1964-06-22 - Ball Bearings
Summary: Lorna and Remy work on their powers
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Remy has traded in his casual wear for a more armored look along with a trenchcoat. Maybe it's a style thing, or maybe it's for the pockets. Maybe it's both. He gives a little stretch, waiting for Lorna to arrive.

Lorna had long since been kept out of the basement, so, she wasn't entirely sure what to make of it as she finally arrived. Still, the green haired mutant had her armor fitted, the plates fitting snugly as only personalized armor could. Her father had once made it for her, and as a result, she used it on a rare occasion. The plates fitted over her without strap or buckle, magnetized to her with her powers rather.

Each plate and metal bracer had been painted a dark green, a little personalization by Lorna. Though she had no cloak like her father, and kept the black leather jumpsuit Jean had once loaned her.

The door swung open as she entered the basement, her cheeks flushed. "Hey! Sorry I'm kind a late. Uhm, I wasn't sure if I should wear the armor or not. I mean, I don't wear it for training or conditioning outside, but I thought maybe it was a good idea to practice more with it. I dunno."

Remy gives a nod of approval at her armor. "S'prolly a good idea. When y'go out wit it, it might feel different and make yo movements different." He approaches a panel on the side that controls some of the mechanisms down here. He's not an expert, to be honest he's brand new and still figuring a lot of this out, but it's been fun thus far getting to know how things down here work. And it's not like he has a job or anything. "Y'wanna get warmed up or you all ready to go, girl?"

Lorna fidgeted, and shrugged, a creak of metal following. "I uhm.. I dunno. I.. er… I've never practiced inside the house before. My father never wanted to risk it. I nearly took out light fixtures when I got upset." She mumbled, and scratched at the back of her neck.

"I uhm.. I guess. I can uhm.. I'll be good with whatever. Sorry, Remy. I dunno what I'm doing here. I've never been here before."

Remy steps over towards her and smiles as he looks down at her, "Relax, chere. Ain't no thing. You and I are gun work on our teamwork so dat when it goes out and really matters, we'll be successful. So, lemme put it dis way, /Polaris/, what ideas you got how our powers can be workin' togetha?"

Lorna bit her lower lip, "Uhm.." Another fidget, "Okay. I just.. I guess I don't really know your powers all that well Remy. I know you can kinda make things go 'boom' but that's about it." She shrugged, crossing her arms.

"Is it really going to work out well in the basement? I mean… that's pretty destructive. I mean, with my powers and all.."

Remy shrugs, "If you don't want to practice, I ain't gun force ya." He chuckles a bit. "Been workin' on my skills for quite a while. I can make little booms, too." He stands back and rolls his head back on his neck, looking down at her. "Y'didn't answer de question."

A shrug followed and Lorna chewed on her lower lip. "I'll try it.. but don't get me in trouble if I rip out like the pipes or something because I wasn't being careful." She mumbled, and then rocked her weight back onto her heels.

"I .. I don't have any ideas. I mean, I can draw on eletricity to boosy my powers, but I don't know what good magnetism will do to help out with your's. I don't know what makes your powers go or anything.. I dunno."

Remy takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly as his eyes dart to the left in the right as he thinks. He reaches into his pocket and reveals a small plastic baggie, filled with change. "'ow bout dis, chere? How many of dese nickels and dimes can ya make float around and do what you want them to?" He pulls a few levers and down, farther into the danger room, a group of targets slide across on a pulley system.

Lorna's brows furrowed. "Uhm, well all of them. I guess." She pursed her lips, and lifted her hands out before her. "I mean, if you want them all going in the same direction. It's easier then. Also it depends on how far away you want them to go." She wrinkled her nose, her fingers twitching as she manipulated several coins up into the air from the plastic bag.

"It's harder because some of the coins don't have the same amount of magnetic metals. So I need to use different amounts of power on them.."

Remy nods, pushing out his lip as he does so as if to say, not bad. "So, lessay dat sometime we be fightin' some bad guys and dey be hidin' round a corner or under some sorta cover. Ahm tinkin dat a little charge to some quarters might be a good mix, non?"

Lorna shifts her stance, her hands rising and falling as she directed the coins around them in the air. "Ball bearings would be easier. More iron in them." She murmured, "I can lift things that aren't magnetic, if they're diamagnetic or paramagnetic.. it just.. it requires a lot, a lot of power then and I can't really do anything else." She wrinkled her nose.

"But yeah, if some guy is around the corner, I think we can get him that way."

Remy nods, "Aiight, den. First ting I want ya ta do is take dis bag of change and work on hitting dose targets down dere." The targets are about 40 or so yards away, so not close. Remy doesn't look particularly worried that she can hit the targets as he pushes himself up on one of the crates in the room and takes a seat.

A glance was spared in Remy's way as she shifted her hands in the air, "Really? That's it? I can do that. I could hurl a car that far easily." She muttered, and with a furrow of her brow, shoved the coins across the distance at the targets. A line of the targets was quickly dotted with coins in bunches here or there. Some were dead on target, and a few, the ones with less iron in their content or other magnetic materials had lagged slightly.

A hand gesture followed and she lifted those few lagging coins into their proper places.

Remy's head jerks as he chuckles at her. "Well, iffen y'got some more difficult idea, bring it on up den." He gives a head nod back towards the other end of the room, "Aiight, let's bring all dose back den and see what kind of speed y'got. Can ya go faster?"

A blink, and Lorna's eyebrows furrowed. "More difficult? Gosh.." She shifted her feet and as she pulled the coins out and free from the targets. The swarm of coins sped back around her as her eyes narrowed in thought.

"Faster? I dunno. I've never tried for speed. It's.. Wanda only had me try to move more coins." She pursed her lips together in concentration and a few of the more magnetized coins sped toward her quicker than before. Yet others lagged as a result.

"Welp, ahm tinkin' dat if I charge a couple of dese and we dun get dere fast enough, dey'll blow up mid-flight," Remy says as he watches the coins jet off more quickly. "Next time less try jus' five of dem and see how dat go. After dat, ahmma try chargin' em."

Lorna blinked, her hands out stretched before her as she twisted the coins around, pushing a few off to the side and to the floor. Her brows furrowed as she glanced toward him, "So, we're so using ball bearings in the future? It'll be so much easier." She murmured.

Green eyes narrowed faintly as she spun the few remaining coins faster and faster around her in the air before flinging them out to the targets across the room. A grin pulling at her lips. "Ha! Yeah, next time, do whatever you need to make it go bang!" She yanked her grip on the coins again into the air back at her.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, ball bearin's," Remy says with a chuckle as he approaches her with his hand outstretched. He's clearly hoping that she places the coins in his hand. "Sure you'll prolly get crabby wit me if I steal a bunch of dose."

A laugh followed as Lorna directed the coins into Remy's hands. She grinned and shrugged helplessly at his grumbling about her getting crabby. "Yeah, well, I can make them. Maybe." She flushed. "If my father can make them, then in theory so can I. It's just a balance thing with the alloys. I just.. I have to try it."

She kept on her toes however, her hands outstretched and ready to fling the coins toward teh targets.

"Right. Ready to shoot them off whenever you're ready."

Remy grins at her and nods, "Well, I tink dat a pretty good idea with de ball bearins." He looks to the five coins in his hand and at his beckoning, they all seem to glow with a purplish color. "Aiight, g'head love."

"We can try it! It's always worth a try, I mean. Worst thing is we have to ask my father to show me how. No biggie." Lorna waited until the go ahead, eyes narrowed in concentration as sent the five coins spinning toward the targets. One snapped off center, clipping the edge of the target, while the other four found their places embedded therein.

"See? Easy! I can totally handle five coins."

The targets explode in unison, leaving a smoldering group of targets and a smiling Remy. "Lookin' good, lookin' good. Hopefully next time we can get a few more folks down here and actually get folks movin around a bit." He tilts his head at her, "Good job, kid."

Lorna winced at the explosions, her eyes squinting against the sudden sound and light. But then she was straightening with a grin and holding her hand up for a highfive, "Well, it really doesn't feel all that impressive compared to throwing a car, but it was totally harder. Like I need to practice way more on that whole focus thing. So yeah, thanks Remy. It was .. well, geeze, a little scary with the explosions at the end, but really groovy too."

"Well, ah tink you did a ratha good job, chere. Ain't nothin' t'be scared of. Just a lil mutant magic, ne-c'est pas?" Remy reaches for a fire extinguisher and begins walking down to the targets to hose them down. "You gun keep practicin', right?"

A shrug, and the armor that Lorna had donned floated off her, piling into seat stacks at her feet. "Yeah, of course I'll keep practicing. Otherwise I'll never get better. My power isn't a set thing like my brother or nephew's who are speedsters. They'll always run fast. But my powers are always changing I feel like. Gosh, last year I could barely move a paperclip. Now I can move cars and trunks." She shook her head as if in amazement.

"Can you stop an explosion after you've charged something Remy?"

"Nope," Remy says with a shrug of his shoulders. He is bringing the extinguisher back, but seems none too worried about her question. "Dats why ah had t'make sure you knew what you was doin' before I charged dose lil guys up." He grins at her, "Y'wanna get outta here?"

A blink and Lorna's eyebrows shot upwards. "Oh geeze, can you charge anything to explode?" She asked, tilting her head to the side curiousity bright within her eyes as she shook out her hair and removed her headband.

"And yeah, sure. I'm down for getting out of here. Enough time spent in the basement, yep! It's nice outside and sunny and cheery. We should enjoy it!"

Remy removes the piece of armor after taking off his trenchcoat. He puts both in a locker off to the side and nods, "Well, can't be anyting livin' or nothin' like dat." He nods at the idea of getting some sunshine, "Lead on, lil lady."

Lorna stretched her arms over her head and nodded thoughtfully, "Groovy. That could so be useful if we had to like rig up traps or something." A pause, "Do you have like a set time limit on how long before they explode or does it change based on how big the explosion? What about distance? If they get so far away from you does it go off? And how big can you really make 'em?" A pause and she bit her lower lip, shifting toward the exit.

"Sorry if that's like too personal and you don't want to share."

"Nah, I dun mind," Remy says with a chuckle as he watches her stretch her arms. "More I charge em, de bigger d'explosion. And de shorter de time it takes to splode. Ain't a perfect metric by no means, but it all done by feel."

A nod followed as Lorna made to leave, "Ah, hmm, cool. That's good to know. I'll have to think up more things to do then." A pause, "If we put a charge on a whole lot of metal. I could in theory repell the metal." A pause, "But not so sure about the explosion itself. That might not work. Hmm.. Oh well. Things to consider." A pause.

"I wonder with Piotr.. him being metal and all. He turns metal at least, so I could throw him. Nah.. never mind. Still can throw him, but that's not what I was thinking of." She tapped her chin with her finger and shrugged, "C'mon lets go head out."

Remy follows along quietly and searches in his pockets for his cigarettes. "Piotr? Who dat?" he asks, having never met the young man of whom she speaks. He's not sure how many mutants there are here that he doesn't know, especially since he came at the tail end of the school year.

"Oh a guy that turns into metal. It's an steel based alloy. I can't make heads or tails of it beyond that. But in theory, when he goes into this metal mode, I guess, Josh can't sense him. But I can. So we figure that I could toss him around." She flashed a grin as she made her way out of the basement and to the main floor again.

"He's a bit older, Russian dude, if you see him. Illyana is his little sister. Though I don't think you've met her yet. She's hardly ever around anymore. She was my roommate after Jean." She made a face, pushing her hair back in thought.

"Can't seem to keep a roommate for long.."

"No?" Remy says as he elbows her a bit as they walk and a smile begins to form on his face. "Why dat? You snore or sometin? Mebbe you dun like t'clean de refrigerator? What is it?" He seems to be trying to lighten the mood. "Russian metal dude. Sound like fun."

A shrug, "I dunno. Jean had a mental thing going on. She had to spend months in some place away from everyone. So maybe that wasn't me. Illyana.." She sighed, a faint smile tugging at the corners of her lips as he nudged her with his elbow and she nudged back with a grin.

"Illyana is mixed up with magic stuff. She trained under .. gosh my brother in law I guess. Wanda, my half sister, is married to this wizard dude. Or well enough to it. So Illyana can do magic and stuff. I say 'and stuff' because half of it doesn't even make sense to me."

Remy very clearly has trouble parsing that information. "Yeah, it ain't makin' sense t'me either and you jus' explainin' it." He shrugs his shoulders, "Folks say dere's magic, and I tend t'believe em. Seen a lotta crazy shit down on de Bayou."

A shrug followed and Lorna laughed weakly, "Yeah? I've met Merlin before." She started, and mimicked a beard and cane. "My father had me stay with my sister the first time some creep tried to hurt me. I stayed with her, and her man. They had this huge place, and yeah, the Merlin like in the fairytales of King Arthur and stuff. He helped me with my homework." She laughed again, and the doors to the outside opened up under a wave of her hand.

"And there's just so much out there that's totally crazy. Even if I didn't think it possible.. magic is like the only thing that makes sense, you know?"

"Magic, or de tings I tink of when I tink of it, dun make no sense t'me, girl," Remy retorts with a chuckle. "You met Merlin? Like, from de round table?" Remy gives her a long look while he grabs his cigarette and lights it up.

Lorna nodded, rocking her weight back onto her heels. "Yep, like the round table. That guy. He was really cool though. Played checkers with me too when I couldn't leave." She sighed, scratching the back of her neck in thought, casting green eyes up to the sky above. The sun was bright and cheerful, even if there were thunder clouds in the distance. It would likely rain come afternoon.

"My sister's man, he had like tons of relics and stuff too. Couldn't touch anything and couldn't go into the third floor. It was creepy, like living in a museum."

Naturally, Remy's mind turns towards what he could have stolen would he have been there. It was probably a treasure trove. "Even if dat guy was real, how in de hell is he still alive?" He raises his eyebrow at her and takes a drag of his cigarette.

Lorna wiggled her fingers, "Oooh, I dunno? Magic?" She grinned and shrugged. "I dunno, either way, he was really a cool old man." She grinned and sat back on the grass, stretching out with a yawn.

"Who knows. There's supposedly gods out there. Aliens. Hidden Kingdoms.. people like us with powers. Why not magic?"

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