1964-06-28 - Not So Subtle Seduction
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Hercules threw a car today! Several of them! Of course, it was the only way to stop the rampaging minotaur that may or may not have followed Hercules to New York looking for revenge. Those things did like to hold a grudge.

The battle had been fierce and raged for a good fifteen minutes, but Hercules at last emerged triumphant. He then went to a local tavern and imbibed several kegs worth of their finest ale, all for the price of a single Olympian gold coin.

Now he's walking home or, at least, beginning to, before he realizes he doesn't actually have one in this mortal city. He always means to find one, but it gets boring and he always finds some adventure or battle or new all-night greasy spoon to keep him occupied. Since he doesn't have to sleep, it never really comes up much. But now, here he is, on a lonely road in the middle of the night, a little befuddled and unsure of himself.


Amora the Enchantress had come to seek the Trickster god, yet finding proved difficult. To the point that the blonde goddess simply choose not to. Frustration was evident in her eyes as she left the mortal bar. Her guise of a shorter, more delicate mortal woman melted away as she stormed out in irritation. All that was left was the Asgardian goddess of desire dressed in a low cut green dress and high heels, along with several glittering pieces of jewelery.

"I seek to return his things, and he is gone. I seek comfort and I am refused!" She trailed off into a number of swears and oaths, all vaguely threatening sounding to anyone that happened to be one of the two Princes of Asgard.

Green eyes flitted about and fell upon the lonely figure of Hercules on the street. Her golden eyebrows climbed upwards on her forehead as she changed direction and made her way toward him. "Well, hello darling." She came up alongside him, canting her head to the side and fluttering dark eyelashes. "Hercules, correct?"


Hercules glances up from his meandering. He's shirtless and wearing a pair of leather breeches and boots. His hair's grown a bit long, tumbling dark around his shoulders. He raises an arm as he's approached, looking the beautiful woman up and down.

"Hail, beauty! Yes, it is I, Hercules, son of Zeus! I am pleased that you recognized me. Most people in this new world don't seem to, perhaps because I have not been photographed enough. They really like their photographs," he says.

"Tell me, lady, are you lost? You seem dressed for some great ball!"


A smile pulls at ruby lips and Amora makes an attempt to loop her arm through his. "Lady Amora of Asgard. The Enchantress to some." She laughed lightly, tossing golden curls over her shoulders. "I have just returned to Midgard on an errand for my Prince. Unfortunately, one has spurned my gracious presence while the other has seemed to vanish."

"So you can see my misery. I go to battle on the morn and find none to warm the cold linens of my bed. I am most bereft." She fluttered those dark eyelashes of her's tilting her head back as she looked up to him.


Hercules allows his arm to be looped because not allowing it never even occurred to him. Hercules is the Prince of Power, the God of Strength, one of the most physically powerful juggernauts of force in this or any realm. What he is not, however, is terribly bright.

"An enchantress? Intriguing. And your name reminds me of the Latin word for 'love'. I believe it's Latin. I'm a little rusty," he laughs heartily. "It seems shameful that you should be left bereft, as you say, milady. Truly, you are a ravishing creature. Perhaps you have been seeking companionship among the blind or the foolish?"


Amora's smile widened as she tilted her head to rest against his shoulder as they walked. Clearly the blonde had little understanding about personal space, or merely disregarded it. "I am from the Realm Eternal, in Asgard. We returned from battle, and the Prince, Thor Odinson. Spurned me most cruelly." She pouted, full lips twisting faintly.

"Tis the greatest thing in all the realms, is it not? To celebrate victory and life after battle with companionship?" She sighed and shook her head. "He does not think that I desire his bed fairly, or truly, and so turns me away again and again."


Hercules laughs, "An Asgardian? Ah, I've had my encounters on an occasion. Blonde people, good with hammers. Terrible food," he mutters. "This Thor has quite a reputation as a warrior, although, of course, not quite so legendary as mine," he says.

"And he turned you down? Perhaps he prefers the company of men? I do not judge, although I do not think I could live without the scent of a woman on my pillow - or my face!" he says, laughing at his own crudity and slapping his thigh, the impact echoing in the street. "Sounds as if he fusses over nonsense. He seems to be confusing bedding with wedding."


