1964-06-07 - China Town Shake Down
Summary: Batman is investigating further into the murder he has been chasing. While observing a hive of criminal activity in China Town, he spies a group looking to cause trouble for Professor X, Cassandra, and Julie. Little did the group of thugs know just who they were picking on.
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It is late into the night within China Town, though the neighborhood is hardly sleeping. Bright lights glisten and shine along the main drag that houses the restaurants frequented by tourists to the city, while darkness reigns in the alleys along the outer edges of the district that houses underground casinos, dog fighting pits, deadly fighting rings, and drug dens. Suspicious looks and oftentimes outright violence meet any unsuspecting trespasser into these dark lands, and caution is freely given to those in the tourist laden main drag to beware stepping from the well lit path.

Despite all of this, those same crime riddled corridors are where the Batman finds himself. An abandoned old parking garage that is almost completely covered in colorful and vulgar graffiti, many of the lighting fixtures either flickering or not working at all give long stretches of shadow or absolute darkness, only broken by flaming barrels stationed along the steadily inclining ramp leading upward in the square building of concrete. Thugs and street youths are stationed here are there, most of the time gathered around the flaming barrels or areas lit by a flickering fluorescent tube, some peddling drugs and other vices while others are just looking for trouble. Batman crouches in one corner on the bottom floor of the garage, his back pressed against a concrete column, eyes watching those who come and go on this earliest level.

Cassandra Wu-San is no stranger to China Town or its seedy underbelly. She had done the underground fighting circuit both here and in Hell's Kitchen. It was here that she got her fighting name Gu Ar, or Orphan. She is in her streetclothes presently as she navigates the back alleys with her hoodie up alongside the professor. She isn't about to let him go around alone, and was infact surprised that he wanted to join her.

Cassandra is here on personal business. The notion of hunting her hunters had appeal, and she suspected they needed more than a dart to go on for finding them. The way the place cleared out when the Hand attacked spoke volumes about their presence in this section of the city. Stores had closed, street vendors packed up, and even vagrants made themselves scarce in the moments before the ninjas made themselves known. They were here somewhere. Cassie knew it. So here they are, finding likely targets for interrogation.

Charles, meanwhile, is dressed very casually. For him, anyway. A grey hoodie and jeans, along with sneakers. Emma would probably be snickering… hell, she probably is already, considering their link.

In any event, when he found out Cass was coming back here, instead of stopping her he decided to tag along. Because frankly, someone attacked one of his students, and since he couldn't smack around Maximus for what he did, well… the chance to unleash some frustration is a human one, and as much as Charles doesn't like to admit it, there are times when he would really like to clock some ninjas.

Julie has arrived.

The Dark Knight is still crouched in his corner at the base of the parking garage, which conveniently is situated beside a run down building at the end of the alleyway Cass and Professor X are walking along. There is a small group of thugs at the entrance that Bruce has had his eye on for a while, and as the two(or three) X-men make their way closer to the garage, the thugs nudge one another and step out from the mouth of the parking garage, grinning confidently. They look Cass over openly before the one leading the group calls out, "You are a long way from home down here… Hasn't anyone told you it is dangerous in these streets?" The others laugh loudly, fingering knives and pistols at their hips. As the goons are stepping out to begin taunting what they see as easy targets, Batman creeps forward to the entrance of the Parking Garage, watching from the shadows.

Julie is just slipping along to catch up, after stashing a (darn nondescript, for her,) car nearby. But it, along with her nondescript brown leather jacket and other slight wardrobe alterations, are what she's taken to using for occasions like this. Of course what's under the hood of that slightly-rumpled late-model Chevy wagon is anyone's guess, unless of course one asked her about it. She hrms, as the trio of toughs confront the others, slackening her pace a bit, checking their backs and flanks briefly. She's a local, of course.

Cassandra Wu-San will reward the thugs with an easy smile a moment before she upnods the professor. She will stroll forward ahead of him, assuming that his own prowess with groups isn't quite up to her own. Walking forward, she spreads her fingers lightly within the fabric of her hoodie's pockets to ensure she can snap them from with no inhibition, smiling all the while. There's nothing quite like a smile to disarm an opponent.

