1964-04-01 - Flaws and Blushes
Summary: Lorna goes to Tommy for guy advice. They run into Seth and problems ensue
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Lorna had reached out to her family when it seemed the troubles with friends had reached the tipping point. Out of all of said family, she was closest to the younger speedster, Tommy. Given that her older sister was in a committed relationship, but always seemed to have that mothering vibe, and her father was just plain out. Lorna figured Tommy would be the safest bet. Though, on reflection, Billy might've been better at giving advice.

Still, the best way to start of such things and indeed, to cheer herself up was to get food.

Thus, she stood, waiting a bit impatiently for the street vendor to wrap up the various hot dogs, chili dogs and other junk food. Her hair was green once again, thanks to Wanda, though she still tucked a hat over it. A light purple that matched her winter coat with springy, floral designs. She smiled toward Tommy as the food was finally handed her way and passed off a large portion toward her nephew.

"I know that must've taken like forever for you.. but you always need more anyways.." She offered.


When it came to giving advice, Tommy was more than happy to. It might not always be the /best/ advice, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't give it anyways, and at the very least it would likely be entertaining, right? Right. Besides. He, too, was in a committed relationship! …a fact that still frightens him a bit to this day.

Plus, free food? Even if he had to wait, and yes it /did/ take forever, it was always worth it to the bottomless pit that was Tommy Shepherd.

"Eh, no big deal." Nomnomnom. Tommy's careful about eating; it's still cold enough for him to sport that leather jacket he loves so much, which means slow bites. Slow bites, but fast chewing. "So, what's up that you wanted to talk about?" he asks, already starting to move — walking, talking and eating. Is there a finer way to spend a day in the city?


Lorna nibbled at her own hot dog, plain besides a thin smear of mustard over it, as she walked alongside him. "Ugh, no laughing at me, okay? But seriously, boys. I don't get them, and you're a guy so I need you to listen before you tease me and then offer me some advice, deal?" She arched a brow a hint of pink staining her cheeks.

"So you know Seth. He's homeless and he went back to being homeless despite my attempts to get him introduced to Professor Xavier or literally anyone else. I figured Raven would be a better fit with him, but he cut me off before I could say anything! And then, oh my gosh, he ran into Julian. Or rather he tried to steal Julian Keller's jaugar. Because Julian is an idiot—" She inhaled a breath. At least when talking to a speedster she didn't have to worry too much about slowing down her rushed speech.

"Who left his car unlocked and ugh, I wanted to smack Seth 'cause he was right back to trying to steal cars!" Her voice lurched upwards in pitch as she spoke, gesturing wildly with her free hand in clear irritation.


Nope, definitely don't have to slow down for him to keep up. "Yup. I'm a guy. Today, at least. No strange potions changing that up lately. Alright, I'll listen first, then offer you advice, /then/ tease you mercilessly. Best offer you're gonna get all day." Tommy retorts, lips curving into an amused grin.

"Right," to knowing Seth, then there's nodding along as he listens to the story along with a "Who's Julian?" tossed in there, before more nodding, and a still-amused grin at the end of the story. "There more to the tale, or is that pretty much it so far? Also important, of the two, whose bones do you wanna jump? Or is it both? And is it at the same time, or…?"

…this is why asking Billy might've been a good idea. Because any embarrassment would be shared. Tommy? He's shameless.


Lorna made a face, and promptly made to swat at her nephew, not particularly caring whether she actually hit him or not. "Tommy! Ew no. On so many levels no. That's so groady." She wrinkled her nose and shook her head.

"Okay. So I forgot you didn't know Julian, right. Okay so Julian is this rich guy from the Frost Institute that basically took me out on a date to a fancy french place. He can be arrogant and kinda a jerk, and has temper issues.. but he can also be really thoughtful and nice and sweet and caring. I mean, to be fair, both he and Seth have huge emotional issues.." She rolled her eyes.

"Also they're both mutants." A pause and she shook her head. "Anyways, I don't feel like that at all for Seth, he's my friend. And I'm still trying to figure out what I feel, if anything for Julian. I mean he's my friend but he obviously wants more but I dunno how I feel about that yet.." She was rambling a bit and finished off her hot dog in a few bites, clapping off the crumbs from her coat.

"But no, it's not the end of the story. So Seth tries to steal Julian's car. Julian blows out his own tires to stop him, never mind that I could have totally done it without damaging the freaking car, but no. Whatever. So Julian goes and catches Seth when he's running and then starts beating the snot out of Seth for trying to steal his car. And then! Then! I try to get Julian to back off, but then Seth runs his mouth, because he's Seth.. and then Julian flattens him out into like nothing using his telekinetic powers— they're bright green too! And everyone starts screaming and running and Julian hurts Seth and.. ugh.. It get even more convoluted.."


