1964-03-30 - Collecting Evidence

It's been a few nights since that case of arson in the apartment buildings. And Delphyne is busy practicing her acrobatic routines on the rooftops, running along from one to another with surprising agility. Her 'hair' is currently bound behind her head as she works, focusing some of her frustration into her activity.

Perhaps she'd been tracked, or maybe Delphyne was merely 'in the neighbourhood' of where the Arson had happened. Whatever the reasoning, her routine was not one that would be unobserved forever. There's a flutter on the air, the sound of a cape catching wind as its 'wings' are spread to catch the breeze and slow decent, then the redhead figure in the costume that had pulled those children from the fire was standing here, perched on the building's edge. "Doesn't that hurt?" she question, gesturing to the bound living hair.

Delphyne smiles faintly, "Not really, no more than tying back your hair, I suppose. Plus it keeps people from… what is the word, 'freaking out'?" Her voice is thick, her accent sounding almost Greek but not quite as she looks over towards Batgirl, "You were in the burning building. One of the costumed people around here trying to help people."

"As were you," Batgirl speaks, a light step hopping her down from the railing onto the building proper while she crosses her arms over her chest. "You saw the flames and you saw the body, but the way you ran? You clearly saw something else that I didn't. What was it?" Straight to the point, perhaps she'd been hanging around a certain brooding billionaire lately. Stepping closer, there's a faint caution to her body language. She'd read enough Greek mythology to be cautious about the presence of what looked to be a modern Medusa.

Delphyne takes a step closer, meeting Batgirl's eyes with her own amber gaze, "Don't worry, I don't petrify people with a gaze. That's the bloodline of Medusa, not my own." She hmms, "And yes, I was chasing the perpetrator, though I lost him in the fire, though not his handiwork." She pauses, then glances to the side, "The head of a murdered girl, poised on a spear amidst some sort of… shrine, I suppose it was. A sick and twisted offering."

If there was revulsion on Barbara's mind, her mask and her training served to conceal it. "And did you get a good look at him?" she questions calmly. She'd seen the aftermath of the fire enough to know how grusome the girl's body would have looked, but that wouldn't serve her to dwell on it. "Anything of note at all?"

Delphyne shakes her head, "I salvaged the spear, though it isn't with me right now. The man was, tall, and very thin. I could not get a good look at him, though his voice, it was high-pitched, thin." She frowns, looking a bit frustrated, "Were it not for that accursed fire, I could have caught him." Judging by her moves on the rooftop, she's definitely on a par with the Bat-family in the acrobatics department anyway.

"He's going to strike again," Batgirl speaks. Sad truthes laid plain. "Anything that can help us track him down, that spear, any little detail you might have, could make a difference to someone surviving. I'd like you to turn it over to me."

Delphyne considers for a moment, watching Batgirl carefully, "Alright. I trust you on this, but I have to ask that when you move to get him, that I am there." She smiles slightly, her look cold, "He murdered at least one that could be a sister, and as such, I need to make sure he pays."

Then she turns and looks back at Batgirl, "Follow me, Bat-Woman, and I shall get you your spear." And with that she's running along the rooftops, leaping the gaps between buildings as she heads to where she hid the spear.

It's not really a promise Batgirl can make with certainty. After all she can't always vouch for how well her mentor will work with another, so she merely remains silent for a moment before nodding as she's asked to follow Delphyne. A little curl of amusement on her features. Most people jumped to calling her Bat 'girl' rather than woman to the point the name had stuck, but it was still nice to hear as she lept to follow the Gorgon.

After a few buildings, Delphyne lands on the top of an apartment building, and moves to the side. There's a foot locker there, somewhat beat up, but with a fully functional lock. Crouching down, the gorgon retrieves a key and unlocks the lock, opening up the foot locker to reveal quite a few guns (?!?) as well as a rather ornate, vaguely Aztec-looking spear. Picking up the spear, Delphyne rises and offers it to Batgirl, "And here you are, Bat-Woman, I trust that you will be able to make some sense of this madness." Her lips curl in a bit of a smile, despite everything, "It is not my nature to trust, but you seem capable enough in this world of…" Her nose wrinkles a bit, then she continues, "Well, men." Hmph!

The weaponry? It's looked over and catalogued all in one glance. The perks of an eidetic memory. Most of it is probably illegal, but then again so is what she does technically. Taking the spear in her gloved hands she handles it carefully, lest she contaminate whatever evidence might be on there till she can get it back to the cave. "This will help," she nods at Delphyne, her smile visible with her mask in place. "We will do everything we can."

Delphyne nods once, "Yes, if you need to find me, I tend to be found in Mutant Town. Not that I am, but… well, it is easier for me to, as you say, blend in." She quirks a slight smile as she looks back at Batgirl, "You may call me Delphyne."

"I'll keep an eye out," the caped woman nods before shifting her grip. Carrying the spear while using her grapple was going to be tricky. She really needed to get a car of her own! A pause, she bows her head in returned greeting. "Batgirl,' she offers, perhaps pausing for a moment to see the reaction Delphyne might give to the slightly less auspicious title."

Delphyne blinks in surprise at Batgirl, then her smile grows a bit, "I suspect a man named you such, for I would not say a girl is an accurate description." She chuckles softly under her breath, "And be careful. This predator, he might not care if a woman has a cape or not, if he looks to reclaim that item."

No comment there, but the redhead is thankful for her mask at the praise. A little self-concious shift has her cape falling around her like a cloak, concealing the spear held near her side and her figure-hugging suit. "I know," she offers at the warning, bowing her head. "But he will get what's coming to him, and I doubt he'll no what he's in for when he meets me."

Delphyne nods, her eyes on Batgirl as she prepares to go, "As I said, I give you that in exchange for being there when you confront him. Please, do not forget this." And with that, she turns around to crouch and relock the locker, making a mental note to move it to a new location. Just in case.

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