1964-06-20 - Gone Fishin'
Summary: Lorna, Daire, and Remy go fishing.
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"Y'see, y'wanna make sure y'got de worm on dere real good and proper. Too lose an' de fish get de prize. Too tight and y'a kill de worm." Remy casts his line out into the water and sits back in the boat in a bit of a recline. "And now ya jus' go and wait."

It's an immaculate day, with a few puffy clouds in the sky. The warm is cool and the sun is bright and things are good, all things considering. The trio of mutants sit out in the middle of the private lake. Somehow Daire and Lorna have been convinced to go fishing with the cajun.

Daire didn't take a whole lot of convincing, except for that whole being out and about in the day thing, though he's been doing a little more of that lately. Drab olive green shorts, a grey t-shirt, and a fishing hat comically tilted over one horn, leaning up against the other, barely staying on seems to be his outfit of choice for this expedition. The worm part seems to be easy enough. Casting takes a little practice, however, not to end up with the worm in the boat instead of in the water.

Lorna had changed her wardrobe, and hair, quite drastically. Much to Emma's scandalized distress. Even the Professor had told Lorna that the shorts were simply too short. Yet it didn't stop the green haired mutant from wearing them around campus. In fact, it seemed almost in direct rebellion that she wore them again. Even worse she wore a pastle blue tank-top. Showing enough skin that doubtlessly her father would've told her to go change.

Her long green hair had been cropped shorter, around her chin, and had been pushed back with a headband. She hadn't gone fishing however in ages, and she shifted in the seat of the boat curiously. "Is it cheating if I use my powers? Because that's a metal hook and I can so make it move more.. if that's like what we want.."

Remy nods over at Daire as the mutant casts, giving his approval. Not bad for a new guy, he thinks. An eyebrow pops up over at Lorna as she talks about using her powers to entice the fish. "Darlin' ah be tinkin dat be a fantastic idea. If we lucky, de fish may jus' jump right on into de boat." He lingers his look on Lorna for a moment, "Ya changed yu hair, chere. Lookin' nice."

Daire's not going to be winning any bass pro competitions, but he does manage to get hook in water, worm side in, like you do. He grins a little lopsidedly at Remy and says, "So do you actually be quiet or it'll scare off the fish?" He glances over at Lorna when Remy points out the change in her hair and he grins a little. "Changin' it up a bit. Nice." He gives her a thumbs-up.

Lorna blushed and grinned as she leaned over the boat's edge with care dangling her hand in the water to move around the hooks. Sometimes pushing them deeper, othertimes shifting them away from being caught on rocks and other dangers of hitting bottom. "You really think so?" She asked, her eyes going wide.

"Miss Frost was very disapointed in me. And shocked. Pretty sure she hates it. The Professor even got involved." A pout, and she bit her lower lip followed.

"I thought getting used to wearing shorts and jeans and stuff would make it easier for going for that subtle thing. Especially if we go out and about on .. er.. things?" She arched a brow. "I dunno what to call it, Remy."

Remy chuckles a bit at Daire, "Ya know, mon ami, I'm tinkin dat jus' a way for fishermen t'get dere kids to be quiet when dey jus' wanna relax. Most of de fishin' trips I end up on dere be lots of drinkin' and gabbin' and I dun tink de fish give it a second thought." His eyebrow raises in surprise. "Miss Frost was disappointed ya got yer haircut?" He shakes his head, "What kind of place dey runnin' here? I tell ya."

"Well, Miss Frost is welcome to her opinion, but it's your noggin' and if you like a short cut, then you rock that short cut," Daire says. He's all about people doing their thing. He leans back a little bit, wiggling the rod slightly, but Lorna's wiggling the hooks so it may be a bit redundant. Looking over at Remy he chuckles, "Duly noted." He lounges comfortably in the boat. "Nothing wrong with shorts and jeans and stuff. Missions? Adventures!"

A laugh, and Lorna tugged at her shorn locks self conciously. "Well, mostly I guess.. it's just that I get the burnt of it because Miss Frost and the Professor are sorta like my family. My father isn't around all that often, and they are. So, Miss Frost I guess just wants what's best for me." She shrugged lightly, tugging at the side of her jean cut offs.

