1964-04-19 - Assembling The Defenders: Thor and Legacy
Summary: The Winsome Wasp happens upon two more heroes to try and recruit to her Defenders venture.
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What had started as— relatively speaking— a 'simple' bank heist had gone very wrong, very quickly.

Of the crack team of eight criminals who'd begun, none had much in the way of fighting strength left. The big bruiser, the team strongman, had gone up against Samantha Colt and lost to a few blasts of raw energy and a particularly lucky right hook that'd knocked him through the front door of the bank and into the street.

The other criminals— including two metahumans and a couple of former soldiers— went mano y mano with Donald Blake, and the Herald of Thor had comported himself rather handily with judicious use of lightning, some remarkably skillful boxing, and that enchanted hammer that proved a useful lighting rod against some particularly potent energy discharges from the gang's sharpshooter.

It was a good and bloody fight, and by the time the cops and the metahuman response teams had arrived, Sammy was tying up the loose end with the big bruiser and Donald was throwing the last of the criminals into the vault and locking the door until the police could show up and detain them.

"That'll hold you well until the police can come tend things," Donald declares, jamming his hammer shaft into the vault's handles to block it from turning. He dusts his hands and looks over his shoulder with some concern for Sammy, out in the street— though admittedly, slightly less concern than he'd had when he realized she could take a punch better than he could! Rubbing the bruise forming on his chest, Donald heads to the doors, limping and bleeding but unable to hide an expression of satisfaction from his face.


At least this time, she had a mask and a costume. Sure the leather jacket and the scarf pulled up to cover the bottom of her face wasn't great, but not every person had a billionaire genius to knit them a super suit. Some twisted metal fashioned into an impromptu restraint and currently the young woman hovers, dragging the now battered and unconscious man out into the street.

Touching down, she exhales a breath and looks over at the unexpected 'help' she'd gotten in the form of Donald. This wasn't the first robbery she'd found herself thwarting, but a second person to keep the metahumans busy while she tangled with the bruiser had meant that she hadn't had to worry about civilians caught in the crossfire. Shaking her head, the woman can't help her own little grin of relief. "Still standin' there 'Lighting rod'?"


In her quest to find potential members to help create the Defenders, the Winsome Wasp has been going on increased patrols in her tiny size, making her very difficult to spot, and giving her ample opportunity to see what people do when they're unware another is in the area. Today she happened by not one, but two potential recruits and she was quite ecstatic!

For the duration of the fight she was observing, zipping to and fro, and occasional finding herself having to maneuver expertly to avoid being struck by lightning. Quite the rush, it was very reminiscent of her time with the Avengers. When it was all said and done, she fluttered down by Donald and Samantha, "excuse me?" She called out as loud as she managed in her small size, trying to get their attention by flying infront of their faces a few times. "Do you have a moment?"


Donald grins boyishly at Samantha, brushing his hands and looking as if he's forgotten something. Realizing it's the hammer currently serving as a doorjamb, he seems unsure of what to do with his hands, so tucks his thumbs into his belt. At some point, he'd donned armor, all lightweight steel and leather with strange runes on it.

"Lightning rod? A fair name," he grins. "Lord Thor's blessed me once already— seems right I should catch more of his favor, aye?" he inquires, with good humor. He reaches into a passing EMT's bag for gauze and alcohol, and sets about disinfecting his wounds and binding them with some skill.

Big and strong, but not terribly observant— he flicks his hand twice in front of his face, eyes blinking rapidly and leaning back as best he can. "Gah! Stinging verm— eh?" He pauses, hearing a high, tiny voice, and blinks rapidly, then rubs his eyes. "Odin's Beard, I hear and see a fair, tiny lady," he tells Samantha, warily. "Did I get hit in the head, that I see fae folk lingering in my vision?"


Samantha had seen some strange stuff in her time. Hell, she'd grown up in a family with superpowers. Tiny faerie people however? That was a new one. Crossing her arms over her unzipped jacket, the blonde just blinks a little at the strangeness that is Donald's choice of vocabulary before she's made to blink several more times at the sight of the small woman speaking to them.

"I -know- I hit my head…but I see her too." What more can she really say when the tiny woman asks for their attention other than to shift a little in her place. "Uh…sure. A moment or two."


"Lord Thor?" Wasp seems quite surprised by the invocation of such a name, was there some British invasion she was unaware of or was it some kind of conquering alien? There were many oddities about these days. But then she hears Donald calling her a fair tiny lady, and a fae folk, and she just giggles, appreciative of the kind words. Much better than stinging vermin, that's for sure!

Once Wasp is certain she has their combined attention, she flutters in position where they both can see her. "I am the Winsome Wasp!" She introduces herself, "and you are?" She allows them a moment to introduce themselves, "I saw your acts of heroism, and I was quite impressed. You may not know it, but I was a member of the Avengers! I'm looking to make a new team now that the government disbanded us. We're looking to protect people and nothing more…so no amount of politics could bring us down. Would you be interested in joining The Defenders?"


Donald looks a little taken aback, but pays careful attention once he realizes Wasp is actually a person, and speaking to him. He cocks a brow at Sammy— clearly agreeing with her sentiment about head trauma— and pays polite attention to Wasp.

"The Avengers? Aye, I've heard of that troupe," Donald says, nodding his chin. "Fair and honorable, the lot. A shame they broke ranks and disbanded," he tells her. "I'm honored to be invited to the company of men— and women," he adds hastily, "of honor and virtue. But I know you not," he frowns at Janet. "And though I've fought with the fair maiden Legacy here," he says, clapping Sammy's shoulder, "I have not have the privilege of the same with you. How do you know we'd work well together?"


