1964-04-09 - So Don't Flip Your Wig
Summary: Lorna spills the beans about literally everything that happened in the last month to her father. Including her boy troubles.
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Lorna sighed as they entered the building proper, she had asked her father to talk to her inside after all. A glance was spared for his still armored form and she hitched an eyebrow upwards as she made her way toward the library. She knew the other students typically didn't venture there willingly, and besides Professor Xavier, she had never been bothered there before. Plus there were comfortable couches and chairs.

Always a plus.

She took the stairs almost two at a time, unhooking her green hair free from her ponytail and shaking it out as she peeled off her sweatshirt.

A glance was spared for her father as she propped open the door with a wave of her fingers behind her, and made her way over to a plush couch, plopping down on it with a bounce and settling her sweatshirt back behind her.

"Okay. So. Tata. First off, I want you to know that there's nothing that you can do now. Okay? Promise you won't freak out and go storming off or have me go live with Wanda again for my safety. Please? I've already missed about four weeks of the Spring Semester and Miss Frost is cross enough."


Erik, of course, takes the steps one at a time, though his strides are swift and purposeful, something which allows him to keep up with Lorna's more longer, slightly more frenetic pace. He is no longer bothering to carry his helmet, letting it follow in a stately manner that reflects his overall awareness of the situation around him. Even when Erik's eyes are focused onto Lorna he is paying attention to everything around him.

The door is held for the man without even being touched and he proceeds through it without acknowledging its existence. Blue eyes survey the library for a moment before Erik begins to pace the shelves, examining the volumes collected here with a fairly criticaleye.

"Corra, I don't have any intention of doing something rash. I had good reason to send you to Wanda before." Erik's tone is patient, almost gentle- especially for the man whose will is literally stronger than iron. As he speaks gloved hands are lifted so that he can use a finger to indicate the titles of volumes as he passes them.

"The best thing you can do now is continue to practice with your abilities. I have no intention of getting in the way of that. But you need to tell me what happened while I was gone. And how it was dealt with… Please." One of the books is pulled down from a shelf and Erik pens it with a great deal of course.


A grumble followed as Lorna glanced around, making sure that the library wasn't occupied by random students, but then settled back on the couch with a huff of air. Her arms folded as she watched her father trace fingers over the books and her gaze softened from that some what defensive outlook.

"Okay. So. A while ago, my friend, Seth. Remember him? The blonde homeless mutant that I introduced you to that ran off pretty much immediately after you came to get me for Attilan? Well, he went missing. So I asked Raven if she'd seen him. But she hadn't. She didn't get anything out of the Friends of Humanity either." A grimace at that, and she picked at her sleeves.

"So I was stumped, and then on TV, this show came on and Seth was advertised as being part of this mutant thing. They were looking for others to star. Billy, and Tommy, Wanda's sons? I dunno if you met both of them. Anyways, Tommy's girl Hope, and this Shield agent that Billy works with came along to find him at this studio." She bit her lower lip. She wasn't sure how much her father had pieced together about Tommy and Billy being his grandsons. She had figured per Wanda's words, and she knew she'd mentioned it before.

"Anyways, we go, and then there's weird teleporting thingy! And they teleport in a tank! And then Tommy found Seth, but then he vanished too! And I brought down most of the studio.. uhm mostly.. on accident." She glanced down at her lap.


"I met Billy briefly. I am hoping to get to know them both," Erik responds quietly. Otherwise he nods, listening intently to what Lorna has to say to him. He chooses not to look at the green haired woman behind him, instead flipping through the pages of the book. "Have you ever looked at 'The Art of War', corcezka? I expect not. In it details how one should gather information and prepare for a battle."

Erik keeps a conversational tone for now, turning to pace another step along the shelves as he slowly ends up reorienting himself on Lorna. "The studio collapsed," he repeats back. Briefly Blue eyes cast upward to meet Lorna's green gaze. "I don't know why you're looking away. I've collapsed buildings as well when I've been overwrought. There's no good in hiding from it. You have to learn to understand your limitations and use them to your advantage. And to control yourself. What did you do next? Did you disable the… teleporting tank?"

That last gets a raised eyebrow from Erik. Clearly he expects a further explanation.


A sheepish expression crosses her features and she shakes her head at his question in regards to the book. "Uhm, I said mostly.. I mean, I stopped 'cause Tommy was getting everyone innocent out and I hadn't been thinking, but I caught myself…" She blushed, and scratched at the back of her neck.

"So we tried to find out where this guy, Mojo, this slug guy who was in charge? Turned out he was from another dimension and could teleport whatever he wanted in and out of it.. Cept Billy couldn't get to it. So we went where we thought they'd be.. in Spain.. Billy got us there. Uhm but it was a trap. They sent their mutants against us. Someone threw a bull at me. So I got knocked out for most of it. Seth didn't show up.

She picked at her nails, bringing her knees up and wrapping her arms around them to prop her chin up against them.

