1964-03-13 - Triad Troubles
Summary: A chance encounter leads to some timely fire support.
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There weren't really supposed to be guns. Not pointed at Nyx, anyway. She's been quietly making her way through the a rambling, slightly rundown wood and brick three story tenement in the depths of Chinatown. It's all peeling paint on dead bolted doors and hallways that smell of smoke. In the back rooms there's faux Chinese decor. A mahjongg table has been overturned in favour of a hand ful of men- let's say, six- drawing guns and other weapons.

The problem really came in when Nyx made her way out of the boss's office. The hallways are well-lit compared to the rooms and she was hardpressed to find shadows to make her way through. As she exited she found that someone had turned on yet another light, illuminating the cracked wood and concrete flooring with a glare that caused the girl to flinch for a second. Then the alarm sounded. Someone started shouting rapidly in Cantonese and came at her with a crowbar so she threw him over the banister. A moment's concentration and the light dimmed in the hallway. She immediately dived into the newest patch of shadows.

More frustrated shouts. A gunshot. A Triad enforcer screaming his head off as a girl dodged out of his line of sight and then a blade made entirely out of hardened shadows, black and purple in colour and absorbing light, split the barrel in two. Then she shoved him down the stairs. It just seemed easier that way. Two more men, further down the hall. A lead pipe, a sword of all things… She dived over the edge of the stairwell, landed atop one of the Triads and tumbled roughly.

More light. Enough to be blinding. A yelp of pain followed by Nyx diving through the nearest door… And so it happened that she came to be surrounded as two men filed in behind her and the four at the Mahjongg table leapt to their feet and went for their weapons. Split second decision, then. Heart thumping in her chest, eyes widening as she scanned the room for anything she could use… Nyx dives for the far corner of the room as the gunfire started and shadows rise to meet her like they are dragging her into a shadowy grave.


It's a day like any other. Cold, leaden sky. A chilly bite within the strong winds sweeping through the concrete canyons. A big scary dark sedan flying down the road, running red lights while being pursued by another big scary dark sedan. With mutants and aliens and Asgardians and super-powered cockroaches a couple of speeding cars barely trips on the radar for most people anymore.

Lucky them.

The next red light intersection the two cars attempt to beat is thwarted by a delivery truck, causing the lead car to swerve off course then slam into the brick wall of a nearby building. It's by sheer chance that the mortar here was already cracked from heavy weather and poor construction material, the sedan fares better than the wall does.

The following car isn't so fortunate, slamming directly into the side of the delivery truck with enough force to send the truck onto its side.

Chunks of brick slowly clatter onto the hood of the first sedan, its lone occupant pulling herself away from the wheel to glance at the askew rear-view mirror. The other sedan isn't looking too lively. Nor are any of the people who had been inside of it. Two of them aren't inside any longer, sprawled out broken and bloodied on the hood and street. "..Huh. That works."

What comes as another unexpected surprise is that there's gunfire, gunfire -not- being directed at Domino.

There's also some very, very surprised looking Oriental guys standing around in front of the car, staring with gaping jaws as the smoke begins to clear.

The albino's eyes widen. She ducks down just before the front of the car is unloaded upon, bullets further damaging the trashed vehicle. Once the guys stop to reload they stop for good, the return fire not having to pass through an engine block to reach their targets.

With an acute groan the driver's side door gets forced open, permitting the battered driver to gracelessly fall out into a pile of rubble. "I go through more cars that way…"


The scream of tires is enough to draw the attention of everyone in the room. A series of shots ring out but they all fly wide. Nyx is extremely fast; faster when she tucks her knees close to her chest and tumbles through the shadows covering the back quarter of the room, her heart attempting to make an exit directly through her breastbone as she tries to keep her head. The shart wham of a vehicle hitting the building follows and people are whirling to see the vehicle now jutting through the side of the tenement.

Now the four men are shooting at the black sedan, more than adozen bullets in the passenger side door and the engine block in seconds. Nyx looks up from the floor to stare at the sedan as mortar crumbles and bulles fly. "…Domino?" Bewildered, at first. Then she's quickly scrambling to her feet, narrowly avoiding the wide swing of a heavy pipe. The two who were at the door didn't forget she was there.

"Where are you?!" One of the men is screaming this as he continues to swing blindly into shadows that seem almost too dark for the location. There's that bewildering tendency toward near invisibility when out of the light again. "Right here, fucker." A smaller albino, this one with blonde hair. She crashes into the pipe wielding man, her knives coming to hand again from nothing. He blocks narrowly with the pipe and she shears it in half. Then there's blood on the floor.

This seems to remind the rest of the room Nyx is here. The gunmen seem uncertain as how to proceed. A couple of them start shooting at the blonde again. There's a lot to keep track of!


