1964-06-07 - Thoughts on Conflict and Salvation
Summary: In which Johs, Daire and Remy think about purposes.
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It's early evening at the Institute for Freaks and Frivolity, which no one should ever tell Xavier it has been nicknamed. Josh is exploring with an old friend: the old friend might know where everything is but Josh still doesn't. Too much going back and forth to Mutant Town to tend to his patients. Still, Josh finds it… novel. He's wearing a button up brown shirt and jeans, and the shirt's buttons are only halfway done. And its short sleeved. He's showing skin! I mean its not like he's wealking around naked, but compared to how much he usually shows the gold, its a lot. He seems both nervous and curious about this state of affairs all at once. "Oh, a gym." he says intelligently when the gym is found.

Inside the gym Josh and his friend will find Remy LeBeau. Is he working out? Hhahahhah no. Instead, he's listening to the radio that is giving him updates from a protest in Albuquerque. It's a situation that he's been keeping close track of lately. He had tried the parlor and the living room radios, but those were busy with kids who are looking to drink more ovaltine. He looks up to the radio when he sees Josh. "Evenin, boss."

Daire doesn't know where everything is, as he hasn't really been back to the place since they helped him get his shit together. It's as odd for him to be back around, his time at the Institute having been brief before he'd kind of slipped back into obscurity. He's dressed in a pair of jeans and running shoes with a hoodie but the hood is down, revealing the horns on his head. It doesn't mean he's entirely comfortable, but at least he's not hiding it at the moment. "Gym's good," he comments in agreement. He's not showing much in the way of skin. He glances over toward Remy and then back over to Josh when he is greeted. He offers a bit of a nod of his head in greeting when it seems that the two knew one another.

Gesturing a golden hand, Josh indicates Remy, "Remy." and Daire, "Daire." Then he pauses a moment and explains the easy one, "Daire was my college roommate." The second one is a bit harder: Remy is my friend from terrorism? Remy is my friend from freedom fighters? He decides on: "Remy's my friend from around." Because that's totally clear. He heads a bit further in, examining the equipment before nodding his head to the radio, "How's the situation out west?"

"Daire, issa pleasure, monsieur," Remy adds with a nod. "Dey call me all sorts of tings," he adds after Josh mentions his name. With a pained face he shakes his head to Josh. "Not sure how much you know, but dis de third day of protestin' in a row. Cops ain't gun release de police report of some coppa who offed a mutant."

"Heya Remy from around," Daire says with a little bit of a grin and a kind of curiousd look over at Josh at that particular way of putting it. "Nice to meet you." The smile fades to something a little bit more grim though when Remy brings up the current events, and his attention turns for a moment to the radio, just listening before he says, "Is it getting ugly?"

Josh looks pained, "That's a problem just waiting to happen." He shakes his head slowly, "There's no way its not going to turn violent. Either the police will say 'enough is enough' and try to disperse them and it goes bad, or one fool gets a rock and throws it. Either way it's a ticking time bomb." His tone is resigned: he sighs even. He glances sidelong at Daire, he expected the curious look, but he shrugs helplessly.

"Nah, it ain't bad yet, but I'm tinkin Josh be right bout dis one," Remy says with a sigh. "What y'all up to? "Ya tink ahma get in trouble for smokin' in 'ere?" He looks around and seems to think about it for half a moment, before deciding better of it.

Daire slides his hands into his pockets, rocking just a little bit back and forth from the balls of his feet to his heels as he looks from one to the other as they talk. His brow furrows just a little bit, looking pensive. Whatever curiosity about the introduction that he seems to have had is subsumed by the talk of the protest. When Remy asks what they're up to he says, "Decided maybe it was time to give this place another shot. I was here, for a while. Some folks helped me get things under control during a time in my life when… they weren't. But I didn't really stick around. Thinking about changing that." He glances over at Josh and says, "With a little help from a friend."

On smoking, Josh shrugs: "Why would you? I'd be surprised if you were the only one who did. I always thought cigarettes were eh, but a nice cigar—" It's the sixties! Josh then looks between them and sighs a bit, "Any chance the X-Men are gonna try to do anything about that?" Then he nods over to Daire, "I figured, hey, if I'm giving the place a try, having more friends around the strangers would be good for us both."

"Well, dats good, man," Remy says to Daire. "Wors' ting dat can 'appen is you decide it wasn' de right call and you decide t'go again. Live free, an all dat, right?" Remy shrugs his shoulders at Josh, "I dunno. Been tryin' ta get hold of Scott a bit, but I aint seen him since dat ting wit' Frost went down." Remy can't help but chuckle, "Wasn't dere, but dat shit sounded pretty funny, non?"

