1964-03-31 - Try Me
Summary: Ford and Skali walk into a bar. Then they throw each other out through the wall of it. Everyone has a great time.
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Day drinking was a time honored tradition in Hell's Kitchen. In the defense of the usual patrons, most of the tenants in this neighborhood worked graveyards and service industry professions. Thus six am was their five o'clock, and by three the bars were packed and the music beginning to thrum heady and thick despite daylight's intrusion into the festivities. It is in a particularly seedy hovel of such ill repute that blacks and whites could mingle in equal measures of debauchery, and as a wonderful side effect the music was on point, that dancer's whirled on a beer-soaked ruin of a floor to the rich notes of Blues. The only way to dance to such a thing was with married step, a jarring of hips here and there, hands sliding lower than a Swing floor would ever tolerate.

Though there were but a few couples populating the floor, and the space small and carved out by pushing chairs and tables to the edges of the room, alcohol had salved the shortcomings of this grotto to hedonistic gods. The door had been left open to let in a fresh breeze, and beckon any wayward travelers in for grease soaked food and a pack of smokes.


Ford typically stick around in Hell's Kitchen very long. He always took it as a way home, but never to stop. Not that he had anything to fear in the Kitchen, but just old habit. Even after 8 months of super powers, one forgets what they can do now. But the usual locales simply weren't holding much of his interest anymore. So it is with some quiet, but subtle confidence that Ford dares a new place to eat and stops at this small bar in Hell's Kitchen.

Darkening the doorway to the inner sanctum of dance and drinking, Ford walked through as if he owned the place. The key to getting folks not to try and start anything with you was confidence. Unzipping his black leather jacket to reveal the plain white shirt underneath, as well as the muscular figure it tried to hide beneath it. Smoothing out his hair, Ford hung his jacket over a seat at the bar and tapped the counter. "Yo, tender. When you get a chance, got a hungry customer down this way." he said just loud enough to be heard over the music before turning around to survey the place he'd chosen. Yeah… looked like something you'd see in the Kitchen….


The bar was more or less empty, even the server that usually occupied the counter on the floor. Though she did pause long enough when the doorway darkened to catch the newest patron, and meet his request with a 'just a minute' finger raising, the blonde who was well past what make up could smooth out was quickly swept back into another spin. Good service was not this establishment's strong suit. And when she was pulled into the thin arms of a rakish and leering man with a peel of fresh laughter, Skali steps into the now abandoned space with sweat on her brow and a grin that was all teeth.

The music eases off into a slower and thicker sort of soup, and with every vibrating thrum of bass, the woman's hips curve around prowling step to the counter. There's a keen intelligence to that oddly colored gaze, something that skirts over the man at the bar dismissively before fearlessly pulling the stool beside him up and reaching over the counter for a bottle of whiskey. The motion is practiced; the top lifted off well liquor and poured unceremoniously into a dirtied glass that may have been hers' previously. Then with a bounce of curls, she settled into the chair beside him and shoved the bottle towards him with a little smirk.

"Hey stranger."


Ford curved the corners of his mouth into a knowing half-grin, shaking his head and turning back to the bar, listening to the music and tapping on the counter in time to the rhythm. But his quiet solitude is cut short by the arrival of the prowling female pouring herself a drink and silding up to the seat next to him. Dangerous ladies… Ford can't seem to get away from 'em. Not that he's complaining - he likes danger. Gives him a challenge.

"How do, ma'am?" Ford replied, nodding his head and sliding the bottle closer, eyeing around for an empty glass before continuing. "Don't typically frequent the places this side of town. The service always this good, or should I be putting a bit more attention towards the company of the place?" he asked, a confident smirk crossing his face.


There's a trill of laughter as the absent 'service' in question is dipped low to the ground, a sound hushed quickly by lips against her own, a faint little struggle of dramatics as if she wanted to get away. Maybe she did. Human mating rituals were so curious. Skali reclined as much as one can on a bar stool, somehow making her frame drape instead of perch, like some large cat on the back of a sofa.

"Ma'm? Oh my, how formal."

A little huff as she drew in his scent, a flicker of something in the corner of those golden eyes that was hardly human, weighing the strangeness of his person against what she knew of most New Yorkers. Probably mundane, standard human faire. And yet-

"You get what you pay for. Or you take what you don't feel inclined to flip the nickles towards."

