1964-06-27 - Midnight Visit
Summary: Loki comes to see Lambert about the Kai situation.
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At 2:00am there are no lights on up here at all. The Asgardian is unlikely to see anything like a light switch in here - from the kerosene lamps and candles here and there, it looks as if there is no electricity up in the flat. The place is quiet, and it smells pleasant, both of herbs, and soaps, and a little of some of the plants outside, which are winding in the open windows. The faint sound of a clock ticking. Low breathing from the bedroom. And those _weird_, _weird_ family portraits up everywhere. Noticably, no giant crabs.

Loki is roaming around in the wee hours, probably on purpose. Less chance of find a /conscious/ Kai, at the very lease. He listened at the door, then couldn't bear to risk it…so he did slip in through the window. Then he looks, sneaking around like a thief, to make sure that Kai isn't sleeping, or, if he is, that he moves where he cannot be seen. He's looking for the goat man tonight…to see what aid he can get from the man.

It's possible that the person asleep (fully clothed) in Lambert's bed is Kai - it has the slight shape of the moon elf. But Loki hears a more rumbly, lower tone, more clearly. On the couch is Lambert, wearing a blanket, and with slippers on his feet to keep them warm. The slippers are in the shape of woolly sheep. Lambert is flopped completely on his belly, snoring contentedly. He has a rill of white fleece running down his spine under the blanket. And when he snores it sounds like this: Meh-hehehehehhhhh. Meh-hehehehehhhhh.

Loki is caught, for a moment. Its been so long…but…the object of his quest is right here, snoring on the couch. But that shape? Could it be? And…would he call Hela down upon them if Kai were not awake. He risks looking closer, before he wakes Lambert, peeking at the sleeping person to see if it IS Kai.

There is a glint of golden hair on the pillow. The rest is hard to see, so snuggled down the figure is in the blankets, dead to the world. He hasn't slept for days, and with the wine Lambert plied him with, well. If Hela does come, he might well sleep through it.

The door to the bedroom is open, and the whole house has the scent of wine, so apparently Lambert did get him thoroughly drunk. But then there is a bit of a grunty noise as Loki wakes him, and Lambert says fuzzily "Charlene, no, sweetie, I don't have…mhsh…cheerleading. Skirt…?" And then he is trying to peer at Loki, confuzzled "Wha-?"

Loki suddenly returns to Lambert and waves his hands. "Shhh, shhh, you cannot wake him, or everything is lost. Its not the right time yet. Its me. Its Loki." He speaks in a soft and urgent whisper…unaware of just how passed-out the elf is.

Loki is dressed in Asgardian attire, black leather, with gold and green accents. He seems…ready for war, just minus a weapon and his helm.

Lambert rubs his temples and holds up a finger "One. How do you guys get in here without me hearing? Two. Lemme get the door." With great dignity, Lambert gets up. Sheepy slippers. And boxer shorts. His boxer shorts have little love hearts and tiny goats printed on them in pink and white, with 'Kiss here' printed across the front. Where would someone even GET those? Lambert rubs the pelt above his woolly tail, which is twitching, and quietly closes the door to his bedroom. Then he turns back and he says to Loki "He won't hear anything. I got him drunk on Grandfather's wine. It's the wine Dionysis drinks to get smashed. He's going to have a headache so bad tomorrow he'd punch a priest." Lambert pauses, then he says worriedly "Poor Loki - how horrible this is for you!"

Loki can only imagine that Lambert made them himself out of his own wool. When he watches the door close, he shuts his eyes and exhales. "And yet, I am not the one who was tortured and killed." His words clip out in a sharp tone. "Malekith will pay for what he has done…he can be assured of that. And I will rescue Kai from death…because…simply, the world is not prepared for my grief." Green eyes narrow some. "To that end…I need your help."

"No, you weren't," says Lambert in his all too reasonable voice "But there's no monopoly on suffering, Mr. Loki. Is there?" And then he says "I don't know who this Malekith person is - I'm afraid I don't…know much about, er. Your people - elves? You are elves, right?" Someone is missing a big part of the Asgardian picture "Oh! Yes, well _rescuing from death_ is the sort of thing the Greek myths were about, a lot. So! How can I help?" he beams and offers his hand with blithe innocence. The kind that gets you marrying a giant crab.

Loki shakes with Lambert and nods once. "He is an elf. Actually…" Here Loki smiles faintly, "technically I am a giant. But…Asgardian Prince is all that most people know.Do you still have that /ring/ from the crab attack? If I am right…it is no mere trinket. I sensed a connection with it on that day, but…I could not risk trying to take it at the time in my state."

