1964-06-06 - Meeting An Avenger
Summary: During her work for Tony Stark, Natasha has started to make contact with some impressive individuals. She already learned of the Avengers when Tony recruited Clint Barton, now she got to meet one in person, Bobbi Morse.
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Ever since she started working for Tony Stark, 'Natalie' has come to appreciate just how much work a secretary actually does. Sure, an executive secretary, but still. Tony Stark was very demanding despite his playboy reputation. Today she finds herself tasked with presenting some classified documents to a member of the Avengers, as Mr. Stark was busy elsewhere. She waits at the designated meeting room, looking the part of a secretary hired by Mr. Stark himself. Smart no doubt, but certainly flying marks in the eye candy department. Her red hair might suggest he has been missing Pepper Potts, since she signed with Wayne Enterprises.

Bobbi Morse had made an attempt to look presentable at least. Gone were her usual jeans and a leather jacket. Instead, she'd settled for a blue button up and a pair of high waisted slacks. She strode with a confidence that came with wearing pants where most women wore skirts, especially in a business setting. Her blonde hair was left free, softening her usual dismissive looks as she was shown the room in question.

A polite thanks was offered as she stepped through the door to the meeting room. Her gaze swept over the room, the usual check for exits, hiding places, and defensible positions, before they landed on the redhead.

Natalie earned a raised brow as the blond entered, "I take it that Stark is too busy to deliver paper work?" She offered dryly, looking unimpressed.

Natalie happened to be one of the many women in skirts around Stark Industries, nothing unusual about it, after all it was a business place…and she was Tony Stark's secretary to boot. But her attention was certainly captured by Bobbi's unorthdox choice of wearing pants to this meeting, though being a representative of the Avengers, Natalie really should have expected it.

As soon as Bobbi is shown the door, Natalie gets up and greets her with a smile, "Ms. Morse?" She asks hesitantly, before her warm smile turns somewhat sheepish, "yes, I'm afraid Mr. Stark had other business to attend to. But don't worry, he trusts me with classified information. I'm a professional, and not a gossip. Didn't peek or anything," she assures Bobbi, pressing a hand down on the sealed enevelope set on the desk before her. "So…you're an Avenger?" She asks, excitment just hidden enough in the subtext of her voice, as she looks the taller woman over. "You must get quite a few looks dressing like that…" she offers in the ways of small chat, "though I guess if you smiled more, you'd probably draw all the more attention."

A brow shot upwards as Bobbi inclined her head, stepping further into the meeting room and approaching as she noted the packet of sealed intel. A hand was held out in offer, polite. "Yep, Bobbi Morse, that's me, thanks for waiting. It's nice to meet you." Immediately after she reached for the sealed packet after a beat, and then promptly sat in a chair to break it open in front of the redhead. "Yeah, I got roped in by Rogers. It's not all that exciting, trust me." She glanced over the headings in the packet for a moment before shutting it again and setting it down in front of her on the table.

A casual lean followed as she considered Natalie. "Man, Stark must have a thing for redheads." She muttered after a moment, shaking her head. "No offense intended toward you."

Natalie reaches to shake hands with Bobbi, and if they do wind up shaking hands, Natalie's handshake proves somewhat weak and hesitant. Clearly impressed by being in the presence of an Avenger. She then slides the sealed packet towards Bobbi, "Captain Rogers?" Natalie asks, her pitch raising uncontrollably with a flurry of excitment. Steve Rogers was quite famous after all, his World War II exploits and all.

She does look a bit surprised when Bobbi downplays being an Avenger, "not exciting? Really? Don't tell me you're doing a similar job for them as I do for Mr. Stark here…?" She doesn't want to offend Bobbi, but then again Bobbi was a woman, what other role would even the Avengers offer a woman? For someone in the business world, it's quite obvious Bobbi would be a secretary or something of the sort. Natalie grins impishly at the remark, "yes, yes, I am fully expected to fill Virginia Potts' shoes, though I'm afraid she's gone to much more impressive feats…I hear Mr. Wayne gave her an actual executive role? Truly unheard of…I can only hope I'll be good enough to fill the void, I heard Mr. Stark been through dozens of personal secretaries since…"

"Yeah, Cap is actually a pretty cool dude, I mean for having been frozen in ice and all.." Her lips twitched at her own pun.