Armed guys, crashed vehicle, no problem! Someone calling Domino's name, THAT changes the playing field in an instant. Between the mixing of shadows and post-auto accident trauma it takes her a moment longer to put the pieces together. "-Nyx?-"

As if waiting for Dom to get off of the ground another suit-wearing thug comes at her with a fire ax. Their dance is fast and vicious, ending with the guy caught by the neck from his own weapon. There they stand with Neena's head popping up from behind the man's shoulder. "-Damn,- would you look at her go." Then the guy stops struggling as a bullet catches him square in the chest, making her let go as the twitching form becomes nothing more than dead weight. "Oh yeah."

The sharp snap of a pair of .380 pistols joins into the fray, though only briefly. Fourteen rounds can go really quickly in a mixed fight! Then again, so can about a dozen fighters. Dom's left with a battlefield pickup, a cheap little .38 revolver which she can only sigh at in disappointment.

Just leaving the place shouldn't be too difficult, in theory. The only problem now comes in the form of Smaller Whitey. Sure, Dom COULD just leave Nyx here with her own baggage, but… Well, she's already -here- and all… And these goons already shot at her, which tends to make her a little grumpy. It's just one more thing to sigh over. "Get a move on, girl!" she yells out while plastering the contents of another guy's brainpan across the wall. "Getting out time is now!"

Get a move on to -where,- the car?? The engine's still running, somehow!


"…On it," Nyx responds, making a split second decision. She starts toward the car before a shout in Cantonese alerts her to the fact there's still a tall man behind her with a sword. "Do they ever run out of goons? God…" The man swings his sword. Nyx parries deftly, her weapon seeming to change in shape as needed in response to the demands of combat.

This is harder. The swordsman isn't wielding the weapon blindly like a club. There's skill involved. He doesn't clash blades, he parries. That makes it impossible for her to simply cut through his weapon. In the end she takes advantage of their height disparity and when he swings down at her the girl deflects the sword and drives a shadow knife that appears in her off hand directly into his shin. A second stab is all it takes to silence him. Who says she has to fight fair?

Afterward is a sequence directly out of a high budget action film. Other Triads have roused by now and there's a rifle at the door. So as Nyx is running toward the car there's an unholy spray of lead behind her, the gun screaming loud enough to wake the dead. It's always so, so much louder than the movies show, and the concrete echoes the sound, contains it, and lets it get even louder. Loud enough to deafen. Wood chips and concrete spray into the air around Nyx. She dives for the car.

"I hope you're ready to move…!"


The concept of fighting fair isn't for people who fight to win. If Nyx hadn't sucker-gutted the swordsman Domino had another bullet with plenty of space left for the guy's name to go, keeping herself hunkered behind the cover of a bullet-riddled door with the .38 nice and steady. It isn't necessary for the sword-dude, at least.

It IS necessary for the heavy gunner who comes into the room next. "M60!"

The shot misses its mark and instead wings the machine gunner as she leaps back into the car, not bothering to close the door as she drops it into reverse and hammers down. "Ready-ish!" A horrific squeal of protest comes from the badly wounded engine, steam once more pluming up over the cracked windshield as the next wave of much larger bullets find their mark.

Then the driver's door gets ripped backward and torn from its hinges, the last remaining hubcap skipping merrily across the street as the brick and debris-littered sedan sliiiides into the street, slams into another car, shifts into first, then lurches forward.

"This is what we call a timely distraction," Domino all too calmly states before ducking another inch down as a bullet punches through the windows beside the two pale ladies. "Are you hit?"

In another moment the rear window gets stitched full of nasty large holes, tearing apart the upholstering over their heads and killing one of the tail lights.

Fingers tight on the wheel, she almost gently adds "I really want that gun."


"…Hit? No. I don't think so. Just concrete splinters and some bruises." Nyx is still hanging out of the car as it takes off and she can't help letting out a yelp as she scrambles inside while the vehicle is spiraling awkwardly into the street. She drags herself fully into the vehicle just as it is making its first collision.

Blondie starts to sit up. She immediately regrets it as the rear window explodes into shards of glass. She covers herself reflexively recoiling. It's dark in the back seat. Moreso than might be expected, though part of it might be that she seems to blend in with any kind of shade exceptionally well. That might only be to be expected.

"Well… Distractions are good," Nyx allows, taking a deep breath as she works her way along the seat. The door behind her screams as metal is torn in a collision with antoher car and it's thrown skittering into the road. "And, um. The big gun? WEll. I mean… We could go back if you really want." She takes a deep breath. "I'm up for-" More bullets scream past. M60s have a great deal of range to them. "-Whatever. I don't think this car is- very bulletproof… Um. Let me see. It's too bright out for me to try to hold it together all by myself. Err. Not that I know if I can anyway."


Domino's mind is already working out the variables as she twists the wheel and sends the car into a long, debris-filled slide down a side street. Judging by all of the honking she's not making any friends with the maneuver. "Just lucky it isn't my car," she states in a flat tone.

