1964-06-25 - Portraits and Promises
Summary: Amora comes to visit Kai in his dark hour of need.
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Kai hasn't been sleeping well. It's almost as if he doesn't want his last days alive to be spent unconscious. The past few sleepless nights have rendered positive results, though. There are two painted portraits still drying, one on the table and another on an easel. He lounges on the couch surrounded by sketches, and the one he's working on now is of Loki asleep. This is where the little elf shines. He is, if nothing else, a genius at art.


"When shall you paint me in all my glory, Kai, darling? I fear mortal men have tried their hands at it over the centuries and failed. You might yet capture something of my beauty." She murmured, appearing behind the elf in a cloud of green smoke. She smiled, coming up behind him and peering over his shoulder at the painting.

"I see you just missed the Trickster. How tragic." She hmm'ed her lips twitching. "He seeks as you do. We spoke at length. I am charged to go to Asgard on his behalf to seek his arms and armaments." She glanced over the painting.

"You capture his likeness well."


"My timing is just terrible," Kai says, and he looks up at Amora with a sleepy grin. He glances to the drawing, and his smile fades somewhat. Loki asleep looks a lot more innocent to Kai's eyes, but there are still traces of trouble around the eyes and the curve of his lips. "How is he doing? Does he look well?"

The painting on the easel is of Loki, but the ones over on the table, Kai nods toward it. "I haven't caught you in all your glory, my dear lady, I painted you in a lovely gown."


A laugh, and then Amora reached out to pat Kai's shoulder before moving to find an available surface to perch on. "Oh, I would not be opposed to posing for you, my darling." She grinned, her mood lighter than before. No hint of mead on her breath or in her step. It would seem her conversation with Loki changed something.

"He is short tempered with cares. He worries for you. He plots revenge. The manner of sort I have offered my services in." She murmured, fluttering dark eyelashes.

"And ugh, darling, a gown?" She rose to peer over the pictures on the table. "Perhaps tis not so bad. But really.."


The gown in the portrait clings, leaving very little to the imagination, and where flesh isn't simply revealed, the material is shimmering and gossamer thin. The painting shows Amora in repose on a chaise, surrounded by sumptuous fruits and various bottles of liquors in shapes that bring to mind rounded curves, and she's looking out at the viewer while holding a cherry to her lips. Its resemblance to something obscene is unmistakable, and the thought in many men's minds upon seeing it would no doubt be 'lucky cherry.'

Kai continues making pencil strokes on his drawing. "I hope that he knows I love him dearly, and that I have every faith in him. I wish I was better at finding him, I really do."


Amora glides the tip of her fingernail against the edge of the portrait, a small twitch of her lips following in a clear sign of her approval. "Aye, that he does know. He spoke of plans for after already, so I have no doubt he will exhaust all ends to see you free." She sighed softly, shaking her head slowly.

"I desire one of these portraits for my home in Asgard. Larger, and less gown. Perhaps a few sheets instead of a gown." She murmured, her voice warm as she turned back toward him.


"Of course, dear," Kai says. "I'll set myself to it tonight. If you would like that one for your house here, I was going to give it to you. It could be suitable for a parlor where it might tantalize without giving too much away to someone not deserving." He takes a long look at the drawing, declares it done, and then sits up, gathering up the other sketches. There are drawings of his dog, of various things around the room, of a bleak landscape filled with nothing but a single chunk of half-wall in the distance. There's one of a young man with wings, various other people. Kai's friends, no doubt. "I know he'll do whatever it takes," he says as he clears off a more comfortable place for Amora to sit. "But if I have to choose, I would rather go back alone than have him damned as well or worse."


Amora smirked as she settled down, posing as was her natural inclination. All wicked promise and amusement held in by curves framed by golden locks. "You need care for yourself, as well, Kai darling. How will I ever bring news to your beloved otherwise?" she murmured, and snapped her fingers. Magic swirling around her to produce an illusion of rich tapestries and the alike around her.

"And fear not. Loki has his brother promised to his aid as well as myself. The Princes have never failed when bound together. They've marched into Surtur's domain to bring me back, they can barter your release."


Kai starts with a clean sheet and starts to sketch Amora for the painting he'll do later. He pauses to glance at the tapestries, and he grins. "Much better," he says. "I miss luxury sometimes. It's one of the things I enjoyed about Alfheim."

He regards Amora then with those big blue eyes, all watery with fatigue and gratitude. "I don't know what I've done to be surrounded by such excellent people who would do something like this for me, but if— when I survive this, I'll devote my days to being worthy."

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