Cassandra regards each member of the group from several paces away, not bothering to respond to them verbally. She'll let them make the first move, the better to get a feel for what sort of fish she has just caught. After a few moments of this, her smile will shift into a grin that does manage to touch her eyes.

Charles, meanwhile, is trying to be a good guy. Really, he is, because he ahems softly, "Oh, we're well aware it's dangerous… but I'm afraid you don't realize how dangerous it's going to be. I'd suggest you just let us pass." He says that with a tone of quiet assurance, not raising his voice, but being perfectly reasonable. However, he doesn't want to draw too much attention, so the immediate tactic of knocking all of them unconscious isn't exactly applicable here. Unless necessary.

There is a fourth man, just emerging from the parking garage to the left of where Batman crouches. He holds a shotgun in his hands and he laughs as he sees his friends staring down Cass and Charles, one of them even pointing over toward Julie. The fourth man is just about to head to join his friends when all of a sudden a large black arm ropes over his shoulder and snakes around his neck, jerking the man from his feet to disappear back into the shadows with a strangled yell.

The three others look back toward where their friend just disappeared back into the parking garage, eyes wide in surprise before the lead man says, "What the hell?" and turns back toward Cass, his hand going toward his pistol and drawing the weapon to point directly at Cass. Similarly the other two reach to draw their weapons, one another pistol and the other a large very sharp looking knife.

Julie points a driving-gloved finger right back, this time she smirks a bit, …from somewhere there's an intimation of a 'vrr' sound as Dizzy feels around until her powers find …things to turn and undo in the fellow's weapon. Mutters, in that Brooklyn-Italian accent of hers, "Lefty-loosey, cowboy…" If it happens to be a revolver, she torques the cylinder that way, too.

If violence is a speed, it describes how fast Cassandra reacts to the man pulling his pistol. Bruce Lee would be advocating to be like water in the near future. Alas, Cassandra is more of a grey wind descending upon the man with her hands free. Her fingers are bared like claws as she thrusts forth grasp at the pistol, wrenching to the side and down by the barrel to ruin his finger and possibly his wrist even as her other clawed hand goes lower and in to find his inner thigh. Even as her palm collides with the tender tissue there, fingers hardened by impact training against hot gravel will dig in and clench before tearing free that she may ready herself for the general melee about to ensue.

Charles shakes his head, even as the knife wielder comes after him. However, Charles seems to move preternaturally fast, dodging the knife strikes as if knowing exactly when and where they're coming in. Then he says, "I did try to tell you." And then he smashes his fist right into the face of the knife wielder, easily breaking through his guard to punch him where it will do the most good, sending him down to the ground. Then he looks wryly at Julie, "I did warn them, you know. Only fair."

Batman has the shotgun man in a choke hold, his left arm tight around his throat as he falls back into the shadows, his right hand pressing forward on the goon's head to ensure the suffocating pressure until the man falls into unconsciousness. As he feels the man go limp, the shotgun clattering to the grimy concrete of the parking garage, Batman releases the goon and lets him fall to the ground hard rather than lowering him gently.

The man pointing the gun at Julie does not bother checking his weapon before he simply pulls the trigger in reply to whatever foolishness the crazy woman just said to him…. only to see his gun fall apart in his hand, the bits of metal falling to clatter on the ground. He stands there in shock for a moment before he runs forward, fists clenched in a rather un-ninja like attack pattern.

The other gunman across from Cass yells out in pain as the gun in his hand is wrenched to the side, breaking his finger even as he pulls the trigger. The weapon barks loudly, a brief flash lighting the alley, though the bullet digs into the asphalt harmlessly. As the woman grabs at his inner thigh, he can only yell louder, reflex making him punch out at the woman with a right jab.

Charles' movements are too fast for the knife wielding man to score a hit, even though it is clear that he likely has the most solid combat experience of the group. Every slash or stab he makes, Charles is a step ahead, and he is not ready for the punch directly to his face which shatters his nose and causes spots to dance before his eyes as his knees go weak and he crumples to the ground.