"She said they were too short. Threatened to take me shopping to get something 'classy'. And she chided me over them being practical." She bit her lower lip, her hand still in the water as she shifte the hooks about.

"De hair or de shorts, Lorna?" Remy asks, wondering if Emma Frost of all people is the one who should critique the clothes of someone else. Seems like a bunch of hubub to him. "Where I come errybody wear less clothes and what not. Y'gotta beat de heat in Nawlins in de summa if you want ta live. Or go outside." He nods to Daire, "De man speak de truth."

Daire grins over at Remy and says, "I can't even imagine living in that heat all the time. And going outside? Just hot and wet." He chuckles, "I'd just lay around unwilling to move with a fan on me all the time. Or lie in a bathtub full of ice."

Lorna wrinkled her nose and shrugged at the question, "I think it was honestly both. She literally grabbed her pearls and gasped when I came out.. so I thought it looked horrible." She mumbled, her cheeks still carrying that hint of a blush.

"The Professor said it was a little much and that maybe I should change before my father comes back. Miss Frost threatened to tell 'im." She grumbled, and crossed her legs. "Pretty sure they're just being old and uptight though." A wince at that. "She heard my thoughts and was really not happy about that one. I mean, sure it was rude, but it was in my head."

"S'not so bad, dere. Mebbe you come on down and have yoself some beignets on ole Remy. Catch ya some crawdads, too. All sorts of good eatin' down dere. Good partyin, too." Remy pulls up the large hat over his face and looks to Lorna, "You tink dey be more bad about how you dressin, or more mad you been hangin' out wit me?"

"Well if you don't wanna hear what someone's thinkin', don't go poke around in their head," Joel says with a shrug of his shoulders. "Someone goes poking inside my brain, they better be ready for the unfiltered stuff." Then he looks over at Remy and grins, "Deal. I've never been. I'd like to go see it sometime. I've heard it's pretty cool down there, actually.. despite the heat."

"I don't think Miss Frost cares overly who I spend my time with. And the Professor definitely can't disapprove since this is his school." A pause as she considered, "You might get a visit from Miss Crystal, my father's girl, though. I mentioned you when she took me shopping and she was curious." She bit her lower lip and shrugged.

Then as the conversation shifted she flashed a grin, "I have a nephew that can open up doors anywhere in the world. I could ask him, if you didn't want to like deal with planes or try to fly there on our own. Instant transportation and all that."

"Well, I tink dat be a great idea, Daire. I'll show ya de town, fo sho," Remy says with a grin. He tilts his head at Lorna, "Well, ahll be happy to sit with Crystal or whoever. Already spoke t'yo fatha and dat be de beginnin' and de end of it, sho nuff."

Daire smiles a little bit at the mention of Crystal's curiosity, and the overprotectiveness of the Xavier/Frost duo. "Been a long time since I had anybody much care what I wear, who I see, or how I cut my hair. I mean, kind of a pain in the ass but at the same time.. kind of nice to know they care." There's something momentarily turned inward about his expression, and then he looks out over the water to give his rod another little wiggle. Looking back over at the both of them he nods and says, "Yeah, I'm down for that. Seeing it with someone who knows it well is the best way to do it."

A shrug and Lorna settled her free arm against her knees, the other still dangling in the water. "I don't care if my father didn't approve of us being friends. I can make friends with who I want, I am an adult." She muttered, and then paused, considering Daire.

"Though it does make it easier that he doesn't disapprove." She mused, and offered a sympathetic smile toward Daire at his comment on how nice it was for people to care.

"I'm … exceedingly lucky that when it turned out he was my biological father.. that Magneto actually wanted to be in my life. I know that's not always the case. And I do love my father. And extended family. Even if they are a pain sometimes."

"Well, given dat yo' daddy is who he is, ah reckon ah feel a whole lot comfortable with him havin' all d'information." Remy shrugs his shoulders. "Dis Daire guy pretty wise." And then, more specifically to Daire, "You fixin' to stay around a while? Dat night wit Josh it wasn't so clear."

