1964-06-09 - A Meeting in the Sky
Summary: In which a pair of flying ladies and a flying guy, and a pair of time-travelling folk and an alien, all realize they are weird.
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There's America. Well, she's definitely not subtle. Considering she's in the air dancing. At least people know there are people who can fly. Today the girl had been running errands but now they are done and she is celebrating. It's a red right and blue blouse paired againd red hip hugging pants and blue boots with a star on the tongue and white laces. It seems this Latina brought her own clothes with her when she came to the 60s. They COULD exist now, at least. No self-lacing boots.

"My name is 'Meri, I'm so very- fly, oh my, it's a little bit scary…" Bop. Bop. The girl has dance moves, and her wavy tresses frame her motions perfectly. It's like she planned it. It might not be practical for patroling the city. But… It's a good day to be the most noticeable person around. Right?

Well, speaking of not subtle, Captain Marvel flies past, clad in her uniform and domino mask. Though when she sees America dancing around in the sky, she banks and loops around, coming to an easy halt. Hovering a short distance away, she grins, "Well, where'd you get that, or did you bring it with you?" A soft chuckle, as she watches America with a curious expression.

Wiccan has a very particular set of skills, skills he has acquired over a not so logn career but one that spans what we shall call 'timezones' but which are not in fact timezones, but which make it a little fuzzy to determine how long he's been acquiring his skills. Anyways, these skills make him a nightmare to anyone who doesn't like doritos, and anyone who doesn't know what doritos is, which is almost everyone in the world. One such skills is flying. He does it real good. Sometimes he forgets not to fly, he just walks along, Teddy flexes, and Billy trips and strats floating for awhile before he realizes he's doing it. Now isn't that sorta time. Now he's floating above a skyscraper just checking out the world. He's in deep, dark outfit with a side panel that looks vaguely like stars, and a long hooded red cloak. For some reason he hasn't connected to, he's drawn to red cloaks. It sometimes gets him 'little red riding hood' comments, but he persists. Its like its in his blood.

Over in the distance, Billy sees some flying people. He grins, dimples flashing good-naturedly, and he's rushing through the air without even really thinking about it. Soon enough he's there, the grin and dimples are still in place, though the hood of his cloak fell back over his back, "Hey there." he greets in a friendly way.

"Oh? The dance moves? Yeah, this is an America special! … I brought the song with me from the LAST place I went though." She shrugs and the spins in the air, grinning as the movement puts her on the perfect course to fly right toward the nearby Captain Marvel. She is about to continue speaking when a new figure starts to approach.

…Wiccan?" America is staring openly as Billy comes floating toward her. Then she blinks once and glances around slowly. "Is your boo behind you somewhere or did you float up here because you were thinking about hi- oh. Wait." There's a brief pause as the Latina is taking a deep breath and blinking a few times. A beat. Two.

"Right. Wrong di… Anyway. Your flying is *sick*, by the way. Hey."

Carol grins a bit, "Well, it looks grea…" She stops when America's attention gets sidetracked, and she turns to look over towards Billy, tilting her head a bit as she gives the boy a curious glance, as if she's trying to figure out who he resembles or something. Something pretty familiar about him, anyway…

Billy looks clearly surprised by America's using his codename: so much he flies back a foot or two as if slugged. But he floats back in a bit and he grins, "How did you know that's what I go by these days? Its not been a month. I mean I didn't think anyone knew *me*. I go around saving people and doing things but I don't stand there and get that big self-important: I am Wiccan and I save the world, yo. … thing." He laughs. The laugh is easy and warm. Boo? Hi-? That all registers too, and now Billy tilts his head, "Teddy's back home." The way he says 'home' its very firmly an 'our' place in his tone. He's not quite gotten used to living in bigotville1964. "Hey, you fly great too! Uhh, who are you?" His dimples turn amused at that.

Billy then nods in a friendly way to Carol, "I'm Wiccan, as the lady says. Formerly known as Aether. But that doesn't really fit anymore." Still he floats closer to Carol and offers his hand politely.

America grins when Billy refers to Teddy and and then she takes a deep breath, nodding once. This seems to fit with her view of the universe because the affirmative way with which she carries herself says it all. The world is great and this place is great, and all of the peopel around me are great people.R

"Right. You don't know me here. America. America Chavez." The smile that follows shows all of America's more or less perfect teeth. "We kind of used to save the multiverse together. Sort of." No more bobbing as this time America is meetign Billy's eyes while she floats there. "I'm glad to hear things are going good with you and tall, green, and blonde." She quirks a smile at that and watches as Billy and Carol acquaint themselves.

