eye that noted each and every sign of the woman that could be observed from just a glance.

"I brought you Gummies 2.0, these ones should be, in theory, cherry flavored."


Pepper is still thin, still a *touch* pale, but the bags under her eyes look more like sleep loss than withdrawal and her skin doesn't have that clammy, slickness to it that sickness normally brings. She really just looks tired. *Really* tired. But that's a good sign, right? Pepper flashes a warm, if tired smile, standing in her evening get up and those ridiculously comfortable pink slippers. She leans up and, if Bobbi allows, gives her a quick, one armed hug before letting the door be shut and locked again.

"Yes, well… after someone broke in last night and tried to kill me, it… seemed… Relevant. It's fine. I'm fine. Everything's fine. It's just a… wake up call." Pepper states as casually as one might discuss the weather turning for the colder. She leads the way back to the coffee table, "Gin or beer?"


@emit Bobbi blinked repeatedly at the quick hug, caught off guard at the unexpected affection, but she was quick to return it with a grin. The grin fell however at Pepper's words and the blonde frowned distinctly as she stepped further into the apartment.

"What?" Her voice dropped and Bobbi glanced around sharply, her gaze flickering to the various openings via windows.

As the redhead stepped away to the coffee table, Bobbi set her shoulder bag down and folded her arms. "A beer, but you don't get to write off that someone tried to kill you Pepper. Especially not with me. Why didn't you tell me straight away? I have resources at Shield. I can track down who it was, and make sure that they never do so again."


As Bobbi returns the hug, Pepper actually keeps it a heartbeat longer than she might normally. She wasn't certain how it would be received, but since the woman doesn't stiffen or seem mad, she's happy to have it. In fact, after last night, Pepper might need a hug as much as Bobbi. Still, she half sighs at the woman's rather abrupt over reaction. "It…it was… strange, and I am fine, and some strange man in a black cloak who sounded like he smoked five packs a day helped me… He… He tied the man up. I called the police. Everything is fine. It's all over." Pepper reassures Bobbi gently, her blue eyes going a bit stubbornly insistent and wider.

She's then stepping back towards the kitchen so she can reach out a beer for Bobbi. Beers she only keeps in her fridge because Bobbi might be coming over to visit. "Oh, and there is a box for you beside the table." Another, too-casual comment. If Bobbi dares open the box, inside is a matching kimono, silk pants, the softest of cotton shirts, and… Fluffy, pink feather slippers that match Pepper's. Everything is so soft one might just want to roll around in it, made of the highest quality fabrics.


Bobbi didn't argue straight away, though those blue eyes narrowed as they followed Pepper's path into the kitchen. She leaned against the door frame with an arm, her expression uncompromising in the sharpness. "A strange man, dressed all in black… broke into your apartment at the same time some guy tried to kill you. Saved you. Tied up your attacker.. and left before the police arrived?" Her brows shot upwards, arms folding as she pointedly did not budge from her position. Offer of a gift or not.

"And you tell me not to worry?" She drawled, head tilting backwards. Disbelief clearly etched upon her features.

"Pepper, was this.. tied to .. to your previous.. uh relationships at all?" She didn't specify which, all could possibly lead to such attacks. "And how do you know that this wasn't a set up? Sounds awfully convenient."


"…I don't know that it wasn't a set up. The man who… saved me? He… I don't know. He was nice. Good at what I did, but in this black mask with this weird robe and all these weird tools on his belt. He was clearly some sort of professional… Vigilante, or something. It was so weird. But the man who was here… it wasn't tied to my previous 'relationships." Pepper sighs, bringing the beer back and cracking it open. She offers and a frosted glass to Bobbi, fresh from the freezer.

"At least drink your beer and sit, if you're not opening your box. The man who broke in and tried to kill me… Professional hitman. Local. One of the mob's guys. Hired by Murray Whitestone, Finance Manager for Wayne Enterprises." Pepper sighs tiredly, sinking back down into her couch and tucking one of her slippered feet beneath her. "I found evidence of his embezzling… and I took the job he wanted. I suppose he thought if he could get rid of me fast enough…" She shrugs casually.


