1964-06-09 - Sisters Lensherr
Summary: They catch up. Wisdom is dispensed.
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So there's the Sanctum Sanctorum, glorious Victorian building that takes care of itself. Mostly. The needs of the property may lie under the aegis of the Sorcerer Supreme, but the business of planting hydrangeas and cutting peonies from the drifts in a garden belong to Wanda. She kneels among the plants bending slightly to her. Leaves brush her shoulders and upper arms, and she remains visible thanks to that claret leather jacket shielding her from the fading sun that tracks inevitably westward.

Lorna had taken a bus over and had stopped down the street from where Wanda lived. She had at least, phoned ahead with the promise of bringing sandwhiches if her sister was up for having lunch. The green haired mutant didn't have the usual pep in her step as she made her way over, equally green eyes settled on her scarlet sibling as she approached and she smiled and waved as she called out to her.

"Wanda! Hey! I bought food."

"Is it so late?" The question is asked of the flowers more than anything else. Not expecting an answer from the verdant occupants of the sanctum's plot, she sits back and rubs her fingers into the small of her back as though that might afford an easing of stress accumulated during the act of gardening. Digging out weeds and snipping leaves, deadheading, or worse all take their physical toll. Enough for her to idly observe her work and drop the peonies into a basket converted to that use. "Hello, Lorna. How are you this evening?"

Lorna wasted little time before moving to embrace her older sister.. She smiled, leaning back quickly, as soon as she'd had her hug. "Pretty good. I mean sure, some guy refused to sell jeans to a friend of mine or me cause we were obviously mutant… But no one got hurt. And Tata has been off doing who knows who.. but! I am okay personally. And I managed to make a new friend." She paused and then held up a bag of sandwiches.

"Also I got stuff from the deli down the way. Tata said it was good and that you two had eaten there before.. So, I thought, why not bring it?" She grinned.

The embrace is taken woodenly, but not quite as likely to cause Wanda to run away. The brunette may never be used to random shows of affection, not even from her own children. Not to say she dislikes such things, but they are utterly outside the scope of her experience. "He hunts." A guess, perhaps, or the utter wisdom of knowledge. There are very few places which Erik can venture where his daughter cannot locate him, throwing her senses forth in search of their like. "You made new friends? Good. I know the deli you mean. Katz's, I think?" Memory strikes and she picks up the basket, standing to her feet. "I will put these on the steps. We can sit outside."

A shrug followed and Lorna heaved a sigh, "Yeah, I mean. I figure. That's what he does whenever he.. goes someplace. I dunno." She wrinkled her nose as she drew back and made her way over to the steps as directed. She set out a few sodas, and a sandwich each along with napkins and a few cookies.

"Yeah.. there's a bunch of new peopel at the school. So I've made new friends." A tell tale blush crossed her cheeks as she settled and crossed her legs.

Clearly, Lorna had other thoughts.

"But yeah.. that's it. They had some pretty cool lunches, so I got a few. I wasn't entirely sure what else you might've wanted." Another shrug followed.

"How are you and the boys? I haven't seen them in ages."

The lack of an explanation goes without comment. The ways of the Father are many, too hard to understand for the common children. Or something of that ilk. Wanda slips her hands down her leather coat and tucks the ends against her hamstrings, sitting down upon one of the broad steps leading to the closed doors of the elegant mansion. Her feet together, she looks as proper as any maiden off cutting flowers all day long. "Good that you are happy there. It sounds that you do good things."

She offers a bit of a smile, learning that much. It may be a touch forced, but such things warrant trying. "They are happy in their places with the ones they care for. I watch and do not try too much to make them live my path."

A nod followed "Yeah for the most part, I'm pretty happy. Kinda. I guess. I dunno. It's nice and I love being able to be safe and use my powers when I want without fear.. But man. I feel like such a kid there too." She grumbled, picking up her wrapped up sandwich and unrolling it to start nibbling at it carefully.

She fell silent for a long moment, watching her sister. "I'm glad the twins are happy. I haven't seen them in like forever. I was worried." She smiled weakly. "The problems of being all the way out in Westchester I guess." She shook her head and continued to nibble at her sandwich.

"Such a child? But you are an adult." Truth in fact on that. Wanda shakes her head. "This is why I cannot think I would go there. It is too hard to see children. I am not a child and never would be." And their lives are sheltered. Hers has never been, a byproduct of standing on the forefront and accepting the blows and bloodshed rather than letting others be hit. Wanda is not hurried to look at the sandwiches, since smell alone will let her know their contents.

"They are well. If not their father and I help." Not intervene. A difference. "Is it only the school that keeps you busy now?"

A nod, and a glance offered toward her older sister. "Yeah," She nibbled at her food. "It's just like I feel like an idoit half the time and the other half I feel like everyone treats me like a kid. Like I'm not an adult and can't possible know what I'm talking about." She shook her head and returned to eating her food for a long while.

"But yeah, the school is it. Tata has me learning Polish, German, French and whatever else comes to his mind. He wants me to be able to manipulate things on the neuclear level.. but I can't yet. I dunno. I keep training but.. Who knows." She muttered and shrugged again.

"..Julian.. cut ties to me.."

"Remind them you are an adult? Lead by example," the two adages sit together as Wanda pulls them out. For her they are not meaningless. They have all the heavy, ponderous acceptance of time and fate behind them.

Another blink and those impassively bright eyes, full of sunlight, give a measured impression of watching everything. It can be hard to know what she sees. Her Sight is exceptionally sensitive to the slightest vagaries in the pattern of the world. "He has lost the valuable. Do not let it keep your heart wounded."

A grimace followed and Lorna looked down at her food. "I suppose, easier said than done I guess.." She mumbled and dragged a hand through her hair, her lips pursed together as she picked up a cookie to nibble that instead.

A sigh followed at Wanda's words in regards to her last boyfriend and she wrinkled her nose. "I just feel like.. I dunno. No one will date me. I'll be forever without anyone willing to take me out 'cause I'm crazy, or the family is too difficult to understand… or hell, I dunno. Before it was just because of my hair. Now? Gosh everyone is afraid of Tata. Julian took off after having dinner with him.."

Wanda considers this for a moment. "Do what you can to be happy." Her answer may come with a frisson of reflectiveness, contemplation afforded by being the essential daughter of someone old enough to remember Atlantis and wedded in all but name to someone who cannot die. There are breaks when eternity bends around and around for a girl. "You worry too much. You look for partners and what joy is in this? Waiting, wishing? A remedy for sadness."

Her inscrutable amber eyes flick to the peonies, and she picks up the top flower, correcting its position. "Why do they fear Erik? Too intense? Angry?" Reasons to be calculated.

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