1964-04-25 - True Love and Zombies
Summary: Kai and Loki bond over a zombie in Central Park.
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Central Park after dark sets in. Kai came out this way to visit Serrure's store even though it's probably closed at this hour. He's not going there to buy books. He keeps Strange's warning in mind as he cuts through the park, and he stays alert to peril. He's walking the 97th Traverse, just at the northern tip of the reservoir, when he hears a woman scream. That's when sense flies out the window, and he leaves the beaten path to chase after that voice.

Sure, screaming woman, makes sense around here…what with zombies and all. They tell you to not cross the park, but of course…someone still tries, and then its on ridiculously attractive elves to save them from their folly! Serrure's shop is far too close to the zombie action, regardless, but its not the zombies he's after. He's trying to catch Kai in the act of being the Healing Angel, because he just wants to see his man being heroic, what! He creeps along, hiding behind trees, like he's from the movies, and hanging back with a hat for a disguise.

Kai is a multi-talented hero, and it's a good thing, because the young woman in danger isn't injured, but she's about to be. The walking dead is closing in on her, and she's backed up against a tree, screaming for help until he voice goes hoarse. And there's the elf hucking a rock at the zombie. "Hey! Over here!" The zombie grunts, swivels its head toward Kai. Another rock bounces off its forehead. "That's right, see if you can catch me!

The woman inches around the tree slowly while the zombie's attention is diverted. Then she turns and runs from the park as fast as her clicky high heels will let her, leaving her hero to his fate without a glance back.

Loki gets concerned when the zombies turn their attention on Kai, but, he does have to trust his elf a little bit. He did want to see him in action after all. Questionable if he has any magic right now, but he's still strong and pretty sure he can't become a zombie. No zombie Asgardians, unless they are really really naughty. He looks around the tree as the woman escapes, then squints his green eyes.

Kai's eyes widen. He's flying by the seat of his pants, and now that the zombie shambles toward him, he realizes he hasn't come up with a plan. He backs away, but his course is cut off by the reservoir. He stands on the edge of the water. The zombie comes closer, arms outstretched. It groans, and the cloying scent of death hangs on the air.

Kai doesn't look too worried, though. Puckish, rather, light on his feet with a feral grin. "That's right, come and get it." Then he raises his arms, and the water behind him starts to slosh. Then it rises, a great ball of the stuff responding to Kai's guiding hand. The zombie lurches forward, and Kai swings his hand around like he would slap the creature were it closer. At least a ton of water crashes into the zombie, knocking it over, crushing it.

Loki 's mouth slowly opens and then he strikes forwards, suddenly. "Water powers?!" Its Loki's voice, astonished and accusatory, busting the elf for this kept secret, and enjoying every last millisecond of it. He pulls off his wide-brimmed hat, and just tosses it across a bench to abandon it, letting his locks flow with his swift, long-legged stride.

The zombie claws at the ground as the water washes it into the reservoir. Kai watches it sink, then turns around in time to see Loki's approach. "Serrure!" The name he uses out in public. He moves swiftly to intercept him, all but flinging himself upon the man in an embrace. People might see, but he can't help himself.

Loki is not as in tune to the social no-nos, though in Asgard its not common. He certainly could never…display a lack of dominance as a Prince. He was teased enough for having women's magic. Not that he can recall those things right this moment. He clasps onto Kai without any hesitation. "You believe you can distract me, with your blond hair, and your warm body, from the fact that you just blasted a heinous creature with water…"

Kai laughs softly and says, "That depends, is it working?" He glances this way and that, then plants a kiss on Loki's lips before he draws away to look at him. "You saw that?" He rakes a hand through his hair and scuffs a toe on the ground. "Was it cool?" he asks. "Did I look good doing it?"

Loki draws in a deep, tolerating breath, determined, by any means necessary, to stay focused! "It looked rather amazing and very /surprising/, since you had only told me that you glowed, dimly. Though, I suppose, since I was proud and attracted to you /then/, you could at least say that I am not with you because of your wondrous water powers. But why did you not tell me?" He knits his brows some and gestures with a hand, sideways.

