1964-06-25 - The Bat and the Devil
Summary: Batman and Daredevil meet up again
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A dark night in Hell's Kitchen finds the poor and crime riddled neighborhood of New York City relatively quiet. Occasional police sirens can be heard off in the distance, though the infractions those officers of law are investigating all seem to be relatively minor incidents. A strong wind blows through the steep valleys created by the vertical surfaces of grimy buildings in various states of ill and failing repair. A light rain foretells of the storm forecasted to be blowing into the city, soaking the street and rooftops of buildings.

A lone figure stands atop the roof of a local tenement building. Dressed in black, the moulded chest and abdomen plate allows the falling water to stream off of him as he stands on the corner of the roof, watching the street below… waiting.

Eventually a man clad in all scarlet, with horns like satan and a grimace to match emerges from the shadows and out towards the corner of the roof. "Hope you had more luck than I did," Daredevil responds quietly, obviously perturbed that his efforts have not born more fruit than he would have liked. "Nice night." For him, rain makes things even easier. His foes often are less sure of their footing and his radar sense works even better in poor conditions.

Batman turns from the street to face Daredevil, pulling his cape around and making the bottom of the long fabric swirl around him. "No, I have not had any luck with tracking down the murderer. I had hoped that perhaps you had managed to find a few more leads. I am actually here regarding something else," he says, his low. The sound of his boots striking the rooftop cue the man's approach while his hand is busy working a pouch set into his utility belt. His gloved hand pulls away holding a small earpiece which he extends out toward Daredevil. "This works off of a short wave radio frequency amplified and broadcast from my headquarters. It is encrypted, which will make our signal harder to intercept, and will allow you to communicate with myself and my allies if you ever need us.

Daredevil holds his gloved hand out to take the earpiece and he gauges its weight in his hands a few times before tucking it away. "Thanks," he says earnestly as he gives Batman a nod. "That'll come in handy. That guy you were with before—he's one of them? Who else is there?"

Batman nods his head and says, "That was Nightwing. He is newer to the… job, but I trained him. There is another that you have not met yet who calls herself Batgirl. I found her doing some work on her own, so I brought her in and gave her some equipment, polished her technique. And then there is you. We are not many, but I believe we are capable. That is another reason that I have come here tonight. I have another person I need you to keep your eye on. Alexandra Luthor, owner of LexCorp."

Daredevil nods as he mentions Batgirl. The association makes sense, clearly. "Alexandra Luthor? Can't deny the news on her always seems to make me shudder. She just another corporate thug, or is there something else?"

"I have heard that Luthor was making open threats regarding the toppling of one of the businesses in the city. She had referenced the other such companies that she had left as burning husks in her wake while she carried her own to the top. You know as well as I do that such a rise is hardly ever innocent. It is worth looking into, in any case," Batman says, his eyes watching Daredevil closely, gauging his reaction from what he can see of his face. "I doubt Luthor directly steps out to dirty her hands on the street. She likely has some outside source that does this for her. I want to locate who this person is, as well as stage an operation inside LexCorp after hours to see what we can dig up."

Daredevil gives a single nod, "Corporate espionage isn't normally my thing, but if have enough reason to believe that we could scrounge something up on her that's good enough for me. I have some contacts in the business world I'll poke around to see if they know anything either."

"I do not know you well, but I have heard of your reputation on the streets. I think that you are a good fit within the group I am putting together. If these contacts you have would also be a good fit for us, bring them to me. I want to meet them," Batman says, his eyes sweeping back toward the edge of the roof.

Daredevil nods, "I agree. And I'll talk to some of my allies and see what their thoughts are. I don't work with many, but there are a couple of people I trust and work well with."

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