1964-06-24 - Ladies Night
Summary: Drinks in a bar with special people.
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The bar at the Manhattan Hotel is truly world class- a very much suit and jacket kind of bar. Almost at the level of a private club- except that anyone who 'looks the part' can walk through the door.

Today, a woman of unusual grace and stature was sitting at the bar. At least one man sat near by- a guard by the looks of him, or at least someone of security by the way he watches the woman. The woman is Lex Luthor, bald and yet maintaining her poise and self assurance. She refuses to bow her head, despite whatever took her hair.

She's smoking a cigar. An elegant sort of cigar, still very much inappropriate for a woman. A bottle of very expensive scotch sits near by, as she sips and smokes and enjoys the quiet music being played by a piano player near by.

Amora had kept herself in a solid haze of drunk, tipsy, or otherwise distantly intoxicated since Thor had dragged her down to the realm from Asgard on Midsummer. This time, she'd managed to drag poor Kai out with her. The Enchantress of Asgard, Amora, the most beautiful woman in the Nine Realms, was staggering into the club, leaning heavily on the elf.

The blonde was dressed in a tiny little cocktail dress, beautifully green, shapely, and eyecatching enough that everyone interested in the female form found themselves drawn to her. She was in a mortal guise, but a few centuries of spell work that enslaved the mind were hard to disguise when sipped a few thousand year old mead in a flask.

The Enchantress stumbled toward the bar, plopped down beside Lex in an irritated sort of way, and promptly had the bar tender's full attention. The Asgardian ordered a strong, sweet smelling drink that she promptly added the contents of a golden, intricately decorated flask to. "I'm sorry Kai, darling. I simply can't stomach the Thunderer right now. He's awful. Even if he promised to help your situtation.. He doesn't remember ever having met you either.."

Maximus is suffering heartbreak of his own, but…instead of being a sad drunk, he just gets more aggressively dastardly, and then blames it on the object of his previous affection, which teeters ever day closer to becoming an enemy. He is also in the bar, already, dressed to the nines in a human mandarin style black suit with red trim and buttons. His hair is slicked back and comed to one side, though…little waves definitely try to peek through the containment. "Well well welll….." because everything awesome starts that way. Weirdly no one is smoking in here, though some of them have cigarettes. Its like every single person decided not to light up.

Kai is in a suit, and he's given his beard a trip. He cleans up rather nicely, and if he's doomed to be dragged back into Hel, then damn it he's going to live well until then. He escorts Amora to the bar with a smoothness that steadies her gait and spares her dignity. "My dear lady, don't give it a second thought. If he's being vile to you and doesn't remember me, I'm not sure how useful he would be anyway. Still, he might return to himself before it's too late."

He offers Lex a warm smile as Amora sits beside her. Her baldness, the improper cigar, these appeal to the elf's aesthetic. "Good evening," he says, and he speaks with an English accent. So does the Mandarin suit Maximus wears. He shoots the Inhuman a veiled glance. "Well, well. Let's hope that becomes a trend."

Apart from Lex. She's already smoking her cigar- and her stubborn nature, coupled with an iron will.. No simple wave of desire will stop her from enjoying her cigar. She has appearances to keep up after all.

More interesting to Lex is that someone is actually sitting next to her- and that her guard seems so very enchanted in the woman- so enchanted that he's forgetting his duties. She looks then over to the Elf- and another man who's entered. She simply takes a deep inhale on her cigar, followed by a sip of her Scotch.

"You know, when a man wrongs me, I just destroy everything he loves in his life. His business, his home life, his family. Quite a few men will weep when you've sent their mother's to the poor house." She sounds so very sure of that fact- is it a joke?

Lex then looks quietly towards her bodyguard. "Fabian, you seem distracted." Fabian is suddenly pulled from his stupor by something stronger than desire- Fear. Abject fear of a particular bald woman.

"He claimed the man I knew was dead. Dead Kai. He insulted me. Put hands on me and treated me like some scullion!" She downed another sip of her drink, green eyes flashing with anger and no small amount of hurt. "Then he had the gall to tell me to cease in my grief! As if t'were not put there himself."

Green eyes shifted as Amora glanced at the woman to one side, and Maximus to the other. A dry look was spared for the man.

"I see my warnings were not heeded. How worthless. King Maximus, or King no longer, rather? Hmm? I gave you a chance, and you did not heed me." She tsked, her eyes narrowing faintly. Then her focus shifted back toward Lex.

"If he were but a man, he would be dead and gotten. Alas, he is not so simple." She shrugged, and sipped at her drink, full ruby lips twisting into a mockery of a scowl. Then slowly, settled her gaze on the bodyguard. "Fabian? Is that your name? I love a man in uniform." She purred, eyes playing for the poor man.