Kai rubs the back of his neck and says, "I didn't think about it. I forget sometimes I can do it." Hastily, he adds, "But if you think about it, it makes sense, doesn't it? The moon directs the ocean's tides." He shrugs amiably. So that's the crux of the secret. It slipped his mind.

Loki slides his hand to the small of Kai's back and then runs it upwards, firmly, "You forgot? Of course you did. Now that you are remembering though, can you conjure anything else to your whim? Besides my beating heart?" Green eyes peer at the other man, though they are in pretty much constant danger.

"What could possibly be more important than that?" Kai says as he leans into the touch, resting his head on Loki's shoulder. "Here's a little trick, but it's not really worth mentioning." He glances aside, and from the corner of one's eye, there's a flicker of movement in that direction. Was it a cat? A raccoon? Just a trick of the light? Should one turn one's head to look, there's nothing there. "See? A paltry trick, but it's good for a distraction."

Loki watches Kai's trick and his brows knit faintly, like that summons up a memory, a memory of doing something similar. He looks down at his hand, turning it back and forth, curiously. Then he holds it out and apparently tries to do something. But…nothing happens. He frowns again. "I may need you to use that power…around me, but claim credit for it. You are an unending supply of discoveries, Kai. We should go from here, though. This is a dangerous place."

Kai beams at Loki, ridiculously delighted at the praise. "Of course," he says. "You can use me however you like." All attempts at innocence here fail with a quirk of one brow. Then he grows more serious, clapping Loki on the shoulder as he says, "You'll get it all back. You'll see. I adore you with or without it." He then gestures toward the direction of the bookstore and says, "Let's, before that thing learns how to swim."

Loki takes Kai's hand, unabashed by that, and is headed to the shop, tugging the elf along with him. That's when…the unexpected again occurs. Not a zombie. Not a damsel in distress. This time…it is a man with a broken board. Loki is surely not paying him any attention, too concerned about zombies trying to munch on his water-slinging elf. That's the only way the man manages to get the drop on him with a wide swing at his head. Its the surprise, really, that shocks him, spins him around, back to the wall, wondering what just happened. The man takes a swing at Kai too, and spits out, "Damn faggots…" He probably should have been watching when Kai did the water part…not when he was doing the kissing part.

Kai ducks as the board goes whizzing over his head. "Serrure!" he cries. He ducks another swing and calls to the assailant, "Leave him alone!" He bounces away from another swing. Quick elf. Not preternaturally so, but natural agility he's got in spades. No doubt, the assailant's feeling at least a little frustrated. It's like trying to swat a fly that just refuses to die. Kai isn't satisfied with evading, though. If this bastard hurt Serrure… Kai looks for an opening.

Loki is hard to hurt with a board, but he practically walked right into the damn thing. He puts his hand to his head, then pulls back some bloodied fingers. "What is…" he speaks confusion over this attack.

Meanwhile the guy is just swinging away, so certain he had been that he had superiority over these two creampuffs. "Cmon you homo, stand still!" Because that always works.

"I will not!" Kai catches the man's eye and he darts his glance to the side, pretending to be surprised. At the same time, there's a flicker of something there. Then it's gone. A person? A moth? Should the man spare a look, Kai uses the moment's distraction to haul off and deck him. Elves aren't as strong as gods, but compared to humans they pack a punch. It a rare moment of raw masculinity.

The deception works. The deception really works. Kai…such a forthright fellow, it seemed, and yet he's full of forgotten truths and deceit tonight! Loki seems to find it attractive, though. Rubbing a finger over his lips he straightens from the wall, moving closer to the fight and his Kai.

Meanwhile, the assailant looks to the right, and is leveled by the punch from the elf. Its more than he could ever have expected. Board goes flying, and the person goes dooooown, crumpling in a heap of groaning pain. Oh he's not dead, he'll be fine, just sore and bruised for days and days. As it should be.