Seth has arrived.


Tommy watches and listens, focusing mostly on the effort of eating his hot dogs. Omnomnomnom. Food is so good, food food food, la de da de dum~ There's a moment when he has to weave around to catch an errant bit of food — successfully, in his mouth, at super speed — but for the most part? He's not objecting. It's still going to the same destination and that's the part that's important.

"Gotcha, so typical two princes thing; one has diamonds in his pockets, the other has rocks. Except diamonds and rocks glow alike. Getting the point here, go on. Holding advice 'til the end. Then teasing." …then a finger comes up. "…and I know what you're gonna say, but the part about who you wanted to wake up to was an important question in order to give the advice. Don't worry, you'll get the actual teasing later. I promise." Grin.

"Now, go on." Nomnomnom.


It had been a good day for Seth. And a good day was a lucrative day, usually a bit sordid in nature, and most certainly involving a hustle or two. Thus he was almost presentable in his current state, the clothes he had been attired in while under Mojo's captivity abandoned for something more sensible - dark jeans, white shirt, even a belt. He had kept the boots, and one of these was pressed back against the wall he leaned on outside of a hole-in-the-wall bar of ill repute. A bit buzzed, happily nursing a cigarette, his laughter joined that of a pretty little number keeping him company outside. When she leaned in to whisper something in his ear, he shook his head and knocked a bit of the ash aside before lighting her own cigarette. Absorbed in conversation with the leopard print attired filly, he wasn't considering the crowds passing and thus Lorna was likely to recognize him first.


A dry look was shot toward Tommy, and Lorna huffed, crossing her arms. "Julian then throws his car to this abandoned building cause the cops show up, flies Seth over there too cause he realized, that I wasn't leaving Seth behind when he was hurt. And then Julian and I start arguing. He tells me that I shouldn't be around Seth at all because he's a horrible person and tries to tell me what to do. I tell him that no one tells me who I can or can't see when I want to see them. Well, tata might, but that's like the only person that I'd actually listen to on that." She added the side no, and wrinkled her nose up.

"So Julian gets angry, and I mean like really angry and destroys his car into this nothing crumbled up clump of ashes. Then flies off! So Seth gets me out of the building 'cause of Julian's light show was totally gonna draw the cops there. And then later I track down Julian and we talk and ugh. He just. He apologized for reacting how he did but not for beating up Seth. And he just—" She crossed her arms.

"They both make me so angry! Julian wants to do stuff like the Brotherhood, but he has so much money and an education and he could do so much more, Tommy. Like seriously! He could help so many people and he wastes his money on cars and expensive things instead. Like he told me how he's been with all these girls and was an utter womanizer before he met me and how I'm different and ugh.." She rubbed her hands over her face.

"He just acts like a puppy sometimes and—" She broke off as she absolutely recognized Seth first and turned bright red, stopping dead in her tracks and stumbling over her feet.


There was nothing decent about the dress of the woman Seth kept company with if Lorna was absent, and her entire mannerisms had a bawdy lack of decorum to them. Her laughter was too loud, her gesticulations too wide, her smile missing a tooth. She was pretty enough still, but a few more years of cigarettes and the lifestyle she advertised would be unkind. Currently she was leaning in during what appeared to be a very passionate retelling of a story, the edges of with can be heard distantly -

"So then Joey says, he says I owe him three fifty, which there's just no way 'cause I only been workin' for him since November and business slows up a bit over the holidays."

Seth interrupted casually, a little frown,

"Ya'll settling up every month though, yeah?"

The denial of that assumption was swallowed up by the sound of traffic once more resuming though it could be read from the expression crossing Seth's face, an expletive laden

"Oh come on, that's a piss poor excuse and you know it, Jess."

To which of course, she told him to fuck off in no uncertain terms, with a laugh on her lips and a "Whoops that's me"

The town car that idled near the curb took her prancing over to open window, leaning in to discuss something with the driver while Seth watched the transaction with a bored sort of indifference.


"Sounds like…" Tommy starts to open his mouth to give the advice that was asked for on the subject of the boys in question, before Seth shows up, and Tommy's brought to pause by the fact of Lorna freezing in mid air. Of course, this clearly means that fate is conspiring against Lorna in all the worst possible ways because the silver-haired speedster of choice is a man with no filter, no boundries, and a determination to get the answers he seeks.

"Yo, Seth! Come here for a sec, pal. I need to ask you something important." he calls out, waving Seth in their direction.