Perhaps Amora's mood was such that she wanted the man to land himself in trouble. Mortals were simply toys after all.

"Are you speaking to ME? What are you talking about? I do not recall any warning. YOu wanted me to kill my cousin." Maximus makes a face. "Ugh." He wrinkles his nose at the cigar smoke and grabs his drink and moves further down the bar. "If I smell that garbage in the air, then I have to go see Stephen about some of that cleansing /tea/…" He rolls his eyes so far up that its possible they might get stuck that way.

"He's being a pig, darling. It's not up to him how long you grieve for him, but it does prove he's not worth it." Kai knows his place in the world, and that is to be the friend who talks trash about the insulting party. He glances sidelong at Lex, then tells Amora, "If you decide to go her route, I hope you'll spare his brother."

Then he gives King Maximus further consideration. Poor Fabian will find no rescue at his hands. With a nod toward Maximus, he asides to Amora, quietly, "And I thought I was a flamer." He sounds amused, delighted rather than disdainful.

Fabian looks up over to Amora, and then looks *immediately* away. He's on the job, and he clears his throat. "Ms. Luthor. I think I need a minute of air." he states suddenly, but he doesn't run away just yet. He's waiting for Luthor's goahead. She nods, barely, and Fabian all but runs out of the bar towards somewhere more… private. "You've had quite the effect on him." Luthor states, as she turns on her barstool to get a better look at the players in this game. She takes another slow pull on her cigar. "Trash? These cigars are a hundred dollars a piece." she says with a wicked half smile. "This bottle of scotch, a thousand dollars." she says next. "Only the best for a woman who knows what she wants."

"But you, dahling," Luthor states, with a smile as she looks again towards Amora. "I've never seen Fabian so taken with a woman before. And barely a glance from you." she smiles quietly, "And you sound as if you're drowning your sorrows instead of getting even. Maybe I can help you." she offers, "I'm Lex Luthor." she says next.

A hint of laughter played over Amora's expression, killing the sulky twist of her lips. "I told you if you did not end her, her allies would upset your little throne." She shook her head, and raised her glass as if in cheers toward Maximus as he moved further down the bar. A golden brow hooking upwards as she considered the man and a small hmm followed as she sipped at her drink.

A glance angled back toward Kai as Amora draped her arm against the smooth bartop. "Loki has always been a pain in the ass, but a friend. I might betray him as regularly as he, me, but that is hardly the matter being discussed. Besides, if I tried anything as she suggests, it would be pointless. The All-father has returned my magic on the promise I use it not against the Realm." Then her gaze swung back to Lex, and it was clear that the blonde didn't seem overly concerned with spilling secrets about who or what she was.

"Yes, well, I have that effect on everyone that is interested in the female form. Tis common." Another sip of her drink. "And I see little ways in which you can offer me aid. Your solutions are entirely too restricted by your mortal state. Not your fault, but a simple fact of the matter." She reached up, dragging a hand through her hair as she eyed her reflection in the bar's counter.

"I do not /care/ how much the things cost. THey pollute the air." Maximus simply cannot get nearer to the rest of the group. He stays at a distance. Either he's being overly dramatic, which is possible, or he really is affected by the smoke. "I am not going to kill my cousin. I am the King again, regardless. After the Genetic Council found out what she has done and has been doing…they simply reinstated me." He waves his hand some. "Sometimes…all you have to do…is /wait/. Like with your little problem. Just wait…and he'll come crawwwwling on back in no time at all. Not that I would know about relationships, but…patience. Isn't that right…beautiful?" He turns his steel eyes on Lex, then.

"See, that's what I've been saying," Kai says to Maximus. "Give it time and he'll realize he's made a mistake." He waits his turn in Amora's shadow for the bartender, and he orders whiskey. "Keep these coming," he tells the bartender. "I've been sober all day, and so far that hasn't worked out for me." With that out of the way, he tells Amora, "He's being a fool, and the foolish tend to muck things up for themselves without you having to lift a pretty little finger."

"Mortal state, hrm?" Luthor asks next, giving a chuckle as she shakes her head. "Curious." the bald headed woman says next as things are said- names are spoken. All of it filed away. "If you can't affect the man directly, attack his allies. Assuming this.. All-Father is one who would follow the letter of the law and ignore its spirit…and I'm sorry- did you say magic?" she asks next, her wicked smile growing all the more.

"I can help you in more ways than you imagine. I own more of New York City than any other woman alive. I'm wealthy beyond imagination for most people, one of the richest people in the world. I'm powerful, beautiful, I have impeccable taste." Then she pauses, "But, if you don't want my help…then I suppose I'll withdraw the offer." She takes a long pull on her cigar, and pours herself another scotch.

