1964-03-19 - A Whole New World To See
Summary: Apparently, Ford's new side job is introducing Grecian ladies to New York. This time, it's the Princess of Themyscira herself!
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Ford didn't typically take on jobs so far out of the city's limit, but this one in particular was well paying! Some rich sop had heard of his work from a friend of a friend of a friend, and asked if he would take a look at his custom Oldsmobile from his collection. Much as Ford found the notion of a car collection silly, the pay was quite nice… and these days, he was looking for it in droves! He had new prospects that demanded a bit more money in the bank, so he was willing to take up anything!

This is why he's currently in the driveway of this particularly rich fellow. Mansion, personal garage for storage of the car collection, nice grounds. Trimmed hedges and tidy flower beds. Ford felt out of place - and dressed as a greaser, looked out of place - for this area. But with the Oldsmobile's hood up, he felt a bit better. Laying out on the personal dollie he'd brought, toolbox open nearby, Ford tinkered and clanked at the car's underside as he worked, humming a tune as he did.


It wasn't long after her guard arrived in New York that Diana was sure to follow. The mist in the middle of the night gave way to the boat that appeared upon the docks. The departure of the woman and her belongings wisked away, the boat itself disappearing leaving the armored clad woman in a cloak to her own devices. It was all done in a matter of moments. Secrecy shrouded her arrival. The shroud in which she wears keeps that secret that is she as she took to wandering the city proper.

The smells were exciting enough. (Read: terrible).

There was a man who smelled like soiled bottoms and cloth that belongs on feet, and another who smelled of roses. Very strong roses with a tint of acid. Another woman said something to another that sounded almost degrading and the other shouted back. One even called her a very tall .. mare?

Neighborhoods were wandered. People were all watched. So it was not surprising that Diana would have been standing there, staring towards Ford as he lingered underneath the building. Did he need help? She did not hear screams.. his legs looked comfortable upon the ground, and the sounds do sound as if he were building and the apparatus itself were.. singing..

"How interesting!" She calls out, her accent grecian and thick. "How do you get this beastial machine to sing like a human?"


Ford blinked and stopped his clanking and humming as he heard a lady speaking in Grecian. Again? Sliding out from under the car and sitting up, Ford turned to the woman who spoke to him and wiped a bit of grease from his head. "Say wha..?" He squinted through the sun's light and saw the woman standing there. Well… this one didn't have green skin, at least. "Ah, might've been me you heard. Just singing while I work… though, if you want singing..!" Ford stood up and opened the car door, leaning in and flicking the radio on as the radio jockey gave a quick advert for a floor cleaner and announced the next song. "Radio's always good for that!"

Tapping his foot, Ford wiped his brow again before stepping closer. "That accent… Grecian? Whole lot of you coming to this city lately, aren't ya?" It was strangely true. First Elektra, then Delphyne. Now this lovely lady! "Nice to meet ya all the same. Name's Ford. Best mechanic in New York." Though he might actually have some competition for that title, he wasn't too far off… "You?"


The first sights of the man had her stepping back. The further emergence of his frame from the vehicle had her nose wrinkling, and stepping back even further. It was a brief smell of motor oil, one that she caught over in Harlem, that seemed to make it's way thicker into China Town, and now here in this beautiful, grand area of New York. It wasn't fear in her gaze, but general curiousity that has her taking a step forward until the music itself blared from it's interior!

"What in the blazes!" She nearly shrieks, immediately lowering her knees at a slight bend, her hands shone as she glances around in preparation to defend herself from the onslaught of magic. But she did say that it was interesting to hear music from the machine right? Now she is -actually- hearing it!

Still, her eye twitched ever so slightly, her entire form showing no give, no relaxation, just utter stiffness and mistrust. "Yes…" To his question about Grecian.. and a slow nod at his own personal introduction. She straightens, carefully tugging her cloak around her as her chin lifts, her lips pursed. "I am Diana. Representative to Themyscira. I come seeking this worlds leaders to make peace. To watch and learn as best as my ability. It is an honor to meet you, Ford of .." She glances around, then murmurs.. "..whatever this city is.."