Will Lorna be too frozen in headlights to stop her nephew, or will she turn as red as every tomato slain in a New York Style pizza? We'll see in a momment.


Lorna squeaked out a cry for her nephew, but she certainly was not quick enough to hold him back from calling for Seth. She turned redder if at all possible, and clapped her hands over her lips as she stared aghast at the sight of Seth, and his temporary female companion.

Then she was shooting a glare at her nephew, and if there was a slight pressure to the air around her, it was not entirely a conscious effort as the magnetic field around her increased ever so slightly. Not enough to actually do anything other than make smaller metallic objects tilt in her direction.

"Tommy! Stop it!" She whined.


Seth distracts from the vehicle and its new occupant at the sound of his name, an eyebrow raising as he tried to align people and places unexpectedly. Then the delay caused by a bit too much liquor ran its course, and he snubbed out his cigarette before moving to join them. A final glance was cast towards the town car pulling away from the curb, noting something with a little twitch of his lips, before he murmured a,

"Fancy seein' you here."

A nod towards Tommy with a glance to Lorna, looking her over swiftly with a momentary furrowing of his brows. She looked a bit feverish, and feeling the slight tug at his belt buckle, his frown deepened.

"You okay?"

It was an open sort of question, but his blue eyes were regarding Lorna skeptically.


"Hey, hey, you came to me asking for /advice/ and if you want advice you're gonna get advice, but /I/ gotta get all the details before I know what kinda advice to give." Tommy explains to Lorna, before turning his attention to Seth.

Run as fast or as far as you like; it won't be enough. He's faster.

"Hey buddy. She's fine, she's just nervous about asking things and needs someone a little more, uh, blunt to get the information she wants." Oh, this can't be good. Run. Run fast, run far, run in opposite directions! Or don't. Either way is fine with him. "So, I'm gonna put it plainly. You owe my pals a big favor considering we got your face out of Mojo's many, many flabby rolls. You can start by answering a question for me." Pause. This is going to be legen…

"Do you wanna screw my Aunt or not? Honest answer, she can take it either way. She's a tough girl." …dary.


As Seth approached Lorna barely caught herself from falling over her own feet. Her brows shooting upwards as she gaped at him for a long second, stumbling over her words with her cheeks still red. A squeak and a weak nod followed his words and then .. then there was Tommy. As the speedster spoke, her blush turned sheet white and she was reaching out toward him with clasping hands that fell short.

"Tommy!" She hissed, "Stop it!" She glanced at Seth, aghast.

"You can ignore him. He's being stupid, I already told him we're .. we're just friends." She stuttered out, her voice barely above a whispered hush and high in pitch. She clearly was mortified nearly to the point of tears.


Seth blinks. To his credit, he seems to think this may be a joke. Of course a favor would ultimately be called in but a question, and a simple one at that? It hardly seemed a sufficient repayment for their kindness. From Lorna to Tommy he looks, then back to Lorna, obviously weighing his response against the nervous energy emanating off of her, the flush now burning through her skin, the tears forming in her eyes. Clearing his throat, he seemed only slightly uncomfortable with the conversation at hand.

"I don't usually talk about who I'm going to fuck or who I'm currently fucking outside of the only other person it affects."

A light shrug as he quizzically regarded his friend and reached out to ruffle her green hair, disrupting the hat that hid it in the process.

"So we're friends again?"


"Doesn't answer the question," Tommy points out, waggling a finger towards Seth — ignoring Lorna's objections for the moment. "Which tells me /everything/ I need to know." Does it, does it really? … no, of course not. Sure, it lets him /assume/ plenty, it also might just force one — or both — of them to give the answer that he was looking for thinking that he assumed the opposite. It's a risk, but the kind that he plays with enough swagger to sell!

"…so, in relation to what you asked me, Lorna, I've got an answer for you when you're ready to hear it." Tommy offers, before finishing off the last bit of the hot dog and putting his arms up and behind his head. Casual pose, go. "You know, given the circumstances here and now might not be the best time and place, but, who'm I to judge, really?" Pause. "Speaking of time and places, either of you get any more of those spooks from Mojo? Met a girl in the park I thought was one of his; turns out she wasn't, but after hearing about Billy's TV…"

…because word gets around fast.


Lorna huffed a breath, pouting as she straightened out her mussed hair as Seth ruffles it. "Yeah of course we are, even if you are a jerk and I want to slap you up side the head. Seriously! You and Julian both!" She mumbled, fixing her hair and grumbling under her breath. Then her gaze swinging toward her nephew and she shot him a dirty look.