Obviously she fell into the latter category, her attire plain, dark demin jeans that disappeared into ankle high boots, a light jacket of canvas. And yet, there was something casually elevated about her mannerisms, a focus that shifted from him to the darkness underneath the counter where a dog emerged that had been slumbering unseen. The beast lumbered to rest a head across her lap, its tawny hide contrasted with the black saddle across its back marking it the obvious origin of the fur on her pants.


"My mom always taught me to treat every lady like a lady, until she proves otherwise. I find ladies are far more eager to talk if you act like a gentleman." Ironic for one as salacious and objectifying as Ford is. But he did have a knack for being eloquent around women! "I suppose that's a fair point. Like I said, I don't typically come around this part of the city, but I figured it was time to spread my wings and do some exploring. Never know where you're gonna find teasure~" Ford tried to disguise his interest in this curiously out-of-place woman by pretending to look around more for a glass he could use, every so often slipping brief peaks at his new company.

"Name's Ford. Best mechanic in New York, and I'd stake money on that." he said, offering a handshake. "And for someone who doesn't flip nickles, you make it look qui- whoa!" Ford sat back a bit as he noticed the great big dog sauntering out of the dark under the counter, blinking as it seemed quite comfortable with the lap he'd occupied… and perhaps just a tad jealous of the big beast. "…well, hey there. Didn't know they let dogs in… not that I have one, but haven't seen one in a bar before." Ford slowly reached over to try and let the dog sniff his hand, before trying to pat his head. Bullet proof skin should repel dog bites too, right?


Skali raises an eyebrow and laughs at the thought, shaking out those thick curls like a mane that resettled over slender shoulders. The sound belonged in this kind of a joint; bawdy and unabashed in mirth. It could fill a mead hall and fit right in amidst a brawl. At the sound, the dog eased back its ears and let out a huff as if inconvenienced by her flirtation.

"I find men are far more eager to converse when they want something."

At his name, she looked back up at him with a little shrug and offered succinctly,


The extended hand was ignored. She wasn't much one for formalities, and besides, she was busy scratching the soft fur behind one of those large, erect ears. Ears that were easing back once more, a low growl beginning to rumble from the Alsatian's chest as dark brown eyes flickered with veiled threat. If the man persisted, he would most certainly get bit. And Skali wasn't of a mind to stop a good mauling.

"I don't much think he likes you."

She observed dryly.


Ford smirked, arching a brow back at her comment on wanting something. "It's true… I confess, I want something. It's my intent to get you as interested in me as possible, take you back to my place, and ravage your body like a wild animal until the sun rises the next morning." And considering it's the middle of the afternoon, that is an impressive claim on his part! "I bet they also feed you something along that line about their intentions, am I right?"

…at least he was upfront about it.

As the dog growled, Ford paused, smirking and leaning down closer to the dog's level. "I bet he's just grumpy that I'm aiming to take his place on your lap~ Sorry, buddy, but between the two of us, I'm the better alpha~" Ford replied, smiking before fearlessly reaching up to scratch him behind the ears. This should end well…


The dog had never felt the need to be alpha in this relationship. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that there was only one in this room who could claim that, and it happened to be the woman who nonchalantly picked up both whiskey and bottle off the bar top before glancing down at the scene about to play out. Oh well, boys will be boys.


As soon as the simple command in Russian left her lips, the dog vaulted over her lap like it was an obstacle course and latched faithfully onto the outstretched hand. The jaws locked down, the haunches planted, and its eyes closed as it set to hold him regardless of what may come. Loyalty like that just couldn't be found among men. The music abruptly halted and while someone cursed in surprise, there were already bets going down on just who would win in this one. After all, it was a rough part of town.

Skali had stood fluidly and watched the events play out with a morbid sort of curiosity, adding as soon as the dog had a hold,

"He's grumpy because you didn't listen when he told you no."

And she had trained him to attack on command, but whatever.


Ford perked up as she gave some kind of command, though he couldn't place the language, but more surprisingly, the dog lept over and clenched onto his hand and forearm! Kicking his stool seat back, Ford got to his feet just as the dog landed, holding his hand in a death grip in his teeth. There is no sceams of horror from Ford, however. In fact, if one looked closely, they wouldn't even see any blood, or gashes in his arm! Clearly, he'd made of some stern stuff!

