1964-06-25 - Intermission: Loki Bound
Summary: Loki comes to the Avengers to ask for help. Hijinks ensue!
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Theme Song: The Who - Behind Blue Eyes
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Loki might set off a couple of alarms when he enters the Avengers HQ, but…he does, dressed all up in his Asgardian attire. No horns, though, no cape, but leather, black and green, and looking very much like a threatening Loki. "I am here to see the Avengers!" he announces. Certainly they get lots of people running in the door and claiming they need the avengers, but…Loki might make it past the usual 'get out of here' screening?

Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, is familiar with Loki's methods of dropping in from her time with SHIELD. So she is flying in from the upstairs at speed, golden sparkles flowing around her as she lands in the foyer across from Loki. Her eyes narrow considerably as she sees who it is, "What are you doing here?!?" She looks about ready to punch him (again), but holds back, since he hasn't threatened anyone. Yet.

It's a Sunday so there are no workmen hammering or sawing. Which might explain why Jean-Paul is actually here; no noise. Until the shout, that is and he comes sauntering out of the library to look Loki over. "I am not familiar with American holidays." he says to Carol. "It's too early in the year for Halloween so what is this one?"

"/I/ am /Loki/, of /Asgard/." He introduces to Jean-Paul, looking the man up and down. "What I am doing here…is telling you that the witch of Nifleheim, Hela, has a hold on one of your own Avengers, the Healing Angel…Kai. I have concocted a plan to retrieve him, but I will need as many Avengers as possible." He blinks slowly, "The plan is dangerous, but…also possibly very enjoyable from a certain perspective." He drums the fingers of one hand on the leather panel of his attire.

Carol glances back at Jean-Paul, "He's Loki, claims to be a god, though he's vulnerable to a good right hook." She hovers a little off the ground, "He's also one of those responsible for getting Bucky out of SHIELD custody by threatening to murder all the agents in the building if they didn't comply."

Then what Loki says registers, and she hovers a bit closer towards Loki, "Wait, Kai is kidnapped? By Hela… the Goddess of the Underworld, right?" After encountering Thor a few days ago, the heroine has been reading up a bit on her Nordic Sagas. So she might not have everything right, "Isn't she your daughter or something? Can't you ask her to let him go?"

"Is Kai missing?" Jean-Paul asks Carol. He didn't notice. "I suppose as he's one of the team, mon Capitaine would be cross should we not do something to get him back." But then he focuses on Loki, concentrating on the important part of what was said. "Enjoyable in what way?" he asks, giving the trickster god a smile and stepping closer. "Does it involve fine wine and handsome men? And would you be accompanying us on this rescue mission?"

The god levels a look at Carol that, if he had eye beams, would shoot them. "She is not my daughter. Such a hilarious joke…for Fandral to tell the mortals of Midgard that /Loki/ is the father of literally /every bad thing/." He rolls his eyes. "Do not believe everything you read in a child's book, Danvers. I assure you, the reality is so much stranger." But, Loki doesn't explain and he flashes a smile at the end of it before falling back to a more serious expression. "I believe, technically, he is still walking around. He was kidnapped by the Wild Hunt. Malekith…he is a dark elf…an evil, crazy, man. Malekith captured him to lure me after him, then captured me for a time too, but when I was finally freed, he had /killed/ Kai. However, Kai has struck some sort of deal with Hela…that if he finds me, we may /both/ go to Nifleheim…that is the land of the dishonored dead, if I say yes to going with him. I will not say yes…I will refuse, and I will use my knowledge of hidden paths to take an army to Nifleheim to kill her warriors. Her warriors will die in glorious battle…and will be brought to Valhalla, and her army will be /vastly/ depleated. Of course she can stop the slaughter by simply agreeing to give Kai back to me." He glances to Jean-Paul. "Of course I will also go on the mission, as may many others considered to be attractive, and afterwards…wine and feasting."

