1964-06-17 - Another Day At School
Summary: A new staff member arrives at Xavier's school and is greeted by three residents.
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She was told very specifically that she'd have to make her own way to the school. It would be a long taxi ride out, but she'd be compensated. That was fine by her. She had reading to catch up on, and really had no desire to talk with someone the entire driver. The cabbie got the hint. Though to be fair, she did offer a generous tip as a sort of apology for the lack of chattiness on her part. The man helps get the luggage out of the cab's trunk and then leaves her there, speeding back to the city. Tessa Valentine takes a look around and heads up to the entrance — she almost knocks, but thinks better of it — and just opens the door and steps inside.

Angelica looks lost.

She's not alone, far from it. The people here have been wonderful, but she's not settled in yet. It's a lovely school, but all her experiences with boarding schools involved bad stuff. She's with Sophie, by the door being shown the locations of the necessaries around campus when the front door opens. Lifting her head from the water fountain, she blinks and glances to Sophie for hints on what to do.

Yeah, she's a bit shy still.

The sound of large footsteps can be heard moving down the large staircase, the weight of those thumps lending themselves to a very large body making their way down. The source is easily discerned as Piotr Rasputin comes into sight, the man wearing a simple pair of exercise shorts and a gray tank-top. His eyes sweep the Foyer as he makes his way down, offering those students present a friendly enough, if reserved, smile. A large hand slides down the banister before finally making the bottom of the stairs and stepping off.

Smiling warmly, Sophie meets the new arrival at the door. "Hello. Welcome. You must be Miss Valentine. The Professor told us to expect you. My name is Sophie, and this is Angelica, who is just in the process of joining the school." Eyeing the luggage outside, the slender blonde adds, "Can we help you with your things?" Then the sound of Piotr's arrival behind her causes her to glance back and grin at the big Russian. "Just in time, Peter. Come and help with Miss Valentine's luggage?"

There's not a lot of luggage, really. Though Tessa knows better than to be rude and deny the offer of aid. She did accept the cabbie's help, after all. "Yes, thank you." She doesn't quite smile, but she doesn't look unfriendly, either. She sets one bag down and steps forward, offering a hand once she's managed to wrangle the loose bits of blue hair back into her ponytail. She swore she had paid enough attention to look perfect for her arrival, but clearly that was not the case. "He had mentioned my arrival was announced. I suppose he thought I was worried a school like this would be too busy to see me arrive." Her accent is close enough to Received Pronunciation British English that it may as well be perfect. "I hope greeting me hasn't kept you from anything important." Once she's shook Sophie's hand, she offers it to Angelica. "How has the school seemed so far?" she asks her fellow newcomer.

Angelica is kind of staring, as Peter comes down the stairs in shorts and a tank top. She hasn't seen anything quite like that in a long time, and gets nudged quickly that she's probably staring. "Coming!" she says, blushing bright as her hair for a moment. Under her breath she says, 'big-man!' as she steps up to attend the new lady.

With all she's been learning, she entirely forgot about the new arrival and is glad that Sophie and Peter are keeping their wits about. Becaue that makes two, as she takes Tessa's hand breathlessly. "So much to learn, miss! It's a big chance. I mean, change! Chance too, but that's not what I actually meant to say when I opened. My. Mouth." Close mouth, insert foot. "Hello miss Valentine."

Piotr likely notices the look he is getting from Angelica, but he refrains from drawing attention to the staring as a true gentleman should. When Sophie calls out to him, the big Russian makes his way across to the others, his stride quite fluid for one of his mass. He looks down on the three women, his dark brow furrowing as he looks around Tessa and says, "You have need of assistance?" The thickness of his Russian accent is pronounced enough to mark him as likely an immigrant. Resting his hands upon his hips, his eyes shift from Sophie who he is familiar with to Angelica and then back to Tess. He points to his chest and says, "I am Piotr Rasputin. It is pleasure to meet you."

"Both the Professor and Miss Frost were unable to be here to meet you," Sophie explains to Tessa, a bit apologetically. "If there is anything we can do to help you settle in, we're at your disposal. Let's get your things inside, first, and then we can show you to your quarters, or get you something to eat or drink, or whatever else you may need."

She doesn't really make a show of it, but listens intently to Piotr and nods once, offering her hand in turn. "Piotr Rasputin," she replies, her pronunciation perfect. There may be a bit of mimicry there, intentional or not. "A pleasure to meet you. My name is Tessa Valentine." Which the big Russian probably knows already, but affirming it doesn't hurt anything. "That's quite all right, Sophie," she says, her accent shifting back to the British RP. "I had expected the Professor would have other things on his plate. I would not object to a little tour, perhaps, if you have the time, once I have everything in my quarters."