"Hey hey hey! No! Bad dog! Down! Heel!" Ford ordered, like he'd grabbed onto his pants or something rather then his skin. He raised his free hand and bapped the dog one on the snout as he continued telling the animal off. "Well, he's gonna have to learn not to bite the hand that tries to scratch his ear! Bad dog! Drop it! Drop iiiiit." he ordered, bopping the animal on the nose again.


With every pop on his nose, the otherwise silent brute gritted down his teeth harder still and let out a rumbling snarl. There was a professional obedience to his commitment, an occasional tug on the skin to get a better hold on unrelenting flesh but otherwise the jaws remained clamped down and the animal stalwart. It was Skali's voice that eventually broke the hold, a calm and succinct

"Foo, Magnus."

At which point, the brute released and trotted back to her side, still grumbling as if inconvenienced. There was a neat little turn it did to find a perfect heel position, where it folded back into a sit and pushed its nose up to rest against her hip.

An approving glint marked the behavior as acceptable, at which point she looked back to the man with a raise of an eyebrow, her considerations weighing him from toe to head as she avoided saying what was obvious. He wasn't bleeding. And now those who had bet on his mauling were demanding the entire odds were a wash if he was one of those filthy mutants.


Ford continued to grapple with the big mutt, bopping and demanding it let go, before she finally called him off. As the dog returned to his master, For straightened up and checked his hand over. Nope! Still no marks! Fasctinating… "Right, he attacked me cause he's grumpy. You are the one who sent him on me. You know, a simple 'I'm not interested, thank you.' would've sufficed." Ford replied, smoothing out his shirt and hair.

"Oh cool your heels, the lot of you!" Ford called out over the shouting, still speaking as if he owned the place. "I'm not a mutant… I'm just incredible, is all." Right. That explains it perfectly. He turned and folded his still not bleeding arms over his chest. "And YOU, Ms. Skali, need to not sic your pet on people. Even if you don't like 'em. Seriously, you from Themyscira too? S'like nobody has any manners anymore…"


Skali quietly looks down at the now named Magnus and nods to the door, excusing the hound back outside which he seemed more than graciously willing to oblige. The small crowd within the bar parted for the previously vicious animal, giving the dog about as much space as they were giving Ford. Save Skali, who instead approached him silently while he glowered and grumbled about manners. The distance closed between them as she curved her step to circle him, more like a predator than a maiden fair, her eyes glinting and the faintly audible sound of her taking in a deep breath to puzzle over his scent one more time. Then she was in front of him once more, this time closer than before, taking his hand if he did not retract to puzzle over the place where his skin should be a mess of bruising and marred flesh. She smelled like whiskey, leather, a bit of sweat and something else - a faint recollection of pine and deep woods.

"Incredible, hm?"

And there was something in how she finally looked up at him, met his eyes, measured him that challenged the sentiment in but a single word.


Watching the dog walk out, Ford huffed a bit before he noticed that Skali was actually circling him. He arched his head around to follow her before finally she finally stood before him, close. Her scent was… very wild. Reminiscent of a wild animal of some kind. As she studied his hand, Ford permitted it, before leaning in closer, closing about 75% of the gap between them and smirking. Clearly, he wasn't mad about the attempted mauling anymore.

"Very incredible~" Ford replied, barely above a whisper, his own gaze half-lidded as he met her back. "Still not convinced? Try me. I like a good challenge~"


Confidence is a hell of a drug. It radiated off of him, something in his scent besides the otherness she was still puzzling over allowing him to close the distance with an unflinching curiosity that aligned their hips, brought her exhale out against his cheek, stole the air out of the room until he could sense every muscle tensing in those thick thighs teasing against his own. Had his eyes not been half lidded, had a different part of his brain been a primary motivation, and had good sense overridden the fact that she felt impossibly warm while standing this close - perhaps he would have noticed that the other patrons had stepped WAY back. In fact, the server was sidling behind the bar and gesturing towards a few of the others to join her.

That's about when Skali hit him. This close, the blow had to be pulled due to a lack of follow through, but it was aimed as an upper cut with the palm of her hand to his perfect jawline. And even as such, it would send a normal man into the wall ten feet back as if he were a rag doll. Skali didn't think she was dealing with a normal man though.

And if he was? Oh well. It had been consensual, right?


