1964-06-28 - Welcome to Paradise Island
Summary: Princess Diana takes the women of the Avengers to Paradise Island for a visit.
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It may be a thing to see in the skies of New York, a falcon that soars across the sky to land atop of a building where a lone woman perches. Every morning, Princess Diana had taken residence upon that highest perch, balanced upon one sandal, often times switching feet as a manner of play when she was young. Some passerby's would stop and gawk, others would point and scream. Pictures were possibly taken of the newly minted Avenger and she'd be considered crazy..

..until that bird perched itself upon her outstretched arm once it landed. Dropping a message upon her palm, his clawed hook in her bracelets digging in before taking off..

'Return home, my daughter. And tell me news of the world of man..'

News? She will do her mother one better. She will -show- her.

The women were hand-picked. The beauties of the Avengers were shuffled onto a boat with their supplies and everything they needed in tow. Ice cream was packed, coffee, various sauces, herbs and spices, pictures and a lamp. Not just any lamp. A lamp of a leg with fishnet stockings and a red heel! All of America's oddities were packed upon the ship and set sail.. but more importantly?

"…did someone see the baby that I packed?"

Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, wasn't about to turn down a chance to see this Paradise Island for herself. She's heard the rumors, sure, but wasn't sure if it was real or not… but of course, once you get superpowers from an alien Psyche-Magnetron, your horizons get a little expanded.

Glancing back over her shoulder as she's actually dressed in civilian garb right now, she lowers her sunglasses a bit, saying, "Um, wait, a baby was packed? Please tell me that was metaphorical." A bit of a wry look crosses her face as she looks at Diana, lip curling into a hint of a smile.

"The child doll that blinks?" Scarlett has been returned for but hours, and she's not in any fashion known to the average New Yorker. Nothing like being rather stylish, of course, though she has a pair of exotic khopeshes strapped over her back. Just the sort of thing one's average bohemienne walks about Greenwich Village with, after all. That said, she also brings along a selection of teas and the flowers in her hair, peonies of a papery fairness, along with some curious flowers rarely seen south of sixty: rosebay, frigid shooting star, moss campion, and tundra windflower.

"Otherwise congratulations, I think." Might as well offer that measure of a sunny smile, while balancing on the boat.

Tigra's certainly, well, curious. Ahem. Goes with the territory after all. Hopefully she won't be considered underdressed there, she thinks to herself, as she leans against the side of the ship, enjoying the smell of the sea. "Was it packed in that new stuff, what do they call it, bubble wrap?" she asks dryly. She pauses a moment. "Oh, a doll?" Is she disappointed or relieved? Hard to say.

"No, I packed an actual baby."

Along the ships deck, a box was overturned, various fabrics flown out which litter the ground in pretty blues, greens and reds. Fingers lift to scratch into the mop of dark hair, her eyes darting left and right, and soon a snap in Rogue's direction, for she called it. It was a doll.

"Yes. It blinks. And when you shake it.. which you do not do to babies, I might add, it sounds like.. glass? Or a bell.. or something was stuck insi.." Another box kicked over, and soon, she shuffles back to flop down upon a bench near the rim. Was she pouting? Seriously?

"I didn't know you could wrap bubbles around things, or else I would have packed it. I think I left it back in the New of Yorks with my guard." She sighs, then scratches her chin. "The north wind should pick up soon. Then it'll be time to work."

Carol blinks at Diana, then looks a bit relieved when she confirms Rogue's guess. Then she smiles over at Diana when the princess gets that bit of a pouting look, "Relax, I'm pretty sure the rest of your people won't be, 'Well, you know, we'd be glad to have Diana back here, but she forgot the doll so we have to send her back to get it.'" Coming over to stand by Diana, the blonde continues, "Seriously, I'm sure they'll all be as excited by what you're bringing back as we all are to actually see this place." Indeed, Carol hasn't really been able to sit down since Diana gave her the invitation.

"I would be saddened if any nation turned someone away due to a lack of proper wrapping paper." Scarlett's smile is sunshine breaking through the sky, the dreamy quality to her features fading away as she drifts back into focus. It takes her a few moments, but the redhead pulls one of the delicate, papery blossoms from her hair. She twirls it around and the relative grace of the petals brushes over her fingers. Holding it out to Diana, she says, "We will be with you no matter what happens. I am certain this will be a happy reunion for you. It's a wonderful occasion and in the very best of company." Her inestimable optimism will not be punctured so easily, regardless if she's wearing the spoils of an Egyptian-esque godling's army on her back.

