1964-05-31 - Tentacles Are NOT for Hitting
Summary: Jean asks Charles and Emma for help with memory-challenged Gabriel.
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It's a short while after the Incident at the Memorial Day Cookout, and Emma has been holed up in her penthouse, tending to her bruised feelings. Among other things. She was talked out of distancing herself from the Institute by Charles, who assured her that her place was with her students — it's hard for her to argue against that. So, when she decides she's ready to return to the mansion, she scans it for Scott's uptight signature and, finding it not there, she makes her way into the building, leaving her driver to entertain himself in the visitor's den. She isn't sure how long she'll be here, but she's not heartless! The man can't just sit in the car, waiting for her.
Making her way to one of her favorite places in the whole building, Emma enters the library. She loves the picture window with the padded seat and slowly eases her way onto the seat, looking out the window at the gardens. She's thinking Deep Thoughts. Deep, Important Thoughts. Not maudlin, or anything. She's actually very happy. She's content. She knows that company is coming! She doesn't turn her head to look at the doorway, because it's more polite to let people sneak up on you.

"That was an interesting display you put on back there."
'You needed to tell the truth.' - The Woman says.
"In my own time. And you have been quiet as of late."
'You shut me out.'
"For good reason. You're a danger to me. Which is why you are on a very, very short leash."
'Continue to deny me..'

Jean reaches for the double doors of the library, her hand tugging upon the handle of one door so that she could step her way through. It has been long since she had used her telepathy, effectively cutting it off and blocking herself from most others yet not from being sensed.

But seeing the white-clad figure upon the comfort of the chair she'd usually try to partake, Jean lets out a bright smile which soon falters at the final echo of the word..

'..you will burn.'

Her eyes roll up into her head as she gives a shake of her fire-red locks, letting out a loud sniff as she steps fully into the library. "Miss Frost." Jean addresses, her hands joining behind her back. It was odd, the way that she walked, her shoulders slightly hunched with the weight still there, approaching but not too close, for there is a selection she wanted to find first and foremost. "Penny for your thoughts?" Has the student become the teacher? We shall see!

Charles was reading up in his study upstairs, but when he sensed a familiar presence… well, two of them, really, he decided to come down to see what was going on. Taking his book with him, he smiles a bit as he walks down towards the library, not quite arriving yet as he does send a quick mental query to Emma, just on the off chance it's… well, something that was more private. After all, if he was being talked about, he's good natured enough to stay ignorant of what they were saying… tempting as it might be to find out.

Emma's head turns to regard Jean as she is addressed, smiling warmly. "Jean, how good to see you. It's been too long since last we spoke," she murmurs. There's something…a little different about Emma…that might register with Jean, who knows Emma fairly well. Emma seems more relaxed, more at ease….and happier than usual. Shifting gingerly on her seat to face Jean more fully, she holds a hand out to one of the comfortable reading chairs that faces the window where she sits. "Please, sit, be comfortable," she offers before answering the pretty redhead's question.
"I was just thinking on the funny way life has of not going the way one expects it to, and how that's not always a bad thing. Sometimes, the surprises that happen to us are happy surprises. It's reminding me that being pessimistic based on past experiences isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's even more important to keep in mind that pessimism isn't always right," she replies, smiling faintly. "But, enough about me. What of you?" She tilts her head, responding warmly to the gentle, familiar sensation of Charles' mind. "If you don't mind his presence, I believe Charles is on his way here," she adds, in case there /is/ something private Jean wishes to discuss with her.

The difference in Emma's mannerism does, and somewhat doesn't take Jean by surprise. She had heard it all on the official side, the Frost Academy was merging with the Institute to provide a full range of education and safety to the students. Perhaps the lessening of the load and the joining of endeavors made it a lot .. easier for Emma to do business. She does run a corporation after all, maybe. Still. Heck, Jean did most of the paperwork!

There was a moment of hesitation once Emma offers up a seat, Jean stalling for a second, her eyes glancing towards the bookshelf as her hand pushes up the glasses, even still there was a need to squint as her hand snatches out towards the shelves as three books fall from their places to begin to orbit in the redheads direction.

But her words, they made her smile. There was truth in those words, a certain allowance of one needing to be happy, wishing to be happy, and is. "That's.. actually wonderful to hear. And a change." She settles in the offered chair, leaning back just a touch as she lets out a little sigh. Things were getting so.. heavy..

..perhaps it was already felt, the mind of Charles, the gentle prying within the air that wasn't directed towards her. For there was a little metaphysical hiss of a snake outside the door of the library, the imposing nature of the Woman inside with a proverbial hand planted against the wall, a lean in.. a soft hiss, rattle, and a snap of a birds beak before the weight of the Phoenix disappears.

Through her quiet intimidation, Jean looks almost relieved. As if the weight had gone for just a few seconds before it returned again. Now she was irritable.

"I don't mind. It is something that I need to discuss with the both of you, actually. With my current workload, assisting with the school.. I don't think I could take on this task myself. And it just may be a conflict of interest. I'm not such a good multitasker as I could be yet."

Liar. Liar. Pants on fire.