Ford blinked as Diana seemed to take a rather hostile approach to the vehicle's radio, recoiling a bit as she seemed ready for a fight. Now that he noticed it, was she… wearing a cloak? A very… odd choice for attire. Then again, it was still in the cold snaps of March… she had an excuse, he guessed. Still, the radio seemed to bother her… he fell back to the car and leaned in, turning it off. When the hands start to glow, that's the time to try and de-escalate things. "Ah… guess you're not a fan of Chubby Checker, eh? A shame… lady like you could probably put a new spin on The Twist~"

Ford smiled, regaining his usual confident grin as he nodded. "Pleasure to meetcha, Diana. And I think the name you're looking for is New York. You, ah… must be new here?" Really new. "World leaders? Well… odds are, you'll be wanting the United Nations Building. That's where the cream of the world's crop gather… or, supposed to, anyways. Might not be in session at the moment. Just a mechanic, sadly. World politics is a bit beyond my grasp."

He paused, crossing his arms and tapping his chin a bit. "Say, ah… this is gonna sound a bit random, but… you wouldn't happen to know a lady with green skin, would ya? Met her last week, gave her a tour of the city. She was from Greece too… didn't say which part, but I figured it might be worth asking."


The cloak is tugged closer and around her shoulders to hide her effects, the gaze of wonder slipping into something a little bit more official, her teeth gritted ever so faintly as she draws in a breath, then exhale once more. "Chubby Checker. I do not understand. How do you spin and twist?" Her blue eyes glance up towards the sky, the cloak soon released as she draws her hands out into the open with a motion as if she were spinning, and then.. twisting.. without moving. She looked strange doing it, almost childlike.

But pleasantries aside, Diana finally found means to take a few steps forward, breeching the threshold from public space into private, her knees bending ever so slightly as the light hill was taken up and straightening once she nears an arms reach from the car. "Ford of New York. It is a pleasure." She curtsies to him, once the city name was made official, then straightening as she takes the news with a light-hearted stance. "Then shall you take me? Or direct me where to find your leaders? It is imperative that we do speak. I am willing and able to compensate you for your time." She offers up a smile. "A mechanic. I do believe that is the most noble profession for a man befitting of thyself." Whatever a mechanic was.

"A profession befitting of such a noble who could present one to their World Leaders and demand an audience. A profession.." She glances up, then smiles. "..befitting of the demanding of -knowing- and learning the politics that your people teach. You shall join me. And afterward, there is hope to a feast.."

Ah, the lady doth dream, for the mention of Delphyne has her brows shot straight into the air. "You know of her? My! I miss her! Take me to her! I need to speak to her at once!"

Ford restrained a laugh, but not a bemused smile as Diana tried to do the Twist. Well… she was trying! "Yeah, something like that. Take's a bit of practice." he replied, folding his arms and canting his head to one side. "Ah, just Ford will do. But… thanks for the praise." He wasn't used to other people singing praises for him… he usually did that himself. "Ah, well, I'd take ya, but I've got to finish my work on this car here." He nodded back to the polished blue beast of a car behind him. "Now, if you can wait about… erm… gimme 30 minutes and I can take you myself. Certainly!"

Ford quirked a brow as she spoke of him being some kind of wunderkin about politics and being able to get World Leaders to speak with her. "Ah, well… I can certainly kick up a fuss, if that's what you need me to do for them. I imagine they'd listen after that, but, ah… doubt I'd be making friends with it. You'd… probably be better off asking someone else… though the idea of a feast is nice…" His pondering of food was taken off track by Diana's sudden demand for him to take her to Delphyne. "Oh! Wow, well, I don't know where she is at the moment… best bet would be in Mutant Town. Like I said, let me finish up with this car and I can help you find her. M Town's not so big, and she stuck out pretty good. Shouldn't be hard to find her."