Angelica steps back, putting her heart back in it's proper place and her calm into her heart. Where it all should be, she tells herself, and smiles as the scene unfolds. With little for her to do to help, she gladly allows the lady and gentleman to welcome the new teacher, so she won't embarrass herself further. "I'm still learning as well," she admits rather unnecessarily. Yep. Every time she opens her mouth. Well, at least it's charming.

Piotr's hand dwarfs Tessa's as he extends his own to accept her offered shake. He nods his head as he listens to everyone speak, and moves his way past the new teacher in somewhat difficult fashion, having to thread his large body between the three women. Once he makes it to the stoop, Piotr reaches down and picks up all of the new teacher's bags that the taxi driver had deposited, lifting them with ease as he turns back toward the others. "It is good to learn. That would make the Professor happy to hear," he offers toward Angelica with a friendly smile.

Sophie picks up a mid-size manila envelope from a small table near the door, and offers it to Tessa. "These are the keys to your quarters and your office," she explains. "Let's get your things where they belong, and then we can show you around."

With the assistance of the trio, it takes only a scant few minutes for Tessa's belongings to be dealt with, and for the little group to return to the foyer. Smiling to Tessa, the French girl asks, "Would you like to tour the rest of the mansion first, or would you rather go outside to see the grounds?"

Tessa accepts the envelope, and as she's led to the quarters, she opens it, depositing the keys onto a key chain she produces from her pocket. She takes only the briefest of moments to look about the inside of her quarters, deciding there will be enough time for that later on. "The rest of the mansion, I should think. Outside afterwards, if there's time." A thought occurs when they start moving again. "Did Professor Xavier indicate what he brought me aboard to teach?"

Angelica thanks Peter with a smile for his warmth, and his welcome. She tries not to crush on him, but there might be a bit of that in the future, and she spends time making herself busy as they show the new teacher about. And her, as a minor side detail, combining efforts. She's lost as it is, having gotten turned around getting to Tessa's chambers anyway. "Do we have a tennis court? I thought I saw one when I flew up. Drove up." Slip of the tongue, of course.

Piotr follows along behind the three women, bringing up the rear while carrying the new teacher's bags. His eyes watch the women, listening to their conversation without adding anything of his own. Once they reach the appointed room, he once again has to try and accomplish the difficult task of making himself small enough to fit past the women as he steps inside to place the bags down. He fails, on this attempt however, and his arm pushes Sophie and Angelica aside with either shoulder. "Oh!" he says in surprise, "Apologies, please."

"No apology needed, Peter, I should have gotten out of the way," Sophie replies to the big man, with a grin and a laugh. To Tessa's question, she shakes her head slightly and says, "No, he did not?" From the way she makes her answer sound also like a question and the curious look on her face, she's expecting the woman to tell what her subject or subjects are.

But Tessa doesn't say anything. Not at first. "I have a teaching certificate in multiple fields," she says finally. "I had assumed he needed me for something in particular." Perhaps her varied expertise is exactly why Xavier called on her. Who knows? "I have a further question, perhaps more important." Though again, she's silent at first. "Is there… some form of protocol in place for inquiring about…" she gestures with a hand, as though hoping the rest need not be said. But she knows that's not enough. "…abilities," she fnially says.

Getting out of the way as well as she can, the redheaded girl actually gives a real smile as Peter shows that he's not perfect, and maybe even a person and not the studmuffin he looked like coming down the steps. Which is fine! Really, you can be a bit of both. She's telling herself these things while the conversation is going past her, and she realizes that the answer to her question is probably in her pamphlet.

Angelica says, "I have a pamphlet," just after Tessa has asked her subtle question. Which is when she realizes she's not entirely tracking what's being spoken about, and says, "about that. I mean, there's a pamphlet for the school right?" She gets out her guide plan and looks at it, uncertain if she's answering Tessa's question but certain that whatever she's talking about there's probably instructions to handle it in here someplace.

Piotr nods his head in reply to both girls before he offers a smile to all three women. "If that is all, I must get back to my duties. If you have need of me, I will be outside in the rear of the mansion," he says by way of explanation before moving away from the group and eventually disappearing from view.

"Within the school, we are not very secretive about such things," Sophie says, in answer to Tessa's question. "We must keep the nature of the school hidden from the outside world, of course, but it is unavoidable, really, that we are more open about abilities or powers among ourselves." And to punctuate that, a swirl of mist envelops Sophie for a brief moment, clearing to reveal her having transformed into a 'ghostly', airy version of herself, hovering with her feet just slightly above the floor. "My abilities are centered around controlling the air around me, and also becoming a part of it," she explains, before, with another swirl of enveloping mist, she returns to her solid, human form.

"Um, I can't do that," Angelica says as she watches Sophie shift, rather impressed even though she's already fought at the girl's side. She sighs, smiling but sad, as she says, "If I show even the tiniest bit of power I'll torch all the paperwork in the room. I'm a firestarter, Miss Valentine. Control is still an issue." She runs her fingers through her hair, looking at her pamphlet and smiling. "Nice place so far, though."

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