"It tells you what I told you already! We're friends. Friends." She repeated it slowly and then crossed her arms.

"But no.. nothing from Mojo or his goons."


Seth looks between the two once again, grimacing at the mention of Julian before interjecting off-topic,

"Are you dating him?"

There's an edge to his voice that could be misconstrued as jealousy, but would find more similarity to concern. From his jacket he pulled out the packet of cigarettes, making to select one before pausing and putting the pack back. There were only so many ways he could afford to irritate Lorna and there was no reason to make the list longer. At the mention of Mojo, he shook his head in concurrence with Lorna's assessment.


"So what if she is?"

Comes Tommy's response — the sight of the packet of cigarettes certainly caught Tommy's eye and there was a momentary temptation to make it explode into a cloud of nicotene fibers… but that plan was put to bed by the pack's disappearance. Best not to take the chance and explode the jacket, too. Even if it might be amusing. For now, though, he'll just watch. Honed in like a laser mounted on the head of a shark in a pool full of barbed wire.


A flush came back to life on her cheeks at Seth's question and reached up to tug at green locks in a fidgety motion. "I went on one date with him, apparently Mojo sent a clone me to go on another date with him and Julian blew up half a club 'cause she melted." She grumbled and pursed her lips together, exhaling a breath as Tommy brought up a very good question.

"And I haven't decided if I want to go steady with him or not. Not that it matters.." She wrinkled her nose at the sight of the cigarettes but the look vanished as Seth tucked them away again.

"Right now we're just friends."


Seth sighs at the sudden interruption from Tommy, wondering if he could hit him if he gave it a winner's effort. The effort was abandoned as an unlikely success, and he shook his head before asking pointedly.

"Have you met him?"

A direct question for the one he was offered in turn. Casually his attention drifted back to Lorna and he nodded,

"Yeah, I remember."

He remembered holding hands over her ears so she couldn't hear the sound of her clone borrowing her body to flirt with a man. He remembered her sinking against his chest while he did all he could do to block out the noxious noise of the television in their prison. He remembered how she fell asleep next to him that afternoon, slumbering deeply while he stared at the ceiling tiles.

"I get it, I stole the guys' car, so I'm not the best judge of character but he's got a temper. And I don't think he's accustomed to being told no."

The concern was now evident in his voice even as he tried to disguise it with a muttering,

"But fuck it, I might be wrong. Just not my type of bloke."


Inside Tommy's head, bits of the conversation were being shredded into pieces by little hamsters (why hamsters? Because they dance when they're done! It's adorable and you should have brain hamsters too.) and filed into baskets labelled 'into her' and 'so not into her'. Occasionally running back and forth between the two in a confusion of which basket to drop a scrap of conversation into.

Poor, adorable, confused brain-hamsters.

"Sorry, Lorna. Sounds like you've just been friend-zoned like nobody's business." Tommy decides — another provocation, really, but another still designed to get a response. Then he looks over towards Seth again. Looks and ponders. And smiles. "No, I haven't met him." Pause. "But I have met Joe." Quicker than one can blink, Tommy's hand was going after the pack of cigarettes in Seth's pocket. Intent to hold it just out of Seth's reach if he can snag it. Keep-away time!


Lorna for her part, lost her blush to meet Seth's eyes as he spoke about Julian. "He does have a temper, but it's something he's working on. And it's nothing that I can't handle. I have a temper. I nearly brought down a stadium when Mojo melted your clone." She sniped, her hands settling on her hips.

"And yeah, you know that whole trying to steal his car? He doesn't think you're safe for me to be around either. Neither of you trusts that I can handle who I spend my time with. Or that I can take care of myself. Or that when I say someone has good in them and is a good person, that my judgement is sound. Both of you have to spend more time lecturing me about how I need to be careful, or how I can't trust the other one of you!" She snapped, her lips pursed.

"It's as if poor Lorna has no ability to judge someone objectively and you all had better treat her like she's five! Never mind the fact that I have powers too. That I am perfectly capable of protecting myself and not getting taken advantage of. Yes. Julian took me out on my first date without really asking. Yes he has a temper. And yes, you're a thief. You've got decidedly more socially unacceptable flaws. I get it. You're both awful! There! Does that make everyone feel better?!" She threw up her hands and scowled at Tommy and turned to march off with a dark mutter on her lips.


Trapped between emotional vulnerability and outright confusion, Seth sways for a moment and shoots Tommy a glare at that comment. Perplexed, his head tilts to one side, mouth opening as if he's about to say something to the effect of 'the fuck you mean by that?' when suddenly his cigarettes have been neatly extracted from his pocket. And with their extraction also falls loose a wallet and two rather nice watches that were well outside of his usual attire.