Kai can feel, while he breathes after that punch, Loki's fingertips creep along his shoulder blade. "Come…quick…Kai…" A mix of urgency and sensuality in his tone.

Kai spits on the ground and tells the man, "Have fun telling everyone how you got beaten up by a faggot." Then, still riled up and defiant, he slips an arm around Loki's waist and brings him in close. Then he lets Loki lead the way, keeping with his urgent pace. For all his bravado, not being seen by anyone else would be ideal. "Are you all right?" he asks. "Did he hurt you?"

Loki unlocks his store, then locks it back once they are both inside. The inside smells, persistently, of old books. But now…there is something /else/ that Kai would not have noticed before. Something new. Drifting through nostrils is the unmistakable scent of ice, of cold, of frozen, wet branches. It is not cold in the store though. Loki doesn't seem at all bothered by it or to notice it as unfamiliar, himself. The source only becomes clear when they head to the back, where the stairs are that lead up to Loki's apartment, which Kai has never seen.

Loki has left his refrigerator open. Though, that turns out to be rapidly not accurate. He jammed so much stuff in there that it just couldn't close properly. All books. "He hurt me some, but my pride even more. However, it was worth it…just to see you strike someone. I was not certain if you could."

"I don't go around doing it for fun, but I'll put knuckles to the creep who lays a hand on my man." Fierce elf, still calming down from the flash of anger that has fueled him. He leads Loki somewhere to sit and says, "Let me take a look." Then, "Darling, did you put books in the fridge?"

Loki sits down and then sighs as he lifts his head for Kai to take a look. Its a good scratch in his hair, bleeding a little. Could have concussed a mortal man. "I know it seems strange, but…some of the messages that I have found, react to cold. I think that I am supposed to read them later, but I am drawn to solving all the mysteries I have." He waits a beat, sitting straight, thoughtful. "You could get yourself killed…defending me."

"That's not going to stop me from doing it," Kai says with a wry smile. He strokes back a lock of Loki's hair, mindful of the wound. With a glance at the fridge, he says, "Maybe just a few memories at a time. I think you're letting the cold out." He utters a smitten sigh and says, "Come on, to the couch. I'm going to heal you."

Loki shoves his refrigerator closed and he lets his hand slide slowly down it. "I find myself struggling to be patient…that is why I do not only put one in there. Today…seeing you act…what if you could /not/ have defeated that zombie? I could have ripped it apart with my bare hands, but, beyond that, nothing. I am /eager/ to find myself. Svass…"He turns his pale head, black hair shifting across his shoulders. He stares, like he does, Kai has learned, when his mind is reeling, furiously, trying to figure something out. He drifts to the couch, like a man sentenced, "When you do it, what does it feel like? How do you control it?"

"The apple?" Kai asks. "It doesn't really put up a fight. It's, like, looking for someone to use it, dig me?" He sits on the couch and pats his lap for Loki's head. From his coat pocket, he draws the apple and smiles. Happy elf with his bauble. He flips it in the air and catches it again. "Don't worry about what didn't happen, baby. We'll get you back to yourself. I think we shouldn't wait."

"I fear the lack of news of your friend…speaks to tragedy." Loki sits down and then turns to the side, laying his head in Kai's lap and looks up at him. "It seems sacrilege to use it for so small a thing. Like using it might draw mischievous monsters to this lair." Thin lips spread into a small, sly, smile.

Kai presses his lips thin, and he says, "James is smart. He's resourceful. Disappearing is what he does." He bites his lower lip, though, and lowers his gaze. "He'll be okay." Is that… guilt? That James might be in trouble and he's choosing his lover over his friend? Poor elf doesn't look very happy, but he musters up a smile to answer Loki's. "The only mischievous monster in your lair is me. It's perfectly safe."

"You are no /monster/. You are too…" Loki wants to say adorable. Adorable fits, but…adorable could be insulting. But he's such a wordcrafter, it pains him to use a word that isn't perfectly fitting. He draws a breath of consideration of what, besides that, would fit so perfectly. And then it hits him, and rolls off his tongue, "perfect. When you speak like these mortals…oh…I want to do things." He lets out a breathy chuckle. Then he closes his eyes. "I had wished to take your friend with us. We need, I believe, another person or two that we can trust." He folds his hands over his chest and taps the fingers one at a time.