Julie smirks, a little, stance changing to a not-very-schooled bit of a crouch, reaching with her free hand into that jacket pocket for a loop of cable: actually three lengths of cable connected at a center, each with a metal engine bearing welded to the end: she spins those weights in a slow loop, face going more serious as the shot resounds, and *slings* the thing a bit above the fellow's knee-level as he tries to close the distance. The vrr-sound returns, louder, again, as the improvised bolas whirl out, somehow picking up speed, as he comes on, "Whoa!" is about all she has time to say, in the process. "Everyone OK?" Her fellow might be nearly on her if that fails.

Cassandra Wu-San smiles as she leans out of the way of his jab, her own left hand reaching up almost in a mirror of his movement except from below. She strikes at his exposed armpit with yet another tiger's claw, clenching there to ignite the pressure point located within. The follow up will see her body climbing him as her other hand grasps his throat to silence his cries of pain before head butting the man pointblank since the Professor ably handled the other possible contender for the title.

The Professor tsks a bit, "Well, that could have gone better. On the other hand, it does appear we didn't give ourselves away too much." He looks over at Julie, then at Cassandra, "No problems?" Not that he expects any, as he then frowns, his mind doing a quick check for nearby thoughts, and… there seems to be a slight irregularity. Mainly the fact that there seems to be someone else nearby.

Julie's target is not even ready for that whipcord which strikes him above the knee and wraps around his legs and swings around to wrap him up, halting his sprint in a trip that sends him painfully to the asphalt, his face skidding on the rough pavement. Cass similarly has great success, her coordinated attack pattern more than this particular fellow can handle, her headbutt laying him out and sending his body to sprawl on the ground. The Batman is still watching from the shadows, and he certainly notes as the Professor frowns and sweeps his eyes around to scan. As if in answer, Batman lifts the fallen shotgun and slides it out of the shadow into plain view, a clear sign that their other enemy has similarly been dealt with.

Cassandra Wu-San bounds off of her adversary as he lolls to the ground. Dusting herself off, she furrows a brow at the shotgun being slid out for them. Her hands bare as she awaits to see what this new person's deal is, eyes narrowed at this odd turn of events. She shuffle steps back towards the professor, disinclined at the moment to leave him hanging yet loathe to turn her back on someone unexpected.

Julie winces a little, squeamishly as the fellow face-plants, eyes darting around a moment, as she murmurs, "And there's righty-tightey. Out, then, comes what appears to be a steel yo-yo, which she bobs up and down, almost casually, as she goes to make sure of the fellow. "You better stay down, there, skippy," she says. She looks to the Professor for a cue, perhaps, keeping an eye on that shotgun.

Charles advances towards Cassandra, and the slid out shotgun. Sensing the disciplined mind that's in the shadows, even without the indication of the offered weapon, he ahems, "Thanks for the assistance. It's much appreciated." Because, well, no harm in being polite, right? Though there's something a bit familiar about that presence, though Charles can't quite put a finger on it just yet.

Batman watches for a few more moments, eyes flicking to each of the trio who are obviously more dangerous than they appear at face value. His eyes flick to regard Charles as the fellow speaks out toward him, and that seems to be enough to make Batman stand from his crouch and finally step into the dim lighting of the alleyway. He stands over six feet, his bat-suit a melding of thick rubber, kevlar, and fabric, though the large bat that stands in raised relief from the chest of his suit along with the pointed ears of his cowl and cape make the man easy enough to identify for any who have heard the rumors of a caped crusader terrorizing the criminal scene in New York. What can be seen of his face protruding from his cowl is covered in a short growth of salt and pepper beard. "They were right, you know," he says in a voice that speaks of many years of drinking expensive brandy and smoking cigars. "These streets are dangerous. Though they obviously were not expecting what you three had up your sleeves."

Julie seems to have actually relaxed slightly, with that cue from the Professor… she'll relax, in turn, the bolas and slip them off the fellow if he's out cold or otherwise complying. She's ready to cold-cock him with the yo-yo, if there's funny moves, but she doesn't seem anxious to. Says to Cass, quietly. "I think I heard of this guy," she says. "Could be he knows something."