"It's great," Tigra says of bubble wrap. "Bubbles in sheets of plastic to help cushion stuff. And after you get your stuff, you can pop the bubbles, which is a -lot- more fun than it sounds like, I promise." She is, of course, wearing her normal outfit, if so it can be called. No sword on her back, which is a Good Thing currently. "Work?" she asks Diana curiously.

There was a little laugh at Carol's reassurance, it wasn't a mocking tone in the slightest. Just an imagination ran wild, the look of disdain upon the amazon's faces as they give her the finger towards the ocean to get the hell off of the island. "I know they'll be glad, my sisters. The treats that we brought them is nothing compared to the company and faces that I bring with." She smiles at the women, even reaching upright to take the flower that Scarlett had offered.

With a bow of her head in thanks, she slowly rises from her place, the encouragement of the women giving her a renewed vigor. "Each of you are special, even more so than a doll that was left behind, even moreso than the fabric littered across the floor…"

There was a change, one so soft that was felt against their skin like a kiss. A lightness within the air, and with a quick snap, Diana jumps into action. "Yes work!" She calls to Tigra as she begins to assail the rope, unraveling it from it's hook to gently lower the sails so that the ship itself could move quicker.

"This boat is not going to sail itself!" Then.. there was a quiet pause. "Bubble wrap would have been fantastic right about now.." Quiet mutterings..

Carol grins, "Well, I'm Air Force, not Navy, but just tell me what to do here and I'll be glad to lend a hand." She looks over the ocean, then back at Diana, "It's been a while since I've done any sort of sailing… not since I was a kid, really, back in Boston." Now that she's in a bit of a relaxed setting, her Bahstawn accent is coming a bit to the fore, as she continues, "And definitely nothing quite like this."

Scarlett grips the railing of the boat, presuming it even has one. "This boat will not, no. Someone has to go and deal with the keel and the navigation, I presume, which we shall leave to you, Diana?" There's something to be said for trimming sails and pushing about a boom, but the women collectively here can probably bench press a destroyer, albeit a very small destroyer from Brazil. Concerns are few. "Tie off that rope there," she adds, "and make sure to use a figure eight because we need to let out more of the length if the weather turns from fair. I'd prefer not to see anyone tossed about too badly."

"Chicago kid here," Tigra says, "and we never went sailing. I can hold a rope, though. Just, well, remember, tigers aren't known for their nautical exploits." She'll step over to the indicated rope and ties it off in what she thinks is a figure eight. "Really should talk to PanAm about starting service."

Diana.. had no idea what that meant. Which means that because of Carol, there were going to be more books that needed reading.. rather than lounging and waiting for a mission. But with Scarlett giving the orders, Diana focused on tying the end of the rope to keep the sail at a decent height, before taking up perch upon the wheel to sail.

"We could fly.." Diana admits. "..but why? When bonding is such a sweetness that we'd miss in lieu of speed." She turns the wheel accordingly, focusing within her minds eye the coordinates, setting the course, and keeping it steady. With a nod gone to Tigra who takes lessons while they sail, she leans against the wheel to watch the women with a bit of a frown..

"In the last stretch of the travels we need to bear down and hold tight, for there will be a storm first, then salvation."

If the archers don't shoot them down first. Hopefully mother did say that they'd arrive soon..

Carol smiles over at Diana, "Hey, how often do you think I get a chance to actually talk to an actual Amazonian Princess anyway?" She actually doesn't use her flight, securing the sails the old fashioned way to help catch the wind as she laughs, "Best vacation I've had in a long time, let me tell you." She actually takes care not to pull too hard, mainly because she doesn't want to snap any ropes, as she says to Diana, almost as an afterthought, "You did good work in Latveria by the way. Always good to knock a literal tin-plated dictator down a few notches."

The redhead is light on her feet, as far as a boat goes. Unless the thing is a ketch, and that would be impressive given the crew of four and their presents, she makes her rounds in fair time. Though not an expert sailor, she checks on the various ropes and rigging from various angles. The boom of the sail she continuously ducks, and then laughs. "Flying would be lovely, but let's enjoy the approach the way you prefer to journey. Besides, there is something lovely to being on the sea." Her gaze carries up the mast, an arrow pointed for the sky. "What should we expect for the storm and what lies beyond? Are there any customs we should know, Diana? No eating certain things, no mention of birthdays or such? I wouldn't wish to cause offense."