"How to explain this time…"

Captain Marvel grins wryly at America, then looks at Wiccan with a wry expression, "I'm not quite sure I get all that either, but she's legit. Knew things about me that… um…" Is Carol blushing? She might actually be blushing!

Then Carol clears her throat, "Oh, right, I'm Captain Marvel… and I know we haven't met, um, Wiccan. But damn if you don't look familiar somehow… you don't have a sister named Wanda, do you?" She does take Billy's hand, shaking it firmly and politely.

Billy blinks: 'we used to save the multiverse together'? That's such a weird phrasing that Billy has to just make an assumption that no one else ever would make. "Are you from the future, too?" He says it as if its the first thing he'd think of, as impossible of a thing that is for someone to think of first before anything else. Billy has had this discussion enough, "Did I pull you back in time too when I pulled the others?" He seems a little guilty, about that. "I swear it was an accident. We're still figuring it out, but Mom and I were doing a spell and they connected across time and yanked everyone who was important to me back. I… don't remember then accurately, so while I remember a team— the Young Avengers— I don't remember all the details."

Then Billy blinks at Carol. He blinks again. The blink has triplets, "Wanda's my mom." he says, adding after a moment, "…sorta." Because his life is listed under the dictionary entry of Complicated.

"Pulled me back in… time?" Now it's America's turn to look confused. She shakes her head quickly at that. "No, I'm not from your future it- doesn't sound like…" She takes a deep breath. "Dimensional travel. I reality hop." This is stated somewhat earnestly as America looks between the pair in front of her, head slightly tilted. "Anyway, I knew you in a couple of those. I remember the Young Avengers too, kind of..

"I came here because I kicked my way through like a badass. What happeend to you guys though? Sounds like it was kind of a mess." Now America tkaes a deep breath and turns her gaze toward the sky over head. "It's so good to see you it's kind of gross. I was just convincing Captain Marvel that I knew here like, two days ago. I'm really glad you're here. You and Teddy. You brought him back with you too?"

Captain Marvel blinks, "Wait, that's not possible, Wanda's barely older than…" She pauses, then looks over towards America, then back towards Wiccan, "Wait a minute, time travel? The /Young/ Avengers? We just started the Avengers, though some of them are kid…" She stops again, then looks between the other two, "I think I need to sit down. And take about a dozen aspirin."

"We don't know what happened." explains Billy, "I was doing something big. Something bigger then I've ever done before." He closes his eyes a moment and stretches his hands out: there's a ripple around his hands that spreads out, the touch light as a feather but somehow oddly touching everything. Its nothing specific: he's not changing anything. He's not casting a spell. He's accessing that part of him that *can* change reality and plugging in. But his hands fall and his eyes open, "I was in Central Park, then. Mom and Dad were doing something big in Central Park, now. There was a hellmouth, whatever that is. Somehow our magic touched across time and … it snapped like a rubberband, and my entire life got stitched into now."

Billy pauses, eyeing America, "You reality hop? I don't entirely even understand what dimensions is. Wait. You know me-not-me? Alternate-me? Am I always gay?" A word with no meaning in the now. "And me and Teddy?" He pauses, "I don't know if I brought him or not. He doesn't remember *then*, only Tommy does. My parents — not Wanda, my muggle-parents —" A look to Carol, "…think they were always now. Only me and Tommy the magic couldn't rewrite entirely."

And then seriously, he nods to Carol, his grin sheepish, "The Young Avengers. I don't remember who, but someone set us up as a backup plan in case the Avengers failed. Or retired. The next generation. We still did heroing, but… second tier?" His expression turns apologetic, "Sorry, I know its weird. I, uh, try to keep it to myself. But no one knows I'm Wiccan yet so I got distracted. But, yeah. Wanda's mom. She hasn't had me yet, which entails me thinking about something I refuse to think about." PARENTS DO NOT HAVE SEX. "I might be babysitting myself in a few years. Captain Marvel, miss? My life is weird. Fair warning."

"There's a universe somewhere where you're a butch lesbian, Wiccan," America responds, shaking her head as she does. "Or that's what I keep being told about multiverse theory anyway. But all the Billys I've met have been madly in love with Teddy. I think one of you might have been bi. I dunno, didn't ask. Who the fuck cares?"

At this point America has a surprisingly stern expression, her gaze darting between Captain Marvel and Wiccan a few times, studying each of their expressions with an incredible amount of care. "It's okay, Marvel. You don't need to worry about it too much- the universe was always this weird." That has the shorter woman shrugging her shoulders. "I'm from a parallel universe that- isn't like the rest of the multiverse. It isn't duplicated. There's not anythign like it anywhere that I can find…"

America shakes her head and then purses her lips lightly. "Glad to hear you and Teddy are doing so great. Soo how's your old man? Vision around here somewhere too?" That is asked directly of Billy. America floats closer to Carol as seconds pass. No particular reason.