"That depends on the man." Luthor states to Maximus. "Some are too proud to crawl, at least, too proud until they've lost more than they knew they could use." Lex pulls on her cigar, slowly. "Patience is a virtue, absolutely." she says next. "There is always that moment when someone needs something from you and it'll kill them to ask.. when you hold everything in your hand." Lex takes another sip of her scotch. "But, that doesn't mean you can't set things into motion."

Amora downed the rest of her drink, and without bothering the bartender, waved her fingers delicately over the glas. It refilled. "Oh, I forgot.." She glanced side long at Maximus. "Your people cannot breathe properly against the toxins in the air that mortals make here. Your cousin was oh so enamored with Alfheim as a result." She snapped her fingers dismissively, and a thin goassmer of magic bubbled up around Maximus' head like a comical bubble. Then slowly it faded into nothingness.

The amount of magic the Enchantress was throwing around, even while drunk, didn't seem to even register on anyone else's attention beyond the little group. Perhaps it was a sign of confidence in the power Amora put into her charms to keep eyes on her beauty, or perhaps it was that she simply didn't care.

"You've got about an hour before that spell wears off." She drawled and glanced back at Maximus. "I cannot believe that your people returned you to the throne.. But considering the alternative.." She muttered and then glanced back toward Kai and Lex in turn.

"I have been trying to gain his heart for several centuries now, and I fear he shall marry before over long now." A thinning of her lips before she drew herself up and glanced over Lex. A manicured hand fluffed her hair and she held out her hand toward the woman.

"Lady Amora the Enchantress. Witch of Asgard. The most beautiful in all the Nine Realms. Goddess of Desire and other assorted loves that mortals attached to my name." She inclined her head.

Maximus goes through a wide range of emotions. First, he is baffled for a moment, then he smiles and breathes deeply, and scoots closer for that hour. But then he frowns. "Wait…he is getting married? To /what/? How would he even have had TIME to find someone new to marry? Wait…is it his brother?" He leans in closer, "That would be so dramatic." He lets out a long laugh. "No…can't be. Of course not. What anotion. "

Kai smiles wanly at the mention of Alfheim. "I shall never see it again," he says, mostly to the glass of whiskey placed before him. He sighs quietly, and he tosses the whiskey back, then sets down the empty tumbler. He doesn't so much as grimace at the burn. He says nothing else, instead waiting for the bartender so he might order more of the same. Rather than his usual good cheer, the elf's thin facade of it has already faded, leaving him quiet.

Lex is quiet. "Alexandra Josephine Luthor." She returns to Amora. "CEO and owner of LexCorp, and multi-millionaire business mogul. Queen bitch of New York City, loved by millions of women, and hated by "traditional" business men- and traditional men- everywhere." she says, as if all of that makes her extremely happy. She takes Amora's hand and shakes it as an equal would. She clearly doesn't care if she is talking to a Goddess or a crazy woman either. She's certainly seen the tech or magic at work here.

Lex takes another slow pull on her cigar- enjoying the smoke and whiskey together.

Amora settled back onto her seat after the introductions, formally, were observed. A glance spared in Maximus' direction briefly. "At the moment no, there's no lady apparent. However, he has been betrothed twice in the last year. Which is unheard of entire for not only him but for the Princes in general. I fear that the All-father shall push further to ensure royal succession. Especially now that Thor has only recently returned from supposed 'death." She sighed and reached out a hand to rub over Kai's shoulder. It held no interest in swaying the poor elf, but was a meant as some small measure of comfort.

"You shall. Say not so such things as might never come to pass." She murmured and then returned to her drink.

"As I spoke previously, and as you can assume.. my issues remain beyond your realm's borders. Much less your city.

"I would not spurn the offer of fellowship from a woman so fairly placed who is clearly well in control of herself and others.. lightly. I am in much of a similar position within the Realm of Asgard. However, such things as mortal money, wealth or power does not extend nor translate well to meaning much in the All-father's court."

Kai smiles at Amora, and that small uptick of his lips still is like the sun coming out from behind clouds. It animates his entire face and shines brightly in his eyes. "I'll keep my chin up," he tells her. "I believe Loki's back in town, but we seem to just miss each other. Such a shame since I've been seeking him out so rigorously." To the trained ear, one might call into question his sincerity.

Maximus looks between the two women, then Kai, figuring out the Asgardian situation is a task all on its own. He drums a few fingers on the bartop, then wiggles one for a new drink. "If you ladies were men, I would say you were having a dick-measuring contest." Then he grins broadly.