"What state was that? Goo-goo eyed over Kai?" wonders Lambert, who says "Let me have a look…" He moves to the side to light one of the lamps, and a couple of the candles nearer Loki "Sorry, unless it's a recipe my memory isn't - wait, giant?" He peers at Loki, up and down "…oh! I get it. Elves are short. To them you're a giant. And a Prince, eh?" He holds the lamp up and opens a drawer "I gave the crab one of the rings, but I'm not sure which it was - here we go." And he digs through the detritus there, everything from a woman's brasserie to a letter jacket, until he can offer Loki a ring.

Loki takes the ring and nods. "Good. That is part one. Next…ah…how mortal are you? Could you fight without too great of a risk against large…Norse-type warriors? Or…not as much? I am Prince of Asgard, the /jewel/ of the Nine Realms. Kai is from another of the realms, called Alfheim. Not a prince…but…/everything/ to me. My state, before, was that I did not know who I fully was, and I had little to no powers. I felt the ring…but I did not remember why it was important. I only remembered later when I was restored. I suppose I should ask how you've been. But…Tell me how he's been too. Does he have any sort of plan for himself? I hate to wreck it with my own."

Lambert considers, then he says "Well, I could. Uh." He considers his frypan-bashing options, and then he says finally "Er, I have never lost a fight." Technically, true. Lambert admits "I've hardly ever been in one! But Kai's a friend, right? I'm faster, stronger, and tougher than most humans. But not than _all_ humans - the best athlete could beat me in a foot race. The best weightlifter might be able to lift what I cannot. I'm only a quarter satyr, and for some reason all my brothers and sisters have all the physical grace." And horns, damn it. He rubs his chin "You know one thing, though…if I can get someone drunk, even lots of someones? They usually do everything I say." Then the creature says "Er, how am I supposed to address a Prince? I've never met one before. And don't worry about me. I've got a new baklava recipe that's perfect. For him, his plans appear to be 'write very sad love letters and try to do fun things'."

Loki arches his brows. "Did he write letters? Can I see them? Assuming they are for me. I certainly hope so. You may actually be able to get the army drunk…I'm not sure. I will think about the possibilities. From what I am told, the moment we meet…I am to either agree to go back with him, and die, or…refuse him. Has he told you that? I can see the romance in dying for love, but…I think I can do more good by refusing. "

"Not to that level of detail," says Lambert, and he picks up a dressing gown from his couch and tucks it around himself. White, fluffy. He sure does like white fluffy things made out of natural fibres. Then he heads to a small alcove and takes out an envelope, coming back to hand it to Loki "This is for you." He adds "The problem with dying due to romance is there's less time for drinking wine, having sex with nymphs, and eating good food. I mean, it _is_ romantic. But. Nymphs, Loki. I mean, Prince. _Nymphs_."

"You may simply call me Loki. I am estranged from the family right now, regardless. Asgard never thought highly of the Greek Pantheon, but…I rather like it." Loki looks the man up and down and smiles at all the white fluff. He takes the letter and then moves closer to the door. "Do not tell him that I mean to refuse. It may break the spell holding him here. Do you think he's drunk enough to stay asleep if I…went in…and took a lock of his hair?" Creeper.

Lambert says "Certainly! Loki." He laughs, and then he says "Many of the Gods are assholes." An idle waves of his hand "Power corrupts. I mean, look at this place. Anyway." After a moment he pauses. Creeper. Yes. Though…"He'd sleep through an earthquake. Why don't you do that, and then head downstairs, if you are leaving. There is fresh bread on the counter down there, and freshly made butter in the refrigerator in a dish. Take both. Good food will give you strength to fight."

"I shall. He always told me to come to your restaurant." Loki nods to the satyr, then turns to head to the closed door. With all this fur about the place, Lambert surely has some scissors laying about, and he picks them up and heads inside to the room. He does stare for a boringly long time. Lambert might even fall back asleep while he's watching the elf. He says things, soft things, "I love you…I will rescue you…do not be afraid." And kisses the side of his face. Then before he's tempted to do MORE to Kai, which would admittably be kinda hilarious for Hela to show up and be all…AHHH MY EYES…he cuts one golden lock of Kai's hair, leaving him with one piece a little shorter than the rest. Then he'll leave swiftly…but not forgetting the bread!

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