1964-06-05 - Mighty Mites
Summary: The Winsome Wasp is called upon to help the insect kingdom against alien bullies, winds up meeting Brynn, and working out a peaceful solution with her.
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There are horrible things afoot in the city tonight. Monsters small enough to be hard for the eye to see have been tearing apart small buildings and attacking vehicles as they wander around, apparently attracted to whatever moves. They seem to be numerous. THey could be anything at all, and right now they are centered on an apartment complex near Mutant Town, were the cops often don't bother to go.

There's a tall, muscular dark-skinned woman here, scowling as she lays about with a… shield, of all things? The traditional rounded shield of a Viking, but made of metal and glimmering in the light. "The blighters must have been in my things. Where's Amora when you need her? This is impossible without witch's fire…" She seems to be grumbling about- something.

Brynn is positioned just in front of the old brick and mortar building, stomping and smashing at seemingly empty pavement. There are, however, small black shapes darting about for the truly discerning. One of these begins munching on a street lamp.

So, very strong dark, insect-sized shapes.

It's not often that the Winsome Wasp gets called on by her insect friends, more often than not it is she who asks them for their help, but now the tables have turned. These new tiny monsters have been a blight on the insect kingdom, tossing their weight around on their way to doing whatever it is they do. Through these disgruntled insects, the Wasp came to learn of the threat, and donned her fashionable costume before zipping by towards the problem zone.

She didn't quite expect to see a Viking, but that's what Brynn appears to be, so Wasp figures maybe she has a clue and flies towards her first. "Excuse me?" She asks, fluttering infront of Brynn's face to catch her attention, "do you know what those little things are?" She asks, while at the same time trying her antennae device to see if she can communicate with these creatures like she does with the insect kingdom, just a cursory, "<hello?>"

The shapes… Respond. Somewhat. Most of them continue their miniature rampages, tearing up pieces of metal and pavement as well as terrorizing the other insects in the area. Brynn blinks a few times when she sees the tiny woman fluttering about in front of her. Those blue eyes are wide for a second and then she breaks into a grin. "A hero! And the right size as well," the woman almost crows. It is, indeed, a Viking. A black Viking. There have already been arguments about this.

"These things are, ah…" Brynn colours slightly, though it is mostly visible in her ears which are a lighter shade than the rest of her skin. She takes a deep breath then. "They seem to be… Mites. They are almost like your bed mites. Except these mites are very mighty." There's a pause as she sheepishly smiles at the pun.

"They followed me from Asgard. The little blighters. I could use some help catching them." The mites chomp mindlessly on various things. A couple are chasing a terrified schnauzer down the street.

"Asgard…huh?" Luckily the Wasp had met Thor, so she know of Asgard, at least a little bit. "Oookay, let's see if they can be reasoned with," and so she turns her attention to the mites, flying a bit closer to them, "<listen up!>" She uses her antennae again, "<you may not know this, but you're doing property damage, and all around chaos…if you don't stop, I'll be forced to stop you…and she is from Asgard, so you'll be in trouble,>" she points at Brynn as potential deterrant, giving the mites a moment to respond, "don't worry, I'll ask them nicely first…maybe they'll listen? Is there anything you can tell me about them?"

"Mostly that they like hot things and tend to die quickly when they don't have something warm to curl up with. Within a coupel of days, I guess. I've never tried to reason mites before, to be honest. I wonder fi they will understand you." This is an honest assessment from Brynn who is busy blinking as Janet is speaking to the superpowered bedroom pests.

The mites shuffle about a bit.A couple stop to listen to Janet and blink. They're insects. They return to behaving like insects afterward, though these ones are… More willful, and perhaps somewhat smarter, than actual ants or bed mites. They do not, however, seem to care that Brynn is from Asgard. The schnauzer yelps and runs faster. The mites chasing him clack their pincers.

"I say catch but some variant up to and including setting fire to them would be acceptable," Brynn clarifies gently. "I am Brynhildr, first of the Valkyrjur. And I've inadverdently created quite the mess, I'm afraid… Ow. Get off of me. Vile pest." Brynn bends forward and flicks a mite off of her lower leg, sending it sprawling onto the nearby pavement.

At mite size the chaos is actually pretty loud. These insects are quickly overpowering the local fauna. And the flora, for that matter.

Wasp notes how the mites seem to listen, and then she has a flash of genius, they can hear. They can understand, so maybe they can be compelled like the insects of Earth, she tries by flying directly at the ones chasing the poor dog and commands them "<STOP! Come over here, all of you! I command it!>" Ants take well to being ordered, it's only natural to them, maybe the mites are the same?

The ones chasing the dog stop and trn around to watch the Wasp fly toward them. They would be blinking if they were animals. Then one of them decides to hop. The thing about super mites? Super jumping. The mite rockets at the Wasp at at least thirty miles per hour, mandibles parted in a very insect-like approximation of a terrifying gnashing of teeth.

The other ones have stopped. Just like it they were told. It seems the mites are more independent than ants, at least.

The ones that stopped make Wasp happy, the one that super jumps up to attack her? Well, she proves her own speed by flying far higher, but she also introduces him to her own version of a bite, well, a sting actually, as she unloads a heavy dose of Wasp's Sting bioelectric ray directly on him, pewpew! "<Stay down, stupid!>" Yeah, she is an Avenger, she faced scarier stuff. Although admittedly, at her size, lots of thing seem much scarier than they normally do!