Perhaps a demonstration was in order; Diana was not close to doing a twist or a spin at all. Perhaps it was a custom greeting that most would do, and there was certainly a thought that she's offended a man with her horrid greeting. While dancing could have been an Amazonian custom, one could not 'cut a rug' like an American does. Diana would be full of grace with her own dances, but with American dances? Two left feet.

Two. Left. Feet.

And still, her lips were pressed to silence as she watches the young man with amusement, her eyes taking in each gesture, each flow of hair, his hesitant words of politics and the mention of Delphyne. Her brows lift and raise occasionally, but she does realize that there was an obstacle that needed to be dealt with before Ford was able to have his freedom.

Her steps take her closer to the car as she crouches to a squat before it, one hand planted to the ground as she looks underneath, stretching herself to feel against the wrought iron of the chasis with a draw back of her hand to brush a bit of dust from her fingers. "Mm."

She pops up, her hands now pressed against her hips, lips twisting as she gives a tilt upright of her chin. "I shall fix this for you." 1960's equivalent/Amazonian turn of phrase 'Hold my beer'. For with a crouch and bend again, Diana extends her arm to grip the car from beneath to hoist it into the air, steadying herself with a few steps as she stands upright in preparation to throw the car far enough to fall into the depths of Westchesters woods..


Ford blinked as Diana walked over to the car he was working on, shaking his head. "I appreciate the effort, but I don't think you'll be able to speed things upOWOWOWOWOWOW! NO! Put it down! Puh-lease!" Ford said, running over and holding his hands up as if he was going to catch it if she put it down too hard. "Please, just… set it back down! I need that thing in one piece and working if I want to get paid… and I need it! Trust me! Besides, you don't just CHUCK an Oldsmobile!"

Ford stepped back, before winced, fearing she might throw it. "Look, if you need directions, I can give them to you right now. I've got a map in my car you can use. I'll trace a route back to Mutant Town and the UN. You can find your friend there and I'll try to meet up with you when I finish with this car. But… you can't just chuck things around here! You might hurt someone!" Ford actually being one to voice a responsibility of using your powers? Today is a very weird day.

"What?" Still, the innocence in her gaze is baffling as she looks towards Ford. "I am attempting to free you from this life of servitude.." Only to enter into her own. Of course. How selfish. "I can pay you worth your weight in gold, more than what your Masters offer for this piece of trash." Her arm lowers slowly, and the contents within the car crash against the window of it. Thankfully, it was just cloth. And maybe a cigarette butt. And quite possibly a shoe.

"If I aim this brute just so, I can toss it off of the ravine.." She glances around, her eyes squinting. "Twenty miles due east." She was serious. "I would just need a running spin. In essence, it is like a discus. But with better hand holds." There was a little smile, a quirk of one, her knee slowly bending as she carefully angles the car just so, lightly allowing it to rest upon it's wheels with a slight bump. The only thing that really is damaged is the pipe that she grabbed ahold of.. and the rear-view mirror that just so happens to fall and crash to the ground.


Ford stared at Diana for a bit, pondering that strength before shaking his head. "Ah, well, look, it's not servitude, it's my job. Trust me, I don't take anyone calling themselves my 'master'. Now, if you can offer better, sure, I'll take it. But… you… that would be destruction of private property." Pause. "…you know… illegal?" He winced as the rear-view mirror crashed into the ground. He did like the car…

"I… I can see you haven't been outside of… what was it? Themyscira? You haven't been… away from home much, have you?" Yeah, what was the first clue, Ford? Still, she was in an unfamiliar land, with fantastic powers, with clearly no knowledge of how modern social norms worked. To leave her unattended, even with directions, would be irresponsible in itself… and he was trying to work on that a bit. She needed a guide. "Listen, it's… it's fine, just set the car down gently. I'll come take care of it later. For now, set it down gently, let me get my tools, and we'll go find your friend. Afterwards, I'll take you to the UN, if you still need to."