Charles does come into the library shortly after that, and smiles a bit, seeing both Emma and Jean talking. After the regrettable fact of Scott being… well, very Scottlike, he was half-afraid all the students would revolt with the merger. But, sensing no hostility or thrown drinks, he looks a bit relieved. Granted, that might not last…

And he says, perhaps a bit too loudly, "Hello Emma, Jean… how are you both this evening?" He comes with a book, approaching Emma's table with a warm expression, though he first replaces his book with a different one, then glances at Emma and Jean, "Ah, what exactly is the topic of discussion… and would you mind if I joined you, Emma?"

Emma can sense the tension and the weariness in her friend and patient. There's something going on with Jean, but Emma isn't about to pry about it. She's simply going to keep a very close eye on the young woman, watching for any signs that she might need help or be in danger. She smiles as Charles walks in, her energy amping up in positivity.
She's very happy to see him and almost looks as though she wants to stand up and move to greet him, perhaps leap into his arms! But, she remains seated and her eyes sparkle as he greets them. "Please, do," she replies to him, tearing her gaze from him with some difficulty. "Whatever you need, Jean, I'm happy to help you with, in whatever way I can," she says to the younger woman, sincere. "How may I help?"

Aha! -NOW- she sees it! She looks at Gabriel the exact same way when he enters into a room or when she comes to their quiet little home off campus. So it clicked almost immediately for her. It doesn't lighten the weight upon her shoulders, but it does perk her up enough to sit up tall and offer up a grin that knows almost all.

"Hello Charles. I'm fine." Apparently so is Emma! But that was something to discuss later. While she waits for Charles and Emma to get settled/re-settle, she bobs her head in their direction then leans back. How in the world should she start this out?

"With our abduction a few weeks back, Gabriel had a small breakthrough of his memories resurfacing." She glances to the both of them. "I.. want him to know more about his past. What happened to him. How he became with those among the stars and why they came back for him, truly." She shifts in her seat, the books soon falling in line by her feet as her hands begin to gesture. "I would like for him to know. Just know, so that he could be his true self. I understand that some things should remain buried but I believe he's a special case. And we've discussed this before, I promised to help him. But I think it would be a conflict of interest if I did.."

Charles smiles wryly, as if realizing that Jean now knows… not that it's a secret or anything. Then he listens intently to what Jean is saying, and nods a little, his smile fading only because it's a rather serious topic. Then he looks at Jean, arching a brow, "That would be a bit of a dilemma, but you could help him by having one of us, or both of us, help unlock those memories for the lad. Depending on the nature of those blocks, of course."

Emma gently shifts herself to one side of the window seat, making room for Charles. She smiles at him as he sits next to her, her body leaning toward his without consciously meaning to. She blushes only a smidgen when she realizes that Jean /gets/ it, already. She's even worse at controlling herself around Charles than she was at the cookout! But, Jean doesn't seem to be upset about it, unlike other people who will go unmentioned, so Emma lets it roll off of her and keeps a hold on her happy.
Then, the prettiest redhead in the mansion lays out her problem, mentioning her beau, Gabriel, and his issues. Inhaling deeply, with a much more sober expression, Emma nods as Jean falls silent and Charles speaks. "I can understand wanting to give him a chance to own his past, so he can fully be himself. There is something, however, I would caution you about," she begins, crossing her legs toward her partner. "Sometimes, there are very unpleasant things the mind locks away, so we can function. It's possible that, if Charles and I go in and do our thing, we could uncover some things that Gabriel won't enjoy knowing," she says, trying to let the young woman know the risks, as well. "I will help you, of course. I just want you to be aware of things that could happen. I don't want you, or Gabriel, to be caught offguard." She turns her pale blue gaze to Charles, wondering if he has anything he'd like to add from his past experiences.

"They are complex." Jean answers Charles. "I've only manage to break a few of the minor blocks, but -she- knows what they mean. I do not." In regards to the Phoenix, that is. "The further in that I had gotten, which was done recklessly, the more that I brought harm to Gabriel. This was a long time ago, when we first met. I haven't tried it again, and yet.. in Rio, a memory was unlocked outside of a temple in which we both witness him kill his captors."

Where one would flinch at this, show disdain, Jean does not. Perhaps her views have changed, but not by much.

"You see Emma," Jean smiles sadly towards him. "He did not like that. My gentle soul, he didn't like knowing that he had murdered those who had kept them and those whom he was ordered to kill. It did not sit well with him, nor me. But circumstances have changed since. And we are guarded so much that we are expecting the worst, and we together are expecting to make the better of everything."

Or not at all..

The Professor steeples his hands in front of him, looking at Jean as if he's just seeing her for the first time. A thousand questions flicker in his mind, but he's disciplined enough not to let them out as he might, just now, have realized how much his 'little sister' has changed while he was away.

Then he nods slightly, "We'll both talk to him then, and if he wishes this… then we can unlock things. But Emma is right, there might be a very good reason that those mental blocks are in place. Though in this case… I think you both need to know what exactly happened in his past, so you can prepare for the future." Charles passes a sidelong glance to Emma, "What do you think about this?"