Perfect is perfect. It brings abroad smile to Kai's lips and a sparkle in his eyes. Loki has him, caught like a fly in a web. "Baby, I can speak the King's jive all night and day." He captures Loki's fingers with the hand not holding the apple, and he brings the hand to his lips. "I knew it the first time I saw you. You are everything I could ever want," he says. "With or without your mojo." He kisses each knuckle, then lets the hand go. "I need bare skin, babydoll. We'll get this fixed in a jiff."

"Bare skin? More than my face? Should I be completely bare? Do /all/ of your patients get so comforting a treatment? Now I am imagining naked old ladies in alleyways." Loki chuckles. Little shit, putting bad images in people's heads.

Kai's cheeks take on a pink tinge, and there's a trill of laughter in his voice. "Just your shirt. For now." The blush fades and he groans when naked old ladies are mentioned. "Only you could be the source of my desire and its assassin." He sighs, shaking his head. "You." he says. Then he starts to loosen Loki's shirt. "All I can see now is old Mrs. Cavendish. It's your fault."

Loki helps with his shirt, chuckling some more at his thwarting. However, its not too hard to at least get his OWN mind off unattractive things, particularly when he's shirtless and looking up at his precious elf. His bare chest is basically hairless, by virtue of genetics. "I think you will forget her soon enough. And you are certain…this only heals the physical?"

Kai looks Loki over, and Mrs. Cavendish's ancient visage fades from his mind. "Never," he lies. Then he lays the apple to Loki's chest, clasped securely in his hand. Skin contact, that's all it needs. "Unfortunately, it only preserves the body. Maybe if the damage is in the brain, it'll get fixed." The apple pings to life with a silver that deepens to gold. It thrums with Loki's heartbeat, and tendrils of warmth suffuses his body.

The golden apples are a very closely guarded secret. A powerful healing agent that keeps the Asgardians alive for even longer than their already long lives allow. They have an affinity for them, and when Kai unites the apple with Loki, and activates it, there is a union that is unlike its use on mortals. The apple glows and Loki looks…ah…rather ecstatic, actually, like it is a primal experience. He parts his lips and exhales in a rush as the body is healed of things he wasn't even aware of. Damage from pollutants, the wounds to his head, the wounds in his brain. He sags, his head gets very heavy. An arm slips loose and drapes off the couch. Then he moans low and unconsciously. It is, essentially, like a potent drug on him.

Kai isn't the least bit prepared for this. He's used to healing mortals, who feel a rush of pleasure from a lack of pain, but their troubles are simple things, their ailments almost quaint. This is his first Asgardian. The energy that floods Loki's body is his own, and it comes out in a rush he's not expecting. There are so many open wounds inside of his beloved, and when the apple has suffused them with its healing grace, it tumbles from Kai's fingers, rolling onto the floor. Loki moans in his bliss, and Kai slumps on the couch, limp as a marionette whose strings have been cut.

It takes a few moments for Loki to be self-aware enough to notice Kai going limp. He's caught in that delightful feeling. Kai's actual affection for him probably made it that much worse, too. When he does realize it, it is fear that strikes him first. If his injuries were too great…what if! He twists and reaches his hand to Kai's chest, holding his breath while he feels for a heartbeat. "Kai…/Kai/…Hjuki…"

Kai groans, and his eyes open to slits. He smiles, his expression vague, and says, "Do you feel better?" His heart beats, and though his skin is cool to touch and somewhat clammy, but he's relaxed, probably not feeling any pain. He reaches out a hand for Loki's cheek, to cup tenderly while trembling. "I'll be fine. I just need to rest."

