1964-06-21 - Don't Burn Bridges
Summary: Danny and Johnny run into each other at a bar and discuss life.
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Prime party hour in New York City, even if Wednesday night isn't the usual night for going out on the town. Still, there are a few hardy socialites without morning responsibilities to worry about who've come out to Lux for the evening. The air is thick with smoke and low conversation, the clink of glasses as people make deals that may or may not be of a business persuasion.

Danny Rand has claimed a space at the bar, where her very short mini-skirt dress in green, sequined silk isn't entirely out of place. On someone so short, it actually helps make her legs look longer. Bonus. "Vodka tonic for me," she calls over to the bartender, flashing a friendly smile.

You know the party is real when Johnny Storm shows up. That, or you know all hell is going to break loose: its something of a flip of the coin which one will happen. Its not that *everyone* recognizes him and knows who he is, even though he can't possibly fathom how that's the case, but enough do that whispers or staring tends to happen at first before people get over the novelty. Today, Johnny's wearing a fitting pair of jeans and a red t-shirt that is so fitted it might as well be a second skin. Look, abs. Over this a leather jacket. He smiles and nods to people he recognizes, and soon makes it to the bar, where he recognizes someone in particular. He flashes his killer grin as he slides up nearby, "Why, as I live and breathe, Danny, its been a spin or three since I've seen you." He nods to the bartender, "Let's see… tonight we'll start with Devil's Playground."

"You know, the lawyers say that going out and partying when you're out on bail sends the wrong message," Danny chuckles, leaning against the bar as she turns toward him. "But, trial's over, life gets to move on now. Which means I'm way past time for a good time. So fancy running into you." She winks, though she's distracted by the arrival of the bartender with a rocks glass that seems to be…smoking. "Closest you're getting here, Miss Rand, let me know if you want to try something else."

"Yeah, you had to lay low. I get that." Johnny absolutely does not. Johnny has not laid low once in his life, not ever, not before or after the 'incident'. But he thinks he can sympathize. "Good news though, the acquittal. You know I would have totally burned a hole in the wall to rescue you, but, well, Reed would have babbled on, and on, and on, and on, about justice and truth and the american way or something." He gives a long-suffering sigh, and his own drink is… odd. Greenish with chunks of fruit in it. "If this didn't have absinthe in it I wouldn't believe it was a drink, instead assuming it was some sort of dinner salad." he remarks with amusement.

"My hero." Danny sets a hand to her chest in a mock-swoon, smirking. "Not to worry, though. Jeryn set me up with a good lawyer since he had a conflict of interest - other business with the Rockefellers - and Murdock did good work. So here I am, free as a bird. How's the…flying around on fire business?" she asks with a grin, zooming her glass around a few times before she takes a sip. "Fire sale? That's a terrible joke. There has to be a better one."

Johnny laughs and shakes his head, rolling his eyes, "Yes, that's dreadful. I'll let you think about it for awhile and come up with a better one before judging you permanently." He grins through it after the laugh is done, though, "Things are going good. I signed up with the Avengers to expand my so-called fire business. The Four are on an off-again in our on-again-off-again thing we got going on, so I figure, why, there's all this Johnny I got going on here that needs sharing with the world."

"I heard about that. Avengers. Taking on the whole world, huh?" Danny turns to face him, keeping an elbow on the bar as her glass dangles from her fingers. "Sounds like a blast. Or something like that. Captain America, I know I heard that part. Man, when I was a kid." She shakes her head with a lopsided smile. "I thought Captain America was just the greatest thing. I actually think after- I mean, when- Things with Mom and Dad. I remember Dad saying, just pretend you're Captain America, when we were trying to get through the snow."

"Hey, there's enough of me to go around." replies Johnny with a grin on the topic of taking on the whole world. He tilts his fruity absinthe drink back and makes an appreciative sound, "He's exactly as boyscout as the stories tell, as far as I can see. And he had the audacity to challenge *my* ability to work on a team. Hmph." Hmph indeed! "As if I'm not extremely experienced with balancing a diverse group of attitudes and abilities. I mean, seriously, I almost never try to melt Ben into slag."

"You and yours aren't a team, you're a family," Danny points out, taking another drink. "There's a difference. Not that I'm judging," she adds quickly, holding up a hand. "I'm not all that great with others myself when it comes down to it. I mean, I get along with other people. But the making things happen, actually doing something, that can be another matter."

Johnny gives a long look to Danny, and gives a shrug, "Some, maybe. Well, Sue obviously." He grins and shrugs, sipping his drink again, "I'm pretty sure if Ben could think of a way to smother me in my sleep he'd do it." His tone says: bring it on, rockboy. "But still, we are four very different people with *very* different kinds of powers. Thinking through odd combination sand trusting people to do their thing? I know how to do that." But he shrugs, "You always struck me as a lady who can take care of herself and didn't especially need anyone else — not that you're a loner or anything, but there's a difference between *need* and *enjoys company of*."

Danny taps a finger to her nose, smile wry. "That is the key," she agrees. "I like people. I like…a lot of people," she chuckles. "But no, I don't need them. Kind of had to learn that the hard way pretty early. It's a hell of a lot more fun to do things with other people, though." She takes a drink, mulling it over for a moment before turning a speculative look on Johnny. "How's the public hero thing working out for you guys?"

"On that, hon, I will agree entirely. Its always more fun with other people." The grin that Johnny dons makes the innuendo completely obvious. To her question the grin fades to just a smile, "We're rich…" Well, Reed is rich. Johnny has a stipend with the Future Foundation and a side job of crazy trick racer to buy his luxuries, "…and white. This goes a long way. I was famous — well moderately — before the incident, which helps more, too. Oh, for everyone that wants to take their pants off for me there's someone who wants to spit on me, but I don't care. The infamy is almost more useful then the fame. For everyone who is grateful when we save the day, there's one who thinks I'm an abomination. And I don't give a shit. I have enough power, money and status that I have the privilege of not giving a shit: man, those mutants — I've been visiting Mutant Town some. Those people don't have my advantages."

"It's not just the mutants," Danny shakes her head. "City's full of people who don't have advantages. Different colors, different creeds. Women," she points out with a brief smirk. "Which is why I'm glad this trial nonsense is over, so I can get back to putting the finishing touches on the community center. What's the point of being rich if you can't use your money to make the world at least a little bit better, right?"

"Certainly." agrees Johnny about the other minorities, and he acceeds to the point of women in particular with a lift of his drink in toast, "I sometimes have difficulty remembering women have it tough, because, well, Sue kicks ass, and suffers no fools. Then there's you. So, why did they finger you for the crime? I admit my attention span didn't allow me to follow more then the broad strokes, but I never did get that. As for your Community Center, hey, if the name and smile of Johnny Storm can help in any way— just ask. I don't mind helping causes. I just, frankly, don't have the motivation to champion them."

Danny Rand takes a drink at the question, looking out over the crowd. "We were on a date, actually," she answers, smile fading away. "I was the last person the cops could place with him. And someone planted the gun in my apartment. He was…nice," she says quietly, drinking again. "But he got in the cab at the restaurant, and that was the last time I saw him before the police showed up at my door in the middle of the night."

"So you were framed." Johnny tilts his head, curious despite himself, "Do you know who? Surely you want to find out. Someone framed me for something, I tell you it would be seriously difficult to resist the urge to find them and give them a big ol' fire hug." He finishes off his drink, nods to the bartender, "Fleur du Mal." Another absinthe drink. This one with floral notes and vodka.

"If I knew who…" Danny trails off, setting her empty glass aside. "Well. Let's just say that I don't know who, and either that means I don't know who, or I don't have to sit through another trial." She smiles sharply, wrinkling her nose at his next drink. "That is a little too much for a drink, if you ask me. But I'll keep the fire hug option in my back pocket the next time I run into an issue."

"Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating for murderish vengeance." says Johnny as he lifts his right hand, like to swear an oath, "Just like, admitting that I am basically awesome but even I sometimes have baser instincts that should not be indulged." He gestures to the drink, "Most places don't serve absinthe. I like it. But you should try the Dream Jar. Its a trip." He grins then, "Tell me at least you're looking into the matter. I won't pry otherwise. But someone does that to you, you look for them if only to break their nose a bit."

"I'm looking," Danny nods. "Not for what they did to me. Not the first time someone's tried to pin a murder on me. It's not even creative at this point. But for what they did to him. He was a good guy. He didn't deserve to go out like that. Especially if it was because of me. He didn't deserve to be collateral damage."

Seriousing it up, Johnny nods his head, "You need help, you call Baxter and ask for me. I'll put you on the list of who are actually allowed to get forwarded up to my room or take a message." Because most people who call Baxter for Johnny? They get polite sounds of messages being taken that get thrown away. "I'm the guy you want at your back in a pinch. Even before I flame on, but hey, the fire tends to entirely change the scope and scale of negotiation. I know you don't need help, I know, but sometimes knowing you can have it is all the difference."

"Might not have to prove quite as much with a bonfire behind me," Danny chuckles. "Thanks, Johnny. I appreciate that. And if I find myself about to wander into something that looks like a fight, then I'll definitely give you a call. I can think of worse people to team up with." She pauses, then flashes a grin. "I mean, at least if we get kidnapped, I know Captain America will probably come looking for you."

At that, Johnny pauses, and shakes his head with a wry grin, "Reed and Sue, yes. They'll drag Ben along. Cap' isn't invested in me as a member of the team so much yet. He has not yet converted to the Cult of Johnny Storm, and how absolutely awesome I am. I'll win him over in time, obviously, but the boyscouts are always harder to turn then the people who recognize there's more colors then black and white."

"I'll take the science squad," Danny grins, stepping back from the bar. "But I should catch up with a few other people. I've been cooped up in my apartment way too long. Good seeing you again, Johnny," she says, leaning in for an air kiss next to his cheek. "Don't be a stranger, yeah? Don't, ah…burn bridges?" She grins again, waggling her brows. "That was less bad. C'mon. Give me that one."

Johnny, of course, tiltis towards the kiss a bit. Not enough to steal one but in an attempt to make it a bit more intimate then an 'air kiss', and then he laughs. "You get credit for that one. We'll erase the first one from memory and remember you for your second try. Good seeing you, Danny. I will make a point to leave the bridges intact." He winks at that.

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