1964-06-23 - History Lesson
Summary: Johnny gets some answers from Dane.
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After they arrived back in Central Park, Dane didn't give out any contact information. In truth, he wanted to think about what just happened and what was, almost certainly, going to happen in the future. In any case, he knew how to contact Gawain aka Johnny Storm and the next day he sent a messenger to the Baxter Building inviting Gawain/Johnny Storm to come talk if he had questions. The address given was simple Castle Garrett in Matinecock and it was signed Dane Whitman, the Black Knight.

Normal people drive, or are driven. Johnny is anything but normal. At receiving the message, Johnny considers briefly and then leaps off the roof, and burns through the sky. Questions? He has them for certain. Soon enough he is landing before Castle Garrett, the fire around him evaporating. That leaves him in simple fare: jeans and a skin-tight dark blue t-shirt. Its not that they aren't quality— made of Reed's unstable molecules, they might be the most expensive jeans and t-shirt in the world. Johnny's style is just casual (and more then a little showing off) unless there's a reasonto go fancy. And so Johnny is there and knocking on the door of said castle.

After a small wait, the door's opened by a member of the staff who takes one look at Johnny then invites him in. He's obviously expected and is recognized. He's shown to a library; two floors of floor to ceiling books except for the fireplace and doorway, with a balcony circling the room where the second floor would be. There's a number of chairs and a sofa to sit in as well as a couple suits of armor on stands. It's basically what one would expect of a large library in an authentic castle.

It's not long before Dane arrives. "Gawain." he greets. "Or do you prefer Johnny at the moment? I don't know who's dominant. Would you care for a drink or some refreshments?"

Johnny considers the castle as he follows the help through it: though its not at all his style, he can appreciate overt displays of status. Once in the library he claims a chair and sort of sprawls, legs spread and hands resting on his stomach as he waits for Dane to arrive. Mentioning of Gawain has him grimace visibly, "Johnny." he says first, "Outside of whatever the hell that was, Johnny is dominant." And his grin is nothing if not flirtatious, but not in a directed way at the moment. Its autopilot. "But sure. Vodka, gin, whiskey, whatever you have available, really." He waves a hand briefly, encompassing Dane in the gesture, "But how is it you're The Black Knight *then* and *now*? Not that I even vaguely understand the hell is going on with thenning and nowing."

Dane Whitman steps over to a small table that holds a decanter and some glasses. Pouring some scotch into two, he offers one to Johnny before sitting down, facing him. "One of my ancestors was the Black Knight in the twelfth century. He was killed so Merlin sent my spirit back in time to take over his body and finish what needed to be finished. It was there I met Gawain and the others."

Taking the scotch, Johnny sips it, and nods apprecitively, even as he regards Dane for a long moment, "So this isn't new to you. Spiritual time travel." He shakes his head at even saying that, "I know the world is full of weird shit— I'm as much fire as flesh and I don't even vaguely understand the physics involved in Reed and his bendy mcbendpants routine, but *time travel* and especially *time travel* to an ancestor? Okay, who is this Merlin goof? You don't mean Merlin from you know —" He waves a hand vaguely.

"Camelot." Dane fills in. "That's the one. As is Morgan le Fay, Gawain and the others. I wouldn't be surprised if Mordred is involved somehow too. The original Black Knight was one of Arthur's knights and an agent of Merlin's which is when all of this started. Like I said, no one holds a grudge like Morgan."

At that, Johnny takes a much bigger drink of his scotch. "Right." He lets it stew a moment, "So that's all real. I admit, historical fiction— nonfiction I suppose— is not at all my strong point. I know cars and speed and partying and fighting." Also more, since college and mechanical engineering, but for once he's being vaguely … well, not modest, but nonspecific. "Morgan le Fay, though, I have never heard of." Pause, "Okay maybe I vaguely heard of her in the vaguest vagueness, but it didn't stick. Is this Morgan woman pulling us back or this Merlin guy sending us to interfere with her?"

"Very real." Dane agrees. "And I'd suggest reading all the books on Arthurian legend you can get your hands on. Just don't believe everything you read. You'll get the basics though and those you definitely should have." Pausing, he takes a drink then sets the glass down on an end table. "What we encountered last night - the cold, that creature, the altar where blood sacrifice was performed - was evil. It was the work of Morgan. And Merlin sent us there to stop her. I don't know why he felt it was necessary to bring your ancestors forward in time to fight her when you all could have probably just done it without them. On the other hand, it didn't need a lot of explanations to get you to do it and Merlin is notorious for his dislike of answering questions."

Did Dane just assign Johnny homework? The look the man gets in return to that sure seems like its interpreted that way. "What good will knowing Arthurian legend do? When I was Gawain, I didn't know anything about this world, or anything Johnny knows. I only knew what … he knew. I was Gawain, of the Queen of Caerleon's Court. Noble and faithful and pious and I'm pretty sure his dick fell off at some point because he sure as hell didn't think of using it, not once." Yes, they were not exactly in a situation where it'd be appropriate to be thinking of sex… but Johnny would have. Even if only idly. He does allow, "It would have taken a LOT of explanations to get me there normally. Including making me believe magic is real."