Captain Marvel narrows her eyes a bit, "Alright, so don't trust the old sagas, got it. But… you want to use the Avengers as part of your army to storm Niflheim to help stop Hela and free Kai?" She tilts her head, "And we have to rely on you to get us there and get us out without abandoning us in this Land of the Dead." She looks at Loki, "We'd want Kai back too, and it's good to know where he finally is, but… how exactly can we trust you to get us there and get us back?"

"It's a date then." Jean-Paul agrees. Wine and feasting with Loki. "However, part of your stated plan does seem problematic. Mon Capitaine will, most assuredly, object to where we are supposed to 'kill her warriors in glorious battle'. Not to mention that they are as likely to kill one or two of the Avengers who can not handle themselves as well as we can." 'We' being himself and Loki, of course. "But tell us; what is the outcome if you do say yes and you both go to this Nifleheim place? How is this supposed to bring Kai back to life?"

Loki spreads his hands, "I would also be dead…my soul in the possession of Hela. It would be a great boon for her…she might possibly be able to win more battles and eventually take over Valhalla." The Asgardian pauses. "This is, to tell the truth, the slightly unpleasant part. I know that Captain America is willing to assist…just to not leave a man behind. I know that Barnes will also assist, because Kai is his friend, but they are not enough to do enough damage. Kai makes me happy. Kai is also an Avenger who maybe helps keep me from a darker, nastier future. If you do not help me to retrieve Kai's soul, then I will unleash my grief upon this world." NOW he's threatening.

Carol hovers right in front of Loki, "Alright. Swear an oath that you will do everything in your ability that we all make it back here, and I'll help." She looks at Loki, "Fandral, whoever he is, might have made up some stuff, but I'm pretty sure that your sworn word is a solid bond. Do that, and I'll help." She blinks at the mention of Barnes, and unable to stop herself adds, "Wait, you know… how is Bucky?" She actually sounds concerned, a bit, though she does what she can to hide it pretty fast.

"So he would still be dead and you would be as well." Jean-Paul muses. "This does not seem to be an equitable arrangement." The threat he just waves away. "If you have already secured mon Capitaine's agreement, there is no call for threats, mon ami. Besides, I strongly suspect your fellow gods would have something to say about it. Once again, if my recollections of the myths about you are correct. Merely do what my companion requests and we can move on to more pleasant things than posturing."

"I vow that I will do everything in my power to see the Avengers and all who aid me, in returning them back through the portal to Midgard, safely. This is the truest thing, for I have no other desire than to see my Kai returned to me. In time, Hela will have him anyway. I simply require more centuries." Loki takes a deep breath. "Bucky. Yes. I know where he is. He is…as fine as may be expected. He too was captured by Malekith, changed into a wolf, and then forced to rip out Kai's throat. So….as you can imagine, he is not in the best of spirits." He looks to Jean-Paul, "Who are you that…speaks so well I almost can hardly imagine you to be from Midgard."

Carol nods, "I can try to talk to him, then." She stops hovering, then, as Loki swears his oath, and stands in front of him, "Alright. I can't speak for the other Avengers, but I'll help you get Kai back. He doesn't deserve to be in a place like that." She glances over at Jean-Paul, and gives him a wry smile, before looking back at Loki, "So you mentioned a bit of a plan, but I definitely have some more questions. What secret paths are these that you're talking about, to get in and out?"

"You may call me Jean-Paul, mon ami." he tells Loki. "I am quite pleased to meet you and look forward to our future encounters. Whatever form they might take. But now, I too am curious as to your plans and would like to hear the answer to what has been asked."

"Normally, the only way between realms is what is called the bifrost…a gate, so to speak. A bridge. But…I am a," Loki tilts his head here, "little sneakier than the usual Asgardian, and I know of other ways. Holes. Pathways. They are in out of the way places, but lead to other realms. There is a path to Nifleheim in the state known as Nevada." Seems about right that a path to Hel would be there. "After I turn down going with Kai…he will go back there. And then we will too…with an army. Of course I will threaten a great deal when whatever beast comes to take him away, does so. Maybe shoot it. I tend to work…a little spontaneously in that regard."