"Yeah," Daire says with a nods to Remy. "I've been kind of half-considering seeing if I could stay here. I'm still crashing on Josh's couch in Mutant Town since he doesn't use the place all that much. But, if I'm going to really do this X-man thing.. maybe I should? I dunno. Either way.. I think after the other day, with that kid? That's the sort of thing I want to be doing. I'm not going to stop volunteering at the community center or anything.. but I want to do more than that."

Lorna grimaced faintly, rubbing the bridge of her nose, "Well at least you're still willing to be friends with me given that you've met him. I've had a friend spook as soon as he met my father and totally ditch." She shook her head and exhaled a breath. "He's really not that scary. I really don't get it."

And then she glanced toward Daire, "I go down to Mutant Town to volunteer at the Community Center too. Mostly with doing patch jobs on supports and fire-escapes, and helping with deliveries around town. Mostly whatever they need really… now that I think about it."

Remy nods, "Good. Glad t'hear it. We always lookin' for mo' folks t'help us out, non?" He inhales and exhales as Lorna speaks about her father before he gives a shrug, "Ah respect what yo'fatha stands for. I tink dat what make us get along."

"I tend to work there nights, unloading trucks with donations and food for the soup kitchen, and then whatever odd jobs they've got around there. I tend to be more nocturnal," he admits, and his pale complexion attests to that much. He then looks over in Lorna's direction and grins, "If it makes you feel any better, I tend to reserve judgment until I've met someone as to whether they scare the pants off me or not. I'm sure he's just a guy like everyone else."

A grin followed Daire's comments, "Oh! That's why I haven't seen you. I typically go down during the mornings or late afternoon. I haven't been able to get down there as often as I'd like since moving here from the city, but I still get down there pretty often." She shrugged lightly, and leaned over again to check on the hooks.

"In regards to my father.." She rolled her eyes. "Well, it's good you'll reserve judgement. Too many kids here are just scared of him because he tends to be really strict. But he's always been kind to me. Even when he didn't know I was his kid."

"Make ya a deal, Daire. You take me down wit ya sometime ta Mutant Town and ahll bring ya to Cafe du Monde in Nawlins," Remy says with a grin. And, suddenly, out of nowhere, Lorna's rod gets a bite. Remy gives an upwards nod and points.

Daire nods and looks a little bit thoughtful and then says, "Maybe I ought to stay out there. I mean, I do spend most nights there. I don't really want to start going less." He shrugs his shoulders finally. To Remy, he gives a thumbs-up. "You come down to Mutant Town .. oh hey.. Jay and I are going to go down there and do open mic night sometime. You guys should come. Josh is going to. We can make a thing of it. We're going to get Josh drunk and make him play the tambourine for us." There's a flash of a grin there that is all white teeth, including the sharp fanged ones. Then Lorna's got a bite and he leans up a little and says "Hey, you got something."

Lorna grinned at the prospect of going into the city for a night of fun and listening to josh play music drunkenly. "That sounds groovy. I'd be down for going into the big city for that. Definitely." She then glanced toward the rod, shifting forward to get a grip on the handle. She lifted her one hand up and out of the water, and the fish lifted alongside it too, dangling from the metal hook.

"Should uhm.. I know I should've like pulled it in, but I thought it might be kinder to just lift it up.." She paused, glancing toward Remy in question.

Remy grins, "Seein' dat would definitely be worth it." As the fish comes up and out of the water, Remy reaches for the line to pull the fish closer to himself. "You, lil lady, caught yo'self a sunfish." Remy pulls the lip back to take the hook out. "Good for eatin, if you like fish. If not, ahll let him on back."

Daire watches as Lorna pulls up her fish and he says, "Nice catch." It's about then that his own rod starts to wiggle a bit with a tug and he begins to reel it in, but it's not a fish, just a piece of floating debris that got caught on the line, and so he frees it and tosses the line back into the water. "I'll let you know when we're going," he tells the both of them.

Lorna directs the fish toward Remy until he pulled the hook from it's lip. "Might as well let it go. It's not like we really need fish tonight anyways. I think we're having mac 'n cheese or something. I dunno. I'm not cooking it." She shrugged and glanced toward Daire until it became obvious the other mutant hadn't hooked a fish.

"I wonder what other kinds of fish are in here.." She mused lightly, sitting back comfortably.

Remy gently puts the fish back in the water, all the time whispering to it. "No 'ffense, bud, but ah'd rather have you than mac n'cheese. Hope you accept mah humble 'pologies." Seeming not-so overly perturbed, the fish is gone within a second or two and Remy's wincing at Daire's catch. "Well, you be havin' as much luck as me."

"I'm not much of a vegetarian though," Daire says when the bit of pond weed and twig is let back into the water. He grins and then says, "Hey at least one of us caught something. That's one more fish than I've ever seen caught in my life, you know, live, rather than on TV." He doesn't seem to care, he seems to be enjoying just lazing in the boat.

Lorna propped her chin up with a hand as she watched Remy return the fish back to the water. "Next one we catch could be for Oliver though. He's a cat, they like fish, right?" She arched a brow upwards and grinned.

"Of course a whole fish might be too much for him. He's still a little kitten and all.." She mused, and returned her fingers to the water, directing the hooks through the water once more.

"Dey do, but I'm tinkin' ole Ollie gun stick wit de tuna from de can," Remy says as he grins to her. "Any of y'all want a beer?" He reaches for his cooler underneath one of the sitting benches. "We gun sit out here all night till Daire catches a fish. Dat's our mission."

"Usually," Daire says when Lorna mentions the cat liking fish. "I was taking care of one once that had a real fiending for nacho cheese chips though. No lie." He grins and props one foot up against the edge of the boat, lazing with the rod balanced against his knee. When the offer of beer is made, he reaches out, making grabby-hands for it, and then smirks, "Fuck, we could be here a LONG time."

Lorna glanced at Remy and offered a shake of her head. "No, I shouldn't have a beer. I.. erm.. I don't think I've actually had beer before.. now that I think about it. It's just if.. I mean, using my powers and drinking doesn't work. I'd have to stop using them.." She mumbled, and bit her lower lip, lifting her hand out of the water and shaking it off on her shorts.

"Dat's aiight," Remy says to Lorna with a smile as he passes a beer towards Daire. "An' I tink dis is when yo' bad luck gun end, Daire. Or, mebbe our beer will run out. In dat case, we may need Lorna's powers to get us back t'shore." He gives Lorna a little elbow to her arm. "I dun tink Oliver likes nacho cheese. Ain't eva heard of dat befo'."

"We might, at that," Daire says to Remy with a little bit of a chuckle, and tips back his beer, downing a good portion of it before he props himself up a little bit, and recasts his line out a little bit further, watching as it sinks once more into the water and then says to Lorna, "Huh. Never thought of that. Mine don't stop working when I'm drunk. Though.. interestingly.. they also don't randomly manifest because I'm drunk either, so .. bonus there."

Lorna grinned, "I've never heard of a cat liking nacho cheese either, but I guess if they like cheese at all.." She laughed and shifted, sticking her hand back into the water.

"My powers connect me to the Earth's magnetic field. It's kinda a constant .. well, not a hum, but I guess like a giant blanket. It's hard to explain. Anyways, I found this out the one time I got drunk. It's really hard to direct the strength or even what I want to manipulate if I'm drunk." She grinned sheepishly.

"To be fair, my sister and father warned me. But so long as I don't try to use my powers I think it'll be fine."

"Mah powers seem t'work either way, but 'course dey more fun after a beer or half-dozen," Remy says with a grin. He's not even noticing his pole anymore, which is just as well because he's getting absolutely nothing.

Eventually, after a while of idle chatting and a beer, Joel's line does in fact wiggle a little bit and he tries this time. Expending more pond fronds, he does actually manage to catch a poor tiny fish. Laughing, he frees the poor thing and lets it back into the water where it swiftly darts away. "I guess we won't have to wake up in the middle of the pond after all."

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