Daire nods his head in agreement with Josh and says, "More friends is always a good thing. Friends are a thing in short supply." He watches the toes of his shoes for a moment or two, lost in thought, before he looks up and over toward Remy again. He listens, but he apparently has no idea what he is referring to, so he just nods a little bit, at least about the not having seen Scott part. "I prefer alcohol. Smoking was never my thing."

"The problem with alcohol…" Josh sighs wistfully to Daire, "…is if you can control your metabolism consciously you have to consciously not control it, you know? Oh I can get drunk. I just have to work at it." Then he squints at Remy, and asks, "Who is Frost? I know Scott, but man, I just got here two days ago and spent all of yesterday in Mutant Town. LAdy got stabbed, I had to pass out." But he grins, "But if there's a story… Scott seems, I don't know. Nice guy. But serious. Practical. Invested."

"Yeah he a gud guy an all dat," Remy says about Summers. "Sound like he pissed off de Professas lady friend by callin' her out. Sound like either she had it comin' or she not had it comin' but errybody is all in a tizzy. Least dat what Lorna said and sometin tell me Lorna got her finger on de pulse of dis place." Remy gives an upwards nod to Daire, "Well, friend, ole Remy got a bottle of bourbon back at his place if you find you got de itch. Any friend of Josh a friend of mine. We been in de shit togetha."

"Gettin' drunk by having to work at it doesn't sound quite as much fun. Fortunately, I do not have that problem," he says with a little unapologetic grin in Josh's direction and a thumbs-up to Remy. "I may, in fact, take you up on that." Then he says, "So who is this Lorna chick?" He seems intrigued at the mention of someone who might have the low down on the people and the place.

"Wait." Josh pauses, staring at Remy a moment, "Lorna's here?!" He says without really thinking, "I laid the big sale on her trying to recruit her for the Brotherhood— and she told me about her father and how powerful he was, and I tried hard to get a meeting but it never really worked out." He's astonished. He looks back to Daire, "She has some sort of control over metal as far as I can tell, but I don't know the details. She's… a nice girl. Friendly. Empathic." And he looks back to Remy, "Well I don't know this Frost lady and I only met 'the Professor'.." You can almost hear the air-quotes, "… once, but if someone gave Scott a mental wedgie, it sounds like a funny thing to see."

"Lorna? She a gal wit green hair. Pretty sort. Been spendin' a lotta time wit her lately. She one of de good ones." As Josh mentions her advantages as a person, Remy nods. "Yeah, pretty much what Josh said be true. Be nice ta her when ya see her. She one of us." Whatever that means.

"I don't tend to be anything other than nice to folk unless they give me some reason to be otherwise," Daire says to Remy with a slight shake of his head. He glances over toward Josh though, nodding a bit at the description from both of them of Lorna, making a mental note. He then says to JOsh, "Well, guess things worked out for the best then.. if she's here and not there, eh?"

There's a pause. Josh hesitates. He… hesitates. "Look, like. The Brotherhood isn't wrong. I'm not saying do it, like I told you last night, if someone approaches you say no. But they aren't wrong either. They're not evil and not trying to do anything but save our people. THat doesn't make them right but it also doesn't make them wrong. That's the problem with all of this." Josh sounds frustrated at that, "Me, me. Me. Josh Foley. Me. Doctor. Healer. Me doing anything but healing people is wrong: its manifestly wrong because the black. But that doesn't define anything else. Look over there." He gestures to the radio, "Those are our people wanting justice. I guarantee you the Brotherhood wants to help them. Maybe they want to go about it in a way that… is questionable. Maybe they confuse justice and vengeance. But we're the wronged party." But he frowns then, "But that doesn't mean there aren't lines we shouldn't cross. Mystique didn't see that. After I died, that's why .. I don't know. I see things differently now."

"Sa gud policy t'live by, Daire," Remy says with a nod. As Josh begins talking, Remy goes rather quiet. As the doctor goes on, the Cajun reaches for his breastpocket to get his cigarettes. In the Brotherhood, Josh may remember that he was never really serious about anything. Those things have changed lately, it seems. As to why, no one seems to be privvy to that knowledge. He plops a smoke between his lips. "Y'all, I'm tinkin I need a smoke." He doesn't disagree with Josh. He doesn't seem to agree with him either, or at least doesn't say so out loud. "Ahmma catch up wit y'all in a bit. Daire, it was gud meetin' ya. Stop by for dat drink."

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