Loki bores his gaze deep into the other man, making sure he's not lying. He leans in and kisses him softly, then his cheek. The godling crawls off the couch and leans down, trying to scoop up the elf so he can put him into the bed. "I cannot lose you, not ever. You must swear that you will not heal me if my injuries are grievous. It might kill you to do it…"

Kai leans into the kiss, returning it with mustered strength. He's not so far gone he's an invalid, though when he moves to slip his arms around Loki, he's languid. With a shake of his head, he says, "It won't kill. Killing isn't in its nature." As he's laid down, he takes Loki's hand in his. "You won't lose me. Not when I've only just now found you." Life wouldn't be that unfair, would it? Probably a question best left unspoken.

Loki hauls Kai into the bedroom, which is dark, with heavy curtains, and rather chilly because of it. Yet, it has such sheets that are decadent silk, and a fur across the foot of the bed, that it seems like a splash of Asgard drifted into Loki's nocturnal preferences. Soft. Welcoming. Loki sits first, still surveying the elf, before he stretches out and lays beside him. Its the best he's felt. Fresh. Renewed. The contrast only grows as bits of memory creep in on him. The height of his current happiness plays in stark relief to the suffering of being 'less', of his past. "You /have/ lived a long time without a Loki." He smiles faintly. "And I have lived a long time without you."

Kai studies Loki, and his smile remains. "Then we shouldn't let that nonsense go on any longer." He clasps Loki's hand, unwilling to lose contact with him. "I was a shadow of a man. Now I feel like all this self-imposed exile and running from my life means something. It's how I found you."

"Yes…but…you realize that you will need to come with me to Asgard, someday. I am a Prince, and I refuse to be an exile. Someday. Not…/too/ soon. But, I do not wish to leave you here on Midgard. Too much could happen to put great distances between us." Loki insists, painting a future when Kai will have to deal with the shame of his parents.

Kai's brow knits. Asgard. His parents are there, in prison, and it's been decades since he's visited them. Or wrote them. Or acknowledged they exist. Asgard, where people look at him like he's a criminal waiting for a crime because of them. He studies Loki's face. "For you," he says, "I'll go anywhere." Even there. "Maybe an occasional visit to Midgard? To visit friends." Like most of them won't be gone in a generation.

"Not forever. Just…sometimes. I like the idea of…living a life away from…opinions at the court." Loki's already been told what the court there thinks of him and its not great.

Kai relaxes with a soft sigh. "We'll find somewhere nice," he says. "Away from court, away from prying eyes. Just us." There was a time the thought of being somewhere remote with one monogamous partner would have been his worst nightmare. Now he's all dreamy-eyed as he talks about it. "How do you feel about living in the country?"

Loki teases him, "Which one?" He totally knows what Kai means…just…trolling him as he performs a slow caress of the man's chest. Loki's nightmares have already occurred and he's pretty sure this is the whole reason why he wiped himself…to give himself permission to fall head over heels.

Kai laughs and says. He strokes Loki's cheek. "Brat," he says. Another thing he never thought he'd ever do, speaking this way to a prince. "Though if you're going to be like that, let's say England. The only place I love more than New York is London." There's a twinkle in his eye as he calls the bluff.

Loki makes a humming sound. "Mmmmhmm. Well then…we will see about a visit, once I am whole. And once I have connection to a great deal of money. We would hate to have to sell your clothes." He grins crookedly.

"Perish the thought," Kai says wryly. He tilts his head, considering the fallen prince. "We're going to live in luxury," he says. "I've missed it. I feel like I'm betraying myself by saying it, but I have. Comfort, quality, not having to worry about the upstairs tub falling through the ceiling."

Loki narrows his eyes at Kai. "Hah…I knew it. You DO have some…wealth of the ages and you are simply choosing not to exercise it. I thought that might be the case…lack of a working door as a disguise of poverty." He's probably totally wrong!

Kai shakes his head and says, "No, no, no. I've never kept money. My grandmother took me in after… after what happened." His parents, dragged from court to prison while he watched, helpless. "She's wealthy, some kind of lady, and she tried to turn me into a gentleman. I bolted the first chance I got." His eyes drift closed. "But it was nice being waited on hand and foot for awhile." He starts to drift off, poor spent thing.

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