The mite hits the ground and twitches. Poor mite. Now all the mites are turning and staring, staring at the Wasp. There are a couple dozen in total, scurrying out onto the pavement and crowding about. There's clicking involve. Rhythmic, tribal-like clicking that starts with one, then passes around to the entire pack. Beady eyes stare upward at Janet from their place on the ground.

The Schnauzer yips and takes off like all the mites of Hell are on his poor canine tail.

Brynn is staring nervously at the congregating mites, her eyes widening for a second. "Are you doing that?" She asks slowly. "I've never seen them do this before,," she admits then. A deep breath is taken. Slowly.

"<See? That's what you get if you challenge me! I am the Winsome Wasp and you better respect it! Now are you ready to cool off and stop causing trouble?>" Wasp asks now that she seems to have their attention, after she easily vanquished the challenger to her wouldbe Queen-hood. She assumes these critters must have a Queen, most bugs operate in that fashion.

To Brynn she says, "yes, I'm trying to get them to acknowledge me as someone they should listen to…I want to ask them to go back home. Insects are living beings, like the rest of us, I would rather not kill them just because they got here by mistake…hopefully we can bring them back home. You have any idea how we can do it?"

"Hmm." Brynn frowns at that statement and titls he rhead as she considers it for a long moment. "Can you stun them for a few hours or somethign along those lines? I have an idea but I don't have a container tough enough to hold them." She shakes her head slowly and then scans the group of attending mits over carefully.

"And after this, tiny hero, I owe you a drink. If you can drink, o mighty Wasp." There's a beatific smile to follow this pronouncement from a woman who is, in a real sense, a Goddess of Heroes. "It's kind of you to think of their wellbeing. But it does present a quandary…"

"I can do it!" The Winsome Wasp says with bravado, working the mites into a tighter group, before blasting them with a sufficent level of charge to knock them out. She often does it with much larger targets, it should prove all the easier and less taxing to do the same with the tiny creatures. As a benefit, them being knocked out, means Brynn could usher them back without killing them. "It's important to think about the well beings of the smaller creatures in the world…" Wasp certainly has a better perspective than most about this micro world.

Once she does her think, she flutters closer to Brynn, "if we can put them in a box, I guess you can bring them back where they came from, right?" She then adds in an after thought, "oh, and I totally drink!"

"I wasn't certain with your being so very small of stature," Brynn responds but she is smiling and gives a nod. "I am sure I can get them home like this, yes." A deep breath is taken and then the woman considers this for several moments. "I'll gather them up in my cloak for now and then carry the creatures with me. Ah, I'll be gone for some time. So if you are willing to drink in the morning- which, for some reason, it seems you Midgardians are not this century- then I would gladly see you then. Otherwise… Tomorrow evening, perhaps?"

Brynn has a magnificent smile. Her teeth are perfec,t of course, and the enthusiasm is infectious. She wears it easily while keeping her gaze affixed to the Wasp. "And perhaps even a meal. I would offer to cook but I am afraid you might not like the result. I've not gotten much better in four thousand years."

Wasp laughs, "I may be small, but I pack a heck of a punch, just ask M.O.D.O.K. if you can find the ugly bastard." Wasp flies around Brynn, looking quite pleased with the plan, "great, you put them back where they belong…and we will agree to meet for a celebration. Food and drink, whatever time of the day, I'm wild like that! Oh, and I bet you cook better than I do, because I don't cook," Wasp laughs. Certainly Janet Van Dyne wouldn't deign to think of such things when there's the help to see to such.

"Alright. So where should we meet? I have ideas if you would like a surprise. Otherwise you know New York City far better than I…" There's a pause as Brynn considers this a moment, tilting her head. "Wasp, then. Winsome is accurate, at least." She has good vision. Perhaps it's part of being a God. Brynn is now doffing her cloak, mindful of Wasp's position. There be Super Mites to scoop up.

"Sure…you can surprise me…I usually hangout at the Hellfire Club, but I will gladly be introduced to new places," and there, inadvertantly, Wasp pointed out to just how rich she must actually be. That is if Brynn has any inkling of what the Hellfire Club is.

The personal flattery has Wasp grinning proudly, "I do my best, and that's why I use it in my codename. I'm far too fashionably to be any ol' Wasp, I'm definitely quite Winsome!"

Brynn… Does not betray that she has any idea of what the Hellfire Club actually is. Whatsoever. Instead she blinks, nods slowly, and then takes a deep breath. "Tomorrow afternoon around four pm. The Hellfire Club, then. Dress warmly." The Asgardian then kneels down to scoop up the mites, scowling as she does."Such tiny little monsters. And strong enough to lift a Midgardian dog. What little nuisances." She clicks her tongue. "But they are mighty and deserve to return home." In her own way Brynn is apparently fond of the little pests because she does treat them with appropriate care as she picks them up. Not a mite is harmed.

Wasp gives Brynn a thumbs up, pleased with the level of care she takes with the mites. It's not their faults they got transported to Earth, they belong on Asgard, "good thing you're here to do the right thing, I'd hate to harm them. Take care, Brynn!"

Brynn smiles at that and nods. She takes a deep breath and, mites in tow, starts to walk away without a care in the world. Long, purposeful strides eat up far more ground that might be realized at first glance. She is quickly gone. "Be well, beautiful Wasp. I will find you tomorrow."

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