1964-06-27 - A Warrior's Respite
Summary: Our heroes retire to Asgard's halls
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With all the adventurers back at Asgard— and Scarlett sleeping off a hell of a hangover— Thor brings Kelda to visit Brynn and Amora, once the revived sorceress has returned to her wits.

He's careful to lend her a hand as needed, her returned mortal form still weak and not entirely at full strength.

"Amora, Brynn," Thor says, nodding at the two women as the four find a place to sit in the guest quarters of the Royal Palace. "It's time formal introductions were made." His arms and armor set aside, Thor has garbed himself in the casual clothing of his home land— a sleeveless, deep blue jerkin lined in silver, and rugged trousers in grey over soft boots. "This is the Lady Kelda Stormrider— a magess of some repute in her day, and formerly a guardian of the House of Odin. A much revered warrior," he says, bowing slightly once Kelda is seated.

"Lady Amora, the Enchantress," he says, introducing the ravishing blonde, and his hand moves to Brynn. "And Brynn, envoy of the Valkyrie for the Court of Odin."


Seated in her chair by the Prince, Kelda looks from Amora to Brynn and inclines her head.

"I owe you both my life, in essence, and thank you for it. Without your timely intervention, I may have remained forever stuck in the twilight of the meadhall." She's still wan, more paper-thin in her body rather than as a soul, but she manages a little smile of those pink lips. Everything about the Lady Stormrider speaks to translucency, from the pale-flaxen of her hair to her light skin. Only her eyes retain the splash of color, the hue caught in the depths of glacial lakes. "Much and little have changed in my absence."


Amora sat idly sipping her mead as she reclined on the chair as if she were posing for a portrait, for she was truly as beautiful was one. Her armor, or what passed for it, had been replaced with an off the shoulders, silken dress that shifted tones of green and gold as the light hit it. A corseted, and heavily embroidered cincher wrapped around her waist, giving he already low neckline a greater lift.

Her hair was spun back in braids of intricate designs, with beads and flowers woven into it as it spilled around her to give her a look of eternal Spring.

Yet she had held an otherwise stony silence in regards to Brynn, never quite meeting the other woman's gaze. It wasn't until the Prince returned with introductions did she nod her head and smile winningly.

"Greetings. T'was the All-father's command.. and I merely followed it."


"Speak nothing of it. I am just glad we arrived in time," Brynhildr responds quietly, tilting her head slightly to the left as she does so. Blue eyes flicker from Kelda to Thor and then back, her expression becoming a faint frown while she considers something invisible. Without her armour Valkyrie manages to be somewhat less menacing. Particularly since the blood is gone.

Dark eyes study Lady Stormrider briefly from head to toe and eventually Brynn simply draws a deep breath. "You're looking very well, given you were recently dead. The All-Father doesn't call for us to release a soul often. My sisters still don't know quite what to make of it. If you need anything let me know. I will be staying for a short while before I need to rejoin them soon to lead the… Repairs."


"Aye, 'tis a most disconcerting event," Thor agrees with a heavy frown. He seats himself, perhaps a bit closer to Amora than the others but otherwise companionably part of the circle.

"Odin sensed something amiss in Valhalla. 'tis not his world to administer without the Valkyrie's permission; an army would be out of the question. I suspect my father knew something was amiss and we would be best suited to retrieve Stormrider from the harrows of that invasion force. Asgard, of course, stands behind the Valkyrie, and we will help however you wish," Thor assures Brynn.

"For now, however, Odin has invited Kelda Stormrider to resume her service to the Royal Family. As Sif is still long on her own quests, I am without a titled Shield-Maiden; for now, Kelda will take that role," he tells the other two women at the table. "My father felt 'twould be best to have… someone… in my company, while I am still returning to my own strength." The thin press of his lips betrays the plastered smile at being the 'dutiful son' in response to Odin's orders.

"But mistake me not, Kelda, I welcome you to our circle," he assures the lean blonde woman. "Stormrider is a formidable warrior in her own right, and a sorceress of no mean talent," he tells Amora and Brynn, brightly. "I think she'll make a most excellent ally in the field of battle."


The Enchantress tosses her hair over a bare shoulder, a necklace of glittering green gems more plainly visible around her neck as she did so. A sip of her mead followed as she recrossed her legs as Thor sat nearer toward her and she glanced over him with a flutter of those dark eyelashes. Then her gaze swung between the other two women, and she shrugged lightly after a moment.

"Since my presence is no longer needed in Asgard, my prince, and you have a new protector.. I see my duty here is done. Correct?" She glanced down at the table, dragging her full lower lip between her teeth idly.

"For I have business else where that will need tending. With Lady Stormrider, I hardly see a need for my continued presence.. Sorceress and warrior both.." She mused.


"I should take my leave as well, my prince." Brynhildr bows her head then, taking a deep breath through her nose as she drops her hands to her sides. "I have a lot that must be done. My Lady Stormrider, I hope to speak to you again soon. You've been in the hallowed halls a long while. You're nearly one of us." There's a quiet smile for that and then the Valkyrie draws herself to her full height. "If I may be dismissed?"