Carol Danvers tilts her head, "Vision… wait, I remember meeting a Vision once, when there was this fight with Maximus and the Absorbing Man…" She looks over at America, and gives her a wry grin, "This is way beyond my normal paygrade, but Vision is a robot, he couldn't…" She then looks at Wiccan, then blinks, "You know what, nevermind. I don't think I want to know anymore." Though she doesn't leave, at least, her eyes getting rather close to crossing.

The look Billy gives America is *profoundly* skeptical. Its not the 'you always love Teddy' thing: hell he sleeps in the guy's bed and still dreams about him. Its not the bisexual thing, whatever. Its the *butch* lesbian thing. Billy is not himself what … let's be clear: he's a slender nerd with magic powers. This just doesn't compute. But after some moments he waves it away, "Careful, America. They care a lot here. I got told quick when I got here if I let people know I like guys it can get you *killed*." He is so very serious. "The 60's suck."

He listens to this bit about parallel universes and multiveres and, frankly, Billy doesn't entirely understand. But he accepts, smiles with dimples, and nods, "Well, welcome to here-now." But then he is confused, "Vision? What's a vision? Dad is Stephen Strange. Ooor, Magic-Dad is. Weird adoptive-muggle-dad is Jeff Kaplan, but … I haven't entirely figured out how this I have two legit pair of parents who are simultaneously my parents thing works, yet."

Billy eyes Carol, "How can a robot be my dad? I mean don't get me wrong I don't at all understand like— the whole multiverse thing but I'm pretty sure it takes two to tango and 'two' is like 'people', not robots. But anyways." He waves his hand away, "Magic-Dad is not a robot. He's a guy. Cool. Knows everything. He's Boss of the Pointy Hats. I'm talking Minister of Magic here, like. Has this vein in his forehead that throbs when I get cool ideas." Sighs. Sighs. Sighs. Parents. Sighs. "But he helps me when I need it and teaches me if I ask, even if his magic and my magic are like the definition of square-peg tesseract hole"

"Wait… Stephen Strange is *WHAT*!?" It's time for America to do a double take. Billy just flipped her world upside down. Am oment ago she was quietly self-congratulating because she had all the answers and now. Billy just grew three more heads. ANd two of them are butch lesbians. Afterthis America looks between the two gathered in front of her and takes a deep breath.

"That's not a reality twistr I saw coming, but cool. I don't know Strange really… That I can remember." America frowns at that but finally she just nods a couple times. "Whatever. Everything is awesome. Except for this place being shitty to gay people." Then she pauses. "Do you remember I'm into chicks then or are you just warning me because it came up?" She arches a brow at that. "As far as I know there's only one me in the whole multiverse, though." She pauses for a beat as she considers this. "I have no idea how VIsion was your dad either. But he totally was. And he was a robot."

Carol looks between Billy and America, and smiles wryly, "Well… I should probably get back to the patrol. But it was, um, good seeing you again America. And say hi to Wanda for me, Wiccan." With that, she waves and flies off. Perhaps a bit faster than she might otherwise do so… something normal. Yes. Normal thugs doing thuggy things, and she can beat them up and not think about sons old enough to be brothers or LA LA LA LA NOT LISTENING GONNA FIND SOME BAD GUYS.

Carol Danvers heads to Out <O>.

Carol Danvers has left.

America's reaction has Billy pausing, and squinting at her a moment, "He's my dad. Mr Pointiest of Pointy Hats. I said that already, didn't I?" He shrugs. Billy is now used to his life being super werid: nothing seriously registers as weirder. Well things register as weirder all the time but he's used to adapting to the craycray. He pauses at America's question, "I admit the only person I really remember clearly then is Speed." Pause, "Tommy. My twin. And I didn't even remember he *was* my twin at first. So… no I didn't remember you were into the ladies, but as I was warned when I first came here… You have to be very on the down low on that. Especially since you're not white. Ugh, racism is such a pain." It exists in the future, too, but not wa lot where Billy lives, at least. He has to just accept 'wtf' on this idea of a robot dad because he can't process that level of weird. His weird is absolutely reaching maximum entropy. He lifts a hand to Carol to wave, but she's rushing, so he asides to America, "I forgot advice number two. We of maximum weirdness should try to minimize weirdness exposure to unweird-civilians. They just stare at you stupidly."

