1964-06-07 - Chasing Down Leads
Summary: Batman and Nightwing chase down some russians in relation to a murder investigation… Ultragirl enters as Foe or Friend?
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Nightwing arrives from Midtown <E>.

Nightwing has arrived.

A dark night in Hell's Kitchen. The hour is late, well past the midnight hour and yet Hell's Kitchen does not really sleep. Being the poor area of the city means that the door is open for crime and unsavories to spread their taint with little to no consequence. Except this night.

The backfire of a car engine sounds, followed by the high pitched squeal if tires as a beat up car guns along a side alley as fast as the clunker will run. A man leans out of the passenger side window, aiming a pistol behind the car and firing randomly, the weapon's bark splitting the night with an almost savage intensity. The person they are firing at is not behind them, however, but above…

The Batman glides along at a surprisingly fast clip, having little trouble in pacing the speeding car along the twists and turns as the vehicle tries to flee, his black cape spread like two ebon wings and supporting his weight. Speaking into the short wave radio fitted into his cowl, Batman says, "Nightwing, they are running west but we almost have them right where we want them. We need to make sure they turn right at the next intersection. We will back them into a dead end."

Ultragirl is cruising along overhead, a few stories above the taller buildings in the area… where the light from below doesn't really 'ping' off her costume as well as it would, if she were flying only another twenty feet lower. This isn't intentional on her part; she just finds it an easy altitude at which to fly while getting a good eye on what's going on below. Being as she's over Hell's Kitchen, she can't help but hear the squealing of the tires and the gunshots. Pausing in the air for a moment, to orient herself on what she's hearing, she then zips off in that direction to see what's going on.

"Righto, Daddy-O" comes across from his own radio attached to his domino mask. He revs up his own Harley motorcycle and growls out of another alleyway, speeding towards the car as if to jack-knife it…or force it to turn right as requested. If they try to run him over, he'll at least make his way on the car; or that's the plan. He is, as yet, unaware of the flying woman above them. It's an interesting juxtaposition with him on the ground and others in the air this time.

"Oh shit!" the driver of the beat up old car yelps out as he looks around just in time to see Nightwing's motorcycle roaring at him. He jerks the wheel, hand over hand causing the car to go into a hard squealing slide to the right and down the next alley the car roars… only to find their head lights shining on a dirty and graffiti covered brick wall. The car squeals to a stop and the two men in the car, Russians by their accents mumble in confusion. The driver is just about to shove the car in reverse when something stops him…

"Incomming," Batman growls over the shortwave radio as he angles into a dive, tucking his "wings" in tight around his body. He plummets through the air and flips over mere feet from the car, turning so that his booted feet impact hard enough to cave the hood of the clunker, Batman bending into a crouch to absorb some of the impact. He glares through the windshield of the car for a second at most, long enough to make murderous eye contacr with the driver before Batman launches forward into a dive that carries him over the rear of the car and into a crouch on the dirty asphalt, just as the goon in the passenger seat torches off five quick shots through the windshield.

Ultragirl would no doubt have little trouble seeing all of this take place as she reorients and flies in their direction.

Ultragirl does, indeed, see it all happening below her. Having heard of Batman and knowing that he's not bulletproof, she drops down out of the sky to land on the asphalt even as Batman's dodging over the car to avoid the bullets. Her hand's a blur of motion as she punches through the passenger window grabs the gun out of the man's hand… and then simply squeezes her fingers around it, crushing it to unusability.
"That's the Batman", she says, simply, through the broken-open window. "And I'm Ultragirl. If I were you two, I'd give up… right now", she says with a grin, as she drops the squished-up handgun to let it clatter about next to her feet.
Ultragirl *did* see that Nightwing was on the chase, too… but she apparently didn't recognize him, or at least not well enough to name-drop him, like she did Batman, just now.

"Looks like you have your own fanclub," is offered as Nightwing hops off of the Harley. An eyebrow arches under his mask as the girl drops down and seems to join the fracas. There's a shrug as he leans against the entry to the alleyway, watching…and just making sure that no one gets out. No need to get involved when the other two seem to be doing a fine job at taking care of the criminals.

If Batman is surprised or concerned at the new arrival on the scene, literally dropping out of the air, he certainly doesn't show it. He is up and stepping quickly around the driver side of the car as he moves to the driver's window and shatters the glass with a fist. His hand closes on the man's hair and then he is dragging him from the car even as the man howls in pain. Batman shoots Nightwing a look as he turns, hurling the man against the brick wall before he grabs him by the throat and draws back his hand to savagely punch the man directly in the face. The knuckles of his gloves are reinforced, and the sound of that fist impacting the man's flesh is almost sickening.

Batman has been around for quite a while now, and his reputation is somewhat questionable. Hardly one of the pristine and glorious heroes, his acts have sometimes raised the question as to whether his methods are better than the scum he has pledged to fight. That is being evidenced now as he holds the thug by the throat and draws his fist back to shove another hard punch into the man's face.

Ultragirl, meanwhile, as the other punk in the car fumbles about as if trying to pull out another weapon, *rips* the passenger door of the car off and… casually… tosses it onto the hood of the car. At that, the passenger throws his hands up in the air… and steps out of the car under Ultragirl's gaze, to press his hands to the wall as if he's about to be frisked by a cop.
"Smart guy", Ultragirl says, trying her level best to NOT let it show that she's almost wincing at every punch Batman lands on the other guy. "If you hadn't given up peaceful-like, you probably would've had Batman finish up on you…", she says, turn turns to look over at the caped crusader, to add, in what she hopes is a 'stern' enough voice to get the attention of the friggin' Batman, "… you -are- done beating him up, now, aren't you?"