A quirk of her brows followed, "Oh hell no. There's no way I could ever both being some puffed up guy's secretary." She snorted, decidedly unladylike as she rolled her eyes and leaned back in the chair.

"No, I'm an active agent and biochemist." She grinned, crossing her legs after a moment's thought. "I'm a handy shot, but I've got a few other talents that don't involve paperwork. I hate that crap." She crossed her arms and shrugged lightly, as if she didn't have a care in the world.

"And I am well aware about Pepper Potts, she's been my roommate actually when she was between jobs." She flashed the woman a grin, "Mostly surprised that anyone can put up with Stark's behavior for any length of time."

Bobbi has partially disconnected.

"Do you think he would ever deign to meet a mere secretary…?" Natalie asks with a very feeble attempt to hide a certain kind of eagerness. Not unusual when it comes to Captain America.

Natalie does giggle at the way Bobbi shrugs off any notion she might be anyone's secretary, it was to be expected, considering she choose to come to this meeting wearing pants, but Natalie had to ask for herself. "A biochemist?" Natalie opens her eyes wide, "women are allowed to study this field?" Funny, one would think active agent would be the more shocking of the two roles. "Well, if everyone could do it, the world wouldn't need secretaries, and then how could I ever work for a dreamy guy like Mr. Stark, huh?" She laughs it off, before her laugher dies as Bobbi notes familiarity with Ms. Potts. "Really? Was Ms. Potts with the Avengers too?" Natalie has to ask, her mind captivated by the idea of women being a very active part of the Avengers team.

Now it could be that she's new to the job, or otherwise extremely loyal, but Natalie shakes off the notion about Stark. "Oh, no, not at all, Mr. Stark is very demanding, but he's a wonderful boss, why just last Sunday he let me have half the day off!"

A laugh followed, "Yeah, Rogers will most definitely think it's alright, if you catch him during his off hours. Like I said, he's cool. He's kinda a boy-scout if I'm being honest." She murmured and shrugged, eyeing the woman before her. At least the redhead had earned a smile.

"Yep, working on my doctorate actually, top of my class. So hopefully, soon, it'll be Doctor Bobbi Morse." A pause followed as she caught the laughter drying up upon the other woman's features.

"Eh, no. Pepper and I had a ratty old apartment. She had her own troubles and I had mine so it just worked out that way." Slowly, Bobbi rose and tucked the packet under her arm.

"Tony Stark is a playboy, to put it kindly. And brilliant mind aside, I have read several papers he's written, he's also a bit of a pig to put it not so politely. So, kudos to you for putting up with it day in and day out. If you think my being an Avenger is interesting, and shocking and fascinating? Well, give yourself a bit more credit."

"Could you tell him Tony Stark's secretary would love to have a chance to get his autograph? Maybe even a picture, if he's feeling super kind…?" Natalie asks Bobbi in ever growing excitment, quite pleased to hear he doesn't mind meeting little people.

"That's very impressive, if you get it, will you be the first woman doctor?" Natalie asks as if she never heard of a woman in academia before. "Is Pepper also a doctor?" She asks as a follow up before listening to Bobbi's summation of Tony Stark.

"Hahaha," it seems Bobbi finally hit the right buttons to get Natalie to ease down a bit in the ever loyal secretary facade, "really? You think putting up with Mr. Stark qualifies me to join the Avengers?" She seems mostly amused by the idea, but probably wouldn't mind serving as the Avengers' secretary, they might need someone to do such work after all, no? And being around all these fancy superheroes would be quite a perk.

"Yeah, I'll ask him next time I see him off mission. I'm sure he'll have time to sign whatever you want." She grinned and shifted her weight on her heels. A hand settled on her hips as she considered the questions following.

"Not at all. There's been plenty of women doctors throughout history. I can't name any off the top of my head, but I know I am most assuredly not the first. Pretty sure that honor can be traced to something back in the Victorian era. Of course, I think she had to dress in drag, but she did it." She shrugged and adjusted her grip on the files.

"And no, Pepper is not a doctor." She added after a moment's thought.

"As far joining the Avengers? Hell, I'd give you a Nobel Prize for putting up with your job." She shook her head, "And coming back to work everyday." She smirked and offered a polite nod.

"It was nice meeting you. I gotta actually go over this. I'll let you know whenever Rogers has a spare moment. Promise." She offered a two fingered salute before turning to go.

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