1964-06-28 - Running Into Trouble
Summary: Natalie is accosted on her way through Central Park, but before she needs to break character, Cassandra Cain saves the day
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There are all sorts who have to make their way through Central Park, but more often than not, they would warn women of trying to walk about it alone. Particularly when it's getting late in the evening. One such a woman, a red head who seems dress like she works as some high level PA, is making her way with hurried steps before being stopped by a man holding a knife.

"Let's see your purse, doll, got some money for the needy…?" The man in a dark trench coat and a rather sinister grin asks, while the red head takes a few steps back and clutches her purse close to her chest. "I'm afraid I can't let you have it…" she answers with confidence, and yet the keen eyed would note a slight tremor of hesitation about her body. She's not happy with her situation, to be sure.

Cassandra Cain wasn't far away from this scene. Cassandra is a different sort of stalker. Only a professional's eye could have possibly noted her advancing behind this man, moving from cover through shadow in a trained half crouch. Her shoes make only the barest of noise, often none at all as he expressionless gaze remains trained on her target with his back turned.

Cassandra Cain would announce herself at the last possible moment in a subtle fashion. The popping of knuckles as fists clench are all the alert the hoodlum gets, one fist retaining a single foreknuckle extended. Then, her first punch goes low to the back of his knee to drop him as the redhead steps away from the man. Once he's low, she'll be on him with that foreknuckle targetting the soft spot at the base of his skull. Her fists are wrapped in the fashion of a professional fighter, letting them stand out in the shade as this happens.

Natalie partially turns her back towards the man who is coming at her with a knife, letting out a frightened shriek, when suddenly it's the man who is on the business end of an assault. Before he can even realize what had happened, he gets struck with a quick combo, that his his legs buckle and taking him to the floor…before an expert follow up to the cranium has him out cold.

Natalie is still facing away from the man, so she missed what just happened, though the sound clearly shook her as she lets out another little screech and takes a few more steps away. Though she does eventually look behind her, looking a bit puzzled at the man knocked down on the floor, and looking with confusion at her saviour, "…d-did you do that?" She asks, stunned.

Cassandra Cain wastes no time when the man slumps down and out. She quickly makes certain that he's breathing before taking a bit of rope from her pocket to begin trussing him. When the woman makes words at her, she'll glance up with a wide eyed gaze.

Cassandra asks in a halting fashion, words carefully and slowly annunciated in a fashion not unlike an autistic person,"Do…what?"

"You're one of those heroes, aren't you…?" Natalie asks with a level of excitment, as she hesitantly moves closer to Cassandra, seemingly feeling much better now that her assailant is out and being tied with rope. "Are you going to take him to the police?" It hasn't quite dawned on Natalie yet that Cassandra might not quite do the 'talking' thing.

Cassandra Cain purses her lips at Nat, expression mildly confused at just what she's going on about. She's studying her even as her hands finish the work with the ropes, a hand going into his pocket again to pull a pocket knife to cut the excess. Her expression will then shift from confused to dubious.

Cassandra notes something past the excitement and relaxation. There's control there too, she never lost it. Deliberation even. She'll rise from the trussed up man with a simplistic one word reply,"No."

With her assailant taken down, Natalie eases on the tight grip of her purse, letting it hang from her shoulder by the strap once again. There's something about masters of their respective art, a certain understanding, a keen eye to detail. And just like Cassandra seems to read that something is off about Natalie, so does Natalie seem to realize Cassandra isn't considering her the way just anyone might.

"Look, I'm very grateful," she offers slowly, as if it would help, even going as far as trying sign language for "thanks." She looks at Cassandra intently, before blinking at her feat of lifting the man on her own. "Wow! You work out, don't you?"

Cassandra Cain hauls the man off the trail to casually dump him off the side of it. No need to block people's way with filth. Turning from there back to Nat, she'll slip both hands into her hoodie's pockets where they'll rest for the time being. She'll regard her again for a long moment, noting the continuing shift in her demeanor.

Cassandra isn't quite sure what to make of her morphic demeanor. Her inconsistency is an oddity she hasn't encountered. After a few moments of continued analysis, she replies with a curious tone,"You are…very what?" A moment later, she blinks for the first time in this entire scene and adds,"Yes. You also."

Natalie laughs as Cassandra replies to her in kind, "well, I work for Mr. Stark, I must keep my figure, heaven knows!" She seems flirty, dismissive, and not particularly serious, and yet Cassandra seems to have already gathered the one fact very few catch onto. There are many layers to Natalie. "Thank you for saving me…if you stop by Stark Industries, you could be rewarded," she reaches for her purse and hands Cassandra a business card, "reward? Prize for your good work?" She doesn't seem sure on how to communicate with Cassandra, even if the smaller girl might know gather otherwise. Either way, she shrugs and quips, "I must head back to the office, thanks again!"

Cassandra Cain looks down at the business card, lips pursing once more before she pockets it. She'll ask someone to read it for her. Words. Looking back up to Nat, she cants her head in birdlike fashion and asks,"Re-word? Um…Ok."

Cassandra blinks for the second time at that point. Seeing Nat is about to leave, she raises a hand to wave awkwardly before turning to move in the opposite direction.

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