1964-06-03 - Dinner Date
Summary: Gabriel and Jean go out on a date before a night of heroing.
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The afternoon turns into the evening and the pair end up at a rather simple steakhouse just off the pier in the city proper. The best part was the advertised giant steaks, which Gabriel has no interest in. What he does have an interest in however is the salad bar. He'd never seen such a thing before. The duffel bag with their wardrobe change is set under the booth and he waits, with bare patience, for Jean's food to arrive so he can start on his gigantic salad that he's built for himself, almost bouncing with excitement.

"I think it's going to take a while.." Jean murmurs quietly. She had starved herself, which isn't anything new. But her constitution when it comes to food is a lot different. A plus side from living so many lives, even if they were fake or not. She had better control, a better understanding, even with how the world works. Somewhat.

But she watches him, feeling and seeing the excitement, her own eyes lit with a bit of humor as she reaches over to pluck out a lettuce slice to pop into her mouth. "Gah.. you need to season this better! It's all plain!"

Gabriel shakes his head while looking across at Jean's green eyes. "But I like it plain…" He quietly points it out, his palette not being one that requires a lot of seasoning and spices in it. "So we're going to eat. And then after that you want to wander the streets? Looking for trouble?" He pokes at the salad some picking at it a bit as he looks for some of the fruit he hid in the salad.

"Plain.." Jean squints her eye. "Have I ever made you cucumber with vinegar and salts? Or, maybe adding olive oil with some sort of light dressing or fruit juice.." Her head bobs a little bit, finishing up with her chewing and swallowing, her fingers laced together in thought. "Well, I don't want to say its wandering the streets looking for trouble. But we're going to walk. And if we find trouble, so be it. If not? We're going to teach ourselves to fly." She grins then, wriggling in her seat. She was excited about the prospect of flying, moreso than the heroing.

There's that shake of Gabriel's head. "But I don't remember doing it, or how I did it. I hope you have an idea of how to figure this out." His hands reach out to take her hands with his, squeezing them within. "If you're wanting to take me out with you, don't you need to train me or some such in other things?"

"Well yeah. Reach into that day and pull it out. That's it." So easy peasy. If not, they'll just be patient and try something something else. As he takes her hands, she draws him closer to kiss upon his knuckle, then quickly releases as the food is set down in front of her. It was a huge rib-eye. Medium rare, potatoes and veggies on the side along with sauce that was delivered in a bottle next to it. Jean looked happy, so much so that her hands clasp together and squeeze.

"Nope. Every time I try to train you, you're resistant to it. So, no training. We're just going to do it."

"And if I blow up a building on accident, you can't get to omad at me alright?" Gabe starts on his salad now that Jean has her food eyes looking a little nervous for a moment at the prospect before he pushes it back down. "I'm just joking actually, it'll be completely alright. I have every confidence in us." A new confidence, one that he hasn't demonstrated before.

"The Fantastic Four and some random government group out there has done worse, so no I won't get angry." She grins as she begins to cut up her steak, taking a few little pieces into her mouth and chewing. Shoulders slump with a bit of relief, and she begins to dig in even more so, already having felt that tiny peak of confidence when she re-established their connection.

Hell, just from their talk the night before.. it was just telling.

"I want to take another crack at your memories." Jean states, lifting the fork to point towards him. "I think I have a better handle on how my brain works. Which means that I should be able to navigate yours with no issues."

"My memories?" Gabe repeats, looking at Jean. A topic that he hasnt touched on in late for reasons, which now he decides he should share. "Some… some of them were unlocked when we were on the ship of the bounty hunters. When they were using the devices on us. Not all, but a few more. They are. They are not pleasant. But neither are they exactly disastrous either. They are what they are."

There was a lot to consider with that new revelation, Jean leans back within her booth as her fork jams into the center of the cut steak, twirling it around within the sauce before she lets it all go. "What happened?" It wasn't so much as a question as it was a request to tell, but all in all, he really didn't have to. "You do know now that Emma Frost and Charles have combined their schools. Instead of me doing this.." She gestures around her face. "..how about letting them crack open your memories? I'm sure they're a lot better than I am."

Gabriel contemplates for a few moments, looking at the salad in front of him but then finally his shoulders lift into a shrug. "Perhaps. But the reality is I don't trust them. Well, I don't trust them the way I trust you." He looks up to the red head across from him, trying; and failing, to hide the small smirk that plays on his lips. "They aren't my partner."

Her brows lift in a little bit, a little smile playing upon her lips with a reach across the table to grasp his hand into hers. "I know…" She says quietly, then removes her hand to steal a piece of lettuce from his plate to pop into her mouth. "Maybe one day you can. Perhaps this would help you to, at least to form a relationship with them. Charles is like my older brother, is in a legality sorts. Emma.." She bobs her head a little. "..she's my therapist."

She picks up a nice helping of mashed potatos from her plate to offer towards Gabriel. "But.. what do -you- want to do?"

Hmm, potatoes. Those are safe. Gabriel leans forward to take the bite offered and then considers while he chews and swallows. "I'm curious I'll admit about the things you do. So I guess tag along for a bit? Watch?" He pauses, "Is that what you meant? Or did you mean in the grander scheme of things, what I did I want to do?"

Roy has arrived.

Roy heads to Harlem <HA>.

Roy has left.

"Both?" Jean finally says, continuing to eat her steak. "Tonight.. watch, get involved if you need? I don't know. Grand scheme of things? Maybe.. learn with me?" Her shoulders shrug again, and she continues to put down the steak, occasionally drinking her glass of iced water in the meanwhile. "It's almost dark too.. we should get going soon."

Gabriel looks over things and reaches into his wallet, producing a decent amount of bills; what can he say, the construction work has been paying off especially considering he's able to do it twice as easy and fast as anyone else. Bonuses rock. Laying a sufficient amount of money down to cover whatever tab might be, he reaches a hand out towards Jean. "Well then, shall we?"

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