"His highness is too kind," murmurs the Lady Stormrider, her attention averted to her hands. Still, her little smile never fades.

She sits, listening as the Enchantress muses and then looks to the Valkyrie. There's a moment where she seems to wish to rise to her feet as well, but a simple walk to the sitting room has taken much from her. Thus, Kelda remains in the chair. "I look forwards to it, Lady Brynn. Allow me a day of rest and I will find a way to speak with you."

Amora merely gets a measuring, silent look afterwards.


Thor blinks at Amora, about to speak, but then Brynn is rising and courtesy demands that the Prince bid the leader of the Valkyrior farewell. "Your aid was most welcome, my friend," he tells Brynn, clasping her wrist and pulling her into a warrior's hug. "As always, it's an honor to serve with you my friend." He steps back, smiling, and bows slightly in return, matching Brynn's posture. "Dismissed, with the court's gratitude," he tells her, sincerely— and waves Brynn to her farewell.

Then he turns back to Amora and Kelda glowering at each other, and even the sometimes over-thick Thor realizes there's something frosty in the air between them, and scratches at his head before clearing his throat.

"Er… Lady Amora, you're of course welcome to retire as you wish, but your aid will always be welcomed at court," he tells her. "As long as I don't keep you from honoring your previous obligations, I'd welcome your continued presence as part of the royal entourage."


Amora arched a perfectly sculpted eyebrow upwards as she rolled her shoulders back, her chin tilted upwards as she returned her attention back to Thor and away from Kelda. Her hands in an almost possessive way, reached out to trace over Thor's arm, eyelashes fluttering as she peered up at him from beneath the fringe of black. "I've already spoken to you about my other obligations. I'm to go hunting as it were. I've picked up nothing from my scrying mirrors. So I must away in person." She leaned up to press a kiss to Thor's cheek. Oddly chaste for her.

"As I've said before.. Asgard holds only your presence in terms of interest for me."


Upon Brynn's exit, it becomes apparent to Lady Stormrider that she might just be the odd wheel out within the room. The actions of the Enchantress only further her suspicions. Her smile deepens before becoming mild once again.

"I wish you luck and good hunting, Lady Amora. As per the All-Father's edict, I intend to keep your interests within safety's sake. My interests lie elsewhere…preferentially more rest. I am but a shade of myself." Carefully, she gets to her feet and uses the back of the chair as a crutch. "Thank you again, your highness. I can make it to my room through my own efforts. By your leave."

And, in fact, it might be without the Prince's leave that the pale warrior-mage excuses herself from the room entirely…which should say something about that base personality lurking beneath the cool exterior.


"Bry— Kel—"

Thor watches the women slipping away as Amora kisses his cheek, and by the time he's assembled his thoughts into some semblance of order, the women have made their departure before he can set things right as he realizes the frost on everyone's tone.

Helplessly, he looks back at Amora as she stares up at him, and processes the full import of her suggestive statement.

Thor resists the urge to brush a hand across his face, sensing that it'll take a fair amount of grovelling to encourage Amora to remain with the court. "Amora, let's sit and talk about this first, at least," he suggests, trying to nudge her to a chair.


Some of Amora's frosty demeanor melted away as the other women left one by one, a minute thawing of in the intensity of her gaze. The line of her shoulders seemed to relax, and as the door shut behind Kelda, the heated possessiveness was gone. As if by the other women's departure had loosened some intrinsic need for Amora to play up the part of haughty Enchantress.

As Thor spoke she leaned back, rocking her weight on her heels, and releasing a breath.

"Alright." She murmured, slipping back onto the bench before the table.


"Amora, /must/ we engage this dance?" Thor pleads of Amora, as he seats himself across from her. "I know we are… at a detente, but you also know that my aid is but a word away from you. Kai and Loki need my aid — /our/ aid. I've promised my hammer and myself at your side. Is that not enough for you? Must you sweep out with all haughty appeal, and force me to chase after you?" he inquires, brows lifted plaintively.


Amora reached up to sweep her hair back from her face, gathering the thick locks of gold at the base of her neck as she looked away from him. "I told you that I am .. I have grown up getting what I want, whenever I wanted it. How I tend to push things away or try to destroy them when I throw tantrums? It's.. it's what's expected of me, Thor. Those women expect it of me. For me to be the Enchantress.." She shook her head slowly, letting go of her hair to let it hang free again.

"Part of it is a mask.. and part of it is.. I am still learning to let go. I was letting it go, but.. I just don't see a purpose in being that woman anymore." She reached for her drink, taking a gulp.

"And you would not like nor approve of what I am doing for Loki in this. Leave it be. Trust me when I say that your presence there will not aid matters. Go with your brother when he calls for strength of arms.."


"They expect a member of the royal retinue to be bold and courageous," Thor corrects Amora. "They hope you might also be wise, honest, and kind. We must learn to trust one another, this little team of ours; if there is no trust, we will fall apart on the field, and a team divided, like a house, cannot stand."