Of course Sam had heard of the Avengers, after all what military brat wouldn't know of anything to do with Captain America. Even so, there's a blink at the rather forward recruitment pitch. She'd only recently taken up this heroing thing, with varying success at least as far as getting things done properly and maintaining her secret identity.

"The Defenders?" she repeats, another blink. "A team just like the Avengers? Wouldn't that get disbanded much like the first? I mean I'm interested but…"


The Wasp looks sharply at Donald, before he manages to correct himself before she even has time to comment that there weren't just men at the Avengers. In fact, there were three women! Quite a feat! But she loses that twitch in her eye the moment Donald extends the company to women as well, mighty pleased with that in fact. "Good! We are honor bound after all!" She does seem a bit offended that Donald doesn't know her, and mutters, "I blasted M.O.D.O.K. right in his stupid face when he wanted to nuke the world, I took down Absorbing Man when he tried to take down a city block. I'm the Winsome Wasp! I saw your heroics, and I promise you, we will work well together. Especially seeing how you acknowledge there are women amongst heroes. I like that." She points at Legacy, "she's one after all, would have been rude not to acknowledge her when you fought with her just now. But what is your name? I would like to have yours as well!"

Wasp flies right in Legacy's face when she makes it apparent she didn't quite listen in on her pitch, "because, like I said, the Avengers were disbanded for politics. The Soviets appealed to the United Nations, thinking the Avengers were America's superhuman conquering force…which was just lies!" Crossing her arms tightly, face reddening with anger, Wasp continues, "what we're doing with the Defenders, is make a team that is detached from the Government, and is made entirely to protect the citizen's of the United States. We won't be involved anywhere our help isn't wanted. We'll defend, not attack anyone."


"Defending those in need is a worthy task," Donald reminds Legacy. "My Lord Thor looks favorably on those who interdict themselves between the weak and the cruel. What more noble calling is there, than to defend those who cannot defend themselves?" he asks, a bit rhetorically.

"Well, Winsome Wasp," Donald says, looking back at the woman. "You have fair speech and certainly bear enough passion for one ten times your size! My Lord Thor teaches us that honor and courage are not confined by size— or gender," he grins. "A mighty soldier might cower in the face of adversity, and a timid housewife might rise up to do battle armed only with saucepans. Courage is how we face strife, after all. Aye, if you seek those who fight with honor and the conviction of their beliefs— I'll aid you."


Absorbing man? That brought back some rather unpleasant memories for Sammy. Fighting Creel had been a cakewalk for her…until his buddy had managed to get into her mind and sent her trying to beat the hell out of Ms. Marvel while they got away. Not exactly a shining moment in her own career. Even so, Wasp's floating right into her face does jerk her back to attention. She -had- been listening, but… "Poor choice of words. But what I ment was aren't you worried there are groups that will step up to try and see us disbanded?" At least 'us' suggests she's onboard with the idea, despite her concerns.

Thor's urging, complete with his reminder that rings almost word for word to the very discussion that had lead her to breaking away from tradition and beginning this hero work under the name Legacy. A moment of thought, a bite of her bottom lip and she nods her head. "Hell, sign me up. Having others to watch my back and help me out when the problems get too big? That'd be a heck of a thing."


"Yes! Yes! This guy gets it!" Wasp points her arm theatrically towards Donald, "a worthy cause! And a good use of our gifts! We owe it to society and to ourselves!" She turns to face Donald and applauds his speech, sure he talks funny, but she can totally dig it. Besides, he has just the attitude she was looking for. "You're in. I'll be in touch with you…but at least give me a name?" Wasp laughs, unsure if he just didn't hear her before or forgot as he got caught up in the excitement of the purpose she was offering.

"Hmph," Wasp snorts as Legacy suggests other groups will try to have a newly formed Defenders team disbanded. "The difference is the Avengers was founded by the government, that's why they could disband us, this will be something done by us. We The People! You know? I'd like to see them try and get me to budge like they got Sam and Sousa to budge…" Wasp mutters, the whole Avengers affair clearly still not sitting well with her. She gives a thumbs up to Legacy when she states she'll join. "Great! That's two more! I think I'm just about ready to make it official…give me a few days to discuss it with some people…I'll get back to you. Got phone numbers for me? Addresses? A place I could find you every so often?"


"Decisive," Thor says, approvingly. "I can be found at the boxing gym on 5th street quite often. Leave a note for Donald, and I'll get it most assuredly— my friends there will ensure I get back to you with all haste."

That matter settled, he turns to Sammy and offers her a clasp of the wrist. "You fought well, young lady. I hope to stand with you again on the field of open battle!" he says, with a broad grin that -clearly- indicates approval.

"Uh… hey, bud, is this your hammer?" one of the cops asks, hefting the runic weapon at Donald. The blonde fellow accepts the hammer with a 'Thank you', and tosses it once and catches it by the grip. "Well, I should be home myself. Ladies, a pleasant evening to you both— travel safely, and with courage!" he says, before turning to head down the street.


"It is settled then! There's hope we'll see Defenders soon! Defending the weak and those in need!" Wasp seemed to have caught on to Donald's enthusiasm, as she waves goodbye at him and then at Legacy, "I'll be seeing you guys, good job stopping crime!" At that she flies into the air.


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