Another twist of a smile followed his words and laughter, "Thor does not favor the company of men. Unlike his brother, Thor is very staunchly interested in the fairer sex." She shook her head slowly, "But he thinks ill of me for asking to share the night with him. He fears I would entrap him most coldly, or some such, when all I desire is company. To enjoy the passion. Tis not a crime, I should think. He questioned on if I would ask for further nights, I said if he desired them I would not say no."

A pause followed and she pursed those full lips together, "Which it would seem was the wrong thing to say." His crudeness didn't seem to overly bother Amora in the least.


Hercules furrows his brow, 'This all sounds very confusing. Are you sure that this man is truly Thor? I cannot think of a warrior-born that would turn away the charms of a beautiful woman over anything so…well, woman-ish," he laughs. "Did he wish a dowry? Is he waiting for his one true love, with golden locks hanging from a windowsill for her to climb?" he snorts, clearly amused by his own jest.

"Thunder god or no, methinks your interest in this man might be misplaced, milady. However ferocious he may be, he clearly is lacking in the loincloth department."


A laugh escaped Amora in turn as she walked alongside. "Aye. He is truly Thor. I saw him restored myself by the Norn's own hand. He returned from battle with me in Hela's realm against the invading hordes. He was willing to accept a good night kiss and naught else. He does not trust himself, I think, that by accepting one night with me it would involve.. more." She shrugged.

"As if I demand some such nonsense. I desire merely whatever he wishes." She sighed heavily, tsking under her breath. "He is a grand warrior, and he is unparalleled in Asgard. Perhaps 'tis time I turn my eyes from the Realm Eternal."


Hercules stretches, putting an arm around Amora's shoulder and gesturing outwards, "Milady, tis a vast and wide world out there, with warriors aplenty. Some wear metal suits, others mighty shields. Some dress as bats, I am told, although I find that hard to believe. And, of course, there are other gods, such as I," he says.

"Tis a pity Thor has sunk himself so into melancholy and woe that he can no longer partake the simple pleasures. I saw it often in Greece of old - philosophers, lost in thought, forgoing food and drink, wine and women, all in pursuit of wisdom. They end up eating hemlock or wandering off into the desert. The desert is terrible! SO DRY. I prefer to live a simple life, with simple pleasures. And as much of them as possible."


Amora smiled again, reaching up a hand to drag he fingertips against his jawline as his arm settled around her shoulders. "I certainly hope he has lost all manner of joy in the world. T'would be a pity most assuredly. He is a grand warrior and in times past I enjoyed his company." Her smile faded some what. "As far as Midgard's warriors? I have seen and heard told of their ilk. I find them simply unable to keep up with me for long."

"I enjoy all manner of simple pleasures, and more complicated one.." She drawled lightly, fluttering her eyelashes.


Hercules grins, "Of that, milady, I have no doubt. We gods and goddesses must partake for the humans who cannot. Tis a pity that they have not the stamina or strength to endure as do we. But such is life! We honor their weakness by not turning away from such things for ourselves," he says.

He certainly doesn't mind the dancing fingers on his jaw, his beard bushy and thick. "I admit, I have imbibed thoroughly this eve, and yet I find myself far from weary. If you wouldst like some company to while away the hours, Lady Amora, I would be most pleased to be thy…bosom companion."


Amora grinned, and in her hands magic fluttered upon her fingertips. "I would indeed enjoy company to take up mine time. Come," she tugged on his arm. "I have a home here, for I stayed on Midgard for the past year. Upon the top of a nearby apartment building, I own a lovely little home. Tis quite 'quaint'." She hooked a golden eyebrow upwards.

"I have had not but mortal lovers for the past year. I thoroughly look forward to enjoying a companion that will not break beneath my hands."


Hercules laughs and follows along, "Milady, the son of Zeus is unbreakable, I promise you that!" he says with a hearty grin, having no fear of whatever magic she might be using. Again, it should be emphasized: not super smart, is Hercules. Beautiful woman, enchantress, magic, whatever: he hasn't really thought about much of anything. Well, he's thought about things, but nothing that can probably be spoken of politely.

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