1964-06-10 - It's A Balancing Act
Summary: The guys practice their SHIELD training.
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The second bedroom has been converted into a rec room though at the moment that means Billy bought some padding on the floor and there's some weights sitting in the corner, and a certain amount of soundproofing has been installed in Casa de Kaplan-Altman. Billy isn't entirely sure how effective it will be, but the spell seemed to have worked. Sort of. Kind of. At least, he tried shouting with the door closed and someone standing outside and its barely heard. Regardless, today finds Billy and Teddy in said rec room. Billy's in only a pair of sweatpants, and he's fallen into the fighting stance that Ava painstakingly taught him. He's still pretty bad at the whole thing, but the stance at least he is starting to fall into naturally. He needs practice, though. Thus. Practicing.

"Lift your right arm more." Teddy comments. He's straddling the weight bench while using a pair of dumbbells: lift right, left left, repeat, each time also turning his wrist to use different muscles. He's not even cheating since he likes to be 'all natural' in his normal body.

"Hey, no backseat exercising." complains Billy with a grin, falling into a casual stance as he eyes Teddy for a long moment, then waves at him, "Especially if you're doing all that flexing stuff while I'm trying to practice not getting my ass kicked." Sitting on the floor in the corner of the room is a certain magic anti-Billy watch. He waves Teddy over, "Come spar with me." he invites, "Oh I was out flying…" For absolutely no reason. "…and met some people. Captain Marvel and this girl named America who knows us." Which might be rather unlikely as she in no way does.

Teddy stands up, moving over to set the weights down in a corner then looks over his arms. "What do you mean she knows us?" As he walks over to Billy, he bulks up a bit. "Full contact; don't worry about hurting me." Naturally, he's not going to be striking back. Theoretically. "She related to Captain America somehow?"

"No, her name is just America. I don't know what her parents were thinking." Billy moves back into fighting stance, with his right arm right this time, and waves at Teddy, "No, I mean spar with me. I have to practice dodging as much as punching." And while Billy isn't at all a fighter, he's naturally spry. So dodging is the one thing he's half-decent at. "She's from another dimension." He says all nonchalant: he's had experience with 'other dimensions', "And apparently knew a-me there where I was also dating a-you, which just shows Billy's everywhere have great taste." That said he steps in and swings a punch the likes of which a seven year old who has been in karate for three months might swing.

Teddy shifts back to his default state and squares off with Billy. "Another dimension?" Fortunately, he was there for much of Mojo so is at least familiar with the concept. Not to mention 'another time'. "So you and me get together in other dimensions too? Maybe that's where you come from, another dimension. Not hers just one where the time is ahead of this one." The blow gets easily blocked with an arm.

"That might be." concedes Billy, doing a little hop like dance as he turns about Teddy and goes in for another punch. He might have been in karate for four months, come to think of it. "Really when it comes to time travel, the act of time travel itself almost certainly *creates* a new dimension— not that I want to anymore but I probably could have never gone back to the future." He grins his dimples at that, "By going back it would have forked reality in two. But it might just have always been a different dimension where time is a teeny bit little faster which added up to twenty odd years difference." But he nods after a moment, "But yes, apparently I can't get enough of Teddy in any version of me."

"That probably makes more sense." Teddy decides. "After all, we both know the pr

Billy is quick on his feet, but not quick enough: but he does turn the blow into a glancing one. He just grins at that, and nods his head, "Yeah I always just assumed we moved fast because you were a horny bastard and I was willing and available." he teases. "Fate is more romantic. But you should meet her, she seems cool despite a name that might qualify as child abuse in the future." Then does a *very* bad attempt at a kick to the side of Teddy's knee.

"Probably that too. In every dimension." Teddy adds with a grin. Especially if they're the same age in every dimension. He only has to take a half step back to avoid the kick. "Think you need less sparring and more practicing the moves. That was horrible. We should get a bag and hang it from the ceiling so you can practice your punches and kicks." He'll use it too since he's hardly an expert in actual fighting styles, his strength being brute strength.