A grumble and Bobbi took the beer, turning and trailing after the woman to settle on the couch with a sigh. "I will take a look after my beer. I just got off work, yeah?" She sipped at the chilled drink and reached up to pinch the bridge of her nose.

"I don't believe that some random guy in all black trying to play at some ninja, was outside your apartment at the same time a hired hitman and just so happened to 'save you'.." She shook her head. "In my experience, there's never something like that without reason." She frowned, eyeing Pepper.

"I know some local sources tied to the mob, I'll have a look see myself and check if everything matches up." A pause, "And I'll work on installing some emergency security for you at your windows and doors. If someone is trying to kill you, then those are the obvious ways. Though I'd feel better if you stayed with me.."


A small sigh, a touch of embarrassment crossing her pale features, "Bruce," Not Mr. Wayne any more, just Bruce, "Offered to get me a hotel. I really don't want to bother ANYONE else beyond what already happened. I'm fine. He barely hit me, it's over now, the man's in jail as is the man who hired him. I'm sure that was the exception to the rule. People don't try to KILL people for taking jobs. That's just ridiculous." Pepper states firmly, over all quite embarrassed about the fact that this has happened at all. It's beyond awkward for a woman who had preferred to live a far less public life before this. The humble secretary. Nothing like this.


Bobbi sipped at her drink, crossing her legs as she leaned back in thought. "You said that there were people in Wayne's company that were corrupt and self-serving in their control. That Wayne hired you," A pause as she considered the redhead's usage of his first name. "As an outsider that could shake things up and aid him in wrestling control of his company away from them. If one member of the club was willing to take a hit out on you?" She shook her head.

"I doubt the others won't be any less cut throat. Snakes don't nest alone." She murmured, and shook her head.

"A hotel room is utter shit, Pepper. Not secure at all. Anyone with decent connections could find you. Even registered under a fake name and paying with cash. Trust me, I know."


Pepper gives a low groan and just a bit of a sigh, knocking back the rest of her drink as if it was a balm. Because, really, it is. And getting drunk tonight is the only way she's really going to be able to sleep and, dammit, she needs sleep! So, gin glass empty, she pushes herself up to standing and pads elegantly over to the little mini-bar in the corner, making herself another martini. Dash of olive juice. SIngle olive. It's one of those nights.

"I…I suppose. Bruce seems to think that we got the worst of it. I hope he's right. ANd you've already done so… So much for me, Bobbi. I don't want to be that kind of burden on you. Hell, I invited you over to *relax*!" She motions to that still untouched box, "Not talk about work! I shouldn't have brought it up."


A dry look was offered the redhead. "If you end up dead after all the work I put into making sure that you survived that stupid, pain in the ass drug, I swear.." She muttered, and exhaled a huff of a breath.

"And pardon me, but Bruce Wayne is a playboy, rich kid. How the hell would he know when the worst is over? He might talk big but the guy is as bad as Tony Stark when it comes to messing around with ditzy women and spending his money on lavish shit. It's my job to track down these kinds of threats and root them out for good, Pepper. And I am very good at it." She pointed the beer in the redhead's direction and then heaved a sigh, sinking back in her chair.

A hand reaching up to rub her temples. "And .. hell.. I'm sorry for come across as over protective, but you're the one that decided you could handle being my friend. There's no real 'off' hours for me, you get that right? And trust me.. I want to relax, but when someone says they tried to kill you over your new job it sets off every alarm bell I've ever been trained for."


It's when Bobbi admits to this being a part of the FRIEND thing that, well, she's won Pepper over. The red head blinks, her stubborn, casually dismissing words suddenly going quiet as she studies the woman across from her. "…then… friends? You actually… we're… friends?" Pepper looks a bit hopeful and a bit guilty at the same moment, but then her smile blossoms just a bit wider.

"Fine, fine… hell, if this is part of being friends, I'll take it. I'll come stay with you, if you really want. This apartment is too big and lonely anyway. But… you have to let me make breakfast. And get you groceries that aren't beer. I will actually be a *help*, I swear…" She then looks down to the little package Bobbi brought, as if only remembering it now, "Oh. And cherry sounds good."