"Are you satisfied being in the middle of events that you have no clue about?" Dane asks, shrugging a shoulder. "It's up to you. At least you'll know the history of what's happening and why. You'll also understand Gawain better. He was one of the best knight of Camelot. Loyal, dedicated, very pure in his motives. Or so I'm told; I've never been to the sixth century. He did have children however otherwise you wouldn't be here."

Yeah, the Johnny apple fell way the hell far away from the Gawain tree. And Johnny seems quite content with that fact. "I don't exactly have the free time to go reading a bunch of books." he says, exasperated. "Are you actually sure we're descended from these people? It seems an awfully big coincidence. It seems more likely this Merlin guy is just borrowing my body because of a convienent powerset similarity to the Gawain soul he is making use of. "

Dane Whitman shrugs. "You'll have to ask Merlin. Or maybe Taliesin would know." Whoever he is in this time. "He seemed to be more aware of things than the rest of you were. It doesn't really matter though so long as Morgan is stopped. So is there anything else you'd like to know?"

Tossing back another gulp of scotch, Johnny just shakes his head: this is all so far beyond his experience, he doesn't especially know where to begin asking. "Is there any way that if— when— that happens again, *Johnny* is there and not Gawain? I can't tell you how disturbing it is to suddenly wake up after its all over and realize I've not been in control of my own body." He bristles at the very idea.

"No idea." Dane answers frankly. "I'm not a wizard. You could ask Taliesin and see what he says. But it's possible that now you know it's possible, you might be more aware of it when it happens again. I sometimes thought Eobar was there with me but he was dead so probably not. Neither you nor Gawain are dead so it's not a similar situation anyway." He thinks a moment then says "Read up on Gawain and King Arthur. That way you'll have an easier time merging with him. Don't insult him; Gawain's a very proud man and if he feels like you're denigrating him, he's not likely to listen to you. Assuming he even has any say in it, which isn't really likely."

Homework again. Johnny sighs and finishes off the scotch, but nods his assent. "I suppose I can relate to pride." But man, having Johnny and this Gawain's ego in conflict in his own skull? Its as likely to go nuclear as anything else this side of the heart of a sun. "Do you know if Gawain was supposed to have fire-powers? I'm wondering if he just… adapted to me or if that was part of his story, I don't remember anything about Authurian knights being anything but, well, knights." Of course, he barely knows anything about the subject and especially doesn't know the oldest stories where Gawain was equated with a celtic solar diety. "And I don't suppose you have any idea where I could start looking for this Taliesin fellow, do you? You seem more aware of this world then I am."

"Legend has it that his strength increased with the time of day." Dane informs Johnny. "That he was most strong when the sun was high in the sky. Whether that's really true or not, I don't know. He was a strong man and a powerful knight." He can only shake his head at the other question. "I have no idea who he is. Nor do I have the ability to find him. I'm not a wizard. I can guarantee though that we'll all be meeting again. That was just the smallest part of Morgan's plans. Now that she knows we're involved and that we know she's active again, she'll be making plans to defeat us. And no matter what Taliesin says, she is not someone to underestimate."

"You keep saying you're not a wizard— I get it. I wasn't asking if you had a *magical* way to find him." Johnny grunts and shakes his head slowly, "Meeting again if I don't know who I am isn't useful to me, not if I want answers for how to deal with this. I'm not especially interested in being a car Gawain drives around whenever Merlin likes. Do you know anything *about* wizards? You seem to know more then a little about Merlin and Morgan. Do wizard-types tend to congregate somewhere?"

Dane Whitman nods at the question. "The magical sorts do like to get together to compare notes. And if we were in London, I could take you there. But I don't know Manhattan yet so don't know where they'd likely to be. You could try taking out a classified." he suggests, one corner of his mouth curled in amusement. "Taliesin. Call Human Torch ASAP. He might even see it."

Johnny pauses, and he suddenly laughs, "Or I could write that in the sky in fire: chances are even if he doesn't see it, someone else might. Okay, that's an idea. Worst case scenario, I'll get a few more crank calls then usual, but since we have people to handle people trying to get in touch with us and weed out the cranks, its no worse then usual. Okay, thanks." He rises up from his chair, "I suppose that's all I know what to ask."

Dane Whitman nods and stands, setting his glass down. "Glad I could be of help. Do pass along his contact information when you get it. You're welcome to give him mine as well. My head was splitting last night so I didn't really think of it."

Johnny sets his glass aside, and steps over to reach out and offer Dane his hand with an easy grin, "Well, nice to meet you, Dane. I'll hook you two up if I get ahold of him." His grin broadens, "And, hey, we'll have to make a habit of getting together after crazy time travelling ghost episodes, keep eachother… informed."

Dane Whitman claps the hand and gestures toward the doorway, escorting Johnny to the main doors. "Agreed. We are, after all, friends and companions going back centuries. It would be a shame to lose touch again now that we know about it. And now that Morgan, and undoubtedly Mordred, know we're all around, it'll be safer as well."

"I never expect my life to be normal, but this is weirder then most." remarks Johnny with a soft laugh, "Don't be a stranger." He adds with a grin and a wink, and then when he's stepping out, he suddenly becomes enveloped in flame and then soars up into the sky.

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