Captain Marvel frowns a bit, "Okay, what sort of army? I mean, I know you want all our help, and we can offer some… but we're still pretty shy of a full army." She tilts her head to Loki, "I'm guessing you have some sort of plan for that, too."

"I am the equivalent of a platoon all by myself." Jean-Paul assures Carol. "Or perhaps a brigade. Is a brigade larger than a platoon? My interest in military matters has never extended beyond those serving in them." Walking over to the stairs, he perches on one of the lower ones. "And what of your fellow Asgardians, mon ami? Can you not count on them for assistance? He is, after all, one of your own."

"Dishonorable, dead, Asgardians. They will be…in various forms of decay…its not pleasant. They will have strength, but many have the spirits of cowards. They are her army, and now and then she leads the army against that of Valhalla, which gives the dead in battle a chance to move from dishonor…to honored dead, which means she loses them in her ranks. Each Asgardian you kill…is one less she has for her army. Normally you Avengers have to worry about…killing people, right? THESE PEOPLE are already dead…and by killing them in battle, you will actually be doing them a favor. Its the ultimate chance to really let loose." He looks to Jean-Paul then, catching a glimpse of those elf ears, "I hope to have the assistance of Thor."

Johnny wandered into the Foyer at some point after Loki showed up, and for once he doesn't make a big show of being the center of attention. Mostly because crazy ass shit is being talked about. Finally, his arms crossed over his chest, "Don't get me wrong, I'm all for rescuing Kai, but 'invading hell' seems awful ambitious as far as plans go. Usually when someone ends up dead that's when you give up with trying to save them. Just saying as a voice of not crazy over here."

Captain Marvel glances over at Johnny, "True… but Kai is an Avenger. I know if any one of you were trapped there, I'd do what I could to get you back." She looks back at Loki, "Thor? I met him, actually. And while I can take out an army by myself, quite possibly…" She thinks a moment, then looks over at Loki, "I'm not going to speak for the rest of the team, but I'll help you get Kai back to the land of the living." She pauses, then mutters, "America is gonna kill me." under her breath.

"It seems that death is not as black and white for some as we might assume." Jean-Paul tells Johnny before looking back to Loki. "So by killing the cowardly dead, they regain their honor and go to Valhalla? It seems this Hela is doing everyone a favor by sending them against you." Nodding at the mention of Thor, he notes "I have read of him in the news." After a moment, he adds "I had thought he was supposed to be a red head."

"Except for herself…she will not enjoy the loss of her army." Loki offers to Jean-Paul, then bows his head to Carol, "Thank you…I am glad to have both of you, so willingly." Then he looks at Johnny and his sense of logic and reason, "Actually, you missed the part where I threatened everyone if they did not assist." He grins crookedly.

Johnny eyes them all in turn, and he shrugs and grins, "Well, never let it be said Johnny Storm was afraid of anything at all ever, so why start with 'hell' and a horde of dead vikings. When is this going to actually happen?" Then he squints at Loki for a long moment, "Threatening is bad strategy, man. You know that whole thing about honey?"

Carol shakes her head at Johnny, "He can't help it. It's who he is." She smirks back to Loki, "If I didn't think it'd upset Kai, I'd try to break your nose for that crack. Again. So, you'll help us infiltrate her kingdom, we get Kai, hope that we can get him out without a fight… and if we can't, then things get far more interesting." She hmms, "I'll need to make a few plans before we go anywhere for this. Assuming that we weren't leaving right away?"

"Just think, mon ami." Jean-Paul says to Johnny. "You can burn them all to ash and feel no guilt at all. They will transcend their shameful deaths and be reborn… redead?… in a better place. Literally. It would be useful to know more about what we will be facing." he continues to Loki. "Beyond the dead vikings. I would be pleased to discuss it with you in depth, perhaps over drinks."

