1964-06-22 - The Loki-Finding Squirrel
Summary: Kai needs help, and where does he go? To a 'helpful' smith who will make the least helpful squirrel ever.
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Kai has been absent for some time, not stopping by like he said he would. Flighty elf, he was probably distracted by something shiny. He does show up though, out of the blue. His usual beatnik chic has been replaced by jeans and a white t-shirt. His curls are disheveled, and there are dark circles under his eyes.

Some things don't change, though. He's got his little dog on a leash, and the dog noses around, tail wagging. Now that Kai's back, he's a happier critter. Poor little thing has no idea what's coming.

Anduvin rents out first level basement of the Baxter Building, and he's done some remodeling. It's a wide open space for the most part, without anything like rooms except for the bathroom. And its full of contraptions. Most are half built or have made, metal bent and forged in various ways and carved in runes. Some automatons are active— in particular there's what looks like a hummingbird chasing what looks like a dragonfly, endlessly spinning around the ceiling. They look to be made of brass and fine, intricately made.

The Anduvin that answers the door is not him in his suit: so he actually looks like a dwarf this time. Complete with beard that is braided and set with precious gems. He's in a leather tunic and linen pants, and has in his hand a strange tool that looks vaguely like a chisel. "Kai." he greets with a grin, "Come in. How goes the Crescent of Tears? Want mead? Fresh from Nidavellir."

Of the things in the room, against one wall is a twisted frame of metal that is shaped oddly, and has a mirror between the frame.

Kai can't help but smile. Anduvin the proper dwarf. Not that Anduvin of the suit isn't easy on the eyes, but this? This rings of truth. The elf peeks inside the flat, and his gaze is drawn to the hummingbird and dragonfly. Again, a warm smile, but it's subdued. "It's lovely," he says as he steps inside. He pats his chest where the pendant is tucked beneath his shirt. "I'd take as much mead as you'd give me."

He wanders the open space, looking at this and inspecting that, but he keeps his hands to himself. No touchie. At his neck and the cuffs of his shirt, there are silvery netting marks etched into his skin. That kind of tattoo technology won't be invented for years.

"Careful, it is from my father's own private stock. Stronger then anything you find on Midgard." But Anduvin heads over for the area that has kitchen like stuff, and next to it there's a huge barrel. Two mugs are grabbed from beneath said barrel, and he turns the spout. Soon enough he's handing the mug over to Kai— and dwarf mugs are not what one would call small. The mead is cold: apparently the barrel is enchanted. He nods over to an area where couches are set around a TV and heads that way. The dvergr prince has a curious look for Kai's neck, and he gestures, "That's new. What's the story there, friend Ljosalfar?"

"I could use strong," Kai says, "but I'll take heed." Not quite the beat speak he's usually tossing out. He takes the mug in both hands and raises it toward Anduvin. "To your health." He makes his way to the couch and sits, having nothing to say until he's taken a long drink of the mead. This is him taking heed.

He licks his lips, then says, "I was taken by the Wild Hunt. While I was in Svartalfheim, they wrapped me in a silver net." And secured it with metal hooks like snakes heads with fangs biting into him. But he smiles dimly through that memory. "It's one of the marks they left on me." He doesn't quite look Anduvin in the eye, preferring instead to study his mug.

Anduvin looks startled, tilting his head, "The Wild Hunt took you— and you survived? The dokkalfar are not known for their mercy." He leans back, seeming troubled as he takes a long swig of the dwarf-mead. "There must be some tale to tell of your escape, but if you come to me it makes me think there is some need you have."

Kai sits very still for a moment, then he slowly shakes his head. "They killed me. I was in Niflheim." He looks up through his lashes at Anduvin. "It's a terrible place. To be left alone with nothing but your thoughts for eternity." He shivers, then takes another drink of mead. "I was released for a purpose. I'm to find Loki and bring him to Niflheim. If I fail, I'll be returned to some worse fate." He sighs, then musters up a small laugh. "It's a mess. I'm dead either way."