"Tommy got kidnapped, somehow. So Billy, Teddy and I went after him. But The Absorbing Man was in this arena. So was Dazzler and some old guy. But I told Billy to open up a portal to like the ocean or something, so we could push The Absorbing Man through. And we did. And I sort of went into it to try to lure him there, 'cause I could fly. But then Mojo put another portal on that side.. and uhm.." She deflated, and glanced away.

"I don't remember what happened. I just woke up in this room with Seth." She picked at her nails, and her voice grew small. "And Mojo made doubles of me and somehow sent them all over to mess with people…"


"I can see why you expected me to do something explosive," Erik notes mildly. He flips another page in the book he is currently holding. "So this interdimensional traveling… slug… kidnapped you and created clones of you which he sent to mess with your family and friends," the man continues in hsi best, most even tone. The fact he is so calm is, of course, a reason for alarm in itself.

"My grandson was also kidnapped. You fought the Absorbing Man… And Dazzler as well, or was that incidental?" Erik finally looks up, closing the book with a snap. he starts toward Lorna then, setting the volume onto a table as he comes close."Was 'Mojo' dealt with? What reason is there to believe he won't return and attempt to retake you? Either of you. It doesn't sound like a situation for staying idle."

Erik takes a deep breath and then slowly exhales. "It's a tremendous amount of trouble isn't it, Corra? I just want to keep you safe. You don't need to be afraid of me. And we'll work together to be sure you don't need to be afraid of anyone else, either." A hand is reached out toward her, almost like a peace offering.


Lorna exhaled a breath, glancing up at her father as he approached and she slowly uncurled her figure. As he stretched out a hand toward her, she launched herself up at him, wrapping her arms around him and holding onto him tightly. A struggling inhale followed as she pressed her cheek against the metal of his armor.

"There was no metal in the room, tata. I couldn't do anything and I mean, I got rescued and so did Seth and everyone else.. Billy figured out how to get him to leave us alone by changing the stations and what was being broadcasted? I dunno, it didn't make sense to me and I wasn't really paying attention to that part 'cause yeah.." her voice warbled.

"And I know you just want to make sure we're all safe. I just.. I didn't want to just come running to you like.. we took care of it as best as anyone can. I mean.. Mojo was in another dimension." She swallowed a lump in her throat and closed her eyes as she just clung to her father. "It was scary, but I'm okay. We're all okay."

"And after all of that I came back and had to deal with Seth and Julian being stupid boys and fighting over who I should be around or not, because they're stupid boys." She grumbled.


When Lorna crashes into Erik's chest the armor is soft. He's relaxed his defenses for her, something that he almost never does. He holds the girl against him firmly, strong arms wrapped around her shoulders. "As long as this 'Mojo' is well and gone then it shouldn't be an issue for now. I need to ask Billy about precisely what he did. This is not going to happen again."

There's a certain darkness to how Erik speaks but rather than dwell on it he focuses on keeping Lorna close to him. A slow, deep breath is taken so that he does not disturb the girl too much while she buries herself into him. "The most important part is that you're okay. The rest we can work on together."

When Lorna finishes by mentioning Seth and Julian Erik's brows furrow faintly. He tightens his grip on her ever so slightly. "They were fighting over… Whom you are allowed to be around?" He asks slowly, as if to confirm. "Seth you've mentioned. I do not believe I have ever met- Julian, was it?" A beat. "One of the students at the Frost Institute?"

Lorna might even be so distracted as to miss that a nearby pen quivers slightly on the table.


A muffled sound of a sigh followed, her shoulders relaxing considerably at her father's gentle voice. The familiar scent of iron and magnetic polarity that was the direct opposite of her own? It was a comfort, to know that no matter what happened, her father was there and he loved her and nothing could seemingly break her faith in that he'd protect her. Inter-dimensional beings or no.

A small nod followed as he spoke about being okay, before his tone grabbed her attention and a brilliant flush crossed her cheeks as she drew her features back to peer up at her father. "Julian is.. Julian Keller.. uhm, a mutant that I met at the Frost Institute. He uhm, ah.. he er.." She blinked repeatedly and squirmed, trying to put some space between her and her father.

"He uhm, took me dancing. And uhm.. out to this french place.." She bit her lower lip.

"See, he blew up a nightclub cause Mojo sent a clone of me that melted in front of him.. and Wanda had to put him in a time out to cool down.. and uhm.. he and Seth really got into it.. cause Seth tried to steal his car.. And so Julian kinda started beating Seth up and uhm the car got destroyed and they were arguing over whether or not it's better for me to not be around the other.. and stuff.."


For a second Erik is silent. The pen is truly levitating now, though remarkably no other expressions of his power have manifested. She listens to the entirely explanation with a great deal of severity. Brows beetle together briefly and then Erik gives a very slow nod.

"So- what you are saying is that Seth is a delinquent and Julian has serious temper issues. And they both believe they have a claim on you. Romantically?" Erik is trying so hard to be the understanding father right now. He really is. A couple other small objects in the room have seen fit to join the pen in levitating but he manages to at least keep his voice calm as Lorna confides in him.