"Where, precisely, are we going?" He's not in full Shadow drag - Lamont's sort of semi out of the dark-hearted vigilante closet with his fellow Avengers. Instead, he's in a white linen shirt, dark gray pants. His tone is one of mild curiosity. A mission, and he hasn't yet been invited?

Loki is inviting basically…/everyone/. So, not to worry! "Nifleheim…the land of the dishonored dead. I can get us there." Loki offers to Lamont, then remarks to Johnny, "Ah…it is a relief to know you will come. I am certain that a man made of fire will be as impressive as useful." And then finally, he casts a bemused look to Jean-Paul. "Yessss…drinks sounds nice. We will be facing Asgardian dead, and old Midgardian dead. They are those who did not die in battle, but as the result of murder, suicide, old age, and disease. They sometimes appear as shades, but most often as men and women with their complete bodies, though some may have the wounds or disease of their death upon them. They will not have modern weapons. You will face swords, axes…"

"Hell, apparently." replies Johnny to Lamont. He steps over and leans back against the wall, crossing his arms over his chest. He nods at JP, smirking a moment, "These dishonored dead don't seem very threatening, but I imagine there's quite a few of them, yes? Where else are we getting our troops from? I'm not sure if Avengers plus Thor and Loki is quite equal to the task of, you know, conquering hell. Doesn't Asgard have itself an army to contribute?"

Captain Marvel nods, then hrms, "What about magic? Because I'm guessing if there's an army of undead there's magic involved with that somewhere." Sure, she's not anywhere near familiar with what magic does, but she is besties with Wanda, so she knows enough to know that a few undead sorcerers would really ruin everyone's day.

Like the day wasn't bad enough with invading Hel.

"Excellent. Tomorrow perhaps." Jean-Paul suggests to Loki. "Or tonight if you prefer. Just when is this assault being planned for? I might need to reschedule some lectures. But tell me, mon ami. Once we get to Hel" he says to Loki, "What is to stop me from just going to get Kai and retrieving him without the need to fight our way through untold corpses?"

Which is when Lamont pipes up, almost diffidently, "Well, I do know the Sorcerer Supreme. He might be convinced to offer advice, if not actual help. And why, precisely are we going to Hell? Actual Hell, or….the norse world of the undead, I take it?"

"It is Hel, perhaps. With one L. I am bound to make no comment about your…Midgardian Hell with two Ls. " Loki explains, "And if Strange wishes to help, he may, but he comes with a lot of /rules/. The Avengers who will aid me need to be ready at a moment's notice. This will all occur rather suddenly, whenever Kai finds me. As far as pulling him out of Hel…his soul is bound, so…you cannot just grab him and leave. He must be released." Loki draws in a deep breath, "The only possible magic will be from Hela herself, and I will try to handle her..keep he distracted from the rest of you until she gives in."

Captain Marvel nods a bit, "Alright. I don't know how many of us will be available, but if I can, I'll help get Kai out." She glances at the others, "And this isn't binding on any of you, but if you want to help, I definitely wouldn't mind." Her lips quirk into a wry expression at that.

"Magic." Jean-Paul's tone is somewhat distasteful. "How inconvenient. Then I shall just give the cowardly dead an honorable death in battle. I'll need a blade." he says to Loki. "A very sharp blade. Suitable to take off someone's head." Pause. "Several someones. That seems to me like the easiest way of going about it. Make that several blades. They will dull after repeated use and that will slow me down." This should be an interesting experience.

He may not be a bad looking guy, Lamont….but there's something ugly in his smile. "I am at your disposal, ma'am," he says, with that faintly theatrical touch, voice quiet. "This sounds like a challenge worth the name. I'm not much of a magician myself, but….a battle against impossible odds…."

"I will see what I can do about blades…I have someone getting supplies from Asgard." Loki reveals and then draws up a deep breath, "By all means, spread the word. Your fellow Avenger is in need, and then…I will be in your debt." The green-eyed trickster exhales. "I should try to find Thor."

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