"I will admit, it is very rare for me to speak to a woman of your caliber as well, Captain Marvel." She notes, though still the frown retained upon her face. "I appreciate the sentiment, Carol, however, the other one did not think that we did such good work. I do suppose that is why I have been called home, to give my first hand accounts of what had actually happened, since it was on a massive scale and it was known that I was involved."

She turns the wheel, allowing the wood to lightly thump against the pads of her fingers as she nods towards Scarlett. There was nothing outright that she could think of, save.. "For now, only speak when spoken to. When you decline an offer, do so with your eyes downcast and humbled. We may be separated, but that is only to show you to your quarters and be dressed and pampered if you wish.." But other than that, they were warriors. Much like everyone else on the boat.

"Oh. There is an Amazon. Nubia. Do not take her up on her offer to a friendly spar."

She pauses then, a serious hint to her gaze.


Storm? There's a storm? Tigra looks up from where she's tying the knot. "I don't remember hearing anything about a storm earlier," she says, more dryly than the ocean they sail on. At Scarlett's question, s he listens attentively. "Humility. Hm. That one might be a little difficult," she notes. "What's this…Nubia like?" she asks, tail starting to twitch.

Carol grins, "Hell, we're all Avengers, just call me Carol." She helps secure the ropes, then shakes her head, "You mean that one prat who didn't tell us what he was doing and just assumed we psychically knew? Hmph, frankly he struck me as a typical man in that regard, and I dealt with enough of those types at SHIELD."

Carol then nods at the instructions, and grins, "Spars aren't gonna be quite so friendly with her, then? Good to know, for future reference." There's a certain glint in her eye as ideas start percolating in her head. After all, she's nearly as strong as Diana is, and has a few other tricks besides…

"I have no intention to start any fight with your people, even for a friendly spar. But I know we represent a view of the outside world, and should behave properly." That warrants an uptick in the smile, though she shakes her head at Carol. "Let's not speak too much upon that. Telling someone we worked together to the demise of a grumpy fellow wearing a tin can helmet, yes." That use of poison gas smarts.

"Just before we pass the protective barrier, the skies will darken to it's deepest gray. Who knows what magics lie within that storm, but rest assured, it will only be for several moments." A smile was given to Tigra as she offers up a shrug of her shoulder. "She's like me. But bigger." And a bit meaner..

"Yes, that one prat. Honestly, I had a good idea of the men of America until I've met him. He soured me on them all. I like it not." She was clearly bothered by such. "Instead of teaching, explaining, and guiding with a hand no matter gentle or not, we are scolded as if we are less than. With no care at'all."

Diana gives a faint nod towards Scarlett, now turning to focus upon the steering of the boat. The skies were slowly beginning to dim.. the time itself was near..

"Ready yourselves, sisters. It is almost upon us!"

"Well, normally I'd say someone like that would be hard to miss," says Tigra at the answer from Diana. "And try not to judge all of them by one, or by a few. There's many who are simply wonderful people." She tightens her grip on the side of the boat as the skies turn dark. "Not all, certainly, but more than you might think, if given a chance."

Carol grins, "Bigger and meaner? Well, good to know then." Silently there's a little voice in Carol's head, whispering Challenge… Accepted! but that's neither here nor there. Then she looks over at Scarlett, and says, mostly serious, "You… don't really think I'm fat, do you? I mean, seriously!" She turns a bit, looking down at herself, and… nope, definitely not fat. Unless your tastes tend to the exceptionally anorexic.

Then the storm flashes close, and Carol moves to quickly secure the lines, taking advantage of some of her own super-speed as she looks over at the clouds, then laughs a bit, "Okay, now that is what I call a storm!"

The natural reason to brace means that Scarlett retreats to the bow. She's not going to hide from the weather, and there could be an indelicate description of her as an adrenaline junky. She grips the rail and glances back to the boom, using her vantage to see all there is to see (sea sea), and respond accordingly to the threats if any thrown by the weather or worse. "People come in as many qualities — succinct, persuasive or brutal, blunt, harsh — and they collectively are full of contradictions and wonders. Judge by the best and try to encourage the others to rise." Darkening clouds masking the horizon behind their vehement presence and the torrential showers assuredly lashing the water to grim folds that seethe and boil sends a primal thrill.

"No, Carole, you are not fat. Any man or woman who fails to understand basic physiology, and what happens to muscles when used, can go stand in front of a statue until a clue drops on them." This isn't a fair statement from a yoga master, for whom muscle proportion will never match the buried lies of her genetics.