Emma does find it surprising that Jean could speak so casually of her boyfriend's past deed, but… It's Emma. While people might view her as being hard-hearted, she is actually more open-minded and forgiving of some things than others. Though she's never taken a life and has no plans to, it's not outside the realm of her idea of 'acceptable' that someone might kill to survive, or because they were compelled to, where choice was out of their hands. So, she doesn't judge Gabriel, nor Jean.
Looking to Charles, Emma nods her head. "Planning for the future is something every couple should feel free to do, if they love one another. You clearly love him, and I'm happy to be of assistance. Just bring him around to speak with us, and we'll discuss things before we do anything. We'll make sure we're all agreed, on the same page before we move on. But," she pauses and places a hand on Charles' knee. "We will also be here to help in the aftermath, should counseling or more be required or requested," she smiles softly, looking back to Jean.

Jean watches the both of them as they process the information that she had given them. She could sense a private talk with Charles on the horizon, and one from Emma as well. Already, her mind was formulating specialized blocks for the both of them to protect herself, not that she needed to do it, but the fact that there were certain things that she did not wish either of them to know. Different waves of information for the different mind, she supposes!

One eye slowly begins to glow a faint red, her own stance mimicking Charles, her hands steepled in front of her in a feminine way which soon begins to tap against the other..

"I do love him, yes. This is true. Even more so than Wags and the other pup we didn't name.." She glances off to the side, then smiles. "Bea, maybe." Her hand flits a bit, as she finally focuses upon them. "Then we're agreed? You'll speak to him before hand, yes?" And now.. the warning.

"He's a very, very dangerous man when he does not have his mind." She points out. She remembered how they had gotten to Rio in the first place. "But he is also gentle. The recent events enforced that. The recent events also led him to barely question himself as he would. But he will, for the sake of normalcy. Encourage him, push him. I believe somewhere deep inside, he enjoys this."

She purses her lips again, her eye burning a touch brighter. "This isn't a casual office setting therapudic session, not for him. The Danger Room is the best bet. Or the forest. That other side of him may try to take all of your energy, may try to drink it up and end you. Protect yourselves."

Who was talking? Jean or the Bird?

But just then, the fire within that one eye dies down as she takes on a more cheery tone. "But sure! I wouldn't mind a counselling session here and there. A little girl time, or a trip to Macy's! Brother and sister time, and the like!" Her fingers unsteeple as she gives a huge shrug. "Whatever works!"


Charles definitely noticed the change, even without telepathy, though he doesn't exactly comment on it. But he does file a note for later regarding Jean's… mannerisms. And he smiles, "Well, some sibling time would be welcome, Jean. I wouldn't mind making a day of it then." Since, well, that would be a good excuse to do some digging to figure out what's going on.

Charles also nods at the mention of the Danger Room, "And using the Danger Room is probably the best idea for now. Just so we can prepare ourselves properly for whatever /may/ happen." He frowns a little at the tonal changes, but glances at Emma, wondering if she's also catching these personality swings.

Emma is noticing. She /sees/ it. It's concerning, certainly, and something she plans to discuss with both Charles *and* Jean. But, for now… She smiles at Jean, even as she can sense the young woman strengthening walls within her mind, the dampening of Jean's psychic signature to Emma's natural senses speaking even louder than the personality wavering. She wants to hide something and that can't be good. Can it?
"Yes, I would love to catch up with you, do some shopping, and get a delicious lunch. We'll do that soon," she agrees, smiling warmly to Jean. "As for our safety… I'm already contemplating how best to keep all of us safe during the session. Thank you for the warning, though. If we had forgotten how dangerous Gabriel could be, if he panics and doesn't know what's going on, I'd rather you remind us, for safety's sake," she says, sounding sincere. "Thank you for coming to us, Jean. I know there's nothing we'd like more than to help you with whatever is going on," she lets the weight of those words hang, letting them soak in, in the off chance the young woman feels like unburdening herself further.

Jean settles in, her gaze flitting from one person to the next, her hand lifting to lightly scratch away at her cheek as she draws her shoulders close to her earlobes, then down again with a bit of a huff. Everything was settled, there was nothing more for her to mention, even as her eyes lower to scan the ground in effort to search her mind for something that was amis—

"It'll be alright." She finally says to the two, then smiles. "People just need time to adjust. And even if the time isn't quick enough nor fast enough, things have a way of working out the way that it was meant to."

One couldn't miss those heightened emotions, part of the reason why Jean somewhat hates being a telepath. It was all in regards to Scott, the straight-laced dude who was even harder on himself than he was with others. With a light clap of her hands, she presses them down upon the arm of the chair to help herself up, her arms a bit wobbily in the doing, and with a slow bend she gathers the books she laid by her feet into her arms to put on a grand smile.

"Time. Right?" She nods to the both of them. "Its the only thing to fix an abruptness that comes with being such a large.. large family.." With that little insight shared and the veiled 'Welcome to the Family' to Emma, Jean bounds her way out of the library and down the hall..

"LINDA! You do -NOT- hit anyone with your tentacles!"

Another day at the institute..

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