Cassandra Wu-San is canting her head a bit as she recognizes the air between Batman and Xavier. They are familiar to each other somehow. She looks between them as Batman speaks, only half understanding Batman. She really didn't even care what the thugs were saying previously. Their demeanor told her all she needed to know. She'll slip her hands back into her pockets and step back to the Prof and Julie, an amused eyebrow at Julie with her yo yo.

The Professor actually smiles, "Well, I'd be a poor teacher if I didn't teach my students a bit about how to defend themselves, though some of them can with their own training." He flickers a glance to Cassandra at that comment, then he looks over at the Batman, "I don't suppose you've noticed any unusual activity around here. Ninjas, to be precise. Or the Hand, to be moreso." He doesn't know why the Batman is here, but he doesn't sense any hostile intent, so decides to approach him as a friend. Or at least a temporary ally.

On the contrary, Professor Xavier will sense plenty of hostile intent in the Batman, though it is not directed at him or his two compatriots. He does not shirk away as the Professor approaches, but rather gestures with a motion of his head toward the parking garage. Once inside the garage, there is a flaming barrel that provides a warm, dancing sort of light which Batman steps close to, enough so to illuminate his masked face. "I have not seen any ninja in this area of the city… though it could be that we are looking for the same people. I am investigating a murder in Hell's Kitchen… a professional hit."

Julie just sort of shrugs to Cassandra, wryly, looping the bolas into a little coil, onehanded, eyes glancing to fire escapes and such and the like, and considering if she ought to retrieve that car, one way or another.

Cassandra Wu-San glances to Xavier as Batman speaks, a suspicious eye on him is his reward for his demeanor as she remains close to the professor. Her brows are furrowed as she more precisely watches their exchange than listens, though she does pick things up on occasion that keep her interest.

Fortunately, Charles is able to distinguish between anger in general and anger pointed towards him or his students. Though he nods, "It could well be, these Hand individuals tried to kidnap one of my students near here, so we thought we'd do some investigating ourselves. If you wished to pool resources, it could be beneficial." Though he's half-expecting to have that offer be declined, he makes the offer anyway.

Batman is silent for a few moments while the flames dance across his face and he examines each of the trio in turn. "Possibly so…" he says finally, in reply to the offer from Charles. "This parking garage is a hive of activity of some of the low level goons of the Chinese mafia. The different levels have different things to offer… prostitution, drugs, fights." He shakes his head after a moment before saying, "It could be that those here will know something of either group we are seeking, if they are not the same."

Julie nods. "Could be why no one's come running or peeking about that shot, then," she thinks. "But generally speaking, that's usually a reason to beat feet before someone does. Course staying away from wiseguys is generally what we all do." It comes of being in an Italian family with businesses to lose, those habits, at least. She can't really hide the working-class about herself, but as to appearances, she's just avoided too much of her usual style and accessories someone might remember for this escapade.

Cassandra Wu-San watches stoically from her place, her brows knitted as she hrms a bit. Her attention is rapt at their discussion, and eventually she simply says,"Hand…not Chinese."

That's all Cassie says at this point. Her words are halting and carefully annunciated for clarity. It's a deliberate affair, but it is accomplished.

Charles blinks in surprise, then nods, "Alright. I have to admit, I haven't had a chance to talk to the local Canadian Samurai for more information just yet…" Wait, the what? He then looks over at Cassandra, "My apologies." And he does actually sound fairly contrite about that, as he then looks at the Batman.

No sooner does Julie voice the concern of that gunshot wound drawing attention than does the sound of running footsteps reach their ears. Batman's eyes shift to each person in turn before he says, "We will have to continue this discussion later…. I trust you three have a way of escaping?" Not waiting for an answer, Batman begins moving, running quickly even as he draws something appearing like a pistol from the belt about his hips. He directs it upward and fires the weapon which causes a rope to launch from the end, the grapple on the end snatching a fire escape and pulling Batman from his feet and lifting him off into the night. The three X-men will similarly have no trouble beating it to their stashed car and dashing away.

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