It was a slow onset when reaching the storm, all of the colors of the world began to blot out, creating a dreary atmosphere on the back of a vast ocean that began to rock and wave to a terrible tune. Lightning streaks across the sky; a flash at first, then several seconds later a rolling thunder as if Sisyphus had dropped his boulder.

The mast of the ship lifts with a push of the ocean, crashing down again as Diana takes the wheel, stirring it against the flow of the water with feet planted fiercely upon the ground. The lift of the water rushes the deck, litering it with salted water, damaging some of the goods that were left upon the ground by the 'crew'. A box topples over, but never mind that, it was her own fault for not checking for security.


It was an odd sort of storm; while there would be rain in waters such as these, where there would be wind that blows the sails, the boat itself was propelled by a mystic might due to it's owner, and yet held the inner workings of a test to her might at the helm. And quite possibly? The passengers themselves..

Don't have to tell Tigra twice. She's come a long, long way from being scared of the water, but even so she's certainly…nervous in this situation. She glances over at the toppled box, hopes it wasn't anything too important, and then digs in with her claws a bit.

Carol doesn't fly with the winds gusting around and the boat rocking as it is, but she does move pretty quickly over towards the boxes. She shouts, "This definitely has to discourage door-to-door salesmen!" as she focuses on securing the remaining boxes, tying them down as she then clings to a rope. Sure, she probably doesn't have anything to worry about… but storms that seem to be divinely inspired aren't something she wants to gamble with either.

Flight and storm for Scarlett are a joy. Tell no one. She seizes on one of the ropes and threads it around the mast to create a guy wire of sorts for someone to grab if they need to, leaping over a falling box and scooping it up to press into the wall of other presents brought by Diana. She may end up windblown and wet, but neither of these matter to her.

A smile she throws to Tigra, and she holds fast. Wading around may be tough, but not entirely. "We will be fine. Diana will take us safely to shore!"

The boat itself was nearly sent into a tailspin, perhaps Scarlett had spoken too quick! And yet, perhaps it was something that was meant to be, for as the boat spun itself for quite possibly the tenth time, it broke the barrier into light that shone down into calm waters, while the back end remained tilted into darkness.

It was all complete ease then on out; Diana released the wheel as it steered itself, her hands held ajar cautiously as she looks towards the contents of the boat, and the beautiful island afar.. the wheel turned right and left.. straightened itself until the warmth kissed their wet skins and began to lightly warm. There was a sigh, one that allows her eyes to close as she leans against the wheel, draped along it and quietly grumbling to herself about the actual trip..

Seems it was her first time going back home. Not that she'd let any of -them- know this fact..

Carol shakes her hair out a bit, blinking at the sunshine, then she grins, "I think I might just have to warm things up a bit more." The sparkles dance around her as she channels her energy powers, launching upwards and hovering over the boat by the main mast. Suddenly, she glows brightly, emitting enough heat and light to help dry people off on the boat itself… and probably making sure the boat's presence is noticed by the people on the island to boot. She laughs a little, and glances down, "Next time, we'll definitely have to batten down those hatches, Diana!" Even though she's too bright to really tell right now, there's definitely a smile that can be felt as Carol absorbs and redirects the sunlight, gliding along in harmony with the ship.

Though soaked, Scarlett is hardly complaining. The khopeshes on her back drip. Leather gleams with water. Then this glowing woman up above decides to be a new sun and she laughs, slouching against the side of the wall with gratitude on her lips. "Canvas is good for that. Something to cover the boxes, oilskin maybe. Well done, Diana, we are thoroughly settled in a glorious place. Paradise Island indeed." She stretches her arms over her head in a classic greeting of the sun, face upturned to the glory of the weather. "This is a lovely home, isn't it, Carol?"

There was calm. Calm enough to allow the birds to fly over, singing the songs of their people, calm enough for the skies to remain blue and the clouds that slowly pass which creates an effect of serenity. As Carol lifts into the sky, Diana disengages from the helm, slowly walking towards the center of the ship as she looks on to the island with a little bit of pride..

.. and a tiny hint of trepidation.

Silent as she was, her teeth grit as she begins to see the throng of Amazons gathering at the top of them mountain, and the many few that follow the chariot of horses down the winding path to meet the boat itself at the beach front. And with her hands upon the rim of the ship as she leans forward, she glances back towards the women, putting on a smile and an affirmative nod towards the soon to be gathering.

"Indeed. Welcome to Paradise Island, sisters. Welcome.."

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