1964-03-14 - Women of Power
Summary: Amora runs into Lex Luthor and the two ladies have a short chat about power and usefulness.
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Some places didn't typically allow women inside their doors. At least, not as regular patrons. The Brass Jug was no exception. Apart from a particular member, it was a men's only drinking club. The rich and powerful, the movers and the shakers. Women were about, but always as arm candy. Another trophy like a fancy ring, expensive watch, or extravagant car.

However, there was one member who sat alone in this abode of expensive drinks and plush leather and velvet chairs. A woman of exceptionally poise and unique beauty sat alone. An elegant cigar burns in an ashtray on her table. A bottle of exceedingly expensive bottle of scotch, and a newspaper. However, she's sitting quietly- just watching the men as they chat and show off their 'trophies'. Eyes narrowed. Just quietly watching.


If women were jewels in this club, then Amora was the crown of all such things. Blonde curls, buxom chest, long legs and ruby lips that pulled back into a sinfully tempting smile. She walked along without pause, a scandalously low cut, red dress of flimsy material hugged her every curve. A white fur coat curled over her shoulders and she passed it off to the doorman without so much as a glance.

Eyes followed her, male and female, many with jealousy, more with need and desire. The woman was lust incarnate and knew how to use it and such a prowess showed.

High heels clicked as she walked, a strong step that screamed confidence as she swept the room with an arrogant gaze. Green eyes alighted on the woman who sat alone, and golden eyebrows climbed higher in interest. Without pause, and earning more than a few sighs from those who followed her, Amora the Enchantress stalked along to the table and slid into a chair opposite.

"My what an interesting woman we have here.."


Luthor looked up towards Amora, quiet. Judging eyes as she weighs the approaching woman. She sits back, lifting her cigar and PuffPuffPuffing a moment. Bald. Beautiful. Powerful- Lex Luthor clearly holds herself above the rest of the men and women in this bar. In Lex's eyes there was no jealousy. There was no lust. No desire. "I imagine you hear the same rather often, Ms…?" she asks quietly


A perfectly manicured hand was held out in offer, green nails, long and curved. "Amora Incantare," She purred, and grinned. "A pleasure?" She arched a brow upwards. The lack of any interest in her whatsoever seemed to tickle the blonde Asgardian to no end.

"No, more of what I hear is along the lines of begging, pleading and poor attempts to win my hand." She fluttered those thick eyelashes of her's and the servers nearby crashed into each other, spilling drinks on a nearby group. They had been staring. Amora, for her part only chuckled and tossed back her golden locks.


Lex smiles quietly, shaking Amora's hand as its offered. "Likewise, Ms. Incantare." the powerful and poised woman offers. She is an interesting one, certainly. Bald headed in an era when hair was everything. She wore it well- with confidence and poise- more, perhaps, than any other woman in the world could. At least, any human woman. The fluttering of eyelashes as Lex eyes narrowing as she looks on carefully, quietly.

"You do catch the attention of others, don't you?" Lex mentions with a smile. "I often hear the same. Begging. Pleading. Poor attempts at… marriage, of a sorts." she mentions, with a little grin.


A chuckle and Amora shakes the hand and then without so much as pausing, scoups a glass of champagne from a server that approached. Several drinks on offer for the blonde goddess it would seem, gifts from adoring would be lovers that pant and eye the two women from the safety of beyond the table's reach. It would seem as desperate as they were for Amora's attention they did not want to be the first to approach.

"You could say that many find me, enchanting, I suppose. I am a woman that knows what people desire and I find use in it." She smiled, sipping at her drink.

"As I can sense much the same from you, I thought it would be interesting to have a chat."


"I know what others want, yes. They want what I tell them to want. That's why I spend half a million dollars a year on marketing." Luthor replies with a quiet smile, "Take a seat, would you like a cigar? Whiskey?" she wonders then of Amora, "From my private stock, of course." she grins a little towards Amora, "You realize, now, I'm just going to be called a dyke all the more with you at my table. They never see me with men- and I'm the only business woman they really know." she chuckles quietly, leaning forward to take her scotch, swirl it in the glass before she takes a long sip. "As for myself- I also know what I desire."


Amora waves a hand, sips at the glass she'd snagged and leaned forward. "I never can understand why men get so wound up over whom a lady takes to bed." She muttered dryly, arching a brow as she propped an elbow up on the table.

"I think we might yet find some use for each other in the future, darling. I don't think either of us would work rather well in the long term, but if our goals ever aligned.." She shrugged, setting her glass down as her smile widened.

"We are kindred spirits, you and I. Women of power who use and take what we desire, no matter what society deems as 'correct'. No?"


"Perhaps, certainly. If our interested aligned, I might be willing to offer my considerable influence, money, and power." Luthor begins, "And everything is appearances, my friend. They think I'm the goddamned devil. A terrible lesbian dyke who's polluting their daughters and wives with ideas of freedom from under the yoke of their caring hands." Lex just grins- she clearly loves it. All of it. "And honestly, I'm not telling them any different."

Lex smiles still, a wicked thing. "However, yes. A partnership-" she gives Amora a knowing look. "A true partnership… between women of a kind would, I'm sure, be in both our interests. But.. how everyone looks at you." Lex is quick. Very quick. Exceedingly smart. "There's more to you than just beauty."


Amora grinned, white teeth flashing behind red lips and she tapped her fingernails against the glass as she rose. "Oh aye, there certainly is more to me than my looks. Though I do so adore using them," She sighed in an airy manner as she tossed her hair back over her shoulder.

"Beauty is a lie, after all." She mused, cocking a hip to the side as she plucked up the glass and held it up in the fashion of a toast.

"As to what I can offer?" She arched a brow and glanced around. A smirk painted on her lips. "There is far more to this world than what most believe it to be made up, darling. I will try to find you at a less.. public hour if the need arises. However, I shall leave you with the hint, shall I?"

She bent over and whispered, "I am known by many names throughout history, but the North Men considered me the most beautiful of all.." She winked, straightened and just like that turned to depart.


Lex smiles quietly, listening close. "Another time, darling." she offers as she raises her glass to Amora. She nods, still and leans back again as she watches Amora go. She thinks quietly then- at what is said. SHe'll have to hit the books- a mystery. Well. It was just the way to spend some of her free time.

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