Billy pauses, and looks around, dropping his fighting stance as he takes a step back and considers, "You know, that's a good idea." He takes a slow breath, and by now Teddy probably recognizes when Billy is about to get his wicca on. Spreading his hands a bit, "Punch drunk for couples." He concentrates, getting the image of the conjuring into his mind, "Punchdrunkforcouples." He begins bending reality into the shape he wants, "Punchdrunkforcouplespunchdrunkforcouplespunchdrunkforcouples." For some reason this is taking more effort then it usually does, but at the last— there's a snap, and there's now a pair of punching bags hanging a few feet away from eachother in of the room. Billy looks a bit winded after that, "…two so I can watch your form and copy." he explains, stumbling a bit. Dizzy.

As soon as Billy starts making with the magic, Teddy mvoes to stand behind him. Cause really, you never know. He still can't find the dinnerware from the other day. "It's starting to get crowded in here." he says, looking over the room. A former bedroom, and the smaller of the two, doesn't really make a great gym. "You can't… Give us an extra room or something, can you?"

Ahem. The dinnerware has left the building and is now in oblivion. Billy has been a bit embarassed about that. "Well after I get some basics down I can make the two become one. And maybe figure out a way so that it can stay up on the ceiling until needed." The mention of an extra room has him blinking, "Huh, I don't know. I'll think about that. But remember we do have the roof, too. We can put up a canope and put some equipment up there. It'd be nice working out in the sun sometime, I think. It's good to ward off my natural nocturnal vampire instincts."

Teddy glances up a moment and nods. "That's a good idea. Though there's no ceiling to hang anything from so it would have to be weights and such. You could use some sun too." Pause. "Though we could build a frame for it. Or get someone to build a frame for it."

"Hey, I thought you liked my ivory skin." complains Billy, giving Teddy a challenging look, turning about so he can punch him in the shoulder. Or try. Not in a fighty way, but in a teasing way. "Sure seems you like touching it plenty. But fine, if you need a tanned boyfriend I will work on it. Now show me how to kick, big boy."

Teddy just gets hit and grins at Billy. "I do. And always being able to find you in the dark can be convenient." He steps closer to one of the heavy bags and positions himself. "You know as well I do since we're getting the same training." Just one's a bit more accelerated. "Center of gravity, balance, follow through. Sole of the foot, ball of the foot or heel." He demonstrates each, shifting his balance each time. "You just keep doing them till it's automatic. Though I prefer just punching something through a wall."

"As if you need to find me in the dark. You know exactly where I am, pressed right up against you." Billy grins, but his attention focuses on Teddy's form and kick and he nods a little bit to himself. "There's knowing and then there's knowing, they aren't the same thing." He makes to kick the punching bag, and this time its moderately not horrible. That doesn't make it good, though. So he tries again. "Yeah, well, what if someone finds a way to turn off your shapeshifting? Or for some reason you aren't in a position where you can go green golem?"

"Which is why I'm learning." Teddy agrees. When it comes to knowing how to fight with actual techniques, he's as unskilled as Billy. It's just his natural athleticism gives him an advantage. Moving over to Billy, he holds his shoulders to steady him over his center of gravity. "Okay, don't kick. Just balance in this position then slowly extend your leg out and bring it back a few times. "Besides" he adds, "It's kind of fun."

Billy takes a moment to enjoy Teddy's hands on his shoulders. Its not like some sexy touching or anything but Billy likes it anyways. But then he nods his head, and does as instructed: he begins sort of mock kicking slowly while really focusing on keeping his center of gravity balanced. "Wait, what's fun?" he asks, suddenly a little bit confused.

"Learning to fight. I like working out." Teddy answers. Once he sees Billy's managing, he lets go. "Stay balanced. That's really the trick to it. Can't kick someone or hit someone and fall down or move out of position. You have to keep your body where you want it to be. Then worry about moving your limbs."

"Oh, right." Billy chuckles, and continues to practice his balance and the kicking. Since he's worse at that then punching, he's trying to get up to speed. "Yeah, that makes sense. I guess I just don't exactly, well, I mean I'm not really used to thinking about my body at all." He pauses, then flushes a little bit, staring intently at the punching bag and only the punching bag, "So I was thinking." he begins slowly,…

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