Bobbi blinked once and then twice at the hopeful tones, and then more over as Pepper concedes to staying with her. She lowered the glass to her lap and stared for a breath, leaning forward slightly in her chair.

"I don't have .. friends outside of work, much less with anyone that knows what I do for a living. It's a weakness typically," She pursed her lips, and glanced down at her drink.

"So.. you'll have to call me on my bullshit from time to time, deal?" She arched a brow and took a long gulp of her beer. A twitch pulling a smile on her expression.

"Yes, fine, fine," A groan as she smothered a laugh, "You can cook if you want. I can't cook to save my life. I get take out typically. The fridge currently has yogurt and beer.. soo.." She shrugged. It really had less beer in it than she joked over, and rarely did she actually partake.. but still. Bobbi had little concept of eating 'healthy' per say.

"And I'll open your box if you open up the case that has the flavored gummies and give me your review of them."


Not that Pepper was cooking right now, but the redhead flashes a smile, motioning to the coffee table. "Well. I 'cooked' tonight already. Please, help yourself, there is way too much here for me." She winks to the woman and then leans over, grabbing at that case which Bobbi insists on her opening. It was about time she took another anyway.

She pulls it open and brings the thing to sniff first, shrugging slightly, "Smells like those… fish candies." And then she's popping it past her lips, taking a few bites. Her nose only slightly wrinkles, "It's not… bad. Tastes a bit like… cough syrup? Certainly edible. And… they seem to be working. I want the shit but… not near so bad as I did. And I can get through the nausea and shakes way easier. So…I… I think you did it. Actually. And now you are entirely stuck with me as a friend. ANd I will remind you that you gave me permission to call you on your bullshit."


A laugh, and Bobbi set the beer aside to pick up the box. Opening it earned a raised brow as she tugged out a matching pair of feathery slippers. "And yeah, well, I had to make the cherry flavor strong enough to cover some new bits that I added. All very complicated and boring, trust me." She flashed a smile, digging around in the box.

"The new version should have the added benefit of not reacting poorly to drinks." A pause, "You're welcome for that by the way."

As Pepper mentions food she waves a hand. "Already had take out. I'm good." She rolled her shoulders back, setting the box aside.

"And fair warning my bullshit will often include attempting to test out various things to see if they'll improve your health and safety. I may not always tell you straight away, but I will make attempts to."


"..I couldn't drink on the other ones? Oops?" Pepper offers with a slightly wincing smile. Fortunately, booze isn't really her deep weakness so she hasn't had THAT much, but clearly she's been starting on it tonight. She swallows back the last bit of the gummy pill and just nods in approval, more than content with the 'cure' that they have found. Vigor is now quickly fading in her past and she could not be more happy.

She coughs out a bit more of a laugh as Bobbi admits the commentary about testing various things. Her brows arch quietly, "I…Uh… that's… That's fine. Seems I might actually need it, as of late, so… Good?" Pepper doesn't look entirely convinced this is a great idea, but she does trust Bobbi implicitly, so there are no complaints, "And htose things SHOULD fit you. I thought it might be nice to have some things here for when you have company over for bed time. Apparently, that will be sooner rather than later."


Bobbi burst into laughter at that part, and shook her head with a grin pulling at her lips. "I don't normally bring back guys to the apartment. You don't have to worry about that. It's a security risk after all for anyone to know where I live. They could track me down at a later point and well, that's just a pain in the ass." A shrug at that.

"But I'll keep it in mind if I ever go undercover and need to seduce someone."


The laugh makes Pepper smile. It's nice to hear Bobbi laugh. "Well, then wear it when I'm there and we're being girly. Or when you're all alone doing some crazy science and just want to be comfortable. I promise, it's the most comfortable night clothes you could wear." Pepper winks at her reassuringly. Then they fall back into more calm chatter as Pepper finishes dinner. Within the hour, the woman is packing a bag for a few days and, together, they head out to Bobbi's place.

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