Blank. Innocence, curiosity, now draws out a blank look. A job? Well, she understands what a job is, but.. the way that the Amazon's had told it, the men ruled the nation here. They did not work. They were filled with riches and subjugated the women. They held titles and did tasks through favor of trade. This.. is what this is, right? Sort of? He was a slave because he was on his back, right? Her gloved hand reaches up to tug the hood away, revealing the tiara that rests upon her forehead, her dark hair moved just so that she could scratch a little at the back of her neck.

"What's illegal." Deadpan. No question. Just a demanding of what could have been a question, but only not.

Though she does shake her head. "I have not. I suppose that is why my mother thought I not the best fit. But I seek to learn of your people and aid with whatever conflicts shall arise. The Asgardians have pushed our hand." Her nose twists, and she sniffs. Her hand lifting to sniff at her palm. Ew. Oil.

"I require sustenence and food." She states, keeping her hood down. "I will not partake of the flesh of an animal."


Ford had to admit, the cute innocent look was kinda fetching. For her, anyways. Charming, in it's own way. "Illegal is… breaking the law. We have laws, you follow them, supposed to keep everyone safe and equal and all that. You know… ah, right to free speech, right to fair trial, right to bear arms, so on and so forth?" Oh, right… needs some catching up. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a rag, offering it to Diana. "Here. That'll get most of it off. Should have some water in the car, if you need it." He nodded to his powder blue Ford sitting by the curb in front of the mansion.

He started to pack up his tools, wincing a bit at the slightly dented car… he'd come back and fix it. For now, he needed to keep this lady under watch, give her a bit of a crash course in modern civilization. "…nah, you're a good fit. You just need a few pointers… lucky for you, you've found the best guy for the task!" He tossed her a wink as he closed his toolbox. "Sounds like you need a good salad. Not to worry - I know a few places you can get a good one. We'll get you something to eat, find your friend, bring you up to speed, and get you set up with the UN." Sounded like a plan to him! Picking up his tools, he waved to his car, bowing his head. "Shall we?"

"AH!" Diana nearly shouts out! She understands, and it made her happy! "We have those on Themyscira. Laws. Though I am unsure of the use of illegal. Punishable by death here, I presume. I would have been killed, if I had destroyed property of man. Mm.. That will not do." Not to mention, the fact that the rear-view mirror thingy crashed to the ground? She winces. The rag that was offered up taken, brought to her nose to sniff, her brows arching in a curious fashion as she slowly begins to wipe at her fingers. "Thank you, Ford of New York." She bows her head briefly, then offers up the rag in return, wanting him to wipe his hands as well because the smell itself is rather.. daunting.

His smell, to be exact. Not the cloth.

But, with food and a better tour of the city on the horizon, Diana follows closely at Ford's back, watching with a blank expression as he continues to speak. Too close. In fact, she invades the spacial awareness rules to the point that her elbow or any parts of her could easily touch his person.

The gesture towards the car was met with a frown, and a look back towards him yet again. "While I understand the.." She gestures towards the car. "..it moves on wheels. Those round things. I prefer to walk. Point to me on this map of where to meet and I shall be there post haste." Soon as she learns to read, of course.

Just get in the car, Diana!


Ford blinked, taking the cloth and wiping himself as clean as he could. "I'll keep the windows rolled down." he promised, before shaking his head. "No, nothing that severe. You'd need to commit a capital punishment for that. You'd probably just get a fine. Pay for the damages. For bigger crimes, felonies, that'd come with a bit of jail time." Ford continued to clean himself as Diana followed… almost a bit too close. Not that he minded his personal space being invaded - far from it, with a lady looking like her, he welcomed it! - but it made it a bit hard to walk without knocking her around a bit.

"You mean the car?" he finished, noticing her gesture. "It's a long walk from here. Believe me. Besides, I wouldn't think of it. A gentleman does not leave a lady alone in this city, super strength or not!" Tossing his tools in the back, he walked around and opened the passenger door for Diana to step in. "After you, ma'am. Your chariot awaits~" A turn of phrase for Ford, but with Diana, she very well might take it literally. "Besides, I can bring you up to speed on New York's culture while we drive. Amazing as I am, I haven't developed telepathy yet. Plus, you'd miss out on some of the best sights."

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