"And yet, here you are, in my city." Lex notes, "I'd bet your lost… love… isn't too far from here, either. In my city, in New York." Lex continues, swirling scotch in the glass. "You're not in… Asgard… right now. You're in *my* realm. You're in New York City." Luthor continues to break it down.

"So, what you are facing sounds very much like…" Luthor pauses, "Well, let me put it this way. Your issues lay within you, and within this man. No realm matters beyond those two, which, despite your every desire for them to be in sync are not. So, while you are both- I assume- in New York City, you are very much in my realm, and very much within my ability to aide."

"Surely your friend has a need for a place to live? A place to eat? Friends among… the people of my realm?" Luthor says with a quiet smile, "I'm guessing you'd be a very powerful friend for someone like me, and vice versa."

Amora rolled her shoulders back, sighing faintly as green eyes flickered over Maximus briefly irritation coloring her expression briefly and back toward Kai and then Lex in that order. She did not verbally respond to Maximus' comment. Pointedly. "Shame that, Kai my dear. You're working so hard too." She offered, and picked up her drink swirling the contents about.

"Thor, Prince of Asgard. Heir to the throne. God of Thunder. And so on and so on." She shifted her glass in her hand, her lips pulled into a thin line.

"I am here because Thor is here. Thor is here because he seeks his brother. Otherwise, with my exile lifted, I have little reason to remain in this realm." She sipped at her drink, dragging her free hand through golden locks as she rolled her shoulders back.

"I have little knowledge about where he seeks to remain here. Nor any friends he holds with the mortals, as his memory was erased from the past several months."

"Seems like everyone is looking for him," Kai says. He offers Amora a warm smile, and he leans shoulder to shoulder for a moment in a wordless gesture of affection. "I'll just have to keep looking, myself." Then, though no one asked, he offers to Lex, "I'm here because I live here, or I used to. Now I'm just visiting, but I hope I'll be able to move back. I had no idea it was your town." Maximus' comment gets a quiet, choking laugh from him, but he covers it quickly with a cough.

"All very curious." Luthor continues, still filing, still listening to all that's being said. Learning as she listens. "Well, it sounds like you have your plan then, Amora." Lex continues quietly, with a smile as she finally puts her cigar out, its burnt out by now. She takes another long sip of her scotch. "The real question you need to ask yourself is what you're willing to put him through to remind him. If he is yours, as you seem to feel, then take everything else away from him. Find it all out, discover what he lives for now. Who he lives for. His habits and his desires. Find out everything, the more you know.. the more tools in your toolbox to win."

Lex Luthor Adds quietly, smiling over to Kai. "Of course, darling."

Maximus clears his throat and then gets up from the barstool. "This matter sounds like it is well in hand. Of course…if you want…I could help you forget him." He waggles his brows at the suggestion.

A silent glare follows Maximus' suggestion, "You have no business in my mind, mortal. Do not attempt such a feat, least you desire to find yourself turned into a frog, or perhaps a nice garden gnome." She drawled, picking up her drink and swirling the contents around once, twice and a third time.

"I have been at this game for longer than you have been alive, Mistress Luthor. I am well aware of what he cares for. 'Tis Midgard and its protection. He has always had a fondness for humans. He has a love for duty, for family, and honor. These are what drive him. I know what he desires, as I can read it clear and plainly." Her lips thinned as she sipped at her drink.

"I cannot use my magics directly against those of Asgard. Her Crown Prince is most assuredly is counted as of the realm. Not unless I wish to lose everything I have gained."

Kai smiles at Lex, and he raises his whiskey glass to her. He takes a drink, then another, and soon that glass is gone as well. For a little fellow, he seems to be able to hold his booze just fine. "Maybe showing a shared interest in Midgard and its people would show him you've got a shared virtue," he suggests to Amora. Then, to Maximus, he says, "We've not met. My name is Kai Alfsson."

"Well." Lex says after a moment, pulling a card out of her suit jacket. Its on the finest of paper. A goat died to make Luthor's business cards, because why not. Vellum is expensive, and Lex has expensive tastes. The fact her name is printed with gold ink is just a plus. A phone number, and a name- nothing else. Lex Luthor doesn't need anything else. She slides the card over to Amora. "Call me, darling. I'll help you."

Maximus cuts his eyes. "I am Maximus the Magnificent, Ruler of…well, that's not important. I have no desire to be here any longer." He makes a wave with his hand, and slides off the barstool. "You may join me on a walk if you like, Kai Alfsson…since these ladies are very much involved."

Kai checks on Amora, and finding her indeed involved, he slips off the barstool and says, "Sure, I could use a walk in the night air. I might run into someone I'm looking for." Because as long as he continues to look, they continue to let him walk the earth. Is it his fault he's so terrible at seeking someone out?

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