"Watching me fly is good for them. They can learn how to be as fabulous as we are." After that retort, however, America nods somewhat somberly. "You're right. Of course. I need to get my head in the game. I've been feeling weird since i came through to here. I don't know. It probably doesn't matter. And hey, Speed is here? Awesome." There's a pause while America is considering this. She tilts her head slightly and then rolls her shoulders while taking a deep breath. "I noticed about the being white thing too."

There's a dirty look for some indiviual not currently present to accompany America's last statement and she's quiet for a moment. "My moms would flip out… Anyway. Okay. I thnk we got the weird stuff done. No Young Avengers now. So what do you do? I was looking at joining up with the Avengers with Captain Marvel since there aren't… Any other options around, really. But how are those kickass magic powers of yours getting their groove on these days?"

Billy grins at America, before he's more serious: the white bit is super annoying, even if he has the white privilege thing going on. He also suffers the Jew thing. And other things. So he gets it, btu he shrugs, "They're stupid." is how he explains the state of social justice. But he does add with a quicks mile, "Speed's here. And he's as crazy and reckless and effective as ever. You never know what to expect but nothing is ever boring." Then he nods, adding, "We call it The Contingency Plan, our team. Started by Speed, me and Hulkling. We couldn't remember 'Avengers' then so not 'Young Avengers', eiter, but the Planners name seed fitting. Plan B. That's what I'm going for, lately, as I figure my stuff out." Then Billy hesitates, uncertain. "My 'kickass magic powers'… lost most of them somehow. I don't remember how to do most of it. I'm figuring it out— I do wormholes well, other things…. it varies. I went by Aether here at first, like back when I was… then and going by Asgardian, thinking I was like Odin's great-great-grandson, what with flying and wind and lightning. I can still do all of that. Its the spells. Its *Wiccan*… I'ms till learning. You, though? Are you all.. top tier?"

"I…" America pauses then, frowning a little bit as she does. "I'm not sure I'm as fast as I was," she admits then. Slowly. "I'm not completely sure yet. I raced Captain Marvel the other night. I think I…." A deep breath is taken and then ultimately the latina shrugs slightly. "I feel like I'm in pretty good shape though. I can still pick up an oil tanker, I bet." Right now it seems the young woman is taking all of this rather seriously. Her expression is not so much grim as stern but she does cross her arms over her chest as BIlly outlines his situation to her. After a while she gives a nod and then takes a deep breath. "I don't have as much control over the portals as I used to. I'm- avoiding using them while I figure it out. They're kind of like wormholes? But- mmm." She takes a deep breath. "Anyway. I'm just glad you're here. And don't think you're Mini-Thor or something. You really can't pull off the beard."

Billy looks completly sympathetic; figuring out your place in a new universe? He gets that, he really does. Testing yourself. Figuring things out. "I get it." he confirms verbally, "Hey, you should come over to our apartment. I'll wormhole to Spain and get paella." he says that so casually. "Tapas. But we can eat in my place. Its the penthouse apartment in the building next to Stonewall Inn restaurant, in Greenwich Village." He pauses, frowning, "I don't remember why but I do remember the building is important. Something is going to happen there important to me." And he waves that away. The riots? The movement? He's no idea. He just rememebrs the place: Stonewall. So he rented it. "Anyways, you can re-meet Teddy, Tommy if he can be caught." There's a profoundly disapproving look then, "Yeah seriously I don't do beards. Hides the dimples."

"Yeah, but… Thor. Great big beard. It's a thing. All the great Asgardian guys do it. Heimdall, Odin, Thor… Loki, no beard. And he's a complete fucking asshole." America nods once as if she has just relayed the secrets of the univers and then she frowns faintly. "Okay, that sounds great. Thank you." She twists slightly, shifting her weight from left to right in the air. "You'll pretty much have to lead the way." America tilts her head to the left at that pronouncement. "Stonewall Inn does sound kind of familiar… ANyway."

"Yeah but they're Viking gods and it's *cold* up there. If I'm cold I cuddle." Therefore, Billy needs no beard. So he waves the thought away. Beard. Bad. "But I have an appointment to make. Come by, sometime. We have top floor for flight access." Since Billy just flies-flies and Teddy shapeshift-flies. How they're affording it is an entire other question completely. But Billy grins dimples, "But nice to.. re-meet you. Come over sometime. But I gotta go. Until then!"

"Til then," America agrees, waving. Then she takes a deep breah. THere's the crack of soundwaves colliding as she explodes into movement exceedig the speed of sound. America apparently has something she wants to take care of out west somewhere. Or she just likes to make fun of airplanes as she passes them.

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