And this might be one of the reasons why Nightwing needed some time off; his methods aren't nearly as brutal. He wants to get the job done but he knows, or thinks he knows, when to stop. His grin fades as the thug gets the crap beat out of him and he's about to step forward when Ultragirl makes her comments. See? It's not just him.

He waits a moment to see if Batman is going to stop or if he's going to have to step in.

The Batman may be a lot of things, but a follower he is not. He draws back and throws another savage punch into the face of the thug, who is now wobbly on his legs, blood coursing down his face. Batman's right hand grabs the crook by the collar of his shirt, the other grabs him between his legs and with a growl of effort, Batman lifts him up over his head before turning and slamming the crook down on his back on the trunk of the car. He leaves the crook there, the man's head hanging down over the rear fender of the car and looks to Ultragirl, "Now I'm done," is growled out in a gruff voice. Looking back to the thug before him, Batman crouches and glares into the man's bloody face and says angrily, "Yuri Volenkov was murdered last night. He was one of your friends. You are going to tell me what you know!"

Ultragirl grabs the one punk who surrendered by the back of his shirt and by his belt, and lifts him, floating up and over the car to land near the back of it, holding the guy facing Batman. "Same question to you, buddy. Maybe you can answer it better than your friend can… if you don't wanna be a Bat Punching Bag, too."

"You need to ask questions first, -before- you give them a concussion," Nightwing offers as he goes to check on the guy who was slammed onto the car. "I don't think he'll be able to give you much of anything," is commented as he looks to the one that Ultragirl hands over. To him, he says, "I suggest you answer the questions. Your buddy may be eating his food through a straw for the next few months."

The man in Ultragirl's grasp takes one look at his beaten and bloody friend and begins to sing like a canary, "He was offed by the Chinese! They put a hit out on him for messing with their money! We told him he needed to go into hiding but he didn't think anyone could get into his place! Please! That's all we know, please!"

Meanwhile Batman looks at Nightwing and scoffs, before growling a simple, honest, and brutal, "This one was never supposed to be the one answering my questions. He was meant to be the example." The goon laying on the trunk in front of Nightwing blinks slowly, still alive but clearly brutalized and not going to be running any time soon. Blood spools across his face, runnig into his nose since his head is upside down, hanging toward the dirty asphalt.

"Well… I guess you got what you wanted", Ultragirl says, turning to hold the talkative guy against the wall, holding him with one hand by the back of his belt. She looks about, a sort of puzzled look on her face. "… what do we do, now? Call the cops to come pick these guys up, or something?"
… and, just like that, Ultragirl makes it plain and clear that she's got zero experience doing the hero-thing.

"Really?" Is that in response to being the example or the brutality that was shown? Nightwing doesn't clarify. He then looks to the man who's spilling all of the secrets, "Who took the hit?" Because there wasn't a struggle that he could find. Ultragirl's question gets another raised eyebrow, "No, now we take them home and tuck them into bed." He grins to take the sting out of his sarcastic comment, "Yes, the cops are called. Tie them up so they can't escape and call the cops."

The guy in Ultragirl's widens his eyes dramatically before shaking his head wildly, "I don't know! It was a professional group was all I know! They kill! Please! I told you everything we know!" His wide, scared eyes turn to look fearfully at the Batman as if afraid that this failure will see him tossed to the wolves.

Batman chuckles again, perhaps at Nightwing, or possibly at the criminal's groveling. He is already pulling a length of rope from his utility belt though, apparently intending on tying the two thugs up.

Ultragirl seems to actually take a moment to look at Nightwing, and it's one of those 'look him in the face… then at his chest… then at his face… then down the length of his body… then back to his face' sorta things, where at the end she realizes she just actually looked him up and down and blushes, before turning away to focus her attention on the guy who's still talkative. "Get down on your knees and let him tie you up… I'm pretty sure you know what'll happen if you argue with him", she says to the man, before releasing her hold on his belt and stepping back.

Nightwing is staying back on this. Between Batman's apparent need to punch something and the girl's eagerness, he doesn't want to end up getting elbowed in the ribs or kicked in the nose due to sheer adrenaline Granted, most of the fighting seems to be done, but he's going to keep the escape route blocked until the two are secured. "Probably could have interrogated first," is offered again. Maybe this is more for the newbie.

Batman narrows his eyes as he flashes a /look/ at Nightwing while he steps forward to begin tying the criminals up. Since the talking criminal is kneeling on the ground, Batman grabs the beaten thug by the foot and drags him from the trunk of the car, letting him thud onto the asphalt before dragging him over and positioning the man in a way so that he is seated against the other man's back. He moves quickly, clearly having done this a few times as he ties the two men together. Straightening, he looks to Nightwing and says, "You have your assignment. We need to watch the Chinese mafia, see if we can find any information on a new organization in town that is taking on professional hits."

Ultragirl watches Batman tie up the goons, staying out of the way over by the mouth of the alley. "Anything I can do to help?", she offers, as she stands with her hands on her hips.

Nightwing inclines his head at the look Batman tosses him. No doubt they're going to have a 'discussion' about it before too long. At the mention of his 'assignment', his own eyes narrow, "I'm not entirely sure they're the ones to be chasing. I think you need to be looking at his known associates," since there wasn't a struggle at the site of the murder. "But I'll take a look." To help out. Not because he's accepting the 'assignment'.

At Ultragirl's question he looks over at her for a moment, "Be careful. If you're going to be doing this sort of thing, bring something to tie the mooks up with. Also, know when you're outnumbered."

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