"If they fight around you again I am going to have words with both of them. Dancing sounds pleasant…" A pause follows as Erik considers something and then adds softly, "I would like to meet your friend Julian. If he's a student then I imagine we can find some- common ground."


A cough, and Lorna glanced around the room, quickly noting the magnetic fields that had been tugged upwards via her father's manipulations. She froze, and glanced back to her father. "Uhm. Seth.. is.. a good person, tata. Really.. I mean he's homeless.. and a mutant and he's just my friend. And he actually was kinda saying the same thing about Julian.." A wince, and then she quickly lifted both hands up.

"And Julian is that bad, tata! Really! He's usually very patient and kind and a total gentleman. He's.." Don't tell your father about the time he drove home drunk and steered the car home.

Another grimace followed that thought, and she was incredibly happy her father wasn't a telepath.

"He's a good guy, I mean, he just has problems with his powers acting up when he gets emotional. Like me. Just.. he has greenish powers that uh do stuff." She wrinkled her nose and glanced back to her father. "But I could totally take him, tata. If he ever got out of control. I mean it! Like totally.. And he's kinda sorta… interested in going steady..?" She bit her lower lip.

Julian had repeatedly claimed he wasn't afraid of her father, Miss Frost had warned him off dating her because of her father… The boy was certain to get under Erik's skin.

"Like I said before, tata.. they were just being stupid boys.."


There's a second of tension like electricity through the air, the subtle hum as magnetic fields clash with one another and the objects freeze in their advance upward. There's a sudden crash throughout the room as the pen drops and all at once everything slams back to where it had started, positioned as if they had never moved.

"I believe you about Seth being a good person. He's been driven to desperation. As we all have, at one time or another. You seem very quick to warn me that Julian is a good man as well. I don't want to hurt him, Lorna, merely make his acquaintance."

This statement is accomplished with Erik tilting his head slightly to the left as he listens to Lorna's attempt to soothe him. "If he ever got out of control you could handle him," the man repeats somewhat flatly. "I want to meet this boy. Now." It seems he's moved out of understanding father mode and straight to overprotective. "If he's as nice as you say we should have a lovely evening. Perhaps you should invite him for dinner…?" Then he softens slightly as he murmurs, "Corra. I am not going to do anything harmful. But if he is that important to you then we should meet."

Erik does not intend to have more grandchildren any time soon.


A wince followed as Lorna glanced around at the metal objects that suddenly clattered back to their various places. She wrinkled her nose as she glanced back toward her father, "Uhm, well, it's Spring Break, tata. And he doesn't actually live at school. And he's likely spending time with his family, 'cause it's Easter and stuff.. and uhm.. his family isn't big on him being a mutant." She bit her lower lip.

"Soo, uhm, it's gonna be a while tata.." Never mind that Wanda and Crystal both told her to most assuredly not have Erik meet any boys that wanted to date her. Though Wanda's more specific about how much trouble Julian got into with his mouth.

"I trust you, tata.. it's just that Julian well.. I like him and all.. but I'll admit that he lets his .. uhm.. he might benefit from thinking before he speaking sometimes. Or acting.. really.." A wince followed that, "But I mean, he's protective of me too, like when we went dancing Maximus showed up and all but nothing happened and Julian and I were fine.."


"Let me know when he returns," Erik responds simply. He doesn't react to the noise made by all of the metallic objects in the room falling unison. Instead Erik slowly releases his grasp on Lorna. He does not, however, step away.

"Maximus showed up when you were out dancing?" There's a distinct pause as Erik is considering this. "And he's been interacting with Wanda and Stephen more recently as well." Now Erik carries a deep frown. He nods gravely and finally shakes his head once. "It's his temper I am concerned about, not whether or not he cares of you," Erik responds candidly. "In any case. It's not an issue until he is back in town. For now we should… Have dinner, perhaps. I came to visit with you, not discuss… Boys."


Lorna's cheeks turned red again, and she folded her arms as her father released his grip on her shoulders. She arched a green eyebrow upwards, a sharp retort on her lips before she counted to ten, releasing a breath and sighed instead. "Would you prefer I not talk to you about it, tata?" Her voice small as she looked up at him from under her eyelashes.

"Because I mean.. I just … I wanted to talk to you and you said I could talk to you about anything and all.." She toed the ground, biting her lower lip.

Then green eyes lifted back toward him and she eyed his armor. "You might want to take all of that off or the students are gonna be in a tizzy, tata.."


"Of course I'll listen to you, Lorna. All I mean is that it isn't my place to tell you what to do with Julian or how, only to see that you're safe. So there is not a lot more that needs to be said, for now." Erik hedges his bets carefully, an eyebrow lofting as he considers Lorna's innocent expression.

"You can talk to me about anything, of course. It's been a long trip, however. It's time for me to get something to eat. We can continue to talk over dinner. Unless you intend me to eat here, with the other students?" Erik frowns then, glancing down at his clothing and finally give a faint nod. "Very well. I will go change. I shouldn't need armor tonight in any case."

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