Ford smirked a bit wider, not pushing the distance between them any closer. He knew not to take the whole way. Leave a little room for the lady to make the final push to close the gap. So it's not surprise that when that blow to his jaw came, he was a bit caught offguard. With no defense to the blow, Ford went flying backwards towards the wall and smashed through the plastering and bricks. For a moment, buried under all the rubble.

But finally, he rose out of the debriss, seemingly not much worse for wear, though he was rubbing his jaw a bit and making sure it worked. "Seriously… a simple 'No' suffices. Honest." he replied, before straightening up and rolling his neck… though not retaliating. "My mom always taught me not to hit girls. Even if they were being right pains in the arse. But you do that again… can't guarantee I won't be so restrained." Ford shrugged his shoulders a couple times before slightly bending his knees, ready for if she followed through with another attack.


Skali follows through almost before his monologue about maternal morality is completed, this time launching from where she stood in a fluid leap that aimed to land with her shoulder in his gut. The force of the motion would take them both through the wall and into the street outside, or just herself if he so decided to side step it.

"Restraint is so boring."

The words were a melodious purr, her figure shaking itself off of the dust and cobbles with a smile that begged for retaliation. She wasn't attacking him. She was playing with him like a pup might a small rabbit. Eventually she may eat him, but at present, she was distinctly amused.


Ford tensed up just in time to catch the follow up on her assault, lifting an arm up and moving with blinding speed, in plenty of time to catch hold of her shoulder and shove her right past him through the wall outside. So, he was more than just durable! As she crashed through the wall and settled outside, Ford stepped through the hole he made and folded his arms. "Man, I hope you're this enthusiastic if we ever do the bedroom blitz~ Though, with this kind of power, might very well break the bed… and the floor."

Ford uncrossed his arms and rolled his shoulders again, before bending forward in a readied hunch. "I typically don't like to move fast - I find the ladies prefer patience~ But let's see if you can keep up with me!" He immediately took off towards her, his hands fanned out to try and pound her into the asphalt of the street outside, each one aiming to push her further into the street… assuming she didn't take the speech time to get out of the way.


This was a different kind of dance floor than the one now covered in dust and broken glass inside. And on it, Skali's boots turned to set in a fighter's stance while the fading light of the late afternoon sun bronzed her hair and illuminated the wild fray like a halo. When the distance closed once more, her hands were up and meeting his blows, each concussive force smashing against a forearm until suddenly there was an open palm instead, dragging him closer instead of simply defraying the impact, using his own overreach to offset his balance and then they were nose to nose and there was nothing human left in those golden eyes.

"You call that fast? I thought you were /very/ incredible."

The damn minx wrinkled her nose then and nudged it against his own in a brief little flirtation of an eskimo kiss while sirens wailed in the distance and the dust swirled from the destruction wrought thus far.


Ford blinked as his hands were actually caught and he was pulled down, pulling him face to face with the little lady and noticing that her eyes weren't… normal. Not anymore, anyways. He wasn't sure how to feel about the eskimo kissing or the bending over, but he did know what to do about those sirens! Get the hell out of here!

"We'll have to settle this another time… but I do wanna settle it~" Ford replied, winking back before wrenching his arms out of her grip and stand up straighter. "Might want to scoot before the coppers show up and put a stop to all the fun. See ya around, sweetheart~" And on that, he turned and took off down the street, far faster than he was moving earlier. Easily clocking 100 mph. Which meant he was still holding back against Skali.

Perhaps he wanted to settle things in an area where there could be less collateral damage.


Skali wavers for a moment as he beats his hasty retreat, her toes ghosting above the pavement in a light little flotation as if tempted to give chase before shaking off the fancy with a good bit of debris.

"Just like a man, up and finished right after he's got a girl excited."

She muttered without much affection. Heaving a sigh as she resettled on the asphalt, a glance turned to the open hole in the bar their antics had left. While a hand shook loose more mortar from her curls, she sauntered back through the destruction with a huff (and a puff and a blow your house down).

"Listen, I'm going to leave you with my name and a phone number. When the damages are sorted out, you let me know and I'll take care of you. Like I always do, Love."

Was the promise spoken while the information was proffered to the shaking hand of the barkeeper, lazy attentions shifting over the other members of the bar as she elevated her voice,

"Would be a shame if we couldn't work this out like neighbors."

Oh that was most certainly a threat. Then she dusted off her jeans with a curse, and prowled down the block, two rights and a left, and she was swallowed up by dark alleys and tall dumpsters as easily lost in the city as a sewer rat.


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