Once more the sedan is sliding around, performing an abrupt 180 then coming to a halt right against the curb. Without a door to open she's out of the car in the next second, then swearing under her breath as she aggrivates a new injury. An open palm slaps down onto the dented roof, meant more as a means of pulling herself together than anything else. Then she's shuffling around toward the trunk. "So, how've ya been?"

The trunk is next. What's left of it. A key is no longer required to open it, the lock has been shredded by a full metal jacket. "Haven't seen you since" Dom tries to open it then scowls and gives it a good shove, damaging the vehicle even further but getting it open enough to look inside. "Rrgh, that one time." Then she pauses, staring off into space for a second before shaking her head. "I don't even remember what—oh yeah, the car and Dumb McBrickface. Harlem clinic. You're looking good."

A scoped hunting rifle comes out of the trunk and is given yet another frown, the scope is almost neatly split in two. "Dammit, not again," she growls.


"Let me see that." Nyx eases her way out of the car slowly, grimacing as she does. It turns out she was hit in the shoulder, or else something else caused a splatter of blood on her clothes. The wound looks pretty cosmetic… Which makes no sense given it was a M60 that must have put that hole in her. Nyx presses a hand to it and grimaces, at least showing thew ound is painful, but then she shakes her head.

After a hiss of pain Nyx is speaking again. "You're looking great too. I've been okay. Just- tying up loose ends. You?" As she speaks Nyx reaches toward the rifle, placing a gloved hand against it, bare fingertips touching the scope. "I mean, this won't hold too long. Too much direct sunlight and it'll… Anyway. In case you need to shoot someone tonight?" The shadow cast by Nyx's hand is a start. They creep over the scope. She's crafting a new one, albeit one that is more matte black than black.

"Thanks. For, um. Whatever that was." Nyx's voice is soft but earnest. "You have incredible timing."


It isn't long until Domino notices the wound. "You don't think so, huh," she repeats Nyx's earlier comment in a completely deadpan voice. "It's pretty binary, you know. It can hit or it can miss. You missed more than he did."

Just why Nyx wants to see the rifle doesn't make any sense to her. The girl doesn't have any power over metals, not that Neena is aware of, and there's no way in hell she would count on Nyx to make the next shot she has in mind! Imagine her surprise when the scope 'heals' itself, she just about drops the gun in surprise! What does make it through is a very obvious shiver, like she's completely creeped out by Nyx's power.

"Like I said, a timely distraction," she distractedly replies. Her attention is more focused on the temporarily mended scope. Will it work..? Is the point of aim messed up any? Optics are nefariously finicky devices… "It works better some days than others." With a bewildered shrug she makes sure the rifle is chambered then hurries back to the intersection with a slight limp in her gait. "Know anything about hot-wiring? We could really use some new wheels!"


"Til it falls apart it should work. I mean. It melts in sunlight but nothing's perfect, right?" With a vaguely self-deprecating tone Nyx continues forward, shrugging her shoulders. "I mean. I might have fucked up the optics. You should probably check. Call it… Practice," she admits earnestly.

The smaller woman picks up the pace now, keeping up with Domino and staying up close beside Black Spot as she limps along. Just in case the other loses her footing thanks to that wound. "I can get a car running. Sure. It's not so hard. Not like car doors are worth much. Just need a slim jim…" The slim jim is apparently just a flat bar, wide at the end, which can be slipped into a door. If the black tool appearing in Nyx's hand is any indication at least. She starts toward a nearby t-bird.

It doesn't take Nyx too long to get into the car and then she sets to getting the ignition started. It helps that she doesn't need to carry a toolkit. She just sticks a hand under the dash and pulls tools out of the shadows. "I'll let you drive at least…"


"I'll go do that," Domino promises as far as checking the optics go.

When Nyx creates the first tool of the trade Dom can't help but watch. "That's creepy as hell, you know that? Also incredibly useful. But mostly creepy." It serves its purpose on a couple of levels, however. Soon they'll have a brand new car, and it gives Nyx something to do so that Domino can go and do something else.

Like take aim at the M60-wielding thug who's just a short ways down the street, pursuing on foot. He had to have known their car wouldn't get them very far. He was right.


Just after the rifle speaks out Neena's diving back behind the side of the building, more automatic fire rattling off down the street. "Sight's off!" she calls back to the other albino while chambering the next round. "Got any other fancy darkforce tricks? To your eleven, fifty yards!"

The next rifle shot is made from around deeper cover, not even aimed at the guy. Instead it sparks off of the valve of a fire hydrant, spraying a jet of very cold water straight upward. It doesn't help her situation at all. It does, however, make it more difficult for the gunner to see Nyx.

"High and left," she confirms to herself while working the bolt once again, automatic fire pelting the edge of the building just behind her head. "Rock and roll."

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