"Oh come the fuck on."

Seth groans, trying to identify what exactly he did to deserve this, any of this, on such an otherwise wonderful day. Even as he stoops to collect the goods, it's evident the wallet isn't his either from the smiling picture of someone else's license within.

"Who the hell is Joe? And can I get a heads up on what he can and cannot do to me and if he has any murderous side hobbies?"

And then Lorna imploded. As she speaks, Seth gapes, then grumbles, then attempts interrupting two or three times. By now she's on a roll though, and he can't get a word in edgewise and as she escalates with those hand gesticulations and her voice begins to pinch together in a fit, his jawline is setting and he's downright done with being lectured himself. Thus when her back turns and she makes to storm off he snarls at the little wisps of green waving goodbye from under the hat.

"It wasn't a fucking lecture, Lorna. Why don't you say all the other shit you're thinking too? All those other 'socially unacceptable' things that make me trash. I heard what Julian said about me and I know you fucking believe it. But I don't hurt people for fun, and at least I can control my temper. And when I get pissed off, I drink a bit of whiskey like a normal person and don't level a city block or toss a car into a sky scraper. I got bigger shit on my plate than who you do or don't want to waste your time with."

And despite the expletives, he took one look at his cigarette box and barked out,

"Just keep it."

Oh he was pissed, but he was also past exhaustion and saw no way to actually hit Tommy or seize back his smokes. Plus Lorna had already stolen the storming off exit, so he shoved his hands in his pockets and spit on the ground.


"Joe. You know Joe. Camel?" Tommy replies, flipping the pack back towards Seth — the fact that there was no retaliation? That's noted in Tommy's head, too. That's one that gives Seth some points — even if the lack of argument about Lorna being friendzoned definitely suggests to him that he hit the nail on the hammer, there.

"I don't smoke. Gets in the way of my drinking," That's right, all jokes, all the time. Never anything serious from Tommy. Not on the outer layers of his personality, at least. "You gotta realize though, pal. People like this Julian kid — even like Lorna? They were raised to think certain things about people like us. They don't get it, not all the way." he offers, shrugging a bit. "Don't give up on my Aunt, though. Sometime's she's a little out there, but… you try being able to bring down buildings sometime and /not/ being a little out there, alright? She's good people. /Maybe/ Julian is, too."

Complete 180 on a moment's notice? Run isn't the only thing he does fast.

"…but you hit the nail on the head, chum. Who she does," spend time with, it sounds dirtier without those three words though which is why they're left out. "ain't something for you to get involved with unless you're the one she's doing, or if she comes to you. Let her make mistakes, get ready to bail her if she needs it. Got it?"


Lorna got about five storming steps before Seth's words had her whirling back to snarl at him. "Are you kidding me?! If I thought you were nothing but trash, do you think I'd have torn up the city looking for you? That I'd have gone to Raven, to the Brotherhood and promised to do whatever they asked if they'd help me get information about where you were? I helped her capture and torture people Seth! I helped her do horrible things and I watched and I held my tongue because I thought it would help me rescue you if you'd been kidnapped o-or something!" She exhaled, breathing hard as she blinked back tears. Her anger, sharp and fast as it was to rise, never did last long.

Then of course, she was back to storming off and away, wiping her eyes as she went. Tommy's words lost on the wind.


Seth catches the pack deftly, regarding Tommy as he speaks before his focus shifts quietly to Lorna. This time when she turns to depart, he lets her go without commentary, his gaze turning back to the nephew without commentary. His lips were a tight line, and only a cigarette brought out broke them, hand shaking just a bit as he lights it and takes a long drag. When his nerves had steadied, he looked calmly over Tommy with more emotion in his eyes than his composure let on and spoke,

"I know lots of folks that didn't get a second chance when they made that kind of mistake."

And there's something haunted in his expression as he turns to saunter back to the front of the bar, not to go inside, but to stand outside the doorway and wait.


"Yeah? So did I. None of mine could crush cars with a thought, though — if Lorna gets over her head, she'll get out of it. If she can't? She's got backup. You should know that first hand, Seth — and it sounds like you're part of that backup, now. Something to think about."

A pause, and an amused grin. "Also, you might wanna try apologizing. Chocolate usually works wonders to get back on a girl's good side, even if they don't admit it right away." With that said, Tommy tucks his hands in his jacket and starts walking in the /other/ direction. He's not too worried about Lorna at the moment, clearly — or he just needs to go that way to follow her from out of sight. Both are possible!

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