He sighs heavily and rises. "I shan't press you for details, Amora; your secrets, as always, are yours to keep as you wish. I hope you will stay at my left hand where you are most urgently needed, but if you choose to leave Asgard, I shall not stop you. You've earned a right to free passage from Odin himself. But… if you decide I might aid you and my brother in your battles, know that I am but a word from your side. Should you wish the help."


Amora could never keep anything from Thor when pressed, not when he turned those beautiful blue eyes on her and just looked so very much like a kicked puppy. It broke her heart and made her keel over swifter than a tree struck by lightning. It wasn't fair.

"I have never been nor ever will be trusted, Thor. Too many centuries at Loki's side and going along with his pranks and tricks will do that." So will seducing and stealing the secrets of magic users throughout all the Nine Realms but she wasn't admitting to that for the moment.

A sigh fell from ruby lips as she hung her head, her eyes slipping shut from a long moment before she turned her gaze on Thor again. "I'm going to Svartalfheim, to find Malekith and his bride. Loki wishes to make them pay for their transgressions. And I support that. I'm willing to go there to find them because they're clouded from my mirrors. 'Tis why I cannot bring you."


Thor exhales, nodding. "Aye, and if the Prince of Asgard travels to Svartalfheim, 'twould be an act of war. If Amora goes, Malekith has but one person to punish for her transgressions."

He reaches across the table to grip her slender wrist, her hand virtually disappearing in his.

"Travel with care, then, Amora, and return to Asgard as swiftly as your feet will carry you. You venture into a land of great peril, and my oaths to my father prevent me from travelling along. For now," he says.

He stoops to brush lips against her temple, then walks off in the direction of the Royal Apartments.


Thor's affection stilled the Enchantress more anything else possibly could. She froze, staring down at her hand as he clasped it between his own large grip. His words brought an ache to her heart and she closed her eyes briefly, her fingers reflexively squeezing back as she exhaled a slow, deep breath. Then of course he was rising and his departing kiss to her temple held her in utter rapture. Her heart fluttered.

She twisted around, making to try to capture his wrist and rise up to try to steal a more lusty kiss from him before he departed.


Thor is captured, and though he's mightier than Amora— there's no one in the realm stronger than the Enchantress and her grip on a man she fancies.

She hauls herself up with surprising speed, and before Thor can protest Amora's clinging to his face with her hands and kissing him rather roundly.

It takes a dizzying second for him to recover his wits. "'mura. 'mura. /Amora/," he finally says, after ineffectually pushing her away several times— and finally gripping her shoulders to disengage them. He looks a little wide-eyed— clearly not entirely sure /why/ he broke the kiss.

He surely had a good reason… and it's utterly escaping him at the moment.


Amora didn't fight him when he untangled himself from her kiss, she leaned back, her calves bumping against the bench as he gripped her shoulders. Green eyes scanned his features, her breathing a little faster than before. "We could have been killed today. I might've remained behind in some foolish fancy without you. We did battle, and returned victorious. And I go to a dangerous realm alone. Seeking a greater danger for your brother who might not be trusted." She breathed, her hands curling lightly as she slid them down his jaw and away.

"Give me a proper means of celebration, and a proper goodbye. For we know not what the Norns might weave and we know not what awaits. I returned today, and I might not return tomorrow. Can you accept giving that to me, this once?"


"This once?" Thor lifts a brow at Amora. "'tis a story old as our youths," he chides her— but he doesn't' let her go, or release her. "Is that what you really seek? A night of unhindered passion, set sail on the waters like a candle upon a leaf?"

His eyes focus a little more sharply on Amora's face. "Or do you seek the first of many interludes, and propose a single night of indulgence as a means to a bed shared night after night?" he asks— giving Amora an expression both cautious and uncertain.


A shrug, but a smile lit her features as he lifts a brow and gently chides her. "You have never given me a warrior's farewell." She returned and then as he looked upon her sharply she sighed, withdrawing her hands entirely despite his grip on her still.

"I will accept what you are willing to give me. If 'tis not even a night, and merely a kiss then so it shall be. If you desire another night in the future, you know I shall never refuse you." She pushed her hair back from her features, dragging it back as she stretched her arms over her head.

"Life is unpredictable.. and we are not as immortal as I once felt so assured over.. I would have tonight if you were willing. A celebration of life and a girding against the future.."


"I…" Thor shakes his head, looking away, but it takes some time for him to finally release Amora. "You speak fine words, and my head and heart and… other parts would wish to agree."

"But I recall many a day when you attempted to woo me and ensnare me to control my affections, not bask in them. And rarely have I been wise enough or prudent enough to decline your advances."

He exhales through his nose in mild frustration at himself, and turns away again. "Forgive me my temperance, Amora. You've had most of a year to find a new equilibrium, but for myself it was bare weeks ago that I plummeted from the Bifrost."

He's silent for a beat, as if looking for the last of his words— but instead of speaking again, he sighs and a little forlorned, resumes his plodding pace towards the apartments.

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