1964-06-11 - Mutant Pool
Summary: In which a shapeshifter, a witch and a demon-esque play pool.
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Smoke hangs thick in the air, and Daire has been playing a few games of pool with one of the other locals of Mutant Town, one of his various contacts and aqaintances, but the game winds down and Daire moves off on his own then. Here, he doesn't bother to mask the horns or his eyes. He strolls on over toward the bar and orders himself a drink, giving a wave goodbye to the guy he'd been playing with. Tonight it seems to be jack and coke, a departure from his usual beer.

It's really not surprising that Teddy gets stopped by the bouncer since he's the very epitome of a college jock slumming in mutant town so he can say he did. That is, till he turns green at which point he and Billy are allowed in. "Don't know why you wanted to come here." he's saying to Billy. "Plenty of other places to play pool. There was that place on the corner in London we passed a couple weeks ago. The one near the bridge."

Is something of a metaphysical question if Billy is a mutant or not: but his twin brother and mother certainly are, so he makes assumptions. He's not really a regular at the Eight Ball, so when a pair of rather good looking young men show up and want in? While Teddy goes green, Billy demonstrates his theoretical mutanthood by gently, but telekinetically, lifting the guy up and depositing him a couple feet away. He grins a dimpled grin. Then he's heading inside. "Why not? Just because we can bounce around from one city to the next like its going nextdoor doesn't mean we need to. Besides, we had dinner and beach time in Greece, its time to spend *some* time that's not work-time in the Big Apple. Besides, these are our people!" Kinda. He heads towards the bar, and gives a sidelong look at Teddy, "Do I have to keep trying to like beer?" He flashes a grin at the bartender, deciding apparently not because: "A daiquiri please."

Daire turns around, swiveling on his stool so that he can rest his elbows back on the bar and turn his attention out toward the others playing around the room. His attention drifts around the room, from one person to another, as far as he can see through the haze of smoke. The drink is nursed as he watches people come and go. Teddy and Billy are noticed as they come in through the door and approach, but only if they happen to catch him looking does he offer a smile and a lift of his drink in greeting.

"No, you don't have to try to like beer." Teddy answers. Not here. There's guaranteed to be not a single decent beer in the place. "This is really not the kind of place to order a daiquiri." he murmurs before ordering a gin and tonic. Cheap gin and cheap tonic aren't too horrible. As he waits for the drinks, he looks around, nodding to Daire when he catches the smile. "Hey."

"Why not? Its rum, lime juice and syrup." Billy leans against the bar, eyeing the pool table for a moment, "I am very good at pool." But there's a mischivous tilt to his grin as he says this, before his eyes follow Teddy's over to Daire, and he blinks. Then smiles, dimples flashing, and nods his head over to the horned fellow. "Hey there." Since the guy looks friendly, he pushes off the bar to step over that way a bit and offer his hand, "I'm Billy." He pauses a moment, looking around, "Hm. I don't come here often— is this the sorta place people go by human-names or mutant-names?" he wonders. But he glances back at the blond jock and lets him introduce himself.

"Hey," Daire says to Teddy, and then he smiles a little curiously when Billy comes right on over and offers a hand. He takes it readily enough and gives it a firm but friendly shake and then says, "Daire." There's a moment's pause and then he shrugs his shoulders and says, "Not sure that it matters, really. I tend to respond with whatever people offer up. And I come here pretty often," he admits. "If you're going to play," he suggests, "Avoid that table over there on the left, it's a little off balance, lists toward the bar."

"Just don't order anything normally served with an umbrella." Teddy cautions and follow's Billy over. "Teddy." he greets, looking over at the pool table under question. "I think anything non-insulting should work fine. Besides, most people probably only have one name. It's not like you need to pick a new one when your powers show up."

"Its not normally served with an umbrella. Its a popular, basic drink— during WWII when whiskey and vodka were rationed, rum was widely available." Billy has been doing his research. "Besides, why can't I order whatever I want?" He smiles and nods to Daire, "Daire? Huh. I think that's the first time I've ever heard that name. Thanks for the tip, though." Pause, "Wanna play? Teddy and I can take turns on one side." He glances sidelong over to Teddy, "Dunno where you've been but most people do seem to pick a new one when their powers show up from those I've met."

Daire takes another swig from his drink and seems amused by the exchange between Billy and Teddy over what to order or not at the bar. He offers no advice on that topic, however. "Sure, I could play again. Or I could play whoever wins, or loses, after you guys playyour game. Whatever works." He seems game, and looks over toward Teddy to see if he has any opinions one way or the other.

"You don't hang out with normal people." Teddy points out to Billy. At the look, he just waves them off. "You two go ahead. I'll just sit here and digest. I ate way too much baklava." The third piece was probably a bit excessive. But it was sooooooooooo good.

"Mm. Baklava." Billy gets a faraway look, his expression wistful: he ate as much as Teddy did and gave serious consideration to a fourth. Exactly where the slender young man stores all the food he eats is a mystery that defies physics. Its possible that reality warping has high caloric requirements. He punches Teddy lightly in the shoulder, "No you won't just sit here. If you don't wanna play thats fine but you can at least come sit by us and cheer me on." He grins, then nods to Daire and then cocks his head to the table by way of invitation, and heads over to said non-wobbly table. As he lifts the stick and starts chalking the tip, the triangle floats of its own volition up, settles down, and then the balls begin to move over to be put all in their proper locations.

"Normal people aren't nearly as much fun," Daire points out with a little grin and then he slides off of his stool and heads over toward the table, taking a moment to choose a cue before he glances over to see if Teddy is going to join them after all. He sets his drink down on a small ledge next to the pool table. He leans against the wall, watching as the balls rack themselves. "You know, I've never had baklava.."

Teddy gets their drinks then follows Billy over, rolling his eyes as he shows off. "It is so good. There's a couple places here in the city where you can get it decent. You should try it." He sets Billy's drink down next to Daire's then takes a sizeable sip from his.

"Besides college, where would I have time for normal people?" Billy laughs and shakes his head to Teddy, lifting up his drink and taking a long sip. If he gets any looks for not having beer or hard alcohol he doesn't notice them or pay any attention. He does wince at the drink, though, "I can tolerate these okay but dude. Yeesh." But he nods his head to Daire and grins, "You, sir, have a point. Who wants to hang with normal? When you can hang with awesome?" The triangle rises and settles away and Billy gestures an invitation for Daire to break. "Want some? Baklava, I mean?" Billy does not show off, he practices!

"Yeah?" Daire says to Teddy and then says, "Maybe I should. I'll have to get the names of those places from you before I head out." He then looks back to Billy. There's a bit of a smirk and he shakes his head. Not normal, sure. Awesome? He moves, however, around the table to take a crack at it. The balls scatter everywhere with the force of the shot but none of them go in. He takes a step back and motions for Billy to go ahead.

|ROLL| Billy +rolls 1d100 for: 58

|ROLL| Billy +rolls 1d100 for: 39

Uh-oh. "A single portion, Billy." Teddy is quick to say. "On a single plate. Landing on the pool table. Right side up. And not being held by anyone." He's starting to figure out Billy's Laws of Unintended Consequences and how to hopefully avoid them.

Billy glances at Teddy, and manages to look a little put out. Not like, a lot, but a little. Hmph. As if he'd ever do anything like vanish all the dinnerwear in their apartment into oblivion in a rush to clean up for… recreational activities. Hmph! But he takes pool seriously, and leans down, aiming, and with a clack the cue ball strikes out. There's a glancing hit, but its enough to send a strip into a pocket. But before he takes his second shot he grins at Teddy, sticks his tongue out in a show of grand maturity, and holds his hand out, palm facing anempty spot on the pool table. "The cult of baklava." he says. Its meaningless, yes? But he is concentrating. "Thecultofbaklava." Lacking magical senses, they likely perceive nothing: Billy sees reality bending slowly into a new shape according to his will. "Thecultofbaklava." And with that, reality cracks, reforms, and is in a slightly different shape. There is on the pool table a single serving of baklava, on a plate, right side up. With a fork. Take that for planning, Teddy! He nods to Daire and then only when the desert is taken up does he aim for his second shot.

|ROLL| Billy +rolls 1d100 for: 26

And it misses!

|ROLL| Daire +rolls 1d100 for: 89

|ROLL| Daire +rolls 1d100 for: 81

Daire glances back and forth between the two fo them and both eyebrows raise a little quizzically as he waits to see exactly what is going on. He almost misses the fact that the striped ball goes in. But then Billy is chanting at the pool table about baklava and he decides he hasn't had enough to drink for this. Reaching over, he takes up his drink and takes another swig, just in time to see baklava actually materialize on the table. He does, in fact, reach out to take the plate, glancing around, and sets it down next to his drink. "Huh. Um, thanks. That does save a trip." He glances from Billy to Teddy and back again, and then he gives said Baklava a try. There's a pleasantly surprised expression on his face as he takes another bite or two before he realizes it's his turn. He surveys the table for a moment and then finds a solid ball that is in a pretty good location. Taking aim, he sinks that first ball. The second is also not too difficult to get in, but on his third attempt, the ball just bounces ineffectually off the side.

"Fork. Nice catch." Teddy tells Billy. Now if only he was as diligent in making things go away. To where they're supposed to. "Probably a lot better than what you can get here." he tells Daire then adds to Billy "If you want to put some of that in the fridge…"

|ROLL| Billy +rolls 1d100 for: 76

|ROLL| Billy +rolls 1d100 for: 26

Billy nods with a smile at Daire's good shots: he's competitive but in a good natured way. "It should be just like what you can get in Greece, that was our desert for dinner." He takes a moment to lift up his drink to take a loooong drink, downing fully a third of it in one go. Whew! But he turns a grin to Teddy at the compliment, forgiving him immediately for his past slights. "Remind me when we get home while the memory is still fresh in my mind: I haven't had it enough to conjure it right from an old memory, but should be able to get it right for at least the rest of the day." He then takes aim, and a stripe goes in, but when Billy goes around to the next one, it veers off and is a miss. Worse, it happens to set Daire up for an excellent shot. "So, Daire, what's your thing?"

|ROLL| Daire +rolls 1d100 for: 67

|ROLL| Daire +rolls 1d100 for: 29

Daire is quiet between turns, and that's because he's polishing off that baklava with a relish that speaks to just how well it replicates the authentic Greek baklava. "Mnn, this is .. even better than I imagined." He finally tears himself away, somewhat regretfully, when the last flaky bits are licked off his fingertips. Then he moves over toward the table to see what Billy'd lined up for him. The shot that was set up is easily made, and while it isn't a particularly complicated shot, the green ball does go down in the corner pocket. His next shot, however goes wide and misses its mark entirely. "My thing?" he pauses, and then he says, "Oh.. " He gestures at his general head area and says, "And some other stuff. Nothing like conjuring dessert and floating pool balls."

Teddy gives Billy a Significant Look. See? Some people just have mutations and don't need superhero names. "Yeah, it's really good. Old family recipe that's probably been followed faithfully for generations. You can't find food like that in a big city."

|ROLL| Billy +rolls 1d100 for: 38

Billy doesn't deign to see any looks at all. "I admit Greece is my favorite place to go for desert." he says in agreement with Teddy's estimation of the quality of the baklava. Then he waves a hand at Daire, "Oh, I don't exactly mean your mutation." Billy shakes his head, smiling, "I mean what's your story? Like. I'm Jewish. I'm going to college studying chemistry — I'm planning on being a chemical engineer 'when I grow up'." A quick roll of his eyes, "I'm into sci-fi and magic. I have a twin brother and two younger brothers who aren't related to my twin in any way. I have *two* sets of parents and only one of the sets knows I'm not normal." Here, have Billy's Life Story, cliff notes edition. "Oh, I used to go by the codename Aether when I thought I was Zeus's grandson but now I go by Wiccan — it sorta means witch — since I'm… well, a dude-witch." He gives Teddy a Significant Look. But its meaning is in no way clear. That said, he lines up a shot— and misses, which has Billy wrinkling his nose.

|ROLL| Daire +rolls 1d100 for: 74

|ROLL| Daire +rolls 1d100 for: 8

Daire glances between the pair, observing the Significant Looks going back and forth, and just shakes his head a bit with a faint sort of grin that fades as he moves to take his shots. The first, he makes up for that miss the last time, dropping it into the side pocket. The second, however, bounces off of the side so hard it almost goes off the table. Daire coughs a little uncomfortably. Ehem. He takes a step back away from the table and then says, "Oh.. uh, I was a psych major. Things went to shit. I sorta got my shit under control, and now I mostly help as a stocker for deliveries and donations to the Community Center here in town." It's the super reader's digest version.

Teddy hasn't a clue what that looks means so just ignore it in general. He has no intention of vomiting up his life story. "Good for you. I bet they need all the help they can get. Maybe Billy could conjure up some food to give out to those who need it. Basics, I mean. Not baklava. Canned goods and stuff like that."

|ROLL| Billy +rolls 1d100 for: 83

|ROLL| Billy +rolls 1d100 for: 68

|ROLL| Billy +rolls 1d100 for: 1

Billy pauses, blinking, "There's a community center?" He tilts his head, "I… have never conjured non-desserts or non-snacks. But. If I could get a sample of what they want, taste it and get a feel for it, I could probably duplicate it. Maybe a lot." Maybe a lot a lot, the tone of his voice says. "The two kinds of spells I'm best at is conjuring food and making wormholes. But uh I have no experience with 'basics' so can't just do it, my family's well off." He can't help but sound a bit apologetic about that. He walks around the table for a few moments as he considers these options, and he finds a good shot— and its so good it sets him up for a second. Daire's been doing better then him but he's catching up wit this run— but at the last, he scratches, and winces.

|ROLL| Daire +rolls 1d100 for: 19

"Yeah, there is. They run a soup kitchen out of there and could always use some more supplies," Daire says as he moves around to try and take up another shot. The ball rolls very near to the pocket and then almost knocks one of Billy's in. Both stop, however, with Daire's in a very awkward position. He glances over at Teddy and says, "Basics are good, and basics are what people need, really." Suddenly though, his eyes move off toward the doorway where a figure stands. She seems to be trying to flag him down. His brow furrows a bit as he says, "Shit. I gotta go." He then turns back to Billy and Teddy and says, "It was very cool to meet you guys. Teddy, take up the mantle man, give him what-for." He passes over the cue. "And come hang out here more often."

Teddy goes home.

Teddy has left.

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