That said, he hesitates again, because the question he asks isn't one he particularly wants an answer to. If he keeps seeking his beloved, he gets to be alive. If he finds him, it's endgame. The silence starts to get awkward though, so he finally asks, "Have you seen Loki or heard of his whereabouts?"

The dwarf freezes, and grunts, shaking his head and gesturing to the mead, "Drink up, friend elf. It seems as though you need to get so very, very drunk; and for that you came to the right place." He lifts a hand up and snags at one of his beard-brads, tugging at it thoughtfully, "It seems that Hela is getting ambitious, if she wishes to take a prince of Asgard before the Fates have cut him free. So." He nods his head slowly, "And she would use you to this purpose, perhaps thinking if she does she will be able to act without the All-Father's wrath." He takes a long drink, thinking through the implications, "Ah. I have neither seen nor heard of the prince: but you prefer it that way, don't you. I could perhaps design a construct to seek him out. I could do a very poor job doing so, as well."

Kai lifts his mug with a nod to Anduvin and says, "You've the right of it." He drinks, and as the mead does it's good work, he relaxes, slumping back against the couch and stretching out his legs. As for his preferences for finding Loki, he glances this way and that, then says in a low gone, "I couldn't say, my friend. So long as I seek, I live." He ponders over another drink, then says, "One can't expect a master craftsman to get it spot on every time he plies his talents. I would understand and applaud your efforts all the same."

"I shall be pleased to help you, friend ljosalfar." Anduvin sets his mug aside, and rises up to head over to where a desk with paper and drawing tools are set up for designs, "Yes, I will endeavor to make precisely what you most need. Do you have something of his, perhaps? Or perhaps a place of importance to him? When I am done with Little Ratatoskr can be set on the scent with such a thing or at such a place, and he will unerringly seek out the prince. Unfortunately, he can only go so far before he must drink the moonlight to recharge, but he will never give up, no matter how long it takes."

Kai watches Anduvin, his gaze a little unfocused. Sure, he's a heavyweight in Midgard, but give him some real booze and he's already tipsy. When asked for something of Loki's, he produces a plain white handkerchief from his pocket. "I've just been carrying it around," he says. "So I don't miss him quite as much." He offers it over. "I would go with him to provide him the moonlight he needs," he says, "but it's wiser perhaps to split our efforts in case there's something I'm overlooking."

Anduvin reaches for a brass box, opens it and has Kai put it in and he closes it without touching it, "Ah, but elf-light will I'm afraid not be suitable — only the natural light of the moon of Midgard. After all, it is in Midgard that it must search." He considers Kai for a long moment, "Oh, I fear I can not partake in the search save to provide the construct. I am on a mission: I can delay it the day it will need to make this for you but not longer. Worry not, though. The construct will lead you to him and your life will be secure as you follow its path. It might seem confusing and that the path is jumbled, but that is just because its a squirrel." He shrugs, smiles apologetically, "What can you do about squirrels?"

Kai nods solemnly and says, "I understand, and I'm grateful for what aid you can provide." All this time, his little dog has been sniffing in the radius of his leash, and he finally hops onto Kai's lap, and Kai pets him mindlessly. Glancing at the little dog, Kai says, "My fearless hound is a hunter of them. It's too bad he can't catch so much as a cold, but he does send them running." Kevin sneezes, then sprawls belly down on his master's lap.

Grabbing a pencil, Anduvin begins sketching— not the device, but the runes. "It will be ready tomorrow." he assures the elf, but he barks out a laugh at the mention of the poor dog, "If only I had time to install a self-defense charm then." he remarks amused, "You will have to take care while following the construct that the pooch does not confuse the tracking. If it has to run up a tree to escape the dog's notice every so often it will dramatically slow its progress. Be cautious against this possibility."

Kai looks down at Kevin, who gazes up at him with those big brown eyes and wags his tail. The beast doesn't have a lot going for him, but he's full of love. "He needs a self-defense mechanism. He gets beaten up by cats." To the dog he croons, "Don't you, boy. There's that mean old stray in the alley outside the apartment who socks you good, huh." The dog wags.

"I'll try to keep him out of the way," Kai says. "Maybe on a short leash. He's a wanderer." Goodness, this device could take ages to find Loki. But still, see the gratitude in Kai's eyes. "I can't thank you enough. Niflheim will be more bearable if I'm not alone in it."

"Anduvinanunt, begin construction of a squirrel frame; Material: copper. Size: main body six inches by two by two, segmented tail six inches by one by one." Anduvin is speaking to an intricate large cube, only… that cube begins unfolding, and soon enough its a six foot tall humanoid construct, every inch of its frame covered in tiny glowing runes. His suit. It moves over to the forge, and begins picking out metal.

But, Anduvin turns a grin over to Kai, "A beast with a heart, at least. Perhaps I might be able to put together something to keep the demon cats away." He nods his head soberly, "Yes, one should make Niflheim as… complete as possible."

And… the suit really does seem able to forge things on its own.

Kai watches the cube with interest. As it unfurls into a humanoid, his eyes widen. A little too in his cups to play it cool. "You continue to astonish me, my friend." He turns his attention from the automaton to its creator. Then to Kevin. "He's a good dog," he says, stroking one of the dog's smooth ears.

Kai's quiet a moment. He finishes his mug and sets it aside, then leans back. Delicately, he says, "There are some who have the foolish notion I might be liberated from Lady Hela's domain. I can't stop them from trying."

"The suit is not truly intelligence, but it has access to all my knowledge and has enough of a mind to follow instructions without complaint. It is, therefore, the perfect assistant." Anduvin says, clear pride in his features, nodding his head soberly, "I would never think to advise anyone to dare, for death is her dominion. Even the All-Father has limited sway over her— of course, it is not that she wishes to free the heros for Valhalla, so there are limits to how much independance the king will give her. I will speak to others if I can, to try to understand their intentions, and certainly try to convince them to do nothing foolish."

"They may not forgive me for telling," Kai says, "if you mean to dissuade them. One is going for her own purposes and will have a thought for my situation. The other is the man who killed me." He grimaces, and his big blue eyes show sorrow and sympathy. "He was enchanted, turned into a wolf. He knew not what he was doing until the deed was done. His guilt consumes him. In any case, I doubt they'll get very far. I try to have gratitude for the chance to put my affairs in order and say my good-byes. How many people get that chance?" His eyes glimmer with tears and he blinks them away. "It's just their grief acting out."

Nodding his head soberly, Anduvin says, "There is likely nothing they can do, regardless." But his expression is thoughtful. He nods, "Leave your number where I can get in contact with you, and when this is done— tomorrow I expect— I will call. May you have luck in finding your friend, friend elf."

Kai ruffles Kevin's ears again, causing the now snoozing dog to wag in his sleep. "Lend me a pen and paper," he says. "I'll leave the number of Loki's shop too. I stay there sometimes. Just in case he comes back." And to curl up on his bed, hug his pillow, wear his shirts, weep. He carefully nudges Kevin off his lap so he can stand up. He tests his footing, and he's a little wobbly, but he's steady enough to get home. "Thank you, my friend. Regardless of what happens, I'm glad I've gotten to see you."

Gesturing to a paper and pen, Anduvin inclines his head to Kai, "Fear not, friend Kai. All is not lost, and even the lady of death can reach only so far."

Kai writes down the numbers, first to his home, the second to Loki's. His writing is rather neat and old-fashioned, like it should have come from a quill. Then he rises to his feet, and he says, "No, all is not lost. I am blessed to be surrounded by such excellent people who are willing to do so much for me." He inclines his head to include Anduvin